Image of a dandelion in between light and dark regions in the cosmos. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams

11. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams


We invite those reading our books or our website to re-read the earlier materials posted. Often as one achieves a new level of evolution, one will understand the information one had read before from a new vantage point. Most of the materials written from 2019 to 2021 are embedded with the Language of Light dual and tri tones vibrations. Therefore, one may continue to find keys to one’s own next steps in ascension in re-reading the materials already offered.


Unity and Pod Based Rotation


The most beautiful change to occur amongst ascending humans this year is momentum into pod-tribe energy flow. Pod tribe energy flow is similar to what magnetic whales and dolphins move between members of their pods; and is also similar to how indigenous peoples run their energy separate from white nation’s peoples in present time as well as in ancient times.


Long ago, red nation’s peoples ran a rotational movement around each field that Earth has called the Triple Lotus Flow. The Triple Lotus movement appears much like a flower when spinning; the core of each flower hosts a particular human and their chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime light body self. The energy spins around the field rather than penetrating the etheric body in any manner; this in turn allows each to retain their truth and sovereign energy flow in the dance of life as well as one’s health.


The current energy humans run tend to be either pyramidal or box shaped geometry and often penetrates the etheric body in sticky cords of attachment that do not allow for sovereign energy flow. The box shaped energy originated upon Alpha Centauri with the Reptilians and the Pyramidal flow with the Family of Anu from the Pleiades. The sticky ties of attachment associated with box shaped or pyramidal shaped geometry also lead to aging, illness and death wherever the movement penetrates the etheric body as they deplete the body of chi over time. Pyramids and box like geometry also creates competition in all forms known to humanity at this time in history. Box like geometry tends to run amongst Eastern nations and Pyramids amongst Western nations, although in larger cities there will be both energy movements.


In either system of pyramids or boxes, the one on top is the one who receives all the dreams and all the wealth. In current civilization, it is your most famous leaders and movie stars that sit on the top of the boxes and pyramids of all others in all nations. These folks strip those underneath of dreams, chi, moving energy systems and information for their own gain. Stripping others for personal gain does not serve ascension, as the one stripped is then likely to experience a cease-ascension or a rollback over time. Read more