Image of a dandelion in between light and dark regions in the cosmos. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams

11. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams


We invite those reading our books or our website to re-read the earlier materials posted. Often as one achieves a new level of evolution, one will understand the information one had read before from a new vantage point. Most of the materials written from 2019 to 2021 are embedded with the Language of Light dual and tri tones vibrations. Therefore, one may continue to find keys to one’s own next steps in ascension in re-reading the materials already offered.


Unity and Pod Based Rotation


The most beautiful change to occur amongst ascending humans this year is momentum into pod-tribe energy flow. Pod tribe energy flow is similar to what magnetic whales and dolphins move between members of their pods; and is also similar to how indigenous peoples run their energy separate from white nation’s peoples in present time as well as in ancient times.


Long ago, red nation’s peoples ran a rotational movement around each field that Earth has called the Triple Lotus Flow. The Triple Lotus movement appears much like a flower when spinning; the core of each flower hosts a particular human and their chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime light body self. The energy spins around the field rather than penetrating the etheric body in any manner; this in turn allows each to retain their truth and sovereign energy flow in the dance of life as well as one’s health.


The current energy humans run tend to be either pyramidal or box shaped geometry and often penetrates the etheric body in sticky cords of attachment that do not allow for sovereign energy flow. The box shaped energy originated upon Alpha Centauri with the Reptilians and the Pyramidal flow with the Family of Anu from the Pleiades. The sticky ties of attachment associated with box shaped or pyramidal shaped geometry also lead to aging, illness and death wherever the movement penetrates the etheric body as they deplete the body of chi over time. Pyramids and box like geometry also creates competition in all forms known to humanity at this time in history. Box like geometry tends to run amongst Eastern nations and Pyramids amongst Western nations, although in larger cities there will be both energy movements.


In either system of pyramids or boxes, the one on top is the one who receives all the dreams and all the wealth. In current civilization, it is your most famous leaders and movie stars that sit on the top of the boxes and pyramids of all others in all nations. These folks strip those underneath of dreams, chi, moving energy systems and information for their own gain. Stripping others for personal gain does not serve ascension, as the one stripped is then likely to experience a cease-ascension or a rollback over time.


More is discussed in Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 about group dynamics, pyramids and boxes. The information is too extensive to present in this chapter. Earth chooses to invite those who are interested in ascension and desire to step out of the box and into a greater level of freedom to work with this workbook. As each steps out of the dance of moving pyramids and boxes in the field, one will quite naturally ascend into pod like rotational flow.


There is great liberation in pod-tribe flow as it is harmonious and also better sustains a regenerative crystalline biology. As more humans master this level of ascension, there will be greater peace and unity amongst those who are ascending. This will then pave the way by which the ascending children can be born into an energy flow that shall support and sustain them. This is the purpose of these materials.


Light and Dark Earth Dream


A large part of Earth crossed over into the Great Central Sun Dream early this spring. This includes those regions that have mastered 15,000 segments in vibration or higher such as the oceans and mountains primarily. The Inner Earth has also by and large crossed into the new dream except for those kingdoms that are still carnivorous in nature or humans that have yet to master the frequency necessary to cross. This leaves roughly 28% of Earth remaining in the old dream. Much of what is in the old dream includes human cities of both the inner and outer Earth as well as those kingdoms that have yet to develop a vegetarian digestive system and must still consume flesh. (Please refer to Mineral Treasures Chapter 5 “Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms” for more information on the new dream.)


It may take the coming 25 years for all remaining upon Earth to ascend the biology enough to cross fully into the new dream. However, as we now look at the old dream from the vantage point of the new dream, we perceive something that was not understood before. We see clearly that the old dream of Earth is cut up into a checkerboard of light and dark, particularly along the surface.


What are light and dark Earth dreams? Light dreams are supportive of those who ascend including the land and animals that live within them; there are souls, angels and false gods of the light in such dreams that strive to piece everything together again. Forces in the light Earth dream look at what fell apart at another time and press for reunification and ascension as this is their underlying nature. Forces in the light Earth dream also support the health and well-being of all within the dream regardless of kingdom. Dark Earth dreams on the other hand are filled not with souls but false gods of the dark that desire to strip and prevent evolution, not only of humans that reside in such dreams but also nature. Dark Earth dreams are the result of the over-inflation of the space between along Earth’s surface.


What is the space between? Within Earth’s grid work, there are positive ley lines that conduct energy in a particular shape or movement. There are also negative ley lines that carve the pathway through which the light or chi moves. What happens if the negative regions of domain are puffed up so extensively that they are held over an entire region or mountain range or valley? The entire region ends up without chi or soul and inside of a dark Earth dream; for you see soul only understands positive energy flow; it does not understand space between and therefore does not traverse such regions of domain.


This is perhaps why humans have fallen and fallen in consciousness; for more humans upon the surface of the Earth live in dark Earth dreams than any other species; although there are often mountains and valleys within each range that also host a dark Earth dream. How and why this came to be is just now becoming understood; and this we would like to share with each so one may release karma for living in a dark Earth dream, and anchor a light Earth dream that will better support your continued choice to ascend.


The History of the Puffed-Up Dark Earth Dream


50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 years in human terms), a group of larger headed humans known as the Grand Masters were seeded upon Earth. These humans came from Sirius and came to manage the human dream of the red nations’ peoples who had lived upon Earth for 100,000 human years without their presence. What the red nations’ peoples did not understand was that their dream was held by the Grand Masters upon Sirius. Sirius desired to separate from those seeded upon Earth for the purposes of their own ascension, and so they seeded larger headed humans to oversee the dream of the red nations’ tribes so that they could dissolve their ties. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 7 “Earth’s Perspective on the History of the Human Dream” for more information.)


The smaller headed red nations’ humans did not accept the larger headed humans to begin with as they felt that they had self-governed for so long, why did they require someone else to oversee them? Later, agreements were struck between the Grand Masters and red nations’ peoples to ascend a small number of Tibetan and Polynesian root race tribal members. Those chosen for this role were interested enough to participate.


The larger headed humans had studied many spiritual practices upon Sirius prior to arriving upon Earth. These humans had mastered spiritual law and could manifest with a thought anything that they desired, as well as teleport from here to there. Over time, these gifted humans went into distortion; they lost contact with Sirius and could no longer teleport “home” for a meeting with their own teachers or advisors. They were trying to understand why they had gone into distortion, and chose to ascend a small group of red nations’ peoples who showed signs of appropriate energy flow in an attempt to understand and rectify their own problem.


Alas, for as much as the larger headed humans understood, they did not understand enough. They were not privy to the genetics that the red nations’ peoples had been seeded with on the part of Sirian scientists; nor did they understand the electrical nature of about 10% of their DNA encoding. As a result of the ascensions of a few with Polynesian and Tibetan Root Race, electrical geometry was set in motion in the space between of their fields; which subsequently expanded the space between upon the land where the larger headed humans resided. The larger headed humans inadvertently moved into a dark Earth dream as a result of the puffed-up space between, and were then stripped to death by forces within such a region of domain that only know how to separate, divide and destroy; and not how to ascend.


For you see the space between is a region of domain utilized to carve the pathway of light through the positive ley lines of energy flow. The thoughtform of the space between is to separate and divide as this is what it is designed to do. Separation and division equate to destruction in a moving energy field or dream. Therefore, the larger headed humans moved into a destructive dream and then were torn apart by the very forces sitting in thoughtform of separation and division that is associated. Those that pulled these larger headed humans apart are the same forces that Earth has called the “false gods” as they are not really souls, but consciousness of the space between.


A few larger headed humans did not die as they left the surface of the Earth and moved into the Inner Earth. In the Inner Earth, the few remaining Grand Masters moved back into a light Earth dream and the souls, angels, and false gods of the light therein helped them piece themselves together again. These few humans then went on to ascend to the fourth dimension within the Aurora where their descendants live unto this day. The Inner Earth also exists within a light Earth dream, and perhaps it is for this reason that humans living in this region of domain live a peaceful and unity-based lifestyle, although they host the same genetic problems as those upon the surface of the Earth.


The Anu and the Dark Earth Dream


The expanded dark dream of Earth called another group of humans from another creation that resonated with the electrical geometry that was running and paralleled their own sacred geometry. This is why the Pleiadian dream could attach unto Earth and the Family of Anu then follow this dream, relocating unto Earth’s surface. The Anu attached to the electrical geometry and dark Earth dream launched by those who had ascended into electrical geometry from Polynesian and Tibetan Root Race under the guidance of the Grand Masters.


The family of Anu then proceeded to alter Earth’s biosphere by growing large minerals in the shape of pyramids in 18 locations upon Earth’s surface. Through these pyramids, electrical geometry that was global was launched further increasing the dark Earth dream causing it to become global. The global dark Earth dream called a destructive dream unto Earth and the entire cast of characters living upon her body, including the red nations’ peoples, grand master descendants, Anu slave nations and Anu themselves.


Over time the Anu went insane and warred upon one another; in the end, one of the family members chose to blow up Earth in a nuclear annihilation so caustic that it took 8,000 Earth years thereafter (32,000 years as humans measure it) just for Earth to straighten out her chakras and subtle bodies. All of life upon Earth suffered from this incident. Much has been written about the Anu in earlier volumes of the Ascension Insights series; however, a more complete history than we have ever written of their lives along with the red nations’ peoples is offered in Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1. We invite those interested to work with these materials if one is so called from within.


Atlantis and the Dark Earth Dream


The rise and fall of Atlantis is essentially a repeat of the history of the Anu with a large twist. The twist is that the Anu family had fractured into groups of humans that rose to power as Atlantean governance. Many records were revealed as a result of Hurricane Katrina of the era of Atlantis that were previously unknown. The hurricanes that plagued the Gulf Coast in 2005 caused records of millions of humans that had combusted under a large nuclear bomb detonated in the era of Atlantis to be resurrected, reconstituted and then examined by the ascension counsels for better understanding. The records revealed many interesting facts about life in Atlantis that we wish to take a little time to explain now.


Atlantis captured the dream of the Anu that remained following their own annihilation and continued to be broadcast surrounding Earth through the electrical sacred geometry and dark Earth dream. The Anu descendants had fractured in their own fall and Atlantean leadership involved 12 leaders for every original Anu family member. There were 12 Anu family members, and so this involved a leadership of 144. These 144 leaders rose to power assuming political positions over a region known as Atlantis. Most of Atlantis is now under the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean and once was a continent the size of Europe. Earth sank Atlantis to purify herself of the toxic mess this civilization had created about 8,000 Earth years ago (32,000 human years).


The 144 leaders were in power for six generations or 3,000 human years. Lifespan was longer in this era and most humans lived 150 to 200 years in age before becoming ill and then dying. The dream of the Anu held a form of perfection that occurred in their own era and caught again within Atlantean civilization. The dream of the Anu was for a beautiful slave civilization. In their own time, those slaves who were not beautiful, born deformed, went insane, suffered a debilitating accident or became diseased were sent off to concentration camps by the Anu and exterminated.


Atlantis caught on to the same dream, but rather than exterminating their citizens in concentration camps, they simply chose to euthanize them in large hospital-like complexes utilized mostly for this purpose. More humans were euthanized than were born in any calendar year allowing their populations to remain relatively small and “perfect” compared to current human civilization.


The present time fear of killing anyone who is injured or diseased and in great pain comes from the remembrance of a time when so many were euthanized in Atlantis. Many who were euthanized were not complete with their karma; this created more karma for those who died as well as those involved in euthanizing them than one can imagine.


The collective remembrance of the karma incurred has caused the opposite to manifest today where scientists and doctors are so desirous of sustaining life that they allow patients to suffer, and deny them the opportunity to die even if they desire to and feel complete. Over time and as the karma from Atlantis is released in the coming decade of continued evolution, humans will come more to the middle road, allowing those who are in great pain and suffering to end their lives through euthanasia if they so choose.


Surgical Karma of Atlantis


Because there were so many dead human bodies in the era of Atlantis, science had a lot of cadavers to experiment upon; elaborate medical equipment was devised as a result that allowed for transplants of all kinds. Lose a leg in an accident? We will attach a new one. Do you desire a different color hair or are going bald? We will attach another scalp with the hair color and texture that you desire. Desire a larger set of boobs or buttocks? It is okay; we will attach a new one with the desired proportions.


Are you famous and wealthy but aging and have a liver or heart problem? We will give you a new liver or heart. There were so many bodies to choose from, a relatively good match could be constructed causing the one who received the part of another to embrace it without the immune reactions that occur today in liver, heart or kidney transplants.


The problem with this type of dance in relation to ascension is that grid work and lineages become intertwined due to karma from those ancestors who received or gave parts of their body unto another. Asur’Ana long wondered why in the early days of ascension, she would lose an entire forearm or leg to another in grid work again and again; or her lineages would be swapped with another recurrently. What was the underlying cause? Her ancestor gave a forearm or leg to another’s ancestor in Atlantis. At this time, Asur’Ana released the karma, although the entire story was not yet available as the records from this era had yet to surface through Earth’s global ascension. Although one can release karma without understanding the entire game, it is far easier when one does understand.


So, for those who continually lose parts of one’s grid work to another, or receive the grid work from another, or find oneself exchanging lineages recurrently with another, one can seek out the surgical karma from Atlantis and choose to release it; in so doing, the unconscious game should cease. Losing one’s entire etheric arm or leg will result in the physical loss of the arm or leg over time; therefore, this is a good type of karma to release so that one need not experience an accident. It is for this reason that Earth brings this karma to consciousness in this book.


Pollution, Nuclear Holocaust and the Turning of Earth’s Skin


Atlantean humans were vain and much of the human current hype over beauty, fashion, appearance as well as gifts and talents also occurred in Atlantis. Atlantean humans traveled the world much as today, and developed electrical as well as fossil fuel gadgetry and technology. Such technology was far more advanced than anything humans have developed to date thus far.


However, parallel pollution occurred to the oceans as well as the air and land during this era; hence the requirement for Earth to turn her skin to clean it all up allowing for the regeneration of her global body. So, this will occur again in the coming times of cleansing and over the course of the next 300 years due to parallel human pollution from current times. The humans in power over Atlantean civilization were after another type of mineral that would have led to an even more advanced form of technology. Alas this mineral was in a country in the East known as Lemuria and upon the continent of what is now China in present time.


Red Nations peoples were incarnate upon this land and refused to provide this mineral unto Atlantean governance for any price. Lemuria had leadership that was more spiritually evolved, and saw that the development of this new technology would never allow Earth to return “home” or ascend in future times. And so, the Lemurian governance chose not to dance with Atlantean governance or their wishes.


This caused the governance of Atlantis to invade Lemuria and begin a limited war over the desired minerals. The Lemurian governance obtained large nuclear weapons and chose to await the annual gathering of congress where all Atlantean leadership would be present in a single location. Two large bombs were detonated upon the part of Lemuria over the capital of Atlantis as Congress met and all leadership was wiped out in a single blow. This ended the era of Atlantis in the same manner that the Anu reign ended; in a nuclear holocaust.


Alas, the nuclear bombs detonated also set in motion a fall in consciousness for all of Earth; all life and DNA upon Earth mutated yet again. It took the planet 2,000 Earth years (8,000 years as humans measure it) to turn her skin and recover from this nuclear holocaust. The holocaust occurred as Earth remained in a global dark dream as launched by the Anu and the same script that had been broadcast and caught in their era repeated again in the era of Atlantis. It is now understood due to the retrieval of Earth’s multidimensional history that this type of dream occurred also upon many dimensions that Earth has resided upon over time.


Earth’s Multidimensional History of Warfare and Nuclear Annihilation


Long ago and as Earth left the Great Central Sun, all souls and angels retracted off of her and remained inside the Sun. Earth and all kingdoms upon her which included humans, dolphins and whales, felt abandoned and did not know how they would survive without the support of soul and the angelic realm. Therefore, all kingdoms including the human kingdom and Earth inflated body level knowing into a nonphysical force that could guide us and assist in moving our energy fields.


There was a problem with this however, and that is that we forgot that we did this over time and then fell into worshipping the inflated body level consciousness as “god goddess” rather than a part of ourselves simply blown up to guide us and help move our energy fields. Inflated body level awareness also forgot where it came from and also believed itself god goddess; over time this consciousness became accustomed to being worshipped rather than simply a part of the dance and journey of the whole. This is how the false gods were created.


It was in the exiting of the Great Central Sun that Earth also split into two dreams; a light Earth dream and a dark Earth dream. Body level awareness also was inflated in both regions of domain creating what became false gods of the light and false gods of the dark. The false gods of the dark were small to begin with as the space between of Earth was not very big, and so they were non-problematic. It was as Earth began to slip from the 25th dimensional vessel that she vibrated at and in her first fall that the space between became overly inflated, not unlike Earth in present time.


Why did Earth’s vibration slip? There were many forces outside of Earth slowly consuming her chi and energy field leading to a downward fall in consciousness. These forces were unperceived and there was no understanding of what to do in counterbalance to rectify the loss. As the space between became inflated, the false gods of the dark began to war upon the false gods of the light and through all species including humanity; the energetic war led to many problems including disease and eventually extinction upon the 25th dimension. Earth fell into an 18th dimensional vessel at this time and into greater density as a result.


As Earth fell into the 18th dimension, she restructured herself again into a state of balance. This took many hundreds of thousands of years. The light Earth dream dominated as Earth attained a state of balance and so did the false gods of the light for a very long time. The false gods of the light did a good job for a long time to sustain life. Again, forces from outside of Earth began to slowly consume her; these forces went unperceived and so a gradual decline in consciousness occurred again as in the dimension above.


Human civilization flourished in this time period but consciousness was turning inside out due to the consumption of Earth’s field. It is as humans are turned inside out that they begin to search outside of self for what lies within; and begin to create dreams that are associated with an internal state of being in the dance of life external to self. Humans in this time period developed technology enough to travel the stars. This dream occurs as one ceases to travel in one’s own dreamtime self to the stars and as humans forget about such capabilities in the nonphysical. The dream then turns inside out and humans develop technology associated instead.


In other star systems, humans met humans of other creations that had exited a different Great Central Sun of another energy flow and language. Some humans fell in love and mated producing offspring of two variant energy systems and languages. The offspring of such exchanges were often dissonant if not violent in nature, something that Earth had never experienced before. The variant languages that emerged upon Earth due to the intermarrying of humans of variant star systems produced energy systems that were mechanized. Over time, the etheric mechanized devices became physical and humans developed the first known technical era upon the 18th dimension.


The technology created another fall in consciousness for human civilization and Earth at large due to the dissonance of energy flow associated. Over time, humans upon Earth began to war with other humans in other star systems over territorial disputes and minerals required for further technological development. Large armies with space craft designed to destroy became the focus of humans upon 18th dimensional Earth. All of this was under the guidance of the false gods of the dark and a dark dream that expanded due to the dissonant energy systems and technology associated.


The greater the non-resonant energy flow and associated technology, the larger the dark Earth dream grew. This caused a dream of annihilation to be caught upon the humans residing upon Earth at the time. Earth did not know enough to intervene and redirect the human dream into another focus and away from destruction. Eventually, the warfare became so acute that Earth herself was attacked by humans from the 18th dimensional Orion Galaxy.


Earth splintered in the nuclear annihilation into three stars and fell to the 12th dimension thereafter. One of these stars remains as a part of our ascending “galaxy” today; all were once a part of the same star that resided upon the 18th dimension. In the 12th dimension, Earth had no human life remaining upon her. There were three stars that rotated around the remaining 18th dimensional Sun. Human life developed upon one of the other 12th dimensional Suns and repeated the entire experience that had occurred upon the 18th dimension yet again. This time Earth was blown apart once again over territorial disputes. As Earth fell, she became splintered into seven fifth dimensional stars rotating around a 12th dimensional Sun. Two of these stars are known as Sirius A and B today.


In the 5th dimension, Earth again did not host human life. Once again, humans upon other stars in her galaxy developed parallel technology to the dimension above. Once again, warfare erupted with other humans from other galaxies over territorial disputes. Once again, Earth was sacrificed in the dance and blown into multiple planets sinking into the third dimension. This is how your solar system was born, beloved.


This dance has gone on long enough from Earth’s point of view. It is time to bring the dance to an end and restore peace, balance and the possibility of ascension for all ascending stars, from the third to the eighteenth dimension at this time. All stars are choosing to go Home into the Great Central Sun Dream and conclude with this experience. Therefore, all stars are releasing karma at this time for how humans have intermixed between creational languages and become dissonant enough to catch a dark dream that leads to annihilation and extinction.


Humans upon all stars that are ascending are beginning a process of genetic clearing that shall over time remove all dissonant DNA and the associated languages and energy flow. As all dissonant DNA is released, humans will quite naturally return to peaceful endeavors and live in honor with one another and all other kingdoms. This is what ascension makes possible. This is Earth’s hope and dream for humanity’s future.


The Dark Earth Dream and Present Time Civilization


You are in another time period today where the same dark dream of the Anu and Atlantis is broadcast yet again and is catching upon human civilization. Dreams go in cycles where one becomes dominant and another recessive. There are gentler dreams that prevailed for many thousands of years leading to this current 2,500-year cycle and repeat of the dream of the Anu and Atlantis.


In essence, the dream from Atlantis already culminated in 1945 with the dropping of two nuclear bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki and at the conclusion of WWII. Dark forces recognized that these bombs were not enough to enforce an extinction cycle upon Earth, and therefore extended this cycle another 40 years. In essence the cycle of the Anu should have concluded in 1985; it has been delayed but now is coming to an end due to Earth’s own intervention into the game.


Earth has had to take charge of the human dream to foster the ending of a repeat of the Anu and Atlantis era before the dark can manifest World War III. Now humans have developed enough nuclear armament to assure an extinction cycle if they were detonated when this was not so in 1945. This is what the dark have been vying for and why the human dream has moved more vastly into the development of more and more technology. The technology itself also has caused a fall in consciousness for your civilization; humans are falling in DNA from 2 to 1.5 DNA segments due to all the radiation held in the devices that you surround yourself with.


Those falling in this manner may become ill; or worse yet go insane and become violent. This is what is occurring now and one can see such behavior expressed in violent acts of terrorism wherever they occur and whomever they occur between. This is an example of what occurs as consciousness falls; humans become violent, vicious and abusive with one another. The only solution to this dilemma is to launch an era of ascension where humans will repair the loss of DNA and carry on allowing for an awakening to occur. This is what Earth is orchestrating in the human dream at this time. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 9 “Blessings of Gratitude” for more information on technology and falling consciousness.)


The Birth of Ascending Children


The first wave of Indigo Children (born between 1985 to 1999) have matured and reaching early 20’s or mid 30’s in age. Most of these children came in at 1,024 in vibration. Many of the indigo young folk are lost as there was little guidance from their parents to foster a spiritual focus. Many have become addicted to drugs, alcohol or the media as they are in such great pain that they are trying to numb how they feel. The new dream however will cause the indigo young adults to begin to turn inward and evolve to the next level.


The second wave of Pale Indigo Children entered the world between 2000 to 2017. Many of the first wave of Indigo adults gave birth to Pale Indigo children. These children entered the world at 3,000 segments or higher in frequency and in a rotational pod-tribe energy flow. The entire family may have entered this flow as a result of the birth of a Pale Indigo child as parents are destined to ascend along with the incoming little ones. Those that have witnessed the Pale Indigos in action feel most blessed. Their rotational and magnetic vibrations have a peaceful affect upon others causing humans to relate together in greater harmony.


Beginning in 2018 and through 2027, the first wave of Bodhisattva level births shall enter the world at 6,000 segments. These shall be “Children of Compassion” as they shall anchor the turquoise color of compassion upon Earth and for the human civilization to attune unto. These children shall allow humanity to move towards compassion-in-action and unity as a new foundation for human relations; and assist humanity with the transcendence of the fear-based and greed-based paradigm.


These children shall even have a larger oval shaped head as they are born. These children will be born spiritual masters and demonstrate their loving nature from an early age. Such children shall be born unto special parents that will understand and support such an initiate. Such children shall lead to an entirely new form of governance and leadership as they mature into adulthood in the quarter century ahead.


Beginning in 2028 and through 2033, the first wave of Mahavishnu level births shall enter the world at 15,000 segments. These shall be “Golden Children” who shall enter on the gold and silver bandwidths of photonic energy from the Great Central Sun. These children shall assist in the widening of the gold and silver planes upon Earth for the purposes of entry into the Sun. Most shall master full consciousness by an early age. Such children shall be considered living saints and shall lead to the birth of the Golden Age ahead in human civilization.


As enough of all of these waves of ascending children entered the world, the world shall change and greater harmony shall be born. It is estimated that by 2034, humanity may have created world peace amongst all nations; and that the real trauma and focus will be upon the many plagues and diseases associated with those who are unable to ascend and are leaving physicality. As this occurs, the next cycle of Grand Master energy flow will be fully in swing and the new golden age will be born thereafter.


For a time, leadership ahead will be not unlike what is currently in power as those of Anu ancestry must complete their karma in full in order for the times ahead to be born. However, in time and following 2034, new ascending leadership will emerge and lead humanity in a new direction and towards greater harmony, unity and global sharing of remaining resources. This will come hand in hand with dwindling electrical power supplies and humans will move back into technology that was in place before at the turn of the last century. The movement away from electrical technology will have a harmonious affect upon humans who will learn to live in greater peace together as a result. This is the dream of the future that Earth perceives currently stepping down.


The End of the Global Dark Earth Dream


At this time, the electrical global sacred geometry that has been used in Atlantis and the era of the Anu to catch a global dream of mass destruction has been released in Earth’s continued choice to evolve. This officially ends the possibility of WWIII and a nuclear holocaust into the future of this cycle. This shift also makes room for a light Earth dream to be anchored in lieu of a dark Earth dream in most regions hosting open space or ocean. Over the ocean is only light Earth dream at this time that is spun concurrent with the new Great Central Sun Dream.


In many mountain regions, there is also now a light Earth dream in place under the new dream. The light Earth dream is being anchored to support humans in returning to unity and harmony together in the NOW. The light Earth dream appears much like the structure symbol in the language of light. There are bubbles of dreams that are of the light Earth; the dark Earth dream is then compressed into the space between surrounding the bubbles and is minimized.


As a result of minimizing the dark Earth dream, there is less conflictive types of dreams that can be broadcast. Humans living under the light Earth dream will quite naturally catch a different kind of dream than those living in a dark Earth dream. There will be greater harmony, unity and a willingness to work together towards a common goal as this is the nature of the light Earth dream.


Earth has been splintered into light and dark Earth dreams along her surface for a very long time. Asur’Ana and Per have come to understand that as an ascending being, the light Earth dream feels better than the dark Earth dream; for the light Earth dream is filled with energy movement, souls and angels along with false gods of the light that support one’s own continued choice to ascend. Therefore, for those who are ascending, it makes sense to anchor and sustain oneself in a light Earth dream rather than a dark Earth dream.


False Gods of the Light and Dark


Here Earth would like to explain the difference between false gods of the light and dark. False gods of the light are the result of body level consciousness of the positive energy flow inflated into a state of “god” or “goddess”. False gods of the light will exist within the light Earth dream. Such consciousness is really from expanded space without as it occurred long ago and after Earth exited the Great Central Sun.


Many of such forces are now recalling how they came to be and choosing to return to body level awareness to support biological ascension rather than remain separate and outside of form. It is in the physical that they can serve ascension best. Each reading this may intend that all false gods of the light associated with one’s ancestry return to the molecular structure and grid work of the etheric body for the purposes of directing physical ascension. False gods of the light from nature or other creations need to be returned to nature or their creation of origin; Earth will assist with this upon request.


False gods of the dark are inflated consciousness of the space between that seeks to separate, divide and destroy as this is the underlying thoughtform. Those listening to such forces will be misled into an incomplete ascension or false ascension. It is therefore best to intend to collapse one’s own false gods of the dark back into the space between within one’s field and form. There the consciousness can do what it is supposed to do, separating light and dark and creating the pathway through which chi can flow through the body and meridian system. False gods of the dark from other creations or kingdoms also require returning to their source or origin and Earth will assist with this upon request.


As the false gods return to where they can support and sustain life, the war between the light and dark in the nonphysical will cease, and the nonphysical planes will come to a state of peace surrounding Earth. Everything has a place including the false gods; as each finds a place within the whole, then all will serve in the ascension of the consensus known as Earth. It is only when something is out of place or does not fit and then asserts itself that creations move off track in their choice to evolve. As all resides where it should and does its proper function and job, then the conflict ceases and all shall go home.


Anchoring the Light Earth Dream


Light and dark Earth dreams exist wherever humans tend to reside much like a checkerboard. One may see that one can go from region to region and perceive what is in the light Earth dream and what is in the dark Earth dream. The intent to collapse the dark Earth dream and expand the light Earth dream will assist in closing down the checkerboard and bringing about the new pattern of rotational energy akin to the structure symbol of the Language of Light. Ascending humans do not do this; but the land in the light Earth dream will expand itself to encompass a larger region of domain if one requests. This is how one as an ascending human can assist Earth in expanding the light Earth dream into the suburbs where it will support the incoming ascending children that are to be born therein ahead.


Earth invites each reading these materials to choose to anchor the light Earth dream wherever one lives and as far as one’s field can assist with. How does one accomplish this? First one may wish to assess regions nearby one’s current residence that host a light Earth dream. Many of such regions will be in open space, national or state parks, by the ocean, in the mountains, in a valley or by the lake. Then Earth invites each to go pay a visit to each region that one believes is in the light Earth dream that is nearby one’s region of origin.


Then as one visits the land in the light Earth dream, it will feel different and more supportive unto one’s ascending field. Perhaps one’s body will relax and then begin to feel really good. Perhaps one will also take a walk in the woods, or by the beach or along the lake in the light Earth dream. Then one can request of the land in the light Earth dream to expand itself into one’s home and region of origin as well as anywhere else that the light Earth dream can flow.


In so doing, one will find that one can begin to exist in a light Earth dream wherever one lives, and so will one’s neighbors. This will create a different dream that will catch upon all that will be more greatly unity based. In so doing, one can assist in molding the human dream in the direction of unity in the NOW. The light Earth dream will have a tough time entering the cities beloved. Cities are held in pyramids and box shaped energy flow that Earth has called matrixes.


Boxes and pyramids do not allow the rotational energy to flow that hosts a light Earth dream. It is for this reason that Earth suggests that humans relocate out of the cities and into the suburbs and preferably into the countryside; as these regions will hold an energy flow more supportive of one’s continued choice to evolve. The light Earth dream sits in rotational flow that is pod-tribe based in movement.


There are two levels of light Earth dream that Earth is creating for humanity at this time; one is Figure 8 based and creates a flower of life pattern in the space between and space without. The space between or dark Earth is compressed into the regions surrounding the flower petal shapes so that the dark dream cannot catch as there is not enough of it available to do so. The second level of pod-tribe flow is Triple Lotus in nature and requires ascension beyond 3,800 segments to master.


Either flow however will catch upon humans that weave their dreams allowing for greater unity and harmony to be anchored upon all within the dance of life therein. How does this work? How does a rotational energy dream cause greater unity and harmony? Within the flower-based dream, each human receives a petal of the dream to exist within. Each therefore has a place within the dream, and each receives what is required in order to subsist. No one is left out, and no one starves.


In the flower petal dream, there is no rejection and there is no subordination; no one is in charge or superior and all have a place in the dance. This is a dream that one’s ancient red nation ancestors understood as it was the dream held for them by the larger headed humans upon Sirius. It is a dream of unity, equality, peace, hope and unconditional acceptance of one another.


There are regions that host flower petal dreams and there are humans that reside within the flower dream in present time. Many of such dreams are left over from the times that ancient red tribes lived upon the land long ago. Those living upon land hosting a red nation dream will live in greater unity and peace together. This can be seen in many a country town across the United States and Canada, Australia, Africa and South America/Mexico, Sweden, Norway and Europe, particularly in the Alps or along the Mediterranean Sea. The red dream of unity was not really lost; it has been suppressed however in the cities and wherever many humans reside.


Humans residing in the cities exist in a pyramidal or box shaped dream. In the pyramidal and box dreams, there is one on top who receives all the power, money, chi and information. Those in the upper half of the box or pyramid host an upper-class life as this is the dream that they receive. Those in the lower half of the box or pyramid receive a middle to lower class life as this is the dream that they receive. Those at the bottom live in poverty and great struggle, sometimes due to lack of money or food, sometimes due to lack of enough chi to hold the body in health; they are therefore diseased. Those outside of the box or pyramid altogether suffer the greatest; these are the ones who starve or are “untouchable” in Eastern culture.

Pyramid Defined


Government Box

The flower petal light Earth dream does not allow for extremes; instead, all have a place and all receive enough. Some may receive a little more as they have a larger petal and receive more dream; this occurs with the Figure 8 petal dream in particular. As humans transition from Figure 8 to Triple Lotus dream, the chi is more evenly distributed causing equality for all humans living in such a dream. This is the dream of the new era ahead; it is also the dream to master in the rotation of one’s field, and as one does so, then one moves towards greater wholeness, unity and peace within.


Dreams and Manifestation


Dreams determine the circumstance of each human. Humans are a living dream. Living dreams come in two components. One dream that one holds is for one’s body, health and ascending biology. If one loses a part of one’s body level dream, one may become diseased or lose a limb due to an accident. If one loses the body level dream altogether, one will starve as this is what this dream reflects, lack of food to nourish the body as there is no dream to catch it. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” for more information.)


There is also a dream for one’s life, home, preoccupation, friends, family, travel and all interactions that occur in the dance of life. This is the life dream. If one loses a portion of the life dream, one will be limited in what one expresses or the preoccupations that one holds, money that one earns, possessions that one can afford, travel that one can take, friends that one has, or sense of family that one experiences.


It is the position within the pyramidal or box shaped flow in the cities and dense regions populated heavily by humanity that determines one’s dream. The one on top has access to all dreams and appears to live the fullest and happiest of lives; and then divides up body level and life dreams to those underneath founded upon pecking order and power. Power is held due to ancestry. Those who are Anu related generally exist on the upper half of the pyramid or box; those who are slave nation or red nation in origin live in the bottom or lower half and often end up outside altogether living a life of great suffering.


Global Power and National Dreams


Nations around the world are also set up in a pecking order founded upon global power. The most dream is received by the most powerful nations which includes the UK, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Austria, China, Japan and the United States. Middle class dreams are offered to countries of lesser power such as Canada, Australia, Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Thailand, Singapore and India. The countries of the least power include those in South America, Mexico and Africa. The countries that are outside of the global pyramid is the Middle East at this time.


Those countries at the top and who are the most powerful receive more body level and life dream for all that inhabit such regions of domain. One can see the excessive body level dream in those who are becoming obese in the US and Europe. Obesity is a reflection of some carrying many body level dreams. For each who has excessive body level dreams, there are many who do not manifest enough to eat and starve; or who become diseased as they do not have enough body level chi to sustain their health. Excessive life dream equates to many who become upper middle class and amass a certain level of fortune over the course of the life. Those in wealthier countries can often have the life dreams of many who end up in great lack and without any dream to manifest anything in counterbalance.


Those in the countries in the middle power range receive adequate body level and life dream for each inhabitant. As such, one will find only one to two life dreams and one to two body dreams for each for those countries that are in the middle range of power. Those countries in the lower range of power tend to not have enough body level dream or life dream for each inhabitant. Therefore, some have enough and most may starve or struggle greatly as a result in the dance of life.


It is those countries outside of the global power pyramid that receive the worst dreams of all including dreams for warfare and bloodshed as well as starvation. For a long time, large parts of Africa were held in this position. Recently the polarity has shifted and now the Middle East is in this position and Africa is finding its way back into the bottom of the pyramid where they will still struggle with less than enough dream for each human inhabitant of their continent.


For the Middle East, there is now great lack and strife and the warfare and other problems therein are a reflection of this shift in present time. One may think; ah, but the films on the news about Hurricane Katrina in 2005 showed us that there were those greatly impoverished in the US as well. What about these?


Each nation splinters into affluent and less affluent regions of domain within it. In the US, the North East and West are at the top of the pyramid and receives more dream of both a body level and life than those in the South and Midwest. Those in the South and Midwest therefore may have more of greater poverty and even hunger. Each region will also have regions that are outside of the pyramid or box altogether; in the US inner cities are examples of regions outside of the box that may look like a war zone not unlike the Middle East in present time.


Some countries do not have anyone living outside of the box or pyramid. The US was once such a country; however, in recent shifts to the energy flow therein, there are now those outside of the pyramid and this has occurred since the early 1940’s. In many other countries such as England, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark along with Australia, everyone is held within the pyramid throughout the nation. In so doing, there is less homelessness as each receives the bare minimum to exist of housing and food, even if they are unemployed. In other countries, there is now parts of the energy system pressed outside of the box or pyramid; this leads to those who are not taken care of adequately and may rebel over time as a result.


Living Outside of the Box or Pyramid


The 2005 French riots that involved youth of predominantly African, North African, and Arab heritage in violent attacks, and the burning of cars and public buildings was an example of what can occur with those outside of the box or pyramid. Sometimes they become violent out of feeling outside of the system and rise up as in this circumstance. France realized it has a legitimate problem and took steps to restructure their energy flow to include those of this nature into the future, leading to greater equality of work and living environment for all.


For a long time in the United States, the African Americans sat at the bottom of the pyramid; this also still occurs in the South. In many other regions, however, the African American has moved into the lower or upper half of the pyramid and is creating a better life for themselves. Who has moved to the outside of the US pyramid at this time? Those of Arab descent have moved into this position and are now the ones discriminated against since 9-11. And so, it goes around and around with some becoming the outcasts and others who may have been outcast now becoming a part of the “in-group” and acceptable; who then receive enough dream to create a good life for themselves.


Flower Petal Dream Allows Balance and Enough for All


How does one get out of the box or pyramid and into a new patterning that does not cause extreme imbalances in the life dance? The figure 8 and triple lotus dream will allow for a re-patterning of dreams for all humans as it takes hold. Earth is holding this new dream for all to attune to now and in time it will become the dominant dream.


How does the flower petal dream work? Each has a position within the dream; each receives enough dream to sustain the life dance including friends, family, preoccupation, housing, food, travel and work. Each receives enough body level dream to assure non-starvation or disease and the possibility of ascension. No one is excluded and therefore no one is rejected or an outcast; nor is anyone left out or behind; nor is anyone on top of the whole creating extreme wealth or fame in counterbalance to extreme poverty.


There are two kinds of wealth inside the current human dream; one is of money and possessions which equate to many life dreams for manifestation gravitating to a single individual. For each that is worth millions to billions of dollars, there are millions to billions of dreams that millions to billions of humans cannot manifest as these individuals hoard dreams to an excess. The more money in the bank, the more dreams the individual is hoarding. Most of such great wealth cannot manifest that much dream in a single life; therefore, the dreams go simply un-manifested leaving others in counterbalance starving or in great poverty due to a lack of dream to manifest anything.


There is another type of wealth which has to do with hoarding body level dreams. Those with excessive body level dreams taken from many others will become obese or over weight over time. This is not to be confused by those who expand due to the ascension of the human vessel. Those who are obese may hoard millions of body level dreams; for each body level dream hoarded, millions of others starve or become diseased. One can see this occurring in the increasing obesity of the US and other Western based cultures; this is occurring as the West is stripping body level dreams from countries on the bottom of the global power structure.


As the flower petal dream becomes the dominant dream in human civilization, the pyramids of power between nations will be released and a new dream take hold. This new dream will allow for equality amongst all nations as well as each within each nation. This is how your ancient red ancestors existed with one another beloved; we are re-anchoring a dream from ancient times for humanity to ascend into. This will be the birth of the golden age ahead. As this new dream catches and dominates, all of human civilization will restructure itself accordingly. This is also the hope and the dream that Earth holds now for humankind.


How the Light Earth Dream Will Foster Unity


When Asur’Ana lived upon the Big Island, she witnessed a region that was Figure 8 based in dream. The Big Island hosted a certain level of equality as a result. Figure 8 dream can still inflate one petal over another, and so there may be some with more and some with less, but everyone has enough. This was Asur’Ana’s experience of life upon the Big Island. Businesses would claim that they never made a fortune, but had been in business 30 years, and always made enough. This is how the flower petal dream works.


There are those who are struggling upon the Big Island; there was a food bank that appeared to assist in making sure all had enough to eat. There were some homeless; many of the homeless would find their way to regions and receive support so that they could move out of this state of being. The cause of the homelessness is really pyramidal dreams that flow in some regions, but not others. Resorts associated with large hotel chains upon the Big Island will run pyramids regardless of what the rest of the region spins; this will attract greater affluence as well as homelessness in counterbalance. One day as all the resorts close as tourism gives way to other global problems such as disease, pyramidal flow will disappear and so will the wealth and extreme poverty associated upon the Big Island.


The Big Island was a good example of mostly Figure 8 dream with some pyramidal dream interspersed. This is what Earth perceives as the first shift ahead for humanity at large; that more of humanity than not will move back into the Figure 8 dream in the coming 25 years. The pyramidal dreams shall be abandoned over time as cities become toxic places of disease and plagues; and those who are healthy will move out of the city and into the country as a result. In the country, the Figure 8 dream will dominate leading to humans who live in unity and harmony with one another. In time humanity at large shall move increasingly towards unity-based relations due to the dominant Figure 8 dream.


It is the dream that drives the dance. At this time a dark dream resides over cities and places of large human populations such as cities and urban areas. Shopping malls also tend to sit in dark Earth dreams as consumption or consumerism is not a part of the Figure 8 dream of unity. Consumerism denotes some devouring much of the world’s resources; in a unity-based dream, everything is evenly distributed unto each; with each receiving enough as a result. The current dance of consumerism in the West is really the result of western nations taking most of the dreams for technology and products for themselves, leaving the nations with less power with fewer products or the latest gadgets. As the dream is rewoven, Western nations will receive less and other more impoverished nations will receive more.


New Dream Allows for Disappearance of Extreme Wealth and Poverty


Consumerism however does not fit into the Figure 8 dream that is unity based. Consumerism occurs due to many on the very bottom of the pyramids or boxes working for slave wages or little at all and producing large amounts of objects at discounted prices that are sold to wealthier nations. In the new dream, no one will work for little money and each will be paid a fair wage for their efforts. Therefore, each will have enough and few will feel enslaved or impoverished; and those who thrive off the enslaved efforts of others will also cease to reap the rewards or gains that are associated; allowing extreme wealth to likewise disappear.


Australia may be a relatively good example of the unity-based dream as a nation in present time. There are pyramids down-under but most of these occur only in the large cities. There is a vast countryside in Australia where many live that hosts a Figure 8 dream left over from the Aboriginals who once resided upon the land. Asur’Ana and Per have noticed that Australia hosts a minimum wage that is higher than the US; everyone appears to be paid enough to afford housing; and often the government will subsidize housing for those that are less than fortunate. There are few homeless outside of drug users who are too fractured to function; and even these find a place and are supported in the social services over time.


This is an example of the flower-based dream turned national in a region that hosts primarily a Figure 8 dream throughout the land. Taxes are higher than in many other nations; however, everyone is looked after. The taxation causes those that might achieve greater wealth to distribute their funds more evenly throughout the Aussie populations. A dominant flower petal dream leads towards a socialistic type of government where everyone is looked after with a democratic form of elected officials. This may be the type of dream that catches upon all nations over the coming 100 years of continued global ascension and as the Figure 8 dream dominates.


The unity-based dream will bring about a sharing of resources. Those who have acquired too much may give away what they really do not require to those who do; those who have too little will acquire what they need from those who have too much. In unity, each gives and receives in balance; therefore, those working for another or for a community will be given unto fairly in the exchange. As such, each will receive enough to sustain themselves; but not so much that there is excessive hoarding of dream to such a degree that there is not enough for others.


The unity-based dream may bring about a resurgence of handmade goods that are valued and enjoyed due to their unique beauty rather than many machine-made duplicates that are inexpensive. Humans may learn to value the things that they acquire and take care of what they have, as perhaps purchasing new will be less possible in the era ahead. This will eliminate the large piles of trash and dump grounds causing humans to recycle what was thrown away at another time.


Recycling is a unity-based dream; in the dance of real recycling, nothing is ever thrown away. All parts of anything are broken down and have a use; if all parts are used as they could be, then there is no waste. In the unity dream, there is no waste as everything has a place; and as such has a part to play in the dream ahead. This is so for objects or possessions along with land and each human living upon the land, or each kingdom sharing the land with you beloved; each has a place in the whole.


The Natural World and the Unity Based Dream


Each kingdom has a place in the natural dream of Earth. Each kingdom does something that sustains the natural world. Vegetarian animals trim the grass and plant growth and then provide fertilizer in their wastes. Energetically each kingdom creates a particular energy flow upon the land that sustains life. It is only humans that do not fit into the natural world at this time, except for those living a simple lifestyle or an indigenous lifestyle. At another time and in the ancient red nations tribes, this was not so. The red nations peoples had a place within the natural world dream; and as such existed in collaboration and unity with all other kingdoms. The unity-based dream will restore humanity’s place within the natural world dream.


The Pleiadian Anu never belonged unto Earth or the natural world dream. All therefore related to the Anu including their slave nations and technology do not belong; they are of foreign energy flow, dissonant and therefore pollute and harm Earth and the natural world. If the Anu and their technology was of the Earth, it would resonate and therefore would not pollute. As humans learn to construct resonant technology unto the magnetic flow of Earth, humans will also cease to pollute. Pollution harms all life forms including humanity at large, and so must come to an end.


Pollution is really the result of something that does not belong, does not have a place, and does not resonate. As all that does not resonate ceases to exist, then pollution shall also cease. The pollution is really within the DNA of all kingdoms. There is foreign DNA within most species that has come from other creations; and if not upon this dimension, then from the dimensions above. As each strives to modify the DNA through ascension to be only of sources that originated from this Great Central Sun that we are returning unto, then all will belong and all will fit in and all will have a place in the natural world dream.


Foreign DNA creates waste within one’s own body. As the waste builds up it leads to discord and dysfunction within the biology; this is experienced as disease or chronic ailments in present time. Disease and chronic ailments will disappear as the biology comes to be of a single source of DNA that is resonant and ceases to pollute itself. The greatest level of pollution upon Earth comes from the use of fossil fuels and electricity which are both from the silica based Pleiadian DNA. The greatest level of internal pollution of one’s own biology comes from Pleiadian Anu or slave DNA within one’s genealogy.


As the DNA from Anu and slave lineages is completed upon and removed from incoming children’s gene source, internal pollution shall cease. It is only as internal pollution ceases that human behavior will modify itself also to cease to pollute. As all of humanity’s genetics are of a resonant creational source, there will be resonance amongst humans, both personally and collectively. As this occurs, peace upon Earth and peace between kingdoms shall be born.


We leave you with these thoughts. We invite those interested to work with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1. We invite those who feel resonant with our information to also join us at our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) dreamtime events. During these events we will be focused upon anchoring the Figure 8 dream for more of ascending humanity to attune unto; as well as anchoring soul into the dream.


Soul cannot reside in the dark Earth dream. Only false gods and dark lords exist therein. As a Figure 8 dream is anchored, there is the right rotation of energy to host soul again; as enough attune to this dream, soul will begin to enter the human dance and redirect the life for evolution and ascension Home. This is our goal for the year ahead. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join these dreamtime events by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep.


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Figure 8 GeometryDedication

This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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