Image of exquisite yellow and pink roses. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #1

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #1


Section 3: Baba Lore Introduction


Self Realization Mastery Fables


Baba fables are mastery tales associated with eastern tradition of self realizing itself through time. Baba is a force of transfiguration and transfusion of light synthesis motion of eastern stature of self. Many in the west foster eastern stature of self in a context of spiritual mastery in the life. Eastern lore depicts the magic of the journey of the two, three or many through time. Eastern lore is superlative in the quality of light motions synthesized through time. Superlative light motions trigger beautiful dreams to be fostered in life and with others.


The Baba lore of fate

Is a superlative dream

Of a life of mastery

Of spirit into matter

In a sojourn of truth

In a synthesis of self

Realizing itself through time

In a story of magical

Influences and affluences

Fostered in the one

Or the many


In the love of the love within,

Asur’Ana and Per



The Fable of the Rose


The Unfolding of a Sublime Mastery Life


The Roses of You


The roses of you

Unfolds as the petals of self

Blossoming within

In the care of my soul

In a rapturous moment

That dreams of the love of the two

As an effervescent stance of spirit

In a crescendo of the divine

In an accolade of notions

Of the preciousness of each

Fostered through time


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Fate


The Baba mastery tales of truth are a formation of dream for those in spiritual mastery life lore fables of fate. Lore fables oscillate a notion of the divine so that the focus of spirit unfolds into matter. All life dreams are lore fables of fate. Most lore fables today are habitually associated with dating, mating, procreation and fostering life at home, at work or in the community. Humans in demonic fanfare are primarily interested in primal focuses of life and death matters of dream. Life and death issues of lore fables fade as mastery takes flight within. Life and death are forces of internal strife to be transfused through in self realizing itself through time. Mastery fables direct dreams of those self-realizing alone or in partnerships of the divine. Read more