Image of pretty magenta purple flowers. Shakti Studies #2

Shakti Studies #2


Dating Lore


The Nature of Dreaming for Partnership


The Date of the Two


In the quest

For partnership

There is a fable for dating

To foster a journey

Into the sublime

Or into dis-synergy of the two

Through time

Through the fables of Shakti

Fostered as an incantation at birth

Reflecting the karma

Of the male and female

In the inheritance

That drives forth union


The Nature of Dating


Dating is a ritual of finding the partner of your life if you choose for a long-term relationship. Dating can also become a way of life if one chooses to participate in the dance of life without long term partnership or children. Dating can be joyful or miserable if the dejection hurts the heart accolade of self. Dating can be measurable in its affluence of understanding of the opposite sex or same sex nature if one is homosexual to bisexual in stature. Tantric friendship is also another manner of understanding same or opposite sex fostering. Understanding your partner is perhaps the single most important affluence over the success of the art of dating to find the purposeful long or short-term partnership.


Dating is successful if you discover if the individual is harmonious with you or not. Harmony is not always known due to the act of seduction. Seduction is an affluence of self to con you into believing that there is harmonious or loving dynamics underlying the persona. Seduction is the single biggest threat to the heart accolade of self. Seduction woos the heart into a syndicated rhythm in which one succumbs to the union perhaps without a return of care of the heart. Recurrent seduction in a happenstance of dating or union of any length will injure the heart to the point of causing heart failure or an immune deficiency through time.


Fate is a key that draws two into the dance of parallel circumstance through time. Dating keys are arranged in nine formats through time. There are brief encounters, longer term encounters that do not lead to a long-term union, long term encounters that do not choose to marry or commit, and dating that leads to long term commitments that unify the two lives through time. Dating seasons the stanza of self to test the waters of the individual to witness if the affluence is useful to the journey of life through time. Each date into a union journey is an opportunity to realize oneself into the divine assertions of self. Realizing divine assertions leads to the creation of divine partnership in lieu of difficult lore happenstance of dreaming of union. Read more