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Shakti Studies #2


Dating Lore


The Nature of Dreaming for Partnership


The Date of the Two


In the quest

For partnership

There is a fable for dating

To foster a journey

Into the sublime

Or into dis-synergy of the two

Through time

Through the fables of Shakti

Fostered as an incantation at birth

Reflecting the karma

Of the male and female

In the inheritance

That drives forth union


The Nature of Dating


Dating is a ritual of finding the partner of your life if you choose for a long-term relationship. Dating can also become a way of life if one chooses to participate in the dance of life without long term partnership or children. Dating can be joyful or miserable if the dejection hurts the heart accolade of self. Dating can be measurable in its affluence of understanding of the opposite sex or same sex nature if one is homosexual to bisexual in stature. Tantric friendship is also another manner of understanding same or opposite sex fostering. Understanding your partner is perhaps the single most important affluence over the success of the art of dating to find the purposeful long or short-term partnership.


Dating is successful if you discover if the individual is harmonious with you or not. Harmony is not always known due to the act of seduction. Seduction is an affluence of self to con you into believing that there is harmonious or loving dynamics underlying the persona. Seduction is the single biggest threat to the heart accolade of self. Seduction woos the heart into a syndicated rhythm in which one succumbs to the union perhaps without a return of care of the heart. Recurrent seduction in a happenstance of dating or union of any length will injure the heart to the point of causing heart failure or an immune deficiency through time.


Fate is a key that draws two into the dance of parallel circumstance through time. Dating keys are arranged in nine formats through time. There are brief encounters, longer term encounters that do not lead to a long-term union, long term encounters that do not choose to marry or commit, and dating that leads to long term commitments that unify the two lives through time. Dating seasons the stanza of self to test the waters of the individual to witness if the affluence is useful to the journey of life through time. Each date into a union journey is an opportunity to realize oneself into the divine assertions of self. Realizing divine assertions leads to the creation of divine partnership in lieu of difficult lore happenstance of dreaming of union.


Single Status and the Union of the Dao and Tao Within 


Not all are destined to experience longer term unions. Some are destined to a life threshold of a single stature through time. Single status is a journey all of its own that can trigger superlative keys to witness a union of the Dao and Tao within. Dao and Tao reunion is a superlative function of care that fluxes in a spiritual context through a journey of introspection into forgiveness and compassionate action theory of life through time. Some remain single but without the spiritual context of why the life destiny was chosen. In this era of awakening, those who choose for life in a single context can discover the undercurrent of why such a life was chosen and find peace within in contemplation of divine accolades of self.


Karmic Fate Reversals


Fate can change due to reversals of karmic fate through time. Reversals occur in six-year increments for each mastering ascension, self-development or self-realization through time. In each reversal, fate keys are completed upon and new fate keys arise triggering another life to flux forth through time. Life can flux from a single happenstance of fate into a fate of a duet in the next cycle of evolutionary fulfillment. Fate keys are inherent to the tapestry of ancestry that one is fostered within from an archetypal relay from birth. Fate can flux in many possibilities through time. Conscious dreaming affords one to introspect over the future to discern which happenstances of fate is preferable given the lifestyle of oneself and the desired spiritual understanding to be gained.


Superlative Unions Require Two Who Self Develop


Not all fate partnerships are useful unto realization of self due to seduction or other difficulties that would need to be surmounted if the union develops into a longer-term partnership. Partnerships should be introspected over deeply before committed to in order to offset the difficulties that could present themselves through time amongst those realizing self.


The Shakti and Shaktar Relationship Lore essays explore the unique issues of strife of difficult partnerships to the gifts of superlative unions. Superlative unions are only possibilities for those mastering the spiritual context of life. Two upon the path of self-introspection are a necessary ingredient for the purposeful union to occur in superlative keys of fate. Some superlative unions are only short term to teach one about union flux. Yet other superlative unions are medium to long term for life lessons to flux into realization of the two.


The dating lore of self in this cycle is very peculiar in its incapacity to foster unions of the divine in oscillations of self. As light motions are restored upon the planet, the keys will unfold into potential happenstances of fate of superlative union. Superlative union requires two who self-develop to foster care of the heart in sincere moments of love in the dreams of life. Those who self-develop must be a forensics match of fate to foster love together through time. Forensics is the nervous repose that cycles through the field in twelve-hour increments.


Forensics Match Fosters A Superlative Union


The nervous system fires in an up and down system of head to toe, toe to head sequences each day. If the one fires from head to toe while the other fires from toe to head in the nervous repose, the two are aligned in a forensics match that fosters harmony and the possibility of superlative union. Two who self-develop but are forensics mismatch will make one of the two ills through time and be disharmonious in stature of relationship. Forensics match must be tested through time to determine the correct position of self to foster a superlative union.


Self must align itself together in common striations of field that foster the awareness of the two in a union divine in a harmonious nervous repose through time. It is the self of the self within that motions the nervous repose into a system of harmonious forensics. Self is a context of resource of knowledge about all that one has come to ascertain through time in the spiritual development in life. Self is consciousness, and consciousness must align between the two, or otherwise a difficult partnership unfolds through time.


Sometimes two can retain common consciousness and create a superlative union only to foster a difficult shift that triggers the opposite to flux. As the opposite fluxes, the two are best to depart before one or the other becomes physically ill. Forensic systems that mismatch between the two or with the land cause all types of illness known to humankind. There are also planetary mismatches in which one becomes ill in living in the wrong region to sustain one’s life form.


Often attachment precludes the wherewithal as to when to allow a partnership that has become a forensics mismatch to depart to retain the health of one of the two. Attachment often causes one to live in a region that is killing the body in a forensics mismatch with the land too. This may be a difficult realization for those who have befallen a sick or dying mate that fostered a beautiful union at an earlier time. Sometimes a sick mate may be fostered due to moving unto a region that is unsustainable in its motions. It is best for a sustainable superlative union to motion unto those regions that are a forensics match of each.


The Fate of the Date


Partnership dating lore is very much a fate key to be witnessed and then forgiven so that the next fate key for another type of date can unfold. Dating occurs in nine sequences of dream through time. There are also nine dating lore fables that foster short, medium, or long-term encounters leading to marriage or a long-term commitment also of fate. All experiences are destined and chosen prior to birth to foster the understanding to be gained in the realization of self. There are no accidents, and there is always something to learn about oneself in any encounter through time, whether they be through friendships or the act of dating.


Dating is an act of fate. There are no dates with any other that are not associated with a fate key. Dates are aligned to foster spiritual understanding amongst those realizing self. Dragon and demon interplay can motion the key of the dragon dates or union lore upon demons who manifest beautiful unions without realizing anything through time. About forty percent of all superlative to soporiferous union lore is fostered in demons today that realize nothing from the experience other than a union that fluxes into divine accolades of self but fails to foster actualization within.


Problems on Earth Due to Failure of Dao and Tao Self Actualization


Failure to foster actualization within in a union divine amongst those realizing self triggers many problems upon Earth. Realization is triggered for Dao and Tao actualization of self fostering itself in the paradigm of the one or the two. When Dao and Tao actualization fails, the planet fails in its capacity to carry on in its existence. This is perhaps the single most deep level of failure of superlative to soporiferous unions to be realized of all time upon Earth. The fate of the planet is sealed into extinction following a brief era of three hundred years of enlightenment to allow those of realization quality to retract from Earth along with the Dao and Tao of the planet.


Forgive the Difficult Fate Date Keys


There are nine lore fables that trigger the fate of the date. Those in longer term partnership will witness the dates that one fluxed through in order to trigger a marital or long-term partnership vow of self. Those who are dating will reflect upon the variant positions on the wheel of the fate of the date. Choosing to forgive the difficult fate date keys of the art of dating is one means of triggering the next fate date keys to flux forth. Sometimes one may flux through six to nine dates of the same fate key to complete with the lessons associated through forgiveness theory of self. Be patient and learn the lessons forgiving the nature of seduction in the current genre of human thoughts.


Each key is triggered as one key is forgiven. If a key fails to be forgiven, the lore will act out into a union or non-union of fate through time. For some realizing self, the art of dating may take one through many encounters in order to forgive each date key. Many may foster many dates of a particular and peculiar lore until forgiveness is fostered within for the plight of the attempt to foster union in a non-superlative lore.


Some may foster so many dates through time that one feels used or subordinated in the act of many encounters through time. The choice to forgive the keys that triggered many dates and possibly no longer-term union allows another key of fate to flux forth. The opposite can occur where one does not date at all. The key for the non-date forever can be forgiven allowing another key for dating fate to unfold leading to the experience of the exchange of the two in a meeting happenstance of fate that can lead to a short to long term union ahead.


All humans are driven into partnership through keys. All is destined in all time periods. Many eras foster non-awareness enough that the act of dating and partnerships for life appear as though they are not a choice of pre-birth happenstance. All is chosen for. As an age of enlightenment unfolds, the possibility of causing something other than the original birth fate of dating or partnership can flux forth. Fate for dating is not necessarily superlative unless one is fostered in self-development through time as a spiritual happenstance of fate.


The Nine Dating Lore Fables


  1. The Date of the Mismatch: The date of fate of the mismatch is an obvious disharmony that is shared in a perceptive manner in which neither party desires to see one another again due to dis-synergy of self. The forensics of the mismatch are obvious unto each at first sight. It is best to motion on to another date through another key as the lore of the mismatched date is forgiven within. Some may feel dejected in the date of the mismatch but can foster a healing of a part of self dejected in childhood or teenage years.


  1. The Date of the Seduction: The date of fate of the seduction is an obvious forensics flux to be together and often in a sexual encounter before the union has been assessed within. The flux for sensual expression is often a sign of loneliness in life. The two adjoin for a time and one loses their heart unto the other who dejects the self of oneself in a seductive act. Murder of self can occur through the date of fate of seduction in which one may mourn the loss of a partnership that never would manifest due to non-attraction on the part of one. Over time, the heart mends and dating rituals can resume with others of more palatable associations.


  1. The Date of the Fostering: The date of fate of the fostering is one in which the two find one another attractive and interesting for a time. The union merges the two in and out of sequences of a short to medium length union in a dating happenstance of fate. Through time, the two discern that a long-term union is non-useful to the life path of each. Sometimes one may breach the heart in the conclusion of the union of the dating happenstance of self. The breached heart may hurt and mourn, or long for a restoration of the partnership, but heal through time triggering another fate key of dating to unfold.


  1. The Date of the Long Term Association: The date of fate of the long-term association is that in which one of the two never commits to a live-in happenstance or long-term union regalia of self. Long term dating can be a common joy if both do not wish to have children or foster a shared residence through time. Long term dating can make one miserable if one desires children or a committed partnership ahead. Often the one desiring children or the live in happenstance will break up the relationship in the end to foster their personal keys of fate for causing offspring to be born, marriage or a committed life happenstance.


  1. The Date of the Forensics Push: The date of fate of the forensics push draws two to live together right away and before the union may be adequately assessed as to the harmonious nature of the two. The forensics push may trigger marital keys to arise creating a matched or mismatched union through time. Mismatched unions are to be transfused through to foster another fate key to trigger apartheid or separation as the difficult union lore is forgiven. Difficult partnership lore of a forensics mismatch leads to disease and is best forgiven and motioned away from through time.


  1. The Date of the Live In: The date of fate of the live-in partner is one who never commits to a lifetime relationship through marriage but remain together a long time to a lifetime. Marital keys are not a part of the fate of the two. The two may live together a long time and then depart due to the truth that one or the other is not happy in the union through time. If the two fail to depart as a separation key is triggered, one or the other can become ill through time if a forensics mismatch has developed. Separation keys trigger apartheid of the consciousness in preparation for a life as a single again.


  1. The Date of the Forensics Punch: The date of fate of the forensics punch is a very difficult lore to motion through. The force of motion of the punch may make one ill in a short time following an intimate encounter of the non-tantric disharmony between the two. A date followed by a cold or a bout of the flu is an example of the forensics punch in action. It is best to cease to participate in the union as the longer-term association will lead to disease. Some may not understand the nature of the punch and elicit a lifetime of lack of stamina or other ailments as a result of marrying the forensics punch of self. There can be marital keys due to karmic alliances that form bonds of this nature. It is best to discern the truth and transfuse through the marital keys fostering another type of union more harmonious unto oneself through time.


  1. The Date of the Forensics Delight: The date of fate of the forensics delight is one that can lead to a short term, medium term or long term union that often destines the two to the fate of marriage. Marital keys must be present if the union is fated into a long-term happenstance of fate of marriage. Marital keys are present for both homosexual and heterosexual partnership. Sometimes they manifest as an exchange of vows and rings between the two but not always. The marital keys may retain the union until death unless due to spiritual awareness, the two transfuse through the vows and into a single happenstance of fate through reversal of self. In an age of enlightenment, it is not unusual for mastery people to have many unions through time of longer durations including multiple marriages to foster forgiveness of self.


  1. The Date of the Forensics Partnership: The date of fate of the forensics partnership can lead to a long-term divine partnership union lore to be fostered in superlative undertones through time. The two arise to the occasion and exchange vows in a ceremony of divine ordering of self. Divine ordering of self arranges the keys to foster superlative motions through time in the journey of the two in a divine partnership fostering. Superlative unions generally occur only through counterpart or twin lore of archetypal stature. Twins or counterparts foster forensics matches required for superlative wave motions to form through time. Fate keys for superlative unions can occur in young to middle age, fostering a lifetime divine partnership.




Children are fate keys all of their own. Fate keys can produce many offspring. It is best to assess the happenstance of truth of the biology prior to having one or more children. Fate keys can be swapped leading to children that were not a part of birth agreements to bear as the life was designed by the Monad or Soul. Fate keys for more than one child are rarely the truth of a divine partnership. Divine partnership requires a child that can foster the union of the three.


The development of self of a child destined for a union of the three is a tricky happenstance due to the nutrient deprived happenstance of food in this era. Superlative children require many nutrients and it can deplete the mother of her vital resources if she attempts to have a second child. Sometimes the act of having more than one child leads to one who is autistic due to lack of enough nutrients to develop the cortex in full in the womb. If this occurs, it is a fate to forgive and understand within to make peace with self.


Dating is a partnership in the making ritual, unless one is choosing to remain in one’s own habitat of singlehood through time. Habitat of fate for those dating but not choosing for longer term union retains the consciousness separate. The path of the two is not fostered as an adjoined field in the single happenstance of fate. Those fostering longer term or live in happenstance of union of the two foster an adjoined consciousness through time.


The adjoining of self takes time to foster and harmonize. If the adjoining of self fails to harmonize, it is best to dissipate the union to avoid a difficult happenstance of ill health through time. Ill health may be a sign that a difficult disharmonious partnership has formed that may or may not be obvious in the behavior of the two. If ill health is formed, it is best to assess the adjoined field for breaches that may be deteriorating one and not the other.


The Matchmaker


The forensics systems of dating is a consciousness that fosters the two to arise to the occasion to find one another. In more ancient times and without the wherewithal of personals, dating was fostered through family and township networks of associations. Sometimes those of matchmaker nature would arise who were gifted at bonding unions amongst those who would not meet in life otherwise. The matchmaker fosters the systems of self for the purposes of fostering unions through time. Sometimes the matchmaker can be a friend or other association who is the key bearer for the union to be fostered.


Often as the two meet or marry, the key bearer motions away from the partnership, departing the friendship. Sometimes the friend departing the friendship feels wounded in the loss of the care of the three. Key bearers act as a forensics push to match-make the pair through time and then depart. The key bearer then takes on another key to match-make the next pair amongst their associations. Sometimes the key bearer may host a fate to remain single throughout the life but pair many others fostering a matchmaker role in lieu of creating a long-term union. Often in an age of enlightenment, the lore fable of the matchmaker is risen beyond through the act of forgiveness, allowing one destined for a singlehood fate to foster a partnership instead.


The matchmaker role fosters two to find one another to discover if the union is a good match of forensics to foster a superlative union if one is spiritually devoted in the life. Partnerships of superlative lore are not always fostered without one who is spiritually oriented hosting the lore associated. Fostering superlative partnership is a goal of Shakti and Shaktar resources in this time period. Divine partnerships will aid the Dao and Tao of the planet in healing from discordant strife deliberated through human wastes and techno-gadgetry in this era.


Today with the advent of the personals, many may find matches suitable to good forensics of partnership. Many may also befall a sad fate of difficult partnership lore that distresses the life through time. Dating lore can activate partnership lore so that it can be assessed and forgiven prior to causing a fatal or difficult union of strife to manifest. Partnership lore can also be triggered through reading the Shaktar and Shakti Relationship Teachings in this book through time so that one will not manifest a difficult union.


The blessing of this chapter is to trigger those who desire a union into the art of the date. Dates of fate are special opportunities to witness the male and female of self in its operation and design of light or flaws of self. As the dates allow the flaws of self in the masculine or feminine side of persona to be witnessed, there is an opportunity to forgive and transfuse through the issues to foster another fate key to emerge for dating along with partnership lore ahead.


The Date of the Two


In the quest

For partnership

There is a fable for dating

To foster a journey

Into the sublime

Or into dis-synergy of the two

Through time

Through the fables of Shakti

Fostered as an incantation at birth

Reflecting the karma

Of the male and female

In the inheritance

That drives forth union


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Pure Love


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