Image of an exquisite mandala of violet, blue and gold colors. Introduction To Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension-Workbook 2

Introduction To Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2




We begin now the second part of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook. The following chapters shall be devoted to bringing to consciousness the nature of human behavior towards one another. In better understanding the nature of human expression in the current paradigm, one will be better capable of transcending the associated karma to give birth to unity and integrity relations. Unity and integrity relations is founded upon taking personal responsibility for one’s own patterning within and karma associated rather than projecting it upon others and then judging, condemning or hating them. For all others are only mirrors of lost parts of oneself. Therefore, in judging, condemning or hating others, one only judges, hates or condemns oneself.


The current human paradigm is not founded upon real love. There is an illusion of love that runs through many spiritual groups that paints an image of what “ideal” love would be like. In ideal love, one would love everyone; everyone would love in return; and all will be good, beautiful, filled with hope, joy and endless love. The reality is that this type of ideal love only occurs if one splits light and dark completely. As there is no density or darkness, there is only the light and a seeming state of endless love.


Combusted Creations and Supernova


However, splitting light and dark does not lead to real ascension “home” to the Great Central Sun Dream where light and dark must be amalgamated into a single rainbow of frequencies in order to pass through the final Star Gate. If anything, creations of only light combust just as readily in the attempt to enter the new Dream as those that are only of the dark, as each does not resonate with the new dream where light and dark unify.


Much like trying to press a round peg through a square hole, creations of only light or only dark have the wrong molecular structure to pass through the new Dream of the Great Central Sun. The friction created in forcing something that does not naturally flow through to enter nonetheless causes the molecules to combust into billions of bits of matter. This is known as “nova” or “supernova” by current scientists; a creation bursting into billions of bits falling from the dimension above due to a miss-ascent into their own Great Central Sun dream of origin.


This is why there have been so many combusted creations at the entry point of the Great Central Sun Dream. The Tao estimates that over 800 creations have combusted against the Great Central Sun dream that Terra (Earth) has begun to enter. Terra has learned to integrate her density to enough of a degree that it can be amalgamated into a single set of frequencies thus allowing her entry into the new dream. This too is what each human must accomplish in order to carry on with Terra, and if not in this lifetime, then in the future generations ahead related unto oneself. Read more