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Introduction To Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2




We begin now the second part of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook. The following chapters shall be devoted to bringing to consciousness the nature of human behavior towards one another. In better understanding the nature of human expression in the current paradigm, one will be better capable of transcending the associated karma to give birth to unity and integrity relations. Unity and integrity relations is founded upon taking personal responsibility for one’s own patterning within and karma associated rather than projecting it upon others and then judging, condemning or hating them. For all others are only mirrors of lost parts of oneself. Therefore, in judging, condemning or hating others, one only judges, hates or condemns oneself.


The current human paradigm is not founded upon real love. There is an illusion of love that runs through many spiritual groups that paints an image of what “ideal” love would be like. In ideal love, one would love everyone; everyone would love in return; and all will be good, beautiful, filled with hope, joy and endless love. The reality is that this type of ideal love only occurs if one splits light and dark completely. As there is no density or darkness, there is only the light and a seeming state of endless love.


Combusted Creations and Supernova


However, splitting light and dark does not lead to real ascension “home” to the Great Central Sun Dream where light and dark must be amalgamated into a single rainbow of frequencies in order to pass through the final Star Gate. If anything, creations of only light combust just as readily in the attempt to enter the new Dream as those that are only of the dark, as each does not resonate with the new dream where light and dark unify.


Much like trying to press a round peg through a square hole, creations of only light or only dark have the wrong molecular structure to pass through the new Dream of the Great Central Sun. The friction created in forcing something that does not naturally flow through to enter nonetheless causes the molecules to combust into billions of bits of matter. This is known as “nova” or “supernova” by current scientists; a creation bursting into billions of bits falling from the dimension above due to a miss-ascent into their own Great Central Sun dream of origin.


This is why there have been so many combusted creations at the entry point of the Great Central Sun Dream. The Tao estimates that over 800 creations have combusted against the Great Central Sun dream that Terra (Earth) has begun to enter. Terra has learned to integrate her density to enough of a degree that it can be amalgamated into a single set of frequencies thus allowing her entry into the new dream. This too is what each human must accomplish in order to carry on with Terra, and if not in this lifetime, then in the future generations ahead related unto oneself.


There is only a limited time to accomplish this task, and so it is Terra’s goal to pinpoint the patterns of discord that cause a split in light and dark in ascension within the chapters to follow. It is only as ascending humans intend to integrate all of their dark patterning that complete ascension can come forth; and it is complete ascension that allows for the continued dissipation of density enough then to amalgamate light and dark and enter the new dream.


The Nature of Splitting Light and Dark      


Splitting light and dark can occur as one focuses upon love and light only. In this type of split that can occur in ascension, the physical has been pressed into the light dream and the unconscious dreamtime self into the dark dream. As the dreamtime self moves into the dark patterning of self, it will have a tendency to make bargains with the dark that do not serve one’s continued evolution in the physical. This is how some initiates have over time failed in their ascension by creating patterning that caused global harm unto Earth. The darker side set up energetic flow at group gatherings that shattered Terra’s mountains or the nature kingdoms.


Splitting light and dark can also occur as one moves into the darker side of self in the physical leaving the unconscious dreamtime self in the light. In this circumstance, one may be surrounded by dark entities that wish to destroy oneself, and if one is sensitive, one may feel like committing suicide or ending one’s life. This also occurs as those who are dark in the physical also tend to absorb the darkness of others around oneself; and so, one carries the darkness of many others and it can become so depressing that one would just rather die or quit ascending.


Sometimes those who become dark in the physical also give the lighter parts of self away. This type of game occurred in many time periods and may involve the Anu who stripped the red nations’ peoples of their lightness of being in exchange for the increasing darkness that grew surrounding the Anu due to their lack of settling any karma in a very extended lifetime. The darkness of the Anu often was displaced around entire red tribes to a point that the tribe went into a plague with most dying; or went into war like patterning and chose to battle it out with neighboring tribes or slave nations peoples over resources or location to live.


Later the Anu slave civilization pressed its destructive and dark energies upon the red nations’ tribes that surrounded them. The more darkness that was depressed upon the tribes, the easier it was to take over the tribal land for other purposes of a growing slave population. Over time, the red nations’ peoples chose to evacuate the land that the Anu slaves lived upon and moved en masse far across the sea to the “new world” or the North American continent.


Although the red nations’ peoples left the Anu slaves and their darkness behind, the pattern repeated again in many other time periods with those of Anu slaves also moving to “new land”. The dance of their original civilization at the time that the Anu were alive then repeated; consuming the red nation land and depositing the Anu slave darkness upon the red nation to a point of warfare and disease.


Those Native Americans that did not die upon the battlefield attempting to defend their land in this cycle often died of many diseases that they were unfamiliar with. Often only 10% to 15% of the tribal members remained following such plagues, leaving the land even more likely to be overrun by those of white slave or Anu inheritance. Therefore, there is much karma for each studying these materials and bringing forward ancient red ancestry to settle with the white ancestry within or without to bring an end to the dance of pressing darkness upon one group of humans and lightness upon another.


The Dance of Pharaohs, Mahavishnu and Sorcerers


The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt also split light and dark in their life extension practices. Entire schools of supposed spiritual study also split light and dark in this time period. The dark was not depressed upon the Mahavishnu or larger headed humans living upon Pharaoh Island but rather upon the vast tribes of smaller headed red nations folk. The darkness was then used by the armies of the Pharaohs to conquer red nation region after region and then tax the people to exist upon their own land.


Over time Pharaoh Ramen conquered a region that is equated to be the size of continent of Africa in present time. The food and goods acquired through taxation allowed the Mahavishnu and those supporting the Pharaohs a life of luxury and ease at the expense of the others who lived in poverty. There was not starvation as there is today; as the extremes in wealth and poverty had not been pressed as far as in present time; and so, there was always enough provisions for all in this era.


The Sorcerers down under fell into parallel patterning of the Pharaohs. The two sorcerer schools of Thoth and Merlin each split light and dark. The dark was depressed on other tribes of aboriginals who warred upon one another over territory and resources in this era. Eventually, the continued splitting of light and dark left a large dark unconscious dance that pitted the two schools of sorcerers against one another. This is when the dance of turning other humans to stones or into animals in each other’s school began, along with other psychic type patterning that mutilated the fields of one another. Over time, all in Thoth’s school died and he retreated in exile into the woods until the end of his life. One could say that Merlin won as a result.


The entire dance of Pharaohs and sorcerers repeated again in Atlantis with those of Pharaoh or sorcerer descent playing out the same patterns of the era past. Much as today, with the development of technology, the power of anything related to the Anu increased and increased due to the increasing electricity harvested by humanity; this inflated false ascent in Atlantis to a degree that there was a collective split in light and dark. The darkness was collectively pressed by the Lemurian people upon those in Atlantis leading to nuclear desecration of the whole. This was only a repeat of the end of the era of the Anu where the collective darkness of the slaves supporting Merduk was pressed upon those slaves supporting Innana until nuclear desecration was the result.


The Nature of Dark Electrical Dreams and Combustion          


It is a dark collective dream that is electrical in nature that will call a dream of nuclear fission or annihilation to the forefront of possibility. Why is this so? As electricity spins in the pyramidal or box shaped energy flow, it spins in the space between inflating this region of domain. This then in turn inflates the dark Earth dream wherever such energy flow is occurring; the dark Earth dream then catches a dream of destruction as the thoughtform is associated with separation and division. Upon human form, destructive dreams are those of war and nuclear annihilation. Nuclear annihilation dreams catch due to the combustion that movement of electrical geometry creates in a magnetic creation; hence the outcome of nuclear destruction in the human dream in many time periods upon Earth.


Pyramid Defined


In the era of the Pharaohs, nuclear annihilation was not possible as there was not the technological development associated. Much like the recent rise and fall of Rome, the Pharaoh era was limited to simple technological mechanisms for warfare as well as human life. In this era, the dream for fission from the movement of electrical geometry was expressed as combustion in the pyramids on the part of spiritual initiates thinking that they were to ascend. The body blew up in a pile of ashes due to internal combustion in a parallel manner to how millions of bodies were turned to dust in the nuclear annihilation of two Anu slave cities; whether the fission occurs internal to self or external to self matters not, and results in the same outcome where the cells are blown to bits of dust.


The Pharaohs being half Anu and half Grand Master were prone to confusing life extension with spirituality. The outcome of combustion at the end of their life was the same as the Anu’s dream of nuclear annihilation. This was their karma and probably was unknown which is why it recurred with each successive generation from Terra’s point of view. Had real ascension occurred, perhaps the karma would have been seen for what it was and forgiven leading to reparation of the consciousness of the Mahavishnu rather than another fall out of holographic awareness.


Government Box


Mechanized Fields and Technology   


The fall out of holographic awareness underlies why a technology era dream caught in the era of Atlantis as well as present time. The technological era of Atlantis was a reflection of the mechanization of the fields of the Mahavishnu in particular. As the dark through the unconscious of the Pharaohs took conscious moving energy systems and made them angular machines that were either pyramidal or box shaped in formation in the fields of the Mahavishnu, the Mahavishnu fell into mechanized thoughtform. The mechanized thoughtform was expressed in successive generations associated with Atlantis as a technological era; and the technology itself is a reflection of the devices that replaced holographic thoughtform for all of humanity.


For the Mahavishnu still commanded global thoughtform for humanity. It was as they fell into mechanization that humanity then gave birth to the technological era and began to create devices that mimicked the energy movement and flow of the red nations’ peoples. Here the red nations’ lineages will have to take responsibility for the underlying cause of technology. For although it is true that there is a dream in the remains of the dinosaurs that also holds information on the technology that humanity has developed, this would not have been enough to trigger the development of technology in and of itself.


Any dream must also be a reflection of an internal manifestation within the energy flow of the whole. The machines humanity has developed today are a reflection of how consciousness is no longer aware but a machine that runs much as one’s computer in the day to day life existence.


As humanity releases the karma for how they have become mechanized, and returns to a fully conscious state of being, the dream for the technology will also disappear from Terra’s dream. This will restore consciousness to where it was as the Grand Masters were seeded. Then there can be an expression of ascension beyond to the fourth dimension for the human species that shall repair the other problems and patterns that have occurred in fourth dimensional ascension in the Inner Earth. For fourth dimensional ascension was far from complete, and hence perhaps why the Reptilians could perceive these humans and choose to rape and blend with them; had the ascension been complete, this probably would not have occurred as the humans would have pressed into a dimension above the Reptilians where they would have been invisible.


Here one can see that as one hosts an incomplete ascension, one inflates a dark dream, and the dark dream may call another species living in a dark dream to come and cohabitate, enslave, rape and brutalize others, as this is the fourth dimensional history in the Inner Earth. It is not a pretty history but one of torment by another group of humans who are as mechanized and unaware as humanity today upon the surface of the Earth. Because fourth dimensional ascension was mechanized, it inflated mechanized thoughtform for the human species. This occurred long before the Anu arrived and long before the era of Atlantis.


It is the incomplete fourth dimensional ascensions of the Inner Earth humans, who relied upon a partially mechanized field to inflate themselves into a fourth dimensional state of being, that created a mechanized dance of energies in the human dream. This then called another group of humans that are related to the machines from the Pleiades (the Anu family). It also called the Reptilians who are another slave race that the Pleiadian civilization bred upon another dimension to come and dance with the Inner Earth fourth dimensional humans.


Restoration of Full Consciousness     


One can see in this that fourth dimensional humans must de-mechanize their fields as much as the Inner Earth and outer Earth humans if humanity as a whole is going to restore full consciousness. Terra has been extending a hand in to assist the fourth dimensional humans in rectifying their ascensions for some time now; and this too will contribute to the conclusion of the technological era upon the physical plane. This is necessary as the technology now relied upon is discordant to the Great Central Sun Dream and will not be allowed to enter. It will only be as all of the current technology ceases to exist that all molecules of all kingdoms upon Earth will be able to pass through into the new dream. This is coming but may take 50 to 75 years ahead to orchestrate in full.


For those that choose to create communities where electricity is not used, one will prepare those living in such circumstances to be able to enter the new dream much earlier than the remainder of humanity. One will also discover a level of peace in living with each other that may be reminiscent of times in the wilderness and away from current human cities. For as groups of humans voluntarily give up electricity, the ongoing dissonance also at cause of why human relations are generally caustic unto one another will also dissipate leading to greater unity and harmony for all.


This is important also for the birth of incoming ascending children. As children are raised without the interference of electronic devices, they will naturally hold their vibration and ascend into the next level in puberty. This is how more ascending children can master higher levels of vibration in the decades to come as they are born into communities that foster such awakening and evolution. This too is the purpose of creating a non-electrical habitat from Terra’s point of view.


What will one do with all the spare time without the technological entertainment to distract oneself? Acoustic musical instruments and singing may be a good evening preoccupation following dinner. Dance and creative expressions of all kinds also are a good outward focus. The Hawaiians understand that music and dance harmonizes the family. It is for this reason that singing and dance are such a strong focus and one will always find musical instruments and “Aunties” willing to hula in Hawaiian gatherings. So, this can be for community and it will be in the dance and song that each will also find greater joy together. As one moves physically together in harmony and without stepping on each other’s toes, then one will also dance together energetically in parallel.


There will be plenty of “objects” required to sustain community. For those willing to weave fabric and make clothing, mold pottery or other household utensils, or engineer hand moved devices to allow for an easier time in the kitchen or in harvesting food source, each will have plenty to focus upon. The ingenuity associated is not just up to human thoughtform; one can also request nature and Earth to look in and find solutions to what appears to be unsolvable as an engineer. This allows co-creativity with Earth beloved and will be as enjoyable unto her as it is to those humans participating in the dance.


There will also be time to focus upon one’s inner process of ascension. This too is vital to sustaining harmony of the whole. As each in the community releases karma that would create friction or discord otherwise, then harmony shall be sustained. This will require daily time for meditation and inward focus, and the lack of other distractions will serve also in the internal ascension work required to continue to evolve.


Suggestions for Those Ascending in the Current Paradigm     


For those living in the current paradigm, Terra has many suggestions. Here are a few:


1. Give the television away so that one is not bombarded with the electrical fantasies and vibrations of antimatter day and night; this will cease then to depress holes in one’s molecular structure leading to an easier time ascending and retaining one’s health.


2. Give away the subscription to the newspaper and magazines that portray greed or violent themes. Instead subscribe to “Mother Earth News”, “Garden Season” or other resources of information that will be useful unto self healing, community building, gardening and self sustainable practices. Only read fiction with supportive themes or words or positive outcomes that you would like to dream weave to experience in this lifetime. Only listen to vocal music with positive words and thoughtform that you would like to manifest.


3. Spend time in the kitchen each week preparing food from scratch. Shop at organic markets that are smaller in size or at farmers’ markets if at all possible. Check in with your body as to what it requires to support ascension each week and purchase the freshest possible ingredients to prepare the food with. Treat yourself to new pots, pans, cookware and dishes that will make home cooking enjoyable to prepare and serve. Invite your ascending friends over to share in home cooked meals.


4. Move yourself and your family to a region that is supportive of ascension. The further from the center of the city that one can go, the more conducive the movement of the energy upon the land will be to one’s continued evolution.


5. Find or create work that sustains oneself in the country or urban regions that are less populated by too many humans.


6. Start an ascending garden and begin to grow and harvest one’s own food source. Work with other family members or ascending friends to support and sustain the garden, blessing it each day for your life that the food shall provide.


7. Spend time creating that which brings you joy, whether it be music, dance, art, jewelry or some other creative expression. Perhaps this can become another source of income in a more rural region taking advantage of farmers’ markets or other fairs to sell your beautiful and homemade goods.


8. Spend time in nature each week, visiting the regional parklands each month if possible. Attune to nature and all kingdoms present for an exchange of information and blessings as well as healing and nurturing the physical form.


9. Take a bath each night in Epsom salts and some French green clay along with essential oils of preference. This will provide the necessary detoxification to prevent ascending into disease. If you do not have a bath, then try to swim and sauna three times per week minimum.


10. Spend time meditating and learning to consciously command and move one’s field and dream. This is what moving towards full consciousness is all about, beloved.




There is much to be explored in the chapters and worksheets ahead. We suggest that you work with all the materials of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 before moving on to Workbook 2. The reason is that the materials build upon themselves in understanding as well as inner focus work. If you skip ahead without working through the earlier materials, there will be holes and gaps that could foster an incomplete ascension rather than a complete one. This does not serve; and so, we request that you do not put the cart before the horse or in other terms, skip the inner work offered or skip around the workbook.


Yes, the worksheets are time intensive as there is much explored in each chapter worthy of looking inward to better understand one’s own genetic state of being and birth nature. If one does not have a solid grasp of one’s birth nature, then it is difficult to transmute the patterns internal to self. As one has a solid recognition of who one is and in relation to all others that one has known, befriended, married, given birth to, worked for or with, or associated with spiritually, then one understands the karmic patterns of one’s life. This is what Workbook 1 is for. As one completes with Workbook 1, then one is ready to explore the dance of human relations to a deeper level yet, which is what Workbook 2 is all about.



Mother Earth


Blessings of Love and Joy,

Asur’Ana and Per


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and look honestly at the patterns playing out in one’s dance of life. In choosing to understand the unconscious and choosing to forgive, one can choose to reprogram oneself into unity-based thoughtform so that a new life of integrity, honor and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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