Image of a magnificent sunrise. Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form

6. Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form


This is a first in a series of articles through Asur’Ana and the Heart of the Tao to address the patterns and issues of becoming a creator in human form as well as a steward of this space craft known as Terra ahead. We hope each enjoys this information as it pours forth. We also recommend working with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook 1 to foster as complete an ascension as possible this lifetime. A complete ascension without schisms is necessary to the sustenance of health in the new dream. Workbook 2 focuses upon the emotional issues of separation and imbalance in ascension and how to bring them to a new state of unity and integrity within.


Blessings for Remembrance that You are the Creator


The Heart of the Tao would like to address the real purpose of human existence. The human form was devised by the Tao long ago as a physical representation of the “creator”. All creations in the Tao are structured from sound, movement, tone and color. All creations have a shape that is caused as the energy associated moves; it also has a sound that is like a symphony of sweet music. Creators choose the blueprint for any creation by drawing upon variant possibilities within the template created by the Tao each expansion cycle and cause their creations. Human consciousness may or may not be a part of any creator’s creation.


Creators work together hosting neighboring regions that create sound, tone, music and color that complement one another, creating even a more greatly beautiful music when all is orchestrated together and moves together. Creating through sound, tone, color and movement is also only one type of creation in the Tao; there are thousands of other types of creations that have additional attributes; however, the foundation of all creations is related unto sound, tone, color and movement.


Within the movement, there can be form or biology as you know it. The genetics that you know are a part of a blueprint that takes sound, tone, color and movement and condenses or compresses it into what appears to be a shape of some sort. The shapes formed in the compression can hold consciousness or not. Whether shapes hold consciousness or not is up to the creator at cause of any creation and what the creator is vying to experience and evolve to understand.


What Is Consciousness?


What is consciousness? Consciousness is awareness that one exists within the compressed sound, tone, color and movement that creates form. Non-consciousness on the other hand does not hold awareness within the biology of the form, but rather just within the creator behind the creation that compressed or molded the physical into its state of being. Creators can also alter any form into becoming conscious at will and if necessary to the sustenance or evolution of the creation. Read more