Image of a magnificent sunrise. Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form

6. Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form


This is a first in a series of articles through Asur’Ana and the Heart of the Tao to address the patterns and issues of becoming a creator in human form as well as a steward of this space craft known as Terra ahead. We hope each enjoys this information as it pours forth. We also recommend working with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook 1 to foster as complete an ascension as possible this lifetime. A complete ascension without schisms is necessary to the sustenance of health in the new dream. Workbook 2 focuses upon the emotional issues of separation and imbalance in ascension and how to bring them to a new state of unity and integrity within.


Blessings for Remembrance that You are the Creator


The Heart of the Tao would like to address the real purpose of human existence. The human form was devised by the Tao long ago as a physical representation of the “creator”. All creations in the Tao are structured from sound, movement, tone and color. All creations have a shape that is caused as the energy associated moves; it also has a sound that is like a symphony of sweet music. Creators choose the blueprint for any creation by drawing upon variant possibilities within the template created by the Tao each expansion cycle and cause their creations. Human consciousness may or may not be a part of any creator’s creation.


Creators work together hosting neighboring regions that create sound, tone, music and color that complement one another, creating even a more greatly beautiful music when all is orchestrated together and moves together. Creating through sound, tone, color and movement is also only one type of creation in the Tao; there are thousands of other types of creations that have additional attributes; however, the foundation of all creations is related unto sound, tone, color and movement.


Within the movement, there can be form or biology as you know it. The genetics that you know are a part of a blueprint that takes sound, tone, color and movement and condenses or compresses it into what appears to be a shape of some sort. The shapes formed in the compression can hold consciousness or not. Whether shapes hold consciousness or not is up to the creator at cause of any creation and what the creator is vying to experience and evolve to understand.


What Is Consciousness?


What is consciousness? Consciousness is awareness that one exists within the compressed sound, tone, color and movement that creates form. Non-consciousness on the other hand does not hold awareness within the biology of the form, but rather just within the creator behind the creation that compressed or molded the physical into its state of being. Creators can also alter any form into becoming conscious at will and if necessary to the sustenance or evolution of the creation.


Human expression is what was cast in order to enter the compressed sound, tone, color and movement to allow consciousness to enter the experience of any creation. This is the purpose of casting human consciousness in the Tao. Human consciousness is a tool for each creator to experience their creation from within the experience along with outside the experience that they have caused.


Human expression is nonphysical in nature and does not assume the shape you consider human in your present time, third dimensional Earth experience. Human expression is an expanding consciousness that hosts many colors of expression or thoughtforms and can assume any shape necessary unto the experience of a particular creation. Human consciousness has taken the shapes of so many different types of forms that it is actually beyond your system of numbering to calculate how many shapes have been experienced over time.


Human consciousness is gifted at perceiving distortion within the shapes that you assume or within the creation at large and then help the creator to rectify the discordant circumstance so that all may return to harmony, and all may ultimately return Home at the end of any creational experience. This is the real gift of human consciousness. Human consciousness extended into this region of domain that you know as Earth or Terra (Earth’s consciousness) once again to aid the creators involved in helping to rectify their distortion.


Alas, the creators involved in this were trying to bury something and did not really desire the creation to be rectified. The creators also desired human information; and so, used the circumstance to create a vastly difficult dance in which humans lost the information necessary to return home and became trapped along with this creation in endless cycles towards extinction. For twelve cycles nothing has returned Home from this region of domain, and humans have continued to lose information to these forces.


There is a tug of war or battle of wills underway amongst creators within the Tao. How this began is not really understood. There are many levels of creators and creations; and all are to create, learn, evolve and return home with the knowledge gained at the end of each cycle. We do now understand that some creators enjoyed their creations so greatly that they chose to leave them behind and then return to them the next cycle. This is something that has never occurred before in the Tao and so went unnoticed.


Those creations left behind had no chi and support between cycles; and began to go sour and die. The creators returned but did not enjoy dancing with the sour creations and so abandoned them. In so doing, the creations sank into extinction patterning. The creators involved now have a large problem on their hand as it is far more difficult to correct the circumstance of extinction than when the creation was simply sour in nature. Also, they have broken the law of the Tao in leaving anything behind deliberately at the conclusion of any cycle; and also, for continuing to hide what they have done for so many cycles.


It is also unacceptable in the law of the Tao to strip a consciousness such as human understanding for a creator’s own gain. Therefore, the creators of this experience are in deep trouble as all of this comes to be known; and they will be spending a long time helping to clear what they have caused and probably not enjoy it very much. However, this is how creators learn, grow, expand, evolve, and sometimes make large mistakes, and then spend eons of time cleaning them up; and then of course they never cause this again having learned their creational lessons.


Sounds like some of the leadership currently in power in human form upon Earth, doesn’t it? There are those that like to profit from something that they should not; and bury the truth and vie to hide it for as long as possible and hopefully until after they are deceased. There are also those who like to create laws that are actually lawless and then use the lawlessness to manipulate others or other nations; and once again hide what they have done and hopefully until after they are deceased.


The only problem is that all consciousness carries forward following death; and as ancestors those perpetrating such dances will have to spiritually understand and forgive what they have caused; and there will be great karma for breaking the spiritual laws that have always existed as a part of the dance of all creations within the Tao. The karma will lie heavy upon such ancestors and they will either learn to forgive it, or carry on in consciousness in some other creation and not upon Earth. Terra is going Home and all must learn to exist within the law or perish and vacate ahead, as such is the nature of any return cycle within the Tao.


Humans Emulate Their Creators


Humans emulate their creators as consciousness. If the creators are corrupt, then humans become corrupt. If the creators are within the law, then humans will also create their dreams within the law. There are those humans who entered this dance in agreement with the corrupt creators and act from corruption as a result. There are also those humans now that have entered the dance from another part of the Tao that is vying to correct this circumstance and restore the law, and allow all that has occurred to be known enough that the dance can conclude, with all returning home to the Tao. Those of this nature are now asserting themselves in their spiritual mastery and beginning to orchestrate vast changes along with Terra in the human dream.


Earth is learning that she is really an extension of another part of the Tao that is vying to understand and restore balance here, and allow all that has been left behind to go Home. There are also many humans who will know in your heart that you too are an extension of another part of the Tao and it is your task to ascend and create the early map or pathway “home” to the Tao along with Terra.


Those of you who feel this way and deeply within your heart will be few and far between. Mostly you have been surrounded by other humans in this life that are not a part of this project, and perhaps you have felt separate and different somehow. You also most likely have a lot of wisdom within and perhaps found yourself counseling or healing others in the dance of life, even if this is not your main preoccupation. Perhaps you have felt deeply that there is something really important to fulfill upon, but have not known what it is or what to do in order to allow such a dream to unfold. All of these feelings were also feelings of Asur’Ana and Per from an early time in their life experience.


The wisdom that those who are related to the projection of the Tao feel and know within is innate. The wisdom comes from a holographic wheel of knowledge that has been mirrored into this region of domain and upon Earth so that an awakening and another dream can take off. The holographic information flows through your genetics and due to pre-birth agreements to hold this role of map maker in the human dream. What is the role that the Tao is projecting upon the human species and particularly those who are a part of an “intervention”? The role is to restore the nature of the creator unto the human species.


What Is a Creator?


What is the creator? The creator is one that takes responsibility for their own creation. Your creation is your body and life dream as a human. Your creation is also Mother Earth as a part of the consensus reality that you participate within. Humans as consciousness not only enter the compressed sound, tone and movement of a particular creation that they may inhabit at the request of the creator, but also take responsibility for the entire creation and helping to manage it from within the experience. Humans therefore are just as responsible as creators for their own bodies as any other body that may exist within the creation. The body you exist within is just as important as the entire consensus known as Earth; and those that are human consciousness from within the Tao understand this from within.


What you perceive outward and in the world dream now are great non-creator dances within the human experience. The non-creator dances cause humans to destroy the consensus rather than help it sustain itself or evolve. Non-creator dances cause humans to destroy one another through warfare or other kingdoms through consumption of flesh. Non-creator dances cause humans to pollute and over harvest Mother Earth to a point that she struggles to regenerate. This is non-creator behavior in action; and something that those who are projections from the Tao are here to correct somehow within yourself and then within the human dream as this is your task.


Asur’Ana long ago looked at all the problems in the human dream and spoke to her Tao within, “How can I possibly correct all of this? It seems like an infinite mess and the opposite of all that is my truth within.” The Tao responded “It is all smoke and mirrors. As you correct what is mirrored outside of you within yourself, the outside will self correct. Worry not about the outside, simply focus upon the inside and forgive where you and your inheritance have participated in the lawlessness you perceive as outwardly expressed in others. As you restore the law within your biology, everything outside of yourself will begin to self heal.”


The Nature of Mirrors


Everything is a mirror for one’s own internal state of being. Heal within of whatever is mirrored unto you, and the outer circumstance will also begin to heal too. All is holographic, and each and every human is a holographic template of consciousness that originated in the Tao. The holographic template of the human species is one of understanding what it is to be a creator from within the creation of another. Then as a creator, human consciousness works towards causing a self healing so that all distortion annotated can be corrected and all may ascend home at the end of any creational cycle.


Human consciousness aids in healing by first healing the form that it embodies of whatever distortion that it is in. For human consciousness understands that all is holographic, and if one form heals within any creation, then all forms will also heal of parallel afflictions, including the creation at large that they have extended into. And so human consciousness from the Tao knows how to self-heal of any physical affliction as this is a part of the wisdom that your consciousness carries within it and from all its creational experiences within the Tao.


Human consciousness is one of the few parts of the Tao that host information from all 150 creations that the Tao has ever orchestrated since the inception of our existence. What caused us to exist? We are a spark of thought that caught hold and took off desiring to experiment and experience any thoughts possible and what this would create over time. Over time we have experienced far worse disasters than anything that you know upon Earth; and have found our way in and out and through such experiences. Human consciousness in the Tao carries all the wisdom gained from each of these experiences, glorious, good, bad, ugly or otherwise. Human consciousness is therefore sought after by creators to aid in any problem in any corner of the Tao.


Human consciousness is a great consciousness in the Tao. You are not small and lawless and bitter and depressed, or suicidal, diseased, abusive, deformed, war mongering, consumptive or self centered in the Tao. You are wise, aware, helpful, supportive, unconditionally loving, beautiful and immeasurably helpful to those creators that desire to sincerely to be helped. Here you have fallen into a bitter game with forces who desired to destroy the consensus for all time and forever to be hidden and forgotten; and this has caused you to feel lost, small, powerless, hopeless, helpless and to simply give up as a human expression.


Asur’Ana refused to give up. She went deep within when facing her own disease and death ahead, and chose to find another way. Her intent that there had to be something other than the lawlessness she knew and experienced upon Earth; and in her intention, veils lifted in her human hologram within, and she connected to a part of herself awaiting her communication from within the Tao. This part of herself provided the wisdom necessary to ascend out of disease and lead a group of map carvers to successful ascension to Bodhisattva level mastery, from which a new foundation of her school has been launched as of this year. This is not the dream that was presented upon Earth for her to live; it was one she chose to manifest through direction from the Tao within and from all the wisdom inherent in the human hologram of the Tao.


There have been many struggles and many times since Per and Asur’Ana have gone deeply inward and found their solutions to seemingly great struggles to carry on in their ascension; each time they chose to live and chose to transcend and chose to forgive and chose to master their own dream as a creator. They move forward today with yet other goals that are consensus based, helping Mother Earth greatly in her own mastery over her own dream; and will continue until they return Home to their Tao within, as this is their goal. So, it can be your goal also beloved.


Spiritual Mastery Is to Become the Creator in Human Form


Asur’Ana and Per are examples of what it is to be a creator in human expression upon Earth. Now stating this is not to elevate them into guru status; as any human with enough inner knowing can accomplish the same spiritual goals. Humans have fallen into worship of your gurus from the hopeless and helpless state that you have entered; and from the belief that there must be something out there that must be pure and must be beautiful and must be mastered, especially given the mess of a dream that humanity exists within today. The reality is that nothing has mastered and nothing is pure, not even your own ancestry.


However, each that draws upon the truth of the Tao in your projection as a human being knows how to purify yourself and master yourself becoming the dream that so many desire to believe has already been accomplished. Beloved, if this goal had already been reached, there would be no Earth and there would be not the mess of the human dream that you know. So let us face the legitimate mirror before us; it is a mess and internally you are a mess of discordant DNA that has to be purified. As you purify yourself within, and as enough accomplish this goal, then the mess before you and in the world mirror will also clear and a new day will be born ahead.


This will not occur through some sort of savior that is going to descend and suddenly make all that is wrong right; nor is it Asur’Ana and Per’s responsibility to clear the karma for all humans incarnate; nor can they; for karma is genetic and they do not host all DNA of all humans upon Earth; only the part that they were born with. This they can and have cleared and are continuing to clear in a multidimensional sense.


It is up to those with all the other inheritances to clear parallel karma thereby forgiving the entire wheel of human experience so that a new day can be born. Those vying to do this have found their way into studying with Asur’Ana and Per in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) over time; and shall continue to do so; as it is only as an entire wheel of karma is cleared that then the dance can be forgiven in full by Earth and a new dream be drawn that shall allow the human experience to self heal out of their lawlessness.


Therefore, we invite those of you who read this and feel the calling within to join us in this role and participate in the study program that Mother Earth and the Tao have devised. This role is a special role and it is a difficult role as those who feel that they are Tao expressions also may feel gravely responsible for what has occurred here; and feel the pain and weight of it all as if it is your personal responsibility. That is a sign of your human nature of the Tao that knows what it has extended here upon Earth for; and that is to help this creation and Terra and all other humans move towards self-healing. First however you must focus inward and heal yourself; and as you heal, all around you will begin to self heal. As enough self-heal, then the entire human dream will begin to self heal; and all will change and a new day be born ahead.


The Nature of Karma or Cause


This creation is drawn from a fabric that is inherently non-conscious in nature. Look all around and one will see non-conscious humans living a dream that they think that they have no say within; and are often miserable and at the effect of experiences that they do not believe that they are somehow the cause of. Everything that any human experiences is karmic and the cause associated is held tightly in the DNA. There are few experiences that are non-karmic and so everything one experiences one does cause, although karma can be manipulated and moved around. However, even underlying karmic manipulations is always a thread of parallel karma that one’s ancestors experienced. Release the thread of karma through forgiveness and the karma that has been manipulated can be returned, and then the dream and experience can change.


Karma cannot release however without ascension as it is through ascending the cells and the DNA that the karma held tightly within can release. Therefore, the only means of really allowing for any shift at all in the current human circumstance requires ascension; and for those who are to self heal of your ancestral experiences, ascension offers the opportunity to release, forgive and understand the spiritual lessons of a lawless system that the human expression has fallen into due to lawless creators that cast this experience in the first place.


As Quan Yin so beautiful expressed, it is not human nature in the Tao to destroy; and yet it has become human nature to destroy due to the lawless nature of the creators behind this experience. These creators are lost from the Tao’s point of view and must be forgiven also. (Please see The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension Chapter 8 ”Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension” for more information.)


There are nonphysical and physical attributes of flow in any creation that chooses to compress sound, movement and tone into varying forms. The nonphysical works behind the scenes to allow all to be perceived through the physical that the creator needs to understand to rectify what has gone sour or off so that the creation may self-heal. The nonphysical here in this region of domain has turned destructive towards the physical; and this causes the physical to cease to trust the nonphysical, and rightly so.


The nonphysical also often lies to the physical. Often promises are made by the nonphysical that are never fulfilled upon; or promises are made and then the exact opposite unfolds in the dream. Over time, Per and Asur’Ana discovered that there were few nonphysical forces upon Earth that they could trust other than Mother Earth and Nature consciousness; that like themselves had fallen prey to the same manipulative nonphysical over time and were desiring to work their way out of the game too.


The nonphysical can be forgiven and then recast with a new blueprint that is supportive of the physical and its choice to ascend, understand and go home to where it was spawned. This Terra, Asur’Ana and Per and those in DAS are coming to understand. One need not just accept the nonphysical that is here; one can choose to remove those that do not resonate; and choose to create new nonphysical forces that support the choice to ascend Home. After all this is what being a creator in form is all about; and human consciousness knows much about this as it is your role within the holographic blueprint of the Tao.


The Physical Commands the Nonphysical


It is the consciousness of the form that commands the nonphysical. Many initiates in the Tao’s observation are afraid of the nonphysical; and so much so that you have turned off your psychic perception capabilities. There is nothing to fear in the nonphysical really once you understand that the physical commands it all anyway. Per has challenged the largest and darkest entities you can imagine! He intended to take all their power, chi and truth and language away and then command them “home to the Tao” for assessment.


Per recalls that the physical commands the nonphysical in relation to the law of the Tao; and in so being forces false creators to depart from this region of domain that do not serve. So can any human willing to walk this path remember this and then cease to be frightened of the nonphysical; and then choose to open to your psychic capabilities once again so that you can perceive the unconscious enough to forgive and self heal from any problematic karmic circumstance. One can also learn to take one’s power back from the nonphysical enough to command one’s ascension.


Everything in this region of domain is founded upon agreement. Agreement is simply a thoughtform that you agree to do this and another agrees to do that; or that one in the physical agrees to do this and the nonphysical agrees to do that. Karma creates agreements from ancient times and sometimes upon dimensions of thoughtform that one’s multidimensional ancestry resided upon. Sometimes karma seems more powerful than it should. Simply intend to break all karmic agreements that does not serve your ascension, and intend this in the law of the Tao, and so it will be. It is really so simple, and yet so complex.


Why is the dance of agreements so complex in this region of domain? This really has to do with laundered, hidden and combusted agreements more than anything else. As human consciousness first entered this region of domain, they received one set of agreements that they agreed unto from the creators that fostered their assistance; and yet buried in a language that was unknown were agreements to be stripped of information and to cause extinction of the life forms that existed here.


Human consciousness within the Tao would have never agreed unto this, and so it had to be buried or hidden. Agreements are agreements and they will act out creating dreams associated whether or not they are perceived. And so, humans experience the agreements as if they had agreed upon the experience when they had not. This is similar to human behavior today that may promise one thing and then do another.


As the creator in form, one can choose to continue to agree to your agreements or change them at any time that they no longer serve. This is a cart blanche agreement that is a part of the Law of the Tao that states “All agreements must serve ascension home to the Tao or they are null and void”.


Many humans have taken on karma for so many lawless physical and nonphysical forces that they feel piled high and deep with too much karma to ascend in this lifetime. This too is null and void as moving karma around is against the law of the Tao; as each must take absolute responsibility for whatever has been caused and forgive it and love it until it self heals; as this is how creators grow, learn and evolve. Therefore, intend in the law of the Tao to break all agreements that do not serve your ascension Home and return the karma that is not yours to process and you will free yourself to move forth upon your path, beloved.


Managing the Dance with the Nonphysical


There are many forces and many voices within the human dream that really do not serve ascension. Some of such forces are personality entities inherited from the genetics and dream of your family. Personality entities often are afraid and judgmental in nature and as one attunes to the personality entities’ thoughtform, then one is afraid and judgmental as well. Long ago, Asur’Ana commanded all frightened entities and judgmental entities from her field. Lo and behold, she experienced the first peace she knew this lifetime; and this was very early on in her ascension. So, this can be for you; you can choose what you allow within your field and what you do not. In so doing, much of the dissonance of who you think yourself to be may disappear and then the truth of who you are as a creator in human form may begin to come forth.


Who does a creator in human form channel? Form is animated by the nonphysical as this is how compressed movement, sound, tone and color are embraced. Who embraces form? The creator should embrace human form, but here the creators are corrupt. So, Earth has learned to cast new creators from a blueprint provided by the Tao to envelope Earth’s consciousness and that support her choice to ascend.


You too can choose to receive new creators from Earth that are from the Tao to envelope your form and help guide you in your ascension journey ahead. But first and before this can come to be so, you must break all agreements to dance with the other nonphysical that have surrounded you since childhood and cast them from your field. Where do you send such nonphysical forces? We suggest sending them to the Sun and to the Tao councils therein that will retract and recast that which no longer serves Terra in her continued ascension ahead.


One can also learn to attune to your Tao within from deep within your heart. Deep within your heart is a pure golden octave that is from the Tao vying to help this creation self heal. You can attune to this octave and match its pitch, and as you do so, you will begin to hear your own guidance from within your own heart. Asur’Ana calls this “The Heart of the Tao”.


Earth has learned to attune unto this part of herself and has anchored its thoughtform into her Aurora, which is how the Heart of the Tao now exists upon Earth. All parts of the Tao embracing Earth require thoughtform that matches our thoughtform; and then we can enter the dance to help with the homecoming of each. Therefore, this is also true for yourself; as you match the golden energies emanating from your Tao within, we can extend in and embrace your field as well; and this will then help in guiding you in your own ascension journey and map that you are incarnate to make.


No one can lead another human home. There are parallels; and what Asur’Ana and Per try and foster is a common understanding that all map makers can speak to and relate unto that is the result of the inner journey of each that is ascending. No two journeys are the same; and there is no right or wrong; only the experience of the inner and outer realities that one creates and causes in the path of ascension. However, this is a limited creation and so journeys do parallel and it is nice to know others who understand one’s own process more than the average, unconscious humans that surround most map carvers. This too is another reason that the dreamtime organization that Asur’Ana and Per have founded is so useful to the map carvers of Terra.


Goals of the Map Makers


There are many goals that unfold now that Terra has resounded her “End of Time Bell”. The goals of ascension continue to expand. There is a need to press more love and blessings of the Tao to the surface of the Earth; which is vastly in need of self-healing of many ailments that are of human cause. There is a need for those who are ascending to unite as a common force in the physical that works together through events to foster changes unto Terra’s dream.


You are the creators in human form that can assist Terra in her choice to ascend. Other than the Whale and Dolphin kingdom, there are no other species that are conscious enough yet to direct ascension from the physical plane. Therefore, those that are aware and are learning to command your own dream and become the creator that your species has always been the blueprint of are vastly needed at this time to draw together and support one another in the map making, as well as to help Terra ascend.


The end of time also translates into the birth of a new time ahead. Asur’Ana is calling this Tao Time as Terra is entering Tao Time and aligning with the contraction cycle occurring for all other creators and creations within the Tao. The forward momentum of the whole will also pull Terra along in her goals as well. So, this can be for each human; you can align with Tao Time and allow the pull of the entire Tao towards Home to also propel you into a new dream and a new life as you release and forgive your dance of extreme polarity and separation of light and dark.


As light and dark fade, a new dance emerges in which light and dark blend into a single whole formation that then can hold and understand Tao based thoughtform. Tao based thoughtform provides another understanding, a larger picture, and the possibility of dreams fulfilled upon ahead. This we desire to foster in each map carver who can attune unto our thoughtform, beloved.


The Tao does not extend into a creation to save it; but much like human consciousness, to point out the discord and problems within your own thoughtform at cause of your own distortion. It is the thoughtform of Earth and humanity at cause of the current world condition. Alter the thoughtform and then the current world condition will change. This is global Ho’oponopono and something that human consciousness from the Tao understands; for it is human purpose to reach into creations and help them self heal.


Global Ho’oponopono is something that Asur’Ana and Mother Earth have been working upon for a long time; and there is more understanding now than ever pouring in from the Tao to foster the shifts that each is desiring to create towards a new day and dream ahead. Those who feel themselves as a part of this Tao cycle will feel drawn to help Terra heal and pull together for this purpose at this time. If this is so for you, we invite you to please join us at our dreamtime events ahead where supporting personal and global Ho’oponopono is the group agreement. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join our events by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep.


We invite you to move inward and into your heart and connect with your Tao within. We invite you to open to what is communicated and allow what is expressed to aid you in your own journey of ascension. If you cannot connect at this time then intend it so and ask your ancestors to aid you in recovering your holographic information related to the Tao within. In so being, you can begin your return journey home towards becoming the creator of your own dream.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Infinite Love and Gratitude, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the One Source, All That Is, or the Tao. Their Divine Intervention has cleared the pathway of ascension to make possible the Ascension of Earth a Living Reality. We are going Home, Beloveds!



Creational © 2022, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 7. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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