Image of an avocado tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #1

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #1


Synergy of Self


Synergy of Self



The synergy of you

Is a fostering of you and me

In a sway of our ancestries

As monadic soul family

In the love of the whole

In the care of all

In which the dreams align

For you and me

In the love of the honor of each

In light wave synergy

Of the self of ourselves


Synergy of Self


Self is your light motion consciousness. Self is aware, perceives, witnesses the life of you and dance of dreams with others, and contains all the knowledge of your life experience and also of your archetype. Self can be mutilated and harmed and motioned unto another triggering a loss or fall in consciousness. Self can also be grown into a beautiful tapestry that dreams beautiful dreams in the experiences of life. Retaining the self of you and your consciousness requires synergy to be mastered as a notion and light wave motion of field. Loss of self ultimately leads to disease and loss of abundance through time. Gain of self can grow yourself into more beautiful and sustainable dreams and restore health through time. Self modulates the dreams of life in each interaction and each cycle of lore fables through time.


There is a language that self speaks along with soul. The light wave synergy sign notions of self are the language of soul along with the self of yourself. As you learn each light wave notion you will speak more directly to the self of yourself and your soul. Speaking directly to yourself allows the self of you to better direct your dreams towards fostering you in directions that take you into new heights of truth, honor, love, abundance and care of the soul family. Soul infusion is a syncopated rhythm of the divine fostered through the self of yourself. A soulless state is the result of a loss of synergy between the body, mind and spirit. As you recall to synergize between the body, mind and spirit, soul can infuse. As the soul infuses, it redirects the life into its divine purpose.


New soul families are forming at this time amongst those who are destined to realize themselves ahead. The soul family is a marriage of sorts that lies beyond the birth family or marital family and with others of astute mindset capabilities. The soul family will begin to gather in the coming decade to foster one another in many regions upon Earth. There will be many departures from the non-realizing people in your life to foster new relationships and partnerships with soul family members who are incredibly gifted at their capacity to realize something about life. Soul family cares. Soul family synergizes together to foster a beautiful sway of light motion of field as a clan. Read more

Image of sunlight illuminating a peaceful forest. Earth Changes Ahead

18. Earth Changes Ahead


This chapter is written from the consciousness of the Great Central Sun. In Chapter 15, we have informed our readers that Earth has entered the first Star Gate of the Great Central Sun in recent months. What does this mean exactly? How does this entry impact Earth? These are some of the questions that may be pondered by humankind. It is our wish to explain what this means along with some anticipated effects over the human life experience upon Earth.


Over time, the language utilized upon Earth was not understood by the Great Central Sun. As a result, there has been no communication between Earth and the Great Central Sun for a very long time period. Much has transpired upon Earth that the Great Central Sun has had no knowledge of up until now, and in not knowing could not assist nor prevent. Such is the nature of distortion in language; there is a point beyond which a language can become so distorted that other souls cannot interpret it. For the past 16 million years, this has been true for Earth, and no soul within the Great Central Sun could understand Earth.


There has been a myth perpetrated by the forces of the dark upon Earth that there are souls present from the Great Central Sun in communication with the Great Central Sun. Indeed, this may be so in the original origin of such souls, but they too fell into such great distortion that we (consciousness of the Great Central Sun) have been unable to communicate with them either. Without communication, there is no understanding, and no records from Earth’s experience could therefore be reviewed nor understood.


It has been the development of the Language of Light that a bridge has been built in order for Earth to enter the first Star Gate of the Great Central Sun. Through the Language of Light, Earth’s records can now be reviewed for the first time in over sixteen million years by the Great Central Sun. The following is the analysis of such records by the souls in governance overseeing the Great Central Sun at this time in history.


Distortion of Earth


What is the cause of the great distortion upon Earth? Based upon the records reviewed thus far by the Great Central Sun, the universe of which Earth is a part has become intertwined and intermixed with another universe from another creation altogether. Indeed, many of the souls in governance of Earth this past 16 million years came from this other universe in origin. Unfortunately, the two languages of the original souls of Earth and the souls from the other universe, when blended lead to a language that the Great Central Sun could not understand, and therefore could not communicate with.  Read more