Image of two dolphins forming a heart with the aurora borealis in the background. Aligning With The Heartbeat Of Earth

3. Aligning With The Heartbeat Of Earth


We of the dolphin and whale realms have been assessing our human counterparts in your attempts to ascend. There are some natural ways that we exist in our kingdom that allow us to bypass many of the ongoing problems that are experienced within your species that slows down or prevents ascension upon a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Ascension requires the ongoing momentum upwards in vibration. To allow one to continue to move up rather than stagnate for any length of time in a given vibratory rate, one must remain in present time. Present time is a state of being in which one ceases to be in the past, and ceases to be in the future. Most human energy fields are split between past, present and future on a continual basis. This equates to parts of the field and molecular structure in the past, parts in the present, and parts in the future.


Living in Unison with the Heartbeat of Earth


Those who are clairvoyant like our channel, who became aware of this difficulty long ago, can see that the chakras and subtle bodies do not sit surrounding the center of the form evenly when one is split in time. Some chakras or subtle bodies will have moved towards the back or upward in the field and these are sitting in the past. Some chakras or subtle bodies will have moved towards the front or downward in the field and these are sitting in the future. Some will remain in the center of the field and these are in present time. One can imagine that when one is in different time zones, the field looks like a shattered mirror that does not function properly. Those chakras in the past and future cease to be present in present time, and therefore cannot contribute their part in sustaining the vibration of the form and field, as the movement of their rotation ceases.


Asur’Ana found a simple solution to the split in time within her field, which is to intend to bring all parts of the field, chakras, subtle bodies, grid work, and molecules into present time, and in so doing, everything aligns and can function and spin to support an ascending form and field. However, intent does not work effectively until the subtle bodies have been repaired enough as humans pass initiation 3,000 in their respective ascension. If one is below 3,000 segments of DNA, and many humans we have been assessing are building towards this vibration in their ascension, how can one remain in present time if one’s intent to do so fails? The reason that humans are forever unable to sustain themselves in present time is the result of the lack of conscious breathing or conscious breath.


Conscious breath is the ongoing, rhythmic choice to align one’s in-breath and out-breath with the heartbeat of Earth. The heartbeat of Earth is the pulsations of time that emanates to Earth from your Sun, her Solar Sun which is 12th dimensional, from the 12th dimensional Sun’s Sun, and so on up the dimensions. To be in present time, one must be attuned to time as it is occurring upon Earth along with all other dimensions that one exists upon in form. All species and soul have related counterparts upon other dimensions, and in ascension, one strives to synchronize oneself to all multidimensional counterparts. This is done through the synchronization of time between oneself and the planet or star that one resides upon. As one is synchronized to the timing of one’s planet or star or residence, one is moving at a pace that is the heartbeat of your creation. Read more