Image of two dolphins forming a heart with the aurora borealis in the background. Aligning With The Heartbeat Of Earth

3. Aligning With The Heartbeat Of Earth


We of the dolphin and whale realms have been assessing our human counterparts in your attempts to ascend. There are some natural ways that we exist in our kingdom that allow us to bypass many of the ongoing problems that are experienced within your species that slows down or prevents ascension upon a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Ascension requires the ongoing momentum upwards in vibration. To allow one to continue to move up rather than stagnate for any length of time in a given vibratory rate, one must remain in present time. Present time is a state of being in which one ceases to be in the past, and ceases to be in the future. Most human energy fields are split between past, present and future on a continual basis. This equates to parts of the field and molecular structure in the past, parts in the present, and parts in the future.


Living in Unison with the Heartbeat of Earth


Those who are clairvoyant like our channel, who became aware of this difficulty long ago, can see that the chakras and subtle bodies do not sit surrounding the center of the form evenly when one is split in time. Some chakras or subtle bodies will have moved towards the back or upward in the field and these are sitting in the past. Some chakras or subtle bodies will have moved towards the front or downward in the field and these are sitting in the future. Some will remain in the center of the field and these are in present time. One can imagine that when one is in different time zones, the field looks like a shattered mirror that does not function properly. Those chakras in the past and future cease to be present in present time, and therefore cannot contribute their part in sustaining the vibration of the form and field, as the movement of their rotation ceases.


Asur’Ana found a simple solution to the split in time within her field, which is to intend to bring all parts of the field, chakras, subtle bodies, grid work, and molecules into present time, and in so doing, everything aligns and can function and spin to support an ascending form and field. However, intent does not work effectively until the subtle bodies have been repaired enough as humans pass initiation 3,000 in their respective ascension. If one is below 3,000 segments of DNA, and many humans we have been assessing are building towards this vibration in their ascension, how can one remain in present time if one’s intent to do so fails? The reason that humans are forever unable to sustain themselves in present time is the result of the lack of conscious breathing or conscious breath.


Conscious breath is the ongoing, rhythmic choice to align one’s in-breath and out-breath with the heartbeat of Earth. The heartbeat of Earth is the pulsations of time that emanates to Earth from your Sun, her Solar Sun which is 12th dimensional, from the 12th dimensional Sun’s Sun, and so on up the dimensions. To be in present time, one must be attuned to time as it is occurring upon Earth along with all other dimensions that one exists upon in form. All species and soul have related counterparts upon other dimensions, and in ascension, one strives to synchronize oneself to all multidimensional counterparts. This is done through the synchronization of time between oneself and the planet or star that one resides upon. As one is synchronized to the timing of one’s planet or star or residence, one is moving at a pace that is the heartbeat of your creation.


What separates humanity from the heartbeat of Earth and your creation? In our assessment, it is the very environment that most humans exist within. One fails to connect to nature in your houses, in your cars, in front of your computers, and in your cities. Indeed, your cities almost have no remaining remembrance of nature at all, except in limited areas called parks. This is sad indeed for whales and dolphins to witness, for in such an unnatural environment, it is easy to assume that nature doesn’t exist at all and therefore has no import. This is a grand lie, as nature is choosing to ascend, and in so doing shall cause those who are in forgetfulness to cease to exist unless they choose to awaken. Yet how can humans awaken if they live so far afield from nature? There is nothing to cause the human form to align with the heartbeat of Earth in such environments.


For those humans in more remote areas upon Earth or continuing to live a nomadic or tribal existence, they are better prepared for ascension. Such humans are continuously attuned to the heartbeat of Earth, and in so doing, are keeping pace. Indeed, many of such indigenous humans are moving well into the initiations to Bodhisattva (7,500 segments of DNA) at this time, and will keep right on going until they have reached Full Consciousness (36,000 segments of DNA). They do so with ease because in the alignment to the heartbeat of Earth, they remain in present time, and from present time the ascension flows forth in the moment at a pace that matches the vibration of the land. The vibration of the land in remote areas of Earth along with your oceans is approaching 7,500 segments. Alas, the vibration of the land in your major cities has yet to hit 1,024 as a vibratory rate.


Ascension, DNA and Vibration


We see that these levels of evolution may not mean anything to our readership, and so we wish to explain what these levels of initiation mean in our experience of ascension. Human, dolphin, whale, and all other species upon Earth once had a genetic structure that contained 12 full strands of DNA. The 12 strands are divided into a grouping of 3,000 segments of genetic encoding, each of which holds a unity-based biological set of instructions, which equates to 36,000 segments of information in full. This genetic information was once utilized to transcribe a unity-based biology for all species upon Earth. In unity-based biology (Please see Chapter 2 “The Dance of the Beloved” for a wonderful definition of this biological state of being) one has a cellular structure that regenerates and experiences not aging, illness or death. Building such a biological structure requires each of the 36,000 segments of DNA to be present so that the angelic realm can translate the information from the etheric and into the physical.


Ascension once occurred within our species long ago. However, ascension occurred beginning at 36,000 segments of DNA and a regenerative form that could easily tolerate yet another biological shift upwards in genetic material to sustain first a 4th dimensional form, and later a 5th dimensional form. Whales and dolphins, just like all other species upon Earth, have experienced a fall in consciousness. This fall occurred as the biology of the form gradually declined from 36,000 segments of knowledge to only 2 segments of knowledge over the past 200,000 years of Earth’s history. The cause of the decline in genetic materials is the ever-dropping vibration of Earth, much of which has been caused by the human civilization.


As Earth dropped in vibration, there was not enough chi or energy to sustain the vibration of a larger amount of genetic material. When the vibration of the whole of any planet or star drops, there is less chi or energy overall available unto the whole. All energy fields require a certain amount of chi to sustain itself in rotation, movement, and vibration. If the overall energy level available to sustain any field drops, a drop in the size of the field is assured. As a field drops in size, portions of the genetic information utilized to hold the original sized field also cease to be used in future generations. Such genetic information is no longer of relevance as the field can only be so large in the newborn generations as there is only so much chi or energy available to sustain the rotation of the aura, chakra system, subtle bodies and energize the etheric grid work.


The History of the Decline as Recorded in Our Records


The first drop in vibration due to human intervention recorded in our records occurred as an electrical biosphere was launched by a small group of humans from the Pleiades known as the Annanuki. The Annanuki were a self-serving group of humans whom came to Earth to barter her resources for their own gain. In order to sustain their own lives, this small group of humans chose to alter the biosphere of Earth. Why would any group of beings do such a thing? All species upon Earth relied upon a magnetic energy flow not only to sustain health and well-being, but also to ascend. Altering the biosphere meant that ascension would ultimately cease, and Earth’s choice to ascend would be prevented. However, this group of humans was not thinking about Earth or the whole of the process of evolution of creation, but only of a limited set of needs in their limited lifetime.


The Annanuki caused the first drop in genetic materials as the electrical biosphere was launched. For the electrical biosphere caused an overall drop in vibration measured at over 18% in our own records of Earth as a whole. Why would this occur? Electricity is a non-compatible energy flow in a magnetic system. The addition of an electrical energy flow created a drag on the entire system. This drag equated to an 18% overall decline in the chi available before the electrical biosphere was launched. Indeed, our own records clearly show that our species genetic material dropped from 36,000 segments to 18,000 segments of DNA over three short generations after the electrical biosphere came to be. This appears to have occurred roughly 145,000 years ago. Our species also began to age and decline in lifespan from what was once a 3,000-year existence to less than 800 years, again in three short generations. Why would we age? All 36,000 segments of DNA are required for a regenerative form. As portions of the genetics no longer were present, portions of the form ceased to be regenerative in future generations. Such portions of the form began to age, and this equates to a shortened lifespan.


Dolphins and whales knew that there was a problem, and yet were unable to rectify it, as we were not familiar with electrical flow. Earth and your creation have always been magnetic. The electrical energy and sacred geometry (also known as the Mer-Ka-Ba or Star of David) launched by the Annanuki was foreign to us, and as such, we were ill equipped to handle this shift, nor were we able to correct it for the benefit of the whole. Here whales and dolphins have carried for a long time a lot of guilt. We are and always have been a conscious guardian of Earth, and yet we were unable to protect her for we had not the information to do so. So, we are learning now in our own ascension to forgive ourselves for not knowing enough to prevent the long era of darkness that followed as a result of such human manipulations.


Many of our red human brothers and sisters also carry such guilt. We ask that you forgive your ancestors as we have forgiven ours in the greater understanding that perhaps certain experiences can only be understood after they have occurred and through the choice to ascend. For ascension makes all records known again, and in so doing, whatever occurred in the past can be resurrected, reconstituted and repaired. In so doing, our species is now capable of doing what our forefathers failed to do simply from a lack of knowledge. In retracing our ancestral experience, we now are able to reverse the damage done in the past and learn the lessons therein. It is in the learning of any lesson that one may then transcend a particular way of being. For the dolphins and whales, in learning the lesson that electricity is non-resonant, we are choosing to transcend and transmute electrical thoughtform and DNA into a magnetic only version that is in harmony with Earth again.


The second fall of consciousness for our species occurred in the cracking of the ice shields surrounding Earth. We spoke more greatly about this experience in our first transmission, Chapter 1 “Earth’s Record Keepers”. The ice shields caused the waterways of Earth to suddenly go from fresh water to salt water causing most of our species to become extinct. There were so few remaining at this juncture that our records show an overall decline of genetic material from 18,000 segments to 8,000 segments within six generations.


The Annanuki did seed more whales and dolphins along with other life in your oceans importing certain strains from the Pleiades. These dolphins and whales had 36,000 segments of DNA, but were created to function in an electrical-only energy flow. The electrical energy flow upon Earth with her altered biosphere was not the same as the electrical flow in the Pleiades, and many of such whales and dolphins simply died within a few short months or years after arrival. Those that survived rapidly declined in genetic materials from 36,000 segments to 8,000 segments of genetic material over a 1,000-year period due to an energetic environment that was not suited to their form.


You see the biosphere that the Annanuki created was not good for Earth, or her species, nor was it good for the Annanuki themselves or the species originating in their own star system. The Annanuki had created a half electrical half magnetic energy flow out of what was previously magnetic only. Electricity is too forceful of an energy flow for a magnetic only form. The electricity therefore causes decay in a form that is designed to be solely magnetic. Magnetic energy flow is not forceful enough for an electric only form. The magnetic energy therefore causes decay in a form designed to be solely electrical. Our records show that the Annanuki themselves began to deteriorate over time as well, and this deterioration lead to yet a third fall in consciousness for our species.


The third fall of consciousness recorded in our species was the result of a nuclear annihilation, also at the cause of the Annanuki. The Annanuki chose to extend their lives. Their life extension practices took chi from all species, including the dolphins and whales. Their life extension practices did indeed extend some of the lives of the Annanuki up to 18,000 years. However, form in the third dimension is not designed to exist for this long, and over time, such humans decayed in the nervous system and went insane. Some of the insanity was from life extension, and some was from the simple fact that they were living in a biosphere that was non-conducive to their own genetic nature, which was electrical.


In the insanity, the Annanuki began to war upon one another. At first, whales and dolphins as record keepers experienced such warfare first-hand as the records of such experiences came into our forms and fields. Hundreds and thousands of humans died upon the battlefields in the war raged between the Annanuki, and we bore the pain of such an experience! The war raged for 1,000 years, and during this period, the pain was added to our form due to our record-keeping agreements with Earth and humans. As such, we sank from 8,000 segments to 5,000 segments of genetic material over the course of 2 generations and 1,000 years due to the addition of the vibration of pain. The vibration of pain is dense, and caused us to sink in overall vibration as a result of its presence in ever increasing amounts. The vibration of pain was from all of the annihilation and wounding of human flesh.


The Annanuki didn’t stop with the barbarism upon the land and through the warfare between the human populations. They took their own insanity one step too far, as they detonated two large nuclear bombs to prove their dominion over Earth. In this moment, all was lost beloved. In the detonation of such large nuclear armament, and in the following 20 years, our species declined from 5,000 segments to 1,024 segments of genetic material.


The pain was excruciating to bear, both of the original explosion, and the nuclear poisoning of our forms. At this juncture, our species had a global population of 8 million. In less than 10 years, fewer than 100,000 of us remained, most having died a very painful death, as nuclear radiation causes one to become extremely ill. It is a slow and painful way to exit. In the loss of genetic materials, we were unable simply to beach ourselves and exit the physical. We had lost our genetic information in the decline over time, and in so doing, we had also lost our ability to consciously die or choose to exit the physical through conscious intent. We were trapped, as was the red human race and all other species therein, in an extremely painful experience.


We also received the records of parallel illness and death with great pain from our human brothers and sisters. This was almost more than we could bear given the pain that our own species was in. We disconnected from the pain, as it was too difficult to exist otherwise. In so doing, we not unlike the human species went numb and ceased to feel over time.


Unfortunately, this was not the end. We have lived now as a species to bear witness to the rise and fall of four other human civilizations. Each civilization repeated the pattern of the Annanuki by developing technology and ultimately creating enough warfare to end in yet another nuclear annihilation.


There has been a total of 8 large nuclear bombs detonated due to human warfare upon Earth, two at the end of the era of the Annanuki about 120,000 years ago, four at the end of the era of the Mahavishnu about 60,000 years ago, two at the end of the era of Atlantis about 10,000 years ago, and two again just recently in your current human civilization and in what you call World War II. This is above and beyond the nuclear testing that accompanied the final outcome. Each bomb has caused yet another decline in genetic materials, until all that has been left is a mere 2 segments of the original 36,000 segments of material required to build a regenerative form upon Earth. So it is for our species, so it is for all species upon Earth including humankind.


Records and the Repetitive Nature of History


You as a species are again upon a precipice of destroying Earth and yourselves yet again. Karma repeats like a broken record. One of the reasons that it repeats is that humans fail to remember their own past. You fail to remember your own past because you have lost your records. Indeed, dolphins and whales have ended up bearing the records for both your species and ours. We have returned your records to you, our brothers and sisters in human form, so that you may remember. In the remembrance, perhaps a different future shall unfold.


The return of your records began roughly 10 years ago as we as a species recognized that we could not ascend and process human karma. Now enough ascending humans are taking responsibility for the maintenance of all human records which are not only held in special libraries surrounding Earth’s surface, but in the human form itself, particularly those in indigenous nations who are pushing past 7,500 segments of DNA.


It is only as each human strives to remember their history that a new era may emerge, and the lessons be learned from the past. As the lessons are learned, then a new future may unfold, a future in which humans take a stand against war, a stand against nuclear annihilation, and a stand against those who destroy Earth rather than protect her. Humans like whales and dolphins were designed to be conscious guardians. Conscious guardians seek to support the whole of the consensus reality or planet or star that they reside upon. It is time for the human species to remember the role that your ancient ancestors agreed to, and fulfill upon this role in the choice to ascend. Through ascension, the form and field can be restored, very gradually and over time to the original state of full consciousness that your ancient ancestors once knew. In so doing, one can return to the role of guardian that the human species was once designed to fulfill upon. In so doing, Earth’s future and ascension are more assured.


Ascension and Future Generations


For many humans, not unlike dolphins and whales, ascending from 2 segments of DNA to 36,000 is not an easy journey. A healthy body is important, and those with a disease may ascend into the disease ending the life in death instead. A plan has been drawn, a plan amongst those in human form like our translator and those in whale and dolphin form that are ascending. This plan calls for pockets of each of our species to rise to a certain level of genetic material, then bearing offspring that shall take the ascension of each species to the next level of ascension. It is anticipated that most dolphins and whales may not ascend much further than 15,000 segments, for pushing beyond this may kill the form instead. Those recognizing this may choose to hold at 15,000 and allow the next generation to ascend the next phase of the way towards full consciousness or 36,000 segments.


For humans, it appears far more difficult to ascend to 15,000 segments. The One Source or God Goddess from outside of time and space has therefore devised a different plan of action for the human species. This plan calls for an awakening of humans who may not take their ascension much beyond 3,000 segments in this incarnation, with births over the coming ten years entering the world at 7,500 segments of DNA, and births after 2028 entering the world at 15,000 segments of DNA. It is anticipated that this shall provide enough of a human populace to survive the coming years of ascension of Earth along with the entry into the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun.


Entering the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun


Earth must be at a certain vibratory rate in order to enter the skin of the Great Central Sun without combusting. Combustion would indeed consist of breaking into a billion bits and pieces, much like a nuclear annihilation. This all species upon Earth wish to avoid in full. Earth must be at an overall vibration of 15,000 segments in order to enter the Photon Belt and survive. Ideally, all species upon Earth should therefore wish to be at a minimum of 15,000 segments at entry point.


However, we suspect that there will be some of our species along with human species much further along or having mastered full consciousness, or be on their way to ascending into the next dimension. This shall allow other members of one’s species to be at a lower vibratory rate and still survive. The details of such are not known at this time, but shall become known the closer Earth moves towards the Photon Belt. The anticipated date of entry appears to be 2048 based upon your current human calendar. However, this too may be modified to suit the pace of Earth’s ascension and the ascension of all species therein.


Our species has experienced many spontaneous combustions upon all dimensions of life throughout your creation. We choose not the experience of combustion again, as it only fractures soul and form into greater non-consciousness. We choose to ascend, and ascend into the next dimension with Earth, supporting her each phase of the way. We invite those awakening in human form to choose to ascend, altering the biology a little at a time, and allowing one to support Earth in this manner. In so doing, you and your future generations yet unborn shall live to see a new era emerge for your species and for all of Earth.


All ascending humans are taking strides to release human karma for warfare. As the karma is released, warfare shall not manifest again. We support their purpose as it supports our role as guardian of Earth, which requires us to support only those endeavors that cause Earth’s ascension or increasing vibration. Because ascending humans support Earth’s ascension in taking responsibility for the patterning within the human species, we support them. So, we will also support any human that so chooses to awaken and ascend.


You may call upon us, and we will provide you with energetic healing during your dreamtime, and conscious guidance for those who are telepathic. Some of you reading this book may already sense our presence as a result. The purpose of this book is to allow our species to unite with those within the human species that so choose to ascend, and support you in your goal. From the understanding that all species upon Earth must stand united in this goal of ascension, we offer our help, for if you do not ascend, Earth may not ascend, and we may all combust instead.


Earth has 36 Star Gates to enter into before entering the skin of the Photon Belt itself. Earth entered the first star gate of the Great Central Sun in early January 2018. What does this mean? It means that we have not missed our opportunity to ascend, and that Earth successfully rose high enough in vibration to trigger an entry. Earth must continue to rise for each future entry point, which is roughly once every 12 months over the coming decade, and then once roughly every 9 months until Earth enters the skin of the Great Central Sun itself. As long as Earth misses not her entry points, her ascension is assured. If she misses enough of her entry points, she will combust beloved. So, all species must pull together now to ascend Earth high enough to assure that this outcome is avoided in full.


The Import of Conscious Breathing


We have begun this series of transmissions through our channel to bring to light certain behavior or patterns that one may not perceive consciously that obstruct one’s ascension. To the degree one may alter the patterns, one may then proceed to ascend; and the more humans that ascend, the more Earth is supported as a whole in her choice to ascend. Therefore, our focus is upon the pitfalls or patterns that cause human ascension to cease or fail so that each reading this book may choose to consciously alter their behavior and such patterning to allow their ascension to continue to come forth. It is from our engaging with those who call upon us that our assessments of this nature are beginning to come forth.


We began this transmission with speaking about the breath of life or conscious breathing. It is important for humans to align their breath with the breath of life or the heartbeat of Earth. The heartbeat of Earth will not be experienced in your cities. Go into the country, go to the ocean, go to the mountains, beloved. Without the large populations, or exaggerated electricity due to your gadgets, or cement, you will begin to experience Earth’s heartbeat. Lie upon a grassy knoll, or upon the sand of the beach, or in the shade of a magnificent tree. Close your eyes. Listen. Listen to the wind. Listen to the rhythmic crash of the waves against the shore. Listen to the rustle of the nearby stream or river. All of nature is aligned with a new beat, a new rhythm. This new rhythm aligns all of Earth to the pulsations of ascension emanating down all dimensions of your creation. As you align, you will begin to match such pulsations and begin to ascend, or continue to ascend in ease.


The red race and other indigenous cultures have often utilized the beat of a drum in remembrance of the need to align with Earth’s heartbeat. They have often equated the drumbeat to the beat of the heart of Earth. Such humans remember a great truth, and that is that one must align with the heartbeat of Earth to sustain one’s life, one’s health, and one’s evolutionary pathway as a species. Often such cultures devised elaborate rituals to remind themselves to stay inside of the heartbeat, the drumbeat of the whole. Perhaps it is time for humans to once again remember such rituals, uniting together for special occasions with the purpose of aligning to Earth once again.


Many humans are drawn to red teachings. Red teachings seem to remember the wholeness and inter-connectedness of all of life. This is also so for other indigenous human teachings. Perhaps it is time to allow oneself to remember such truths through the exploration of such teachings. In so doing, one shall begin to awaken the part of self in one’s ancestry that was also red or indigenous. It is in one’s own remembrance of another way of being that a new way of being can be constructed for the human species.


Once upon a time, humanity lived closely with the land. Once, humans, whales and dolphins alike were attuned to the heartbeat of Earth. The biology of the form indeed attunes one to Earth’s heartbeat. Once, humans, dolphins and whales alike knew a fully conscious and regenerative form that lived and danced in the heartbeat of time that was in balance, unity and harmony with Earth. Humans, whales and dolphins fell into a dance that was not synchronized any longer, was not harmonious, nor balanced, nor in unity. Such a shift came hand in hand with the loss of knowledge required to sustain unity as we fell further into density with each subsequent loss of genetic material. Now is the time to restore our dance beloved, restore it so that we may all dance with Earth again as ONE, and dance in rhythm to her heartbeat.


The heartbeat of Earth aligns with the breath. Dolphins and whales often syncopate our swimming with a rhythm of in-breath and out-breath as a pod. It is in the synchronization of our breathing that an entire pod moves into rhythm with Earth again, particularly if we have moved out of sync for some reason. Sometimes in ascension, one faces difficulties within. Such difficulties can also be expressed as discord in group relations, or between beloveds. It is often in the disharmonious encounters between members of our pods that the entire group is moved out of sync with Earth’s heartbeat. In such moments, the leaders of the pods, which have generally ascended further than the pod itself, guide the pod to synchronize their breathing. In so doing, the entire pod moves through the disharmonious occurrence by rising above it or ascending out of it by moving back into synchronization with the rhythm of Earth.


Why does synchronizing with the time or heartbeat of Earth cause one to ascend or cause one to rise above a particular pattern or thoughtform? It is through the synchronization to Earth’s time that a form and field is pulled into present time. In present time, all energy moves. All chakras in a field that have been caught between the past and future when pulled into present time begin to move again, as do the subtle bodies. Each chakra throughout the field has a different dance to sustain the overall vibration of the form. So does each subtle body. When in present time, the entire field aligns and surrounds the form evenly, top, bottom, right, left, front and center. All parts of the energy field then move in a syncopated manner to sustain the overall size and vibration of the field and form.


Karma is energy that has become stuck in time and space in the field and biology of the form. It is the karma that retains a particular destructive thoughtform in any field. As the energy moves with a field coming fully into present time, the karma dissipates. As the karma dissipates, the thoughtform is transmuted and transcended. As the thoughtform that is disharmonious is transcended, both the individual and the group come back into harmony, back into the flow again.


For those in human form reading this material, unless you are a part of an indigenous tribe, rarely are you at this time in an ascending group. However, there are a few ascending groups forming worldwide, especially in the new communities. Their gatherings are filled with unity and joy as each who comes syncopates with the rhythm of Earth during the shared time together. In the syncopation to Earth’s time, mountains of karma can be released, and it is through such that the human karma for warfare will be released in 2019. For a short time, those joining such gatherings experience unity and the dance of energies in a human group that are not unlike the dance of energies in an ascending whale or dolphin pod. This is a most beautiful thing to experience beloved!


As one experiences unity and synchronization with Earth’s time, one will have the kinesthetic remembrance of moving with the heartbeat of Earth. Then as one leaves the gathering, one may remember and pull oneself back into the unity, back into the dance of time with Earth’s heartbeat again. Each movement into the unity and in alignment to the heartbeat of Earth allows each to continue to ascend up and through; lifting beyond the difficulties one may face in their day-to-day ascension. In so doing, each who chooses to ascend shall continue to do so with greater ease.


If you cannot join an indigenous tribe or an ascending group’s gathering, then go into nature. Attune yourself therein to the pulsation of time as it is expressed in the movement around you. Such movement is held in the wind, or the rain, or the tides along the shoreline, or the bubbling of a brook or stream, or the roar of a river or waterfall. Go out into the sea for a swim or upon in a sailboat and feel the dance of the waves! Here perhaps is the closest approximation of the lifestyle of our species that a human can experience, for we are forever pushed and pulled with the tides and movement of the ocean, which reminds us continuously to synchronize with Earth’s heartbeat.


When you return home to your city or dwelling, remember the moments out in the country. In the tough moments of ascension, close your eyes and go back into nature in your mind. Synchronize yourself again with time. In the synchronization, you shall surrender to the moment of present time and allow the difficulty to pass. Breathe in, and breathe out.


One may wish to walk, the movement of which is similar to the up and down dance of our pods as we move to the surface for the in-breath, and to the ocean floor for the out-breath. Breathe in and breathe out while walking, and in time, one will align the breath and walk with the heartbeat of Earth again. In the alignment to that which is greater than yourself, which is Earth’s body, you will move up in vibration. As you move up in vibration, you shall transcend, and in the transcendence of thoughtform, you shall ascend.


Creative Expression and the Breath of Life


In human form, creative self-expression is experienced in a very different manner than dolphin and whale form. For humans have two hands and two legs, and can create objects that whales and dolphins cannot. However, in your experience of dance, movement and song, these often are similar to the dolphin and whale experience of creative self-expression. For we too dance to the movement of the ocean and one another, often in beautiful rhythmic patterns that bring all participating great joy. We also sing our songs to one another lifting ourselves above and beyond the difficulties of the moment by reaffirming our purpose and choice to ascend. The singing is a form of intent that echoes with all other species’ intent to ascend.


Creative expression for whale and dolphin form also revolves around the cycles of birth, development, maturity, and in this time, this cycle also includes death. We foresee a time that the cycle includes not death any longer, and this is only a quarter century away in our estimation. We look forward to such a time, as the entire foundation from which we live shall be based once again upon joy. This shall mimic a time period from over 300,000 years ago in our species remembrance.


As one aligns their creative endeavors to the cycles of time present in the heartbeat of Earth, one will move in all that one does with the pulsations of Earth, along within the boundaries of her needs as a whole. We are conscious guardians, and therefore we move from place to place as required by Earth to move the energy so that stuck places in her global auric field may begin to move again. Therefore, our migration patterns change according to the requirements of Earth in her ascension.


When the creative flow dwindles, one focuses inward. The inward focus is for the purposes of integrating the lessons learned. How can one express, teach or write about lessons learned if such lessons are not assimilated first? Our translator understands this, and takes the time each year for the period of assimilation known as the in-breathe of Earth. As one attunes themselves to the heartbeat of Earth, one will move in sync with the creative bursts and periods of assimilation that naturally flow as the creative energy ebbs and flows from your sun, and your sun’s sun, and all dimensions within your creation that Earth is related to.


For dolphins and whales, the creative period is when we generally give birth to our young. The process of birthing is a magnificent time for our species. For each birth brings forth young members of our pods at a higher vibration and greater level of genetic materials than the parents or adults therein. Each birth also comes with new tones that change our songs as the young begin to sing. In so doing, our song moves up in vibration with our species continued evolution. The upward movement of our song, much like the act of toning in human form, has the effect of pulling all members of a pod up in vibration to match the song. So, the change in our song has an evolutionary purpose. The assimilative periods are conversely a time of inner work during which each in any given pod may assess the lessons learned in a given period or year. Often such times are also the moments of courtship and conception for the next year’s creative cycle during which the next generation of young shall be born.


Our cycles are changing to serve Earth’s cycles. Earth is aligning now with a 12-moon cycle. Therefore, our conception shall occur during the in-breath cycle and births shall occur in the out-breath cycle based upon a 12-moon calendar. At this time and due to Earth’s wobble, Earth exists within a roughly 13-moon year cycle. Earth is changing this, and so we will change our cycles to serve Earth’s choice to move into alignment with a 12-moon year. It is through our intent to do so and each successive birth cycle that in the coming 30 years, we shall assist in correcting the wobble in Earth’s rotation. As the wobble is straightened out in full, Earth shall move back into a physical time space in alignment with her sun, which requires a 12-moon year. This is necessary for Earth not to combust upon entry into the Photon Belt, and so we align ourselves in the greater understanding of what is required to support Earth’s choice to ascend.


The human species is wrapped up in an artificial concept of time that is based upon electronic measurement of a clock that ticks in even increments of any given day, week, month or year. Our experience of time is not like yours, as time is a fluid experience from sunrise to sunset, and therefore measured by the light present in our oceans. Moments of time may be stretched or shortened depending upon need of the whole. One example of such is the need to find nourishment before sunset. Time may be stretched on such days to merge with a school of fish and feast before the sun goes down. Such days may seem much longer than yet other days without such a requirement. So it is for us as a species, so it is for humans if they so choose it so.


Our channel discovered that watches are useless in her presence. As she synchronizes with time and the heartbeat of Earth, which began many years ago in her ascension, her watch ceases to move. Soon her watch was so inaccurate she gave up wearing a timepiece at all. This is because the artificial measurement of time has nothing to do with Earth’s measurement of time, and therefore is not a part of Earth’s thoughtform. Because time measured by machines is not a part of Earth’s thoughtform, as one aligns with Earth, their watch ceases to exist which translates into ceasing to move. Wear a watch while you synchronize with the heartbeat of Earth in nature, and see this for yourself. Your watch may be hours slow as a result of your choice to come into alignment, albeit temporary, with Earth’s concept of time.


One may wonder: how will I be on time if I do not wear a watch? Asur’Ana is always on time for her meetings. She stretches time to be just long enough for the journey or to prepare herself beforehand, and is always right on time! One is the master of one’s reality, and ascension allows the remembrance of such to emerge the further that one ascends. This also translates into mastering time, being able to consciously choose to lengthen or shorten time as required in one’s life dance.


Our Dance with Human Ascensions


We of the whale and dolphin kingdoms honor our ascending human brothers and sisters. We hope you have found the information we have shared helpful upon your path of awakening. Do call upon us, as you so feel called within. We shall support you to the best of our ability. However, we must tell you that you are the master of your own destiny. We shall not take on your karma, nor shall we process your own transcendence. You must pull your own weight, for each must take full responsibility for one’s own ascension. We will however provide a backdrop of our own harmony for you to harmonize with. We will also provide the cleansing of the tones in our sonar to assist in lifting the veils so that you may see the truth of the matter, for often humans are caught in the spider web of their own illusion.


We too have our own illusion, but human illusion is far more complex. For your illusion is held in place by the electronic gadgetry that you rely upon, and the electricity harvested in your cities. We cannot clear your cities, as we live not upon the land, nor are we as a species responsible for such a creation. It is up to ascending humans to clear the veils of illusion created in your own cities. As enough ascend, so this shall occur, and then each may see the truth.


What is the truth? The truth is that all species live upon a planet known as Earth, and are responsible for not only sustaining Earth’s health and well-being, but in assisting her in her choice to ascend. Perhaps as more humans awaken to such a truth, and share their truth, more humans shall choose to ascend. As more humans ascend, the thick veils that you live within shall vanish, and all shall remember the truth. Remembering the truth also requires remembering your past. As humans remember the devastation of the past, they shall seek to avoid creating such an outcome again for devastation is painful.


Perhaps your recent memories of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the concentration camps such as Auschwitz shall allow a more present time understanding of the pain that warfare creates. In remembering the pain and not choosing to experience such again, humans may make a different choice that leads to the retention of world peace. This is our hope and purpose in engaging in the human dance with our fellow ascending brothers and sisters.


We ask that you share our essays with others. There are many more that we have agreed to reach. May humanity arise in a chorus of harmonious song one day, and may the song allow the ascension of the whole. This is our deepest wish for the human species.


We will close with some Lemurian sayings from our translator’s ancient past:


Om lomi nanu nomi nan. Nato namoo moko moo. Mutie maku oko o. An lani lanu ono o.


You are the truth and the light. No one can extinguish the light. Each must allow the flames to shine brightly within! May the light shine the truth for all to witness.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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