Image of a gorgeous pink plumeria flower. Shakti Studies #4

Shakti Studies #4


Mastery Partnership Systems


The Six Tests of Divine Partnership


Mastery Partnership Systems


The two arrive

Into the union

In an apartheid of Self

To foster one

And not two

The two unite

Into a Divine equation

To foster the two

In a superlative partnership

In the Divine ordering

Of the Yin and Yang within

In motions of mirrors

That reflect one another

To be transfused through in care


Partnership Scripts


Partnership scripts are a series of fate keys destined in the lifetime between certain pairs that may form due to circumference of affluence in life. Fate keys foster three potential partnerships with each motion. Motions to move or relocate anywhere are taken into consideration to foster three potential partnership scripts per destiny key. If all three partners fail to find one another, another three are inaugurated in each fate key to assure a relationship if the life fate is to foster union in a particular lore cycle.


Fate Keys


Fate keys are lore cycle oriented. Lore cycles are seven years of fostering of a particular life script. Lore cycles of partnership include fate keys for union. Fate keys for union include the dating lore and the marital lore if the fable for life includes a commitment as the outcome of the partnership. Fate keys are case specific to archetype and karmic habitat of fate. All fate keys foster particular scripts to foster mastery of spiritual ascension or realization of self if the life is destined for divine purposes through time.


Not all lives are destined for divine purposes in this era. Only one out of four hundred incarnate in this era foster divine purpose. Only one out of six hundred couples foster divine partnerships also in this cycle. Divine partnership is therefore a rare fate key of the two when it is fostered, but also a beautiful script and life to witness. Read more