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Shakti Studies #4


Mastery Partnership Systems


The Six Tests of Divine Partnership


Mastery Partnership Systems


The two arrive

Into the union

In an apartheid of Self

To foster one

And not two

The two unite

Into a Divine equation

To foster the two

In a superlative partnership

In the Divine ordering

Of the Yin and Yang within

In motions of mirrors

That reflect one another

To be transfused through in care


Partnership Scripts


Partnership scripts are a series of fate keys destined in the lifetime between certain pairs that may form due to circumference of affluence in life. Fate keys foster three potential partnerships with each motion. Motions to move or relocate anywhere are taken into consideration to foster three potential partnership scripts per destiny key. If all three partners fail to find one another, another three are inaugurated in each fate key to assure a relationship if the life fate is to foster union in a particular lore cycle.


Fate Keys


Fate keys are lore cycle oriented. Lore cycles are seven years of fostering of a particular life script. Lore cycles of partnership include fate keys for union. Fate keys for union include the dating lore and the marital lore if the fable for life includes a commitment as the outcome of the partnership. Fate keys are case specific to archetype and karmic habitat of fate. All fate keys foster particular scripts to foster mastery of spiritual ascension or realization of self if the life is destined for divine purposes through time.


Not all lives are destined for divine purposes in this era. Only one out of four hundred incarnate in this era foster divine purpose. Only one out of six hundred couples foster divine partnerships also in this cycle. Divine partnership is therefore a rare fate key of the two when it is fostered, but also a beautiful script and life to witness.


Not all life fates are keyed for union. Some are keyed for a destiny of a monk or other single status of self in mastery of self realizing itself. Most destined for divine partnership are keyed for two to three unions through time in preparation for a divine union to be fostered later in life. Divine postulations of union require two who light synthesize into self realizing itself through time.


Many ascension level mastery systems do not foster light motion of self. Ascension systems of partnership also can include twin or counterpart lore of superlative union. Some fostering ascension partnerships in superlative union can also foster the script for divine partnership. Generally, only one out of sixty ascension partnerships are geared for divine partnership ahead. The motions of light must be succinct enough in the union in order to trigger spiritual realization in the path of the two. Divine partnership is a light oscillation beyond superlative union scripts at this time.


Mastery Fate Unions


Mastery fables of union are explored in Yogananda Tales of the Heart and Baba Lore of Self to be written in a future volume of the Light Wave series. Mastery fables are unique and require two who are fostering self realizing itself within. Often partnership can host one who masters ascension-based fostering of truth and another who masters realization of self. Ascension and self-realization pairs augment a beautiful foray of superlative unions in twin or counterpart fables through time. Two mastering self are a rare occurrence in today’s lore of fate. As more light motion is fostered upon the planet, more couples may align into mastery fate of truth of self together. Those mastering self as a pair can inaugurate a lore of beauty that is beyond superlative in stature in light motion.


Partnerships are keyed to foster unions in varying timeframes of self-inauguration in particular lore fable lessons prior to unions of mastery destiny. Most entering a mastery union will have had one to three other unions of non-mastery lore of Shakti or Shaktar ordering of self to foster forgiveness and compassion for the difficult to less than harmonious male and female dynamics in life. Some relationships may be short to medium in duration in preparation for a mastery fate of union. Other partnerships may be life-long in stature only to conclude in divorce to prepare the life for the unfolding of mastery level divine partnership of fate.


In this era, it is rare for mastery fate partnerships to unfold in youth. One out of seven hundred partnerships in this cycle are fate keyed for a destiny of twin youth formations. In this cycle, maturity of self is required to foster partnership mastery which is best fostered through many experiences of relationship through time. The relationships prior to a fated mastery partnership prepare the persona and life for the experience of a union divine ahead. Young twin unions are beautiful if they occur, and foster a magnitude of spiritual achievement of the two, not possible in mature divine partnerships in this cycle. Often the lack of maturity can split the pair up however, due to lack of relationship experience through time.


Two who unite as one is the goal of partnerships of divine ordering in life. Uniting as one is not always an easy happenstance between the two if only one is realizing self. The ego and negative ego often wish to abate the union prior to fostering a flavor of oneness together. The abatement of a union of twins or counterparts fated for a destiny of divine union is not a wise choice in most cases. It is best to motion through the difficult foray of strife that is triggered in ego and negative ego based issues to allow a deeper level of surrender into the love of the love within to be fostered within each.


The Beloved of the Beloved Within   


The love of the love within is a precursor to the experience of the beloved of the beloved of self. The love of the love within requires the surrender of the ego and negative ego to occur within. The mastery of the love of the love within begins the journey towards divine partnership. Divine partnership is deemed mastered as the beloved of the beloved of the self is fostered within each and between the two. The beloved of the beloved within augments divine systems of fostering service unto the Dao and Tao within and of the planet.


The beloved within is a union divine between the Dao and Tao of one’s ancestry and can occur in single happenstances of fate along with those fostering a partnership divine. The Dao and Tao augment a union divine as surrender occurs of the selfish desires within that wish to motion against the will of soul in the life. The will of soul is a foray of dream that fosters the life in a direction of divine understanding. Those fostering Dao and Tao union into the beloved quotient of self surrender free will unto the will of soul.


Two in divine partnership must each surrender into divine will of soul to foster a divine union beyond superlative levels of dream. Surrender into divine will is a difficult level of mastery in this era or any era. The difficulties are a flux of levels of internal processing that must herald a confrontation of the beliefs in death. Beliefs in death are a poignant system of existence in this time period that must be transfused through in order for the beloved of the beloved within to be inaugurated in life. Transfusing beyond death is a level of mastery far greater than the surrender of ego and negative ego in life.


Surrender the Ego and Negative Ego to the Dao and Tao Within


The ego fosters subordination and judgment of the nature of the mate or the feminine within. The negative ego fosters relinquishment of power and a need to dissipate the truth of oneself unto the other or the male within. Ego and negative ego are a fostering not of self and not of the Dao or Tao within. Ego and negative ego are generally fostered in life through programming of the non-self.


Non-self is an aspect of existence that is not of self or soul. Non-self directs most human endeavors of dragon and demon issues in life until the ego and negative ego are surrendered to the Dao and Tao within. As surrender occurs, the Dao and Tao direct the life above and beyond demon and dragon-oriented systems of life. Divine partnership is an accolade above demon and dragon interlude of relationship dreaming. Divine partnership requires first that each surrender the ego and negative ego and non-self dreams into new formations of Dao and Tao orchestration of life. As Dao and Tao direct each life, the notions of divine partnership can take flight.


Some ego and negative ego patterns may have formed to preserve the life in its capacity to dream enough. Some negative ego patterns trigger deep rifts between the male and female aspects of self of the self within. Rifts of the self of the self within will emerge in attempted divine partners as difficult moments in time until the two transfuse through the associated issues. Wounds of the heart often are tethered to negative ego stances of rhythms of dejection of self. Dejection of self will foster the desire to abate the potential partnership due to its stance of worthlessness within. Foster a release of the worthless issues within and alter the self of the self to find its substance of truth and the issues of abatement of the union can subside through time.


Unconditional Acceptance of Each Other in Divine Partnership


Ego based patterns are often an issue of male or female arrogance of self. Arrogance predisposes that one’s perception or stance on life is better than or superior unto the other partner or others in life. All stances in life are interpretive expressions of what has been experienced before the two meets. All interpretive expressions are valid but none are superior or inferior in stature of self.


Unconditional acceptance of one another’s interpretive expressions is the main issue to transfuse through in order to inaugurate the possibility of divine partnership. One must strive to understand and embrace the unfolding life of the other to interpret the differences as unique and beautiful within each. Ego and negative ego in surrender is a complex subject and shall be explored more greatly ahead for those desiring deeper levels of mastery within or of the two in life.


Allowing time to share of personal experiences is most important to cause potential divine partnership to unfold. The willingness to embrace one another’s experiences as the divine expression of the Dao and Tao fostering of mastery is necessary unto the inauguration of a divine pair. Each has a unique journey to the moment in time that the two may meet. Each journey fosters one into the possibility of the maturity of a potential divine mate. It is important to allow one another to express what life has meant unto oneself within and without the judgment on the part of the other. Non-judgment is the first attribute of divine partnership mastery to be overcome within each to foster inauguration of the self of the two.


The Heart Mind Accolade of Self


Fostering a state of non-judgment occurs as the mind is turned off. As the mind is shut off, the communications can flow from the heart instead. Mind is a phenomenon of the mental body. The heart is a function of the emotional body. Transfusion lore of partnership self allows the mental body to recede so that the emotional body may blossom allowing the two succinct understanding from the heart. Succinct understanding from the heart is an accolade of embracing one another in non-judgment through time. Embracing each another as one in life is also an accolade of achievement in self-realization and blossoms as a compassionate action of self through time.


The nature of the mind is to bend the other into superiority and inferiority notions of self. Mind is a formation of ego and negative ego of field until the heart mind accolade is formed. Mind is to be disbanded through time to foster the perception of the heart mind accolade. The heart mind accolade is not ego and negative ego driven. In the heart mind accolade, the mental and emotional bodies unite into a common system that fosters motions of care of each in the life or ohana theory of self. Compassionate action is the result of the heart mind accolade of self igniting within.


The Concept of What Is


In an interpretive experience, non-ego is a surrender of the mind to its perception of what is so, or what is not so, or what must be so, into the concept of what is. ‘What is’ is simply what is, and just is as it is needed in the moment or through time as otherwise something else would occur. All incidents form due to all the variables of dreams that flux together or not together in the accord of self and due to karmic habitat of fate. What is so, or what is not so, or what should be so, are only interpretations founded upon the life history to date, and not necessarily what is.


What is simply is due to the karmic habitat of fate of most who fail to forgive and transform the dreams into motions that reflect the divine. Those who forgive and foster compassion can mold what is into their heart’s desire allowing other dreams to flux into the life than would be possible otherwise. Most are incapable of enough forgiveness to augment a shift of what is. What is, therefore is what is, and is what is, and is to be accepted in non-judgment in order to allow the heart mind accolade to blossom within.


Erasing the Past and Fostering Non-Ego


Life history molds its future founded upon the past unless forgiveness unfolds. Life history tends to repeat. Two who have past partnerships will repose the same outcome upon one another until erased. Erasing the past is necessary for self realizing itself into the heart mind accolade as well as non-judgment in a divine pairing of the two. Erasing the past is a Dao function within. If strife occurs due to past ego and negative ego formulations, the Dao of the Dao within will erase the emotional charge of the past to foster a union divine of the two as long as forgiveness transpires within each.


Erasing the past is important to self-realization in general. The Dao within also erases the past to allow for a fostering of another stance on life that is ego and negative ego free. Fostering non-ego is often a one-year project as two come together as twins or counterpart lore of self. In self-realization, fostering non-ego is also a one or more year project fostered by one’s Dao and Tao within. Sometimes the unions fail to flux together through time if one or the other cannot motion into non-ego.


Sometimes twins foster a potential union with variances of self that are too great to overcome. When twins cannot overcome their obstacles, the union lore is abated in about six-months’ time in most cases. Variances that are too great can occur if cultural differences or life affluences are too large to overcome by each of the two. Cultures have their nuances of understanding that can fail to be overcome due to language barriers or other issues that cause strife in close proximity unto one another. Be adroit about any union and make sure that you are fostered along with your partner, or abate the experience in six months, allowing another fate key to be triggered ahead, drawing a better partner unto oneself.


Mind Bend


Fostering marriage of a union of strife increases the strife for a time. If the strife does not un-mind bend, then the union is abated within a year following marriage. Mind bend is a function of many habitats of fate. Mind bend is an issue all of its own to be spoken unto in future chapters. Mind bend in partnership is unique and fosters many difficulties through time. Mind bend is not useful to partnership of spiritual mastery in general. Some are not suited to one another due to cortex fluxes that trigger waves to mind bend one or the other. Mind bend leads to the flavor of dissatisfaction, dejection or hatred of one another if extreme. Mind bend that is minor is to be overcome and transfused through in mastery fated unions.


The status of the human mind is one of difficult waves due to toxic overload of the biology in many cases. Toxic overload causes mind bend that is not associated with the union itself. Choosing to detoxify the body is one means of discovering a non-mind bend association in life or with a mate or potential mate. Mind bend leads to anxiety, fear, depression and dejection of self or the self of another. Mind bend is not a stable state to live within. Toxic biology triggers mind bend in life. Toxic biology can be overcome through nutrition and altered dietary habitat of self and detoxification rituals through time.


Toxic Biology Triggers Mind Bend


Toxic biology in the stress of a new union will trigger mind bend to abate the union possibly before it is time and all the spiritual lessons have been learned by each. Failing to learn the spiritual lessons of a potential mate or partnership sometimes leads to a replica of the former lore with a new partner ahead. It may be best to motion through the union until all the lessons are learned so that a repeat of the difficult happenstance is not caused ahead. If the toxic biology can be overcome, a previously difficult union may find its harmony and possibility of a divine partnership in the future.


Sometimes one fosters enough detoxification to prevent mind bend in union and the other cannot due to former life habitat of fate or work happenstance of life. The toxins and associated mind bend can motion the union to abate. Sometimes the union ends in death rather than separation if a toxic circumstance fails to be abated by the two. Potential mastery partnership triggers many issues that sometimes a toxic body cannot handle and remain well in the experience of. There are many means of fostering health in the current nutritional foray of supplements and sustainable health practices to better balance the forensics of field. Couples may require specific nutrients and diets along with diets and detox endeavors to foster superlative or above union through time.


Demon Dragon Interplay of Divine Partnership Mastery        


What is the cause of stress in union? Generally, the ego and negative ego interplay in demonic affluences of self. As the demons arise, arguments flourish and non-acceptance of one or each flux forward into the dreams of life. Demons strive to separate and divide. Dragons seek to unify and heal. Fostering more dragons than demons in each day’s exchange is one means of causing a kinder interplay of self together through time. Some demons are kinder to the union than others. Limiting the union to kind demons through intention is another means of modifying day to day life into less strife overall.


As each demon is forgiven by each, the demonic interplay departs and the union fluxes into a dragon-oriented system of self. Dragon interludes of self trigger superlative partnership to unfold. Generally, demon interludes take four to six years to completely abate if the union fosters a marital key through time. Demon dragon interplay is a part of divine partnership mastery. Demons are to be transfused through and the difficult motions of strife abated in the field through time. Demons are replaced by dragons and dragon dreaming as each level of strife is surmounted within and between the two. Each demon system is ego and negative ego oriented. As the ego and negative ego continue to be surrendered, Dao and Tao will take over through time leading to a conclusion of demon and dragon interludes of partnership scripts of life.


Underlying all behavior whether it is good, bad or ugly is a demon or dragon and a light motion of field that can be transfused through to cause deeper harmony within and between the two. Intending to transfuse through the demon strife and into dragon harmony is one means of allowing the lesson to be learned and another day of beauty to emerge ahead between the two. Dragons foster beautification of the self of the self within. As one finds beauty of the other, the truth of the fostering of self is witnessed by each. Truth is a dragon expression offered within and into the union. Dao and Tao foster each union to master their own equations of dreaming in superlative and dragon notions through time. Dao and Tao mastery is the only type of mastery that fosters divine partnership in this era.


There are six systems of self that descend over time in a mastery union lore of fate. The six systems are each tests of the postulation that foster divine happenstance of life of the two. The six systems descend in two-year increments in each continued year of partnership in its unfolding. It requires twelve to sixteen years of marriage to complete with all six systems in divine partnership understanding of self-realizing itself of the two through time. Divine partnership is a gift unto oneself and each when it unfolds.


Six Tests of Divine Mastery of the Two


1. Partnership Inauguration: Inauguration of partnership is a motion of the pair to choose to be together if enough harmony becomes sustainable over a six month to one-year timeframe in dating lore of self. Marriage is generally the outcome if the union is gay or straight in habitat of fate in order for partnership inauguration to occur. Marriage inaugurates the self of the self to descend into the union of the two. Self of the self fosters the next levels of tests in collaboration with soul and spirit of dragon orientation of script.


Dragons are involved with divine partnership more than any other status of nonphysical in this era upon Earth. A sacred dragon incantation is fostered to fulfill upon the marriage of the two. Here is an example of a dragon marital vow of the two for divine partnership. Each incantation is case specific to the needs of the two in life.


Dragon Incantation for Divine Partnership


I am that you are

A beautiful and delightful one

Of the two

To cause a union Divine

Of an accolade of achievement

Of the love of the dragon

For their mate

In a marriage sublime

To be fostered

Through time


2. Test of Wills: The third to fifth years of marriage fosters a test of wills. The two will either abate the will of the ego and negative ego in each or the mastery may be considered failed. Three tests are offered each to cause a surrender of will within unto the will of the Tao of one’s archetype. Surrender in action is always an internal process, although it may foster surrender to one another through time.


Surrendering the ego is a release of issues of arrogance of self within. Negative ego issues accompany ego founded issues and are to be surmounted simultaneously. The ego and negative ego are united in a particular sequence of incantations and cannot be relinquished separate from one another. As the test of wills is passed, the mental and emotional bodies unite into a new formation in which the heart mind accolade is formed. The test of wills is an article all unto itself along with each test to be spoken unto more greatly in future chapters to be explored in this book.


3. Test of Self: As the test of wills is fulfilled upon, the following two to six years fosters the test of the self of the self for the action of fostering the life dreams of the pair. Dreaming for the two is a mastery quotient that is fostered by the Dao of each. Each must surrender the dreams of the pair unto the Dao within and the Dao of the planet to pass the test. Dao will cast the dreams ahead to align with the two and the spiritual needs of the whole.


Dao fostering of dreams is a sacred action of self. Dao casts dreams of lucretius notions. Lucretius notions are those concepts of soul that foster self to understand divine realization in life. Divine realization of the two foster lucretius understanding of one another through time. Lucretius understanding reflects upon the divinity of all things and all peoples including one’s partner along with each in life.


4. Test of Strife: The test of strife is fostered to witness a life change that augments the pair over the tribe, group, job or region that one may cohabitate within or foster without. The divine ordering of the two of fate must find its presence and truth outside of the circumference of affluence of all others. Often others interfere with the life of the two in divine mastery quotients of self. The interference may prevent further mastery. If so, those interfering are abated from the life.


Often children, parents, friends or teachers interfere with mastery quotients. The test of strife allows the pair to realign within, and the dreams Dao align without, for continued mastery quotients to be fostered ahead and through a major life change. Often a motion away from family or friends is needed to complete this test in this era. The divinity of the two must flux before and above all else in the life if the test is passed.


5. Test of Life Form: Life form is a relay of truth of the Tao of the archetype. Life form fosters an etheric system of stars or galaxies surrounding the large transfusion body that expands and ignites through time into a light motion of field that is considered one’s equinox of self. The equinox of self is an undertaking only of those realizing self into lucretius thoughtform. It is lucretius thoughtform that allows light to ignite into a star formation within. Lucretius thoughtform is a bandwidth of prose incantation notions of self.


The couple must master equal light quotients and galaxies of motions together to pass the test of life form together. Often one can master the equinox of life form and the other is unable to in this era. Although the two may not pass this test, the union may carry on in beautiful and superlative formations of self fostering a gifted dance of the two through time. Often the one who fails to master the equinox within becomes sick due to too much light pouring through the field without balance. Sometimes a toxic body is the undercurrent of problem in mastery levels of equinox of self formations. Toxins must be dissipated in upper light quotients or the body will become ill through time.


6. Test of Strength: The test of strength is a quotient of self that fosters the pair into a script of the divine ordering of mastery of the two in a sacred stance in life. Sacred life forms are two who foster galaxies of their own that ignite the stars of the one into the two and the wholeness of the three of the divine will of the Dao and Tao of Earth. The divine ordering of galaxies of the two may trigger endeavors or projects in the life that the couple shares within or with others.


Sometimes the tests are passed up through level four and not beyond in this cycle. The tests of Life Form are very difficult due to the renderous notions of self prevailing in the metaphysical foray of dream today. Sometimes others damage the equinox of the two in group spiritual happenstances of following a leader as a couple. The shattering of the light quotients of one prevent the passing of the test of the Life Form fostering of two who ignite the flames of a galaxy within together. As light is more greatly enhanced upon Earth, passing the tests of Life Form and Strength of Self may be more successful in the era ahead.


Self for divine partnership is fostered as common consciousness that aligns the beliefs, field, dreams and light quotients of the two through time. Divine fostering of the two is both an internal and an external process that aids the balancing of kinesthetics of field. Each must process the internal distress, finding their way to peace about the other partner through time. As one comes to peace within, deeper levels of synthesis are fostered within the two in accord with the Dao and Tao of each archetype. Motions of bliss between the two are a sign of a beautiful inauguration of common consciousness in the self of the self of each. Be blessed. In the lore of Shakti and Shaktar. The Dao and Tao


Mastery Partnership Systems


The two arrive

Into the union

In an apartheid of Self

To foster one

And not two

The two unite

Into a Divine equation

To foster the two

In a superlative partnership

In the Divine ordering

Of the Yin and Yang within

In motions of mirrors

That reflect one another

To be transfused through in care


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