Image of a gigantic orange and black orb weaver spider. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider

5. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider


Blessings of Conscious Dream Weaving


The Spider Kingdom


The Spider Kingdom has always had great respect for Asur’Ana who has persevered upon her path of ascension sometimes through great difficulties. Her intention has been so strong to ascend and to understand the problems of her past ancestry that the dream for the ascent was fulfilled upon nonetheless. This is the power of intention; it has the capacity to mold the dream in a particular direction that allows for ascension in this lifetime.


Ascension and the Good Life


Ascension and the “good life” may be at odds with one another. Humans quite naturally want a good life and wish for “this or that” which is perceived to be a fulfilling experience. In reality, there is little that one’s extensive ancestry has not already experienced from great fame or wealth, to disease, to loving unions of many kinds, to unrequited love or the loss of the beloved; to having children or raising the children of others; to having preoccupations of all kinds associated with human endeavors; to travel or relocation to a new country or region of seeming greater opportunity than “home”; to adventures in nature or upon the battlefield; to deaths of all kinds. There is nothing really that one’s extensive ancestry has not already dreamt many times and experienced.


Some ancestors had the “good life” and generally the lives to follow down the same family tree would then polarize into the “not so good life”, for this is the nature of polarity. Perhaps one in this lifetime is living the good life. If so, one may have little use for this information as the inner quest generally is the result of the “not so good life” or those who feel somehow disappointed in their current experience and expression. Out of the internal disappointment of feeling unfilled, many an initiate’s ascension begins, or so this is so for both Asur’Ana and Per. Neither felt fulfilled in their pre-ascension life experience, and further the choice to ascend brought about shifts that gradually led to a sense of inner fulfillment.


Those experiencing the “not so good life” are in polar counterbalance to ancestors that experienced the “good life” long ago. The good life can be defined as having circumstances go one’s way, whether one has the job or career one wishes for and feels important within, or the loving spouse, or the beautiful family, or any other manifestation that one likes.


As one ascends, one begins to unify the extreme poles. For a time, one may ascend into the “good life” and wish to remain there, and then out of the desire that nothing change and the goodness and sweetness that one now experiences remain, one may cease ascending; or worse yet desire only to ascend the other parts of their life that appeared not so good in one’s judgment. Alas, this has created incomplete ascension many a time in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience as such initiates then schism over karma, parallel lives and ancestral experiences associated with the next phase of ascension in their focus only upon what they desire to work upon. Read more