Image of multicolored waves of blue, turquoise and green. Light Wave Archive #19

Light Wave Archive #19


Not Dreams


Not dreams are a function of dreaming the life. Dreams either are or they are not. Not dreams are a function that prevent dreams from catching upon oneself. Dream nots are a fostering of understanding of self. Self places “not dreams” on dreams that are not a part of the karmic habitat but may manifest. Dreams that are a part of the karmic habitat are renditioned into those that sustain realization only. As karma is forgiven, self will adjust the not dreams to cause difficult to cease to manifest. Nots are a function of dreaming in the current habitat of karma in each life of realization prose incantation from birth.


Mastery leads to realization theory of self. Prose incantations for realization inaugurate self to realize itself into the life. As the life fosters realization, the prose triggers the capacity of self to foster not dreams. Not dreams rendition the dream to foster continued life. Not dreams prevent accidents, illness or other strife too great to foster continued realization. Not dreams are not a part of ascension levels of mastery. Ascension levels of mastery rely upon cessation of difficult habitats if the life is threatened. Beyond ascension mastery, self prevails and not dreams trigger a life of fostering of oneself.


Ascension Mastery versus Self Realization


Fostering oneself is a different life dream and postulation than ascension levels of mastery. Ascension levels of mastery focus upon life and death, light and dark, might and plight and rendition the dreams for forgiveness. Forgiveness leads to a cessation of death, dark and plight in the life.


Ascension is not the same level of mastery as realization of self. Realization of self fosters delight in the life through incantations displacing the plight into the dreaming of oneself. Dreaming plight and living plight are two different habitats of karma. Ascension mastery can live the plight in order to forgive. Realization dreams the plight forgiving and not living the plight. In realizing self, one dreams of the plight and forgive it, and so one does not need to live the plight.


Manipulation of Not Dreams


Not dreams can flow to the wrong individual causing a cessation of a dream that should unfold due to karmic habitat. Manipulation of nots can be renditioned through intention to assure that dreams are fostered as they should given the lore cycle of self. Not dreams on specific dreams of lore cycles can flux the dream to be less than beautiful or difficult even if the karmic habitat calls for an ample or generous dream in the union or in life. Not dreams have become a region of manipulation of self of demonic flavor. Read more