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Light Wave Archive #19


Not Dreams


Not dreams are a function of dreaming the life. Dreams either are or they are not. Not dreams are a function that prevent dreams from catching upon oneself. Dream nots are a fostering of understanding of self. Self places “not dreams” on dreams that are not a part of the karmic habitat but may manifest. Dreams that are a part of the karmic habitat are renditioned into those that sustain realization only. As karma is forgiven, self will adjust the not dreams to cause difficult to cease to manifest. Nots are a function of dreaming in the current habitat of karma in each life of realization prose incantation from birth.


Mastery leads to realization theory of self. Prose incantations for realization inaugurate self to realize itself into the life. As the life fosters realization, the prose triggers the capacity of self to foster not dreams. Not dreams rendition the dream to foster continued life. Not dreams prevent accidents, illness or other strife too great to foster continued realization. Not dreams are not a part of ascension levels of mastery. Ascension levels of mastery rely upon cessation of difficult habitats if the life is threatened. Beyond ascension mastery, self prevails and not dreams trigger a life of fostering of oneself.


Ascension Mastery versus Self Realization


Fostering oneself is a different life dream and postulation than ascension levels of mastery. Ascension levels of mastery focus upon life and death, light and dark, might and plight and rendition the dreams for forgiveness. Forgiveness leads to a cessation of death, dark and plight in the life.


Ascension is not the same level of mastery as realization of self. Realization of self fosters delight in the life through incantations displacing the plight into the dreaming of oneself. Dreaming plight and living plight are two different habitats of karma. Ascension mastery can live the plight in order to forgive. Realization dreams the plight forgiving and not living the plight. In realizing self, one dreams of the plight and forgive it, and so one does not need to live the plight.


Manipulation of Not Dreams


Not dreams can flow to the wrong individual causing a cessation of a dream that should unfold due to karmic habitat. Manipulation of nots can be renditioned through intention to assure that dreams are fostered as they should given the lore cycle of self. Not dreams on specific dreams of lore cycles can flux the dream to be less than beautiful or difficult even if the karmic habitat calls for an ample or generous dream in the union or in life. Not dreams have become a region of manipulation of self of demonic flavor.


Self fosters not dreams to diminish the possibility of dark happenstance of physical demise. Not dreams should rendition over dreams of accidents or pestilence in the life. If not dreams fail to be present, then difficult circumstances can occur. Intending the not dream to be restored unto the dreams of petulance will cause a cessation of the difficult or life threatening occurrence. Self does not realize itself into death or difficulties of physical ailments or accidents or other dreams of travesty. Realization precludes dreams of such great strife that something physical would manifest that prevents further mastery of self.


Self Fosters and Monitors the Not Dreams


Not dreams are a dream cancellation process. Dreams step down in motions over life from the seventh manifestation plane into the physical. Self monitors the dreams, cancelling those that do not serve the continued development of itself through not dreaming. Most dreams fail to manifest through application of not dreaming if are of such great strife that realization cannot continue.


When dreams of strife do manifest, self renditions the not dreams to foster a cessation of the difficulties in the life. Self can become detrimented in some cases leading to the incapacity to cause the not dreams required to sustain the realization. Self that has become detrimented is best recast and retrieved from where it has flowed into the conscious formations of demonic interlude humans.


Demons seek to cause pestilent moments in the life of dragons. One manner of triggering pestilent moments is to foster a manipulation unto the striations of self so that the not dreams cease to affluence darker dream possibilities from cancelling. Dark dreams are generally renditioned into middle road life happenstance that fosters realization of self. Self accolades in sincerity unto the physical to trigger moments of gratitude, abundance, and motions to forgive the difficult encounters of life. Self striations that are lost can fail to provide the motions and notions that lead to non-strife in the physical life happenstance.


Generally, self watches the life to modulate a motion to retain sincere happenstance that fosters the dreams of realization. Realization can have its strife but generally is internal and not a fabrication of the dream of the physical plane. Strife that is internal is a part of the process of realization. Realization postulates the need to understand the darker habitat of karmic circumstance of nemesis with each. Nemesis is a dark exchange that can occur between dragons and demon dreamers in life. Demons are to be forgiven and life then to unfold into magical and beautiful hypothesis of exchanges that work for each. The path of realization causes superlative moments of the divine with each when fostered through forgiveness.


Sometimes demons need to be avoided in order to trigger magical moments in time. Sometimes demons can be renditioned to foster a journey into the sublime. Mastery includes the need to learn to foster demons into the sublime oscillations of self and possibility of dream. Mastering demon encounters is not always the easiest of happenstance within. As self motions the not dreams on dreams of non-sublime encounters of the two or group, the dreams foster magical moments in time. As karmic habitat is forgiven for each demon, the not dreams are placed upon the non-sublime dreams by self altering the course of action into magical moments for each. The magical moments of each is a case specific journey of realization of mastery over dream weaving. Mastering dream weaving is a part of the journey of realization of self.


Dreams are a resource of perseverance for those on the path of realization. Encounters with demons in the non-sublime can be motioned into the sublime through completion of the karmic fabric between the two each day, week or month of continued friendship or partnership. Partners with demons are best revoked and renditioned into friendships to sustain the path of realization. Dragon partnerships are a better resource of union.


Demons will continue to foray for dreams to participate in the life dramas due to karmic habitat. Karma can be settled in friendships or other associations in lieu of demon unions in time. Some demon unions must be transfused through into completion to foster another journey in life.


Karmic Habitat   


Karmic habitat fosters all relationships over time and each experience of life. Karmic habitat fosters work circumstance, regions that one lives or travels, and friendships along with partnership possibilities in the dream of life. Incantations foster the karma to flow as life dreams. Karmic habitat should be a foundation to sustain the life. Karmic habitat can be turned inside out to appear as though it belongs unto another. The life dreams then cascade upon the others rather than oneself along with the incantation. Karmic habitats can be straightened and renditioned to be of the birth nature of self and genetic oscillations of the ancestry.


Karmic habitats are reviewed in Nautilus dreaming and given restitution unto through chambers to un-invert and reinstate what is the rightful inheritance of karma of self. Karma is also a sincere record in the consciousness of oneself. Karmic records within should match the karmic habitat of self. If karmic records within fails to match the karmic habitat of life, a rendition of is required. Karmic habitat renditions can lead to change in the life dream if the variance of threshold is extreme.


Karmic habitat is settled in life circumstance and forgiveness erases the habitat along with the karma within the striations of self. Karmic habitat manipulations are extensive and each chamber of Nautilus dreaming fosters a rendition to the truth of the sustenance of self upon its path. Karmic manipulations can foster illness and pestilence in life. Karma that is not of the habitat cannot erase or be forgiven. Choosing to rendition the habitat will foster what is to be erased or returned to those losing karmic habitat of self. Karma is case specific to each inheritance upon Earth. Karma triggers the lore cycles to be renditioned through as the habitat is forgiven and erased.


Erasure of karma within or karmic habitat is a function of superlative light synthesis in bandwidths that trigger a release when complete. Karmic habitat fosters many kind as well as difficult happenstance depending upon the nature of the motions within. Difficult karma hosts difficult motions within that cause strife. As the notions of strife are forgiven, the motions re-sync and the pestilence subsides in the dream. Motions of pestilence can also be triggered due to difficult motions of the land or difficult nutrition deficiencies in the mindset development of self.


Motions of the land can sometimes be renditioned with support of the ordering of dreams in the region due to dragon pursuits of self. Sometimes land based motions of strife cannot be renditioned and it is best to move into a dragon enclave of self. Dragon enclaves motion sincere notions of non-strife for those realizing self. Dragon enclaves sustain light synthesis transfusion gates of superlative waves that trigger dreams to better align for each.


Karmic habitat that renditions a dragon dreamer to a dragon enclave region is a transfigurative action of self. Self fosters the life habitat to support realization. Self triggers relocations and life changes to serve the karmic habitat of the physical. The life circumstance rearranges to serve each lore cycle of dream fostering the path. Lore cycles shift triggering changes in the karmic habitat can foster relocations, the conclusion of unions or friendships and job changes that serve the continued forgiveness of the life circumstance.


Major Life Changes


Karmic habitat renditions the life in lore cycles of three and a half years. Major change generally occurs following the conclusion of each cycle of fourteen years of continued mastery leading to realization of self. Fourteen-year cycles are a completion rendition of self that fosters another turn in the wheel of karmic habitat fostering major life change. Major life change is not always easy but fosters the understanding of self in its notion to forgive and find compassion for each in the dance of life.


Light synthesis eras speed up time. As time speeds up, karma is concluded earlier than originally dreamed for the life and prior to birth. As time speeds, more lore cycles of major changes may occur to syncopate more realization and completion of other parts of the karmic habitat not activated from birth. Life change and the path of ascension are a common phenomenon for those mastering. Life change can foster quantum shifts in awareness due to the conclusion of difficult life happenstance fostering compassionate action within due to karmic completion. The life is for fostering spiritual evolutionary fulfillment and not other pursuits.


Fulfillment Within


Pursuits of business and wealth preoccupations are not a concern for self. Self motions the dream to provide enough for each fostering realization. Enough will trigger dreams to align in business or other life happenstance to allow the funds to succeed at the realization. Success of realization requires many dreams that foster the expression in the physical. Fostering expression is a part of the dreams of realization. Fostering expression can lead to many superlative experiences over time that relays a flavor of success within.


Fulfillment within is an oscillation of the divine. Fulfillment within is case specific unto each ancestry. Some are fulfilled through dreams of union of the sublime. Others are fostered through dreams of creative expression of self. Others are fostered in dreams that reach out to others to foster themselves. Each has karmic habitat to foster the dreams in a particular direction that leads to the flavor of fulfillment in the expression of self. Self is designed to foster fulfillment within. Self-striations are cast for the suitable flavor of fulfillment of each drawing the dreams that parallel into the life. Self striations can become dandered or manipulated leading to the wrong dreams and a flavor of non-fulfillment over time unless renditioned through aptitude of self.


Not Not Dreams


Not Not dreams are sincere desirous formations to trigger dreams to align with the path of mastery of self. Not not dreams are a renunciation of not dreams. Renunciation of not dreams trigger the dreams to flow in the life suitable to karmic forgiveness and realization of self through not not dreaming. Not not dreams are fostered through self in its sublime desire to see the life foster itself. Not not dreams are often dandered or manipulated in a direction of cessation of purposeful dreaming of self for itself. Not not dreams can be realigned to foster the dreams of life to trigger evolutionary fulfillment to align into the purpose of one’s existence.


The purpose of self is to realize itself. Not not dreams trigger dreams to flow that foster self. Dreams that foster self include aptitude of providing enough upon the physical plane. Dreams of those mastering should be sustainable in notion. Sustainable notions create what is required to support the life at the time that it is required. Dreams are dreamed ahead of time by self to assure that the right motions align at the time that the next level of fostering is to be dreamed. Dreaming in realization is a superlative notion that fosters the life forward in a syncopated rhythm of the divine.


Divine syncopations lead to magical moments in which fulfillment can be experienced and expressed. Fulfillment is a notion that the life serves a purpose and the dreams foster the truth of oneself. Truth of oneself is an expression of the divine. Divine truth fosters understanding through compassion leading to transfusion. Transfusion triggers self to expand into new notions of equality and other superlative mindset. Mindset must develop in the physical for superlative notions to take flight. Superlative notions require visspa mindset development for sustainable dreaming to be witnessed in the life.


Visspa mindset development requires a structure of synapses that are full cherry in formation. Some aspirants realize only in the nonphysical dreams of life without cortex development. Nonphysical realization is not a notion of the divine but an aptitude of forgiveness in ascension level mastery. Physical realization must occur as mindset oscillate in motions that foster compassion and divine understanding in the life. Physical realization of self requires nutrients to foster the mindset to develop amongst those who have ancestral capabilities.


Divine Oscillations       


Divine oscillations cause superlative motions of self. Superlative motions of self foster dreams that are divine to experience and express within and without. Divine moments within can be fostered in nature or with one another. Divine moments require aptitude of light synthesis between parties. Sometimes divine moments are best experienced with nature as light synthesis is fostered through the land. Kingdoms in the wild foster synthesis of light to be experienced amongst humans who sometimes cannot foster superlative moments in time with others. Nature syncopates into divine motions to aid those realizing in mastering truth.


Mastery of truth is a requirement for divine oscillations to unfold. Truth is a sustainable postulation of the meaning of one’s existence. Meaning is fostered through introspection over life happenstance into a sincerity of heart for each in the life experience. Sincerity of heart is a development that leads to divine oscillations of self. Heart motions develop succinctly in ascension mastery. Ascension mastery fosters the action of blessing. Blessing is a motion that precedes divine oscillations of self. Divine oscillations require a level of development of in-flux and out-flux of heart motions that cause sustainability within to be fostered.


Sustainability within is first renditioned into through genetic systems that foster a habitual motion of functional biology. Functional biology causes a system to emerge with minimal wastes. Wastes are recycled within the biological habitat of self. Recyclable wastes lead to a motion of less requirement for nutrients overall. Food resources may rendition down over time to a maximum of one meal per day with certain supplements to sustain the health. Sustainable biology is a blueprint fostered from birth in the choice of DNA in the womb. Those fostering sustainable biology are a mastery level above ascension and into realization of self.


Karmic Habitat for Life


The karmic habitat

Is a sustainable resource

To foster my life

In the fruition of myself

Into a dream of fulfillment

Of the sublime notions

Of the divine

As a dragon dreamer

In a dragon echelon of self

In a dragon estuary

Of a dragon life

In a dragon enclave

To foster the love

Of the love within

To blossom without


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