Image of a lovely blue with gold in the middle flower. Partnership Archive #5

Partnership Archive #5


Tao Not


Sustaining a Superlative Union                 


Tao Not is a loss of inner partnership that is a dream of a relay failure with the Tao of the Tao within. Each is born with an archetype that hosts relays to the Tao counsels of self. Tao relays format the cranium for the mindset development in life. Tao relays foster the heart accolade into a bloom of divine union. Tao relays form an anchoring and light synthesis of the small and large transfusion bodies of self. As Tao relays are lost, so is the development of self at any level of mastery including the 11-11 and 12-12 systems of ascension.


Tao Not is a case of the loss of the relays unto all levels of the field. Relays form in the cortex of the mind, the heart accolade of self, the pelvic accolade of health and the anchoring accolade under the feet. If a Tao Not occurs, the development sometimes rolling back to lower octaves. Sometimes Tao Not’s form and the development appears to carry on for a long time due to the theft of the light infusions and treatments of the Tao of others. Some humans are so good at the thievery of development that karma is incurred that is vast and difficult to surmount post life or in reincarnation cycles to follow. Thievery is a demonic action and not of Tao origins of self.


Demons Running False Developments


Tao Not is not a desirable condition to foster within. Some Tao Nots are forensics actions not of one’s own free will choice. Some Tao Nots are the result of making choices to sever ties to Tao relays from the archetypal sequences that have developed through time. Those choosing to disengage from Tao relays fail their development within and sometimes foster false developments. Those fostering false development are numerous at this time and are due to demons overrunning developments. Demons are not a resource of knowledge to be played with. It is best to forensics all demons out of the circumference of one’s life.


Those developing self must watch Tao relays closely in proximity to others of demon interplay attempting development. The choice to re-infuse the relays is helpful through time. The metaphysical foray is filled with others including teachers or gurus that are non-development demonic interplay that steal development for others or for their own cause. The development goes into a demon pool post death and fails to benefit the initiate fostering the false ascension. False ascension is a 11-11 12-12 and 14-14 phenomenon. Those rising into the 16-16 or 18-18 levels of development foster a forensics that is sustainable offsetting the strife of demon interplay of false ascension forensics.


False ascension is a foray of dream of demons that strip initiates to foster development of something other than human origin of self. The development is fostered to sustain the demon system that is oriented towards destructive capabilities. Destruction is not always a demon focus. Demons vary and were initially cast to sustain life. Through time, demons fell from their original purpose and simulate humans in their destructive capabilities as a nonphysical resource of self. Read more