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Partnership Archive #5


Tao Not


Sustaining a Superlative Union                 


Tao Not is a loss of inner partnership that is a dream of a relay failure with the Tao of the Tao within. Each is born with an archetype that hosts relays to the Tao counsels of self. Tao relays format the cranium for the mindset development in life. Tao relays foster the heart accolade into a bloom of divine union. Tao relays form an anchoring and light synthesis of the small and large transfusion bodies of self. As Tao relays are lost, so is the development of self at any level of mastery including the 11-11 and 12-12 systems of ascension.


Tao Not is a case of the loss of the relays unto all levels of the field. Relays form in the cortex of the mind, the heart accolade of self, the pelvic accolade of health and the anchoring accolade under the feet. If a Tao Not occurs, the development sometimes rolling back to lower octaves. Sometimes Tao Not’s form and the development appears to carry on for a long time due to the theft of the light infusions and treatments of the Tao of others. Some humans are so good at the thievery of development that karma is incurred that is vast and difficult to surmount post life or in reincarnation cycles to follow. Thievery is a demonic action and not of Tao origins of self.


Demons Running False Developments


Tao Not is not a desirable condition to foster within. Some Tao Nots are forensics actions not of one’s own free will choice. Some Tao Nots are the result of making choices to sever ties to Tao relays from the archetypal sequences that have developed through time. Those choosing to disengage from Tao relays fail their development within and sometimes foster false developments. Those fostering false development are numerous at this time and are due to demons overrunning developments. Demons are not a resource of knowledge to be played with. It is best to forensics all demons out of the circumference of one’s life.


Those developing self must watch Tao relays closely in proximity to others of demon interplay attempting development. The choice to re-infuse the relays is helpful through time. The metaphysical foray is filled with others including teachers or gurus that are non-development demonic interplay that steal development for others or for their own cause. The development goes into a demon pool post death and fails to benefit the initiate fostering the false ascension. False ascension is a 11-11 12-12 and 14-14 phenomenon. Those rising into the 16-16 or 18-18 levels of development foster a forensics that is sustainable offsetting the strife of demon interplay of false ascension forensics.


False ascension is a foray of dream of demons that strip initiates to foster development of something other than human origin of self. The development is fostered to sustain the demon system that is oriented towards destructive capabilities. Destruction is not always a demon focus. Demons vary and were initially cast to sustain life. Through time, demons fell from their original purpose and simulate humans in their destructive capabilities as a nonphysical resource of self.


Demonic interplay of self is not a forensics motion that sustains life. Most become ill through time if demonic interplay falsifies development. The demons are uninterested in the human development, only their own cause. They promise many dreams in trade but forensics a motion that in time leads to strife and or disease. The choice to depart is often long and drawn out leading to a system that cannot conclude the life readily. Long and drawn out deaths are another form of suffering to forgive for those sincere to the path of realization of self.


14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 Gates and Self Development        


14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 levels of development are apartheid from false ascension developments. The Tao relays must be succinct within in order to foster the next level of gate threshold and binary encoding associated with self-development above a 12-12 octave. 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 levels of binary encoding are for the purposes of self-development. Self-development precedes self-realization which begins at the 20-30 levels of mastery. Self-realization has many heights of mastery concluding in the 90-90 threshold of binary encoding in this era.


Self-development is an accolade of achievement that is fostered due to the hypothesis for the life. Hypothesis of life form incantations that are fostered in the lore in seven-year cycles. Each hypothesis of incantations is unique unto the life purpose. All hypotheses are drawn upon by the Tao of the archetype of birth to foster the life purpose including ascension into development of self. Tao is the developer of all spiritual masters. Tao development is another fostering that is akin to self-realization but not entirely the same. Tao development occurs in the 40-50 range of binary encoding.


Many un-relay Tao early on in ascension levels of mastery destroying the capacity to develop self. Those choosing for non-mastery often are promised many dreams in life that are desirable. The dreams may or may not be fostered but the possibility of development is lost in the life. Only one out of six master beyond a 12-12 level in this time period. There are many false 12-12 masters who fail to relay in the Tao within to develop further. Tao failed mastery is a deep travesty when it occurs in octaves above this causing much karma.


14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 levels require Tao to foster the self to develop itself through time. Tao relays infuse Dao into the body and field of subtle bodies of self. Tao relays infuse self of the archetype into the striations of light synthesis in the small and large transfusion bodies. Transfusion bodies are a light syncopated rhythm in self-development. Transfusion gates are not a requirement for light synthesis. 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 gate levels are syncopated with nature above 12-12 gates.


Developing a Heart-Mind Accolade Within       


Tao drives the dream of self-development. An inner attunement unto the Tao of the Tao within must develop in the heart accolade of self in the 14-14 gate threshold and above. Inner Tao is a personal experience and fostering of guidance occurring from within the heart-mind relay of self. The heart-mind relay is a development of the 12-12 to 14-14 mastery. If the heart-mind accolade fails to develop, development is halted at a 13-13 level for life. Many develop the mind but not the heart in this time period. There is an aversion to heart development and some choose to dis-synthesize the heart failing to develop a heart-mind accolade within.


Self-development fosters a system of blessing through the heart accolade that develops as a perch and mantle of self. The perch is a forensics motion that triggers deep care of self and the planet. Partnerships aplomb in deep care if each self develops through time as the perch of self forms in each. The mantle of self is an orchestration of consciousness in striations that flow into the heart accolade to foster understanding of the spiritual lessons of life. Two spiritually driven in self-development create an amazing team of realization. Self, Soul and Tao orchestrate the development of the two in syncopated rhythms in the major arcana dreams of fostering mastery in life. There are two partnership arcana’s: The Beloved and The Magician.


12-12 and beneath are Shakti and Shaktar relationship and life lore dreams of ascension levels of development. 14-14 and above bridge into the major arcana lessons of spiritual mastery for self-development purposes. Mastery lore is a forensics motion that descends through the heart accolade of self. The heart mind connection interprets the communication through mind waves that syncopate a rhythm within. Mindset development begins at the 14-14 threshold into thulsa and thessa bandwidths of understanding.


Superlative Partnerships: The Magician and The Beloved Transfusion Lore  


Thulsa and thessa mindset are associated with realization of union lore of self. Union lore of self is an understanding of the principles of a union divine that emerges within through time. Thulsa and thessa mindset allow for superlative notions of self to develop. Superlative partnerships occur with two of thulsa and thessa mindset. Superlative partnerships are beautiful dreams that occur in the 14-14 through 28-28 octaves of development.


Thulsa and thessa mindsets realize in 14-14 to 16-16 gateways of binary encoding. Oska and aliska mindset are developments in the 18-18 to 26-26 levels of gates and encoding. 20-20 through 28-28 levels are encoding for consensus development of understanding the natural world dreams of self to foster itself in a love and care of nature. Oska and aliska understand the love of nature intimately within. The love of the two is a divine happenstance that includes the natural world in its love of the three. The love of the three is a level above superlative partnership and is known as mellifluous levels of development. Mellifluous partnership is a 30-30 level of development within. (Please see “Light Wave Archive #3” and “Light Wave Archive #7” of Light Wave 1: Transfusion for more information on thessa, thulsa, oska and aliska mind waves and consciousness.)


Self-development into superlative language triggers light to align dreams into magical moments in time of the two. The magic is akin to the partnerships fostered in the arcana of The Beloveds and The Magician. Two aligning in superlative rhythms generally share sacred moments together fostering spiritual understanding in adroit equations of care. Superlative notions are thoughts associated with thulsa and thessa mindset. Superlative thoughts include the notion of dream, intention, blessing, and truth.


Superlative Notions and Languages


Superlative notions are fostered by the Tao within who develops the synapses to flux in thulsa and thessa mindset. Synapses grow in semi-cherry formations of three units per group. The units trigger the notions of dream, intention, blessing and truth to emerge as guiding motions fostering the life into compassionate action of self. Self-development fosters compassionate action as a Tao driven dream. Compassionate action is not to be confused with the development of compassion as a 12-12 octave of ascension mastery. Compassionate action is a divine perception of the wholeness and oneness of all that is from which compassionate stances are lived.


Superlative language fosters dream, truth, blessings and intention to drive the lives of the one or two in syncopated rhythms of Tao development of self. Intention fosters the mindset to postulate the dream of the life or an event before the dream is lived so that conscious dream management is mastered. Truth drives the dream forward founded upon the unique habitat of each archetype and the joint habitat of a partnership divine. Truth fosters dreams to align with the Tao of each within. Blessings allow the care to be shared between the two heart accolades fostering the blossoming of self in ten possible systems of light synthesis known as flowers of self. Those apart from partnership often foster the union divine with nature in the flowering of self.


Superlative partnership is also a divine orchestration of deep care for each resource in the nonphysical who participates with the development. There is deep care for those fostering superlative languages and above to foster the nonphysical along with the physical in life. Superlative notions are a blessed region of domain in this time period. One out of eight hundred partnerships are superlative due to a large range of demonic dances of self. Demons sometimes overrun superlative partnerships through friends or family systems of life dreams. It is important for superlative partnerships to protect the dynamics of the two from the destructive forces that can flow through others in close proximity unto self.


Destiny Keys for Self Development


The mastery of the two in superlative notions is generally triggered through difficult happenstance with others that cause strife. As compassion is gained for the circumstance and each involved, the karmic habitat releases. Those triggering strife either align in harmony and truth or fall away from the life proximity as the karmic habitat is forgiven. Compassionate action is a force of forensics to complete the karma through an act of destiny. Each completion hosts a destiny key to foster the forensics of compassionate action to relay a dream of change as the karmic habitat is erased. Destiny keys are case specific to the individuals and the cause and effect. Each destiny key fosters compassionate action within to be mastered.


Destiny is not to be confused with the outcome of the life. Each is born with a hypothesis of the destiny keys to be triggered and cleared as a possibility of dream for the life in forgiveness action of self. Destiny keys in eras of mastery are development oriented. Destiny keys in other eras are mostly for fostering karmic completion without forgiveness theory of self.


There are completion destiny keys for each level of development. Each level of development must first foster completion with the destiny keys for the given octave of mastery prior to rising into the next octave of mastery ahead. New destiny keys arise as another octave of development is fostered. Destiny keys for completion are complex and are fostered through the Tao within at each level of forgiveness of self.


Destiny Keys for Superlative Partnership


Superlative partnership is a destiny key of its own. Those born with the key find one another through time and in lore of mastery arcana. As the lore takes flight, the two enter the partnership as the keys align between the two habitats. Partnership is driven through aligned habitat of karmic fate of self. Superlative partnership hosts destiny keys of the notions of self-development that align between the two. Destiny keys can be lost or flow to another leading to a partnership that fails to be caused. Demonic fanfare is the main cause of lost destiny keys in this time period. It is important for those destined to foster superlative partnerships to recover their destiny keys and launch them with the right partner.


Sometimes destiny keys that have been procured by demonic forces can cause a partnership to emerge in which the superlative notions cannot be mastered in one. The partnership becomes one of a real evolutionary fulfillment in one and a failed development in the other. Sometimes the partnership can masquerade for a time as successful in the development of both. If the union remains for the long term, one partner generally becomes ill. The forensics of the one mastering triggers a forensic over-reaction in the other leading to the development of disease. The partnership concludes either in a separation or in a loss through death.


Sincere superlative unions in which each are mastering are a sacred forensic motion all of their own. The union is divine and triggers magical moments in time that recur through the years. Mellifluous partnerships sometimes are transfused into to follow. Two in mellifluous union trigger other patterns to be evolved through in time fostering the union of the three that includes the natural world habitat to foster another level of flowering of self. The nature of mellifluous unions shall be spoken to ahead.


The Mellifluous Union


I am the beauty

Of the forensics motion

In a union sublime

In a dream of the two

Of the fostering

Of mellifluous notions

In realization of Self

In a system of life

That aligns the truth

Of the Dao and Tao within

Into a syncopated rhythm

Of development

Of the Self of the Self

Of each


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