Image of a wonderful pinyon tree. Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension

23. Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension


From the Pinyon Tree Kingdom


It is the Pinyon Trees that address you today, and all varieties that produce pine cones with pine nuts. Many of you enjoy your pine nuts in Mediterranean dishes or as oil that is useful to the treatment of ulcers. Pine nuts have been enjoyed in ancient times when the towering trees produced pine cones the size of a football or larger, and nuts the size of brazil nuts in present time.


Crystalline Nodes of the Nervous System


Pine nuts are filled with protein in larger amounts than most other nuts, along with pine resin and oils useful to the digestive system. Enjoying pine nuts in one’s meal every few weeks is also a good ascension food as the fatty acids are useful to the development of crystalline nodes in the nervous system. It is the nodes that transfer chi from one part of the nervous system to the other allowing for stimulation that causes unity-based thoughts and physical movement, along with energizing the entire body for regeneration and continued ascension.


Often if the nodes of the nervous system only partially form in the ascent, a shaking of the body results as the energy skips and jumps down the nerves to the muscles. This is not Parkinson’s disease but resembles it in some ascending initiates that have extreme scarring of the nervous system. Although due to deterioration of the nerves in older age, the same symptoms develop in relation to this disease. For those suffering from shaking in the physical in the ascent due to scarring of the nervous system, consuming pine nuts each week will allow the region to self-heal by providing the necessary nutrients to develop crystalline nodes. Those who are ill from Parkinson’s disease may also discover the opportunity to self-heal through ascension and aid this goal in the consumption of pine nuts.


Pine trees in general assist Earth in holding the void or infinite dreams of all possibilities that could be experienced upon Earth. Those trees that produce pine nuts infuse the dream into the physical through the consumption of the nuts. It is for this reason that the Grand Masters who were seeded upon Terra (Earth) from Sirius brought with them four varieties of pine trees that produced cones with pine nuts. These four varieties have diversified over time but are found in China, Europe, North America and Mexico primarily today.


Attuning to Terra’s Dream with the Language of Light


The pine nuts were originally used by the Grand Masters to make tinctures and oils that they occasionally consumed to retain their dream weaving capabilities, and attune to the infinite dream of all possibilities around them. Then in choosing the dream out of all that is infinitely possible, the Grand Masters were to assist in leading Terra into an era of ascension and evolution “home” ahead. Read more