Image of a wonderful pinyon tree. Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension

23. Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension


From the Pinyon Tree Kingdom


It is the Pinyon Trees that address you today, and all varieties that produce pine cones with pine nuts. Many of you enjoy your pine nuts in Mediterranean dishes or as oil that is useful to the treatment of ulcers. Pine nuts have been enjoyed in ancient times when the towering trees produced pine cones the size of a football or larger, and nuts the size of brazil nuts in present time.


Crystalline Nodes of the Nervous System


Pine nuts are filled with protein in larger amounts than most other nuts, along with pine resin and oils useful to the digestive system. Enjoying pine nuts in one’s meal every few weeks is also a good ascension food as the fatty acids are useful to the development of crystalline nodes in the nervous system. It is the nodes that transfer chi from one part of the nervous system to the other allowing for stimulation that causes unity-based thoughts and physical movement, along with energizing the entire body for regeneration and continued ascension.


Often if the nodes of the nervous system only partially form in the ascent, a shaking of the body results as the energy skips and jumps down the nerves to the muscles. This is not Parkinson’s disease but resembles it in some ascending initiates that have extreme scarring of the nervous system. Although due to deterioration of the nerves in older age, the same symptoms develop in relation to this disease. For those suffering from shaking in the physical in the ascent due to scarring of the nervous system, consuming pine nuts each week will allow the region to self-heal by providing the necessary nutrients to develop crystalline nodes. Those who are ill from Parkinson’s disease may also discover the opportunity to self-heal through ascension and aid this goal in the consumption of pine nuts.


Pine trees in general assist Earth in holding the void or infinite dreams of all possibilities that could be experienced upon Earth. Those trees that produce pine nuts infuse the dream into the physical through the consumption of the nuts. It is for this reason that the Grand Masters who were seeded upon Terra (Earth) from Sirius brought with them four varieties of pine trees that produced cones with pine nuts. These four varieties have diversified over time but are found in China, Europe, North America and Mexico primarily today.


Attuning to Terra’s Dream with the Language of Light


The pine nuts were originally used by the Grand Masters to make tinctures and oils that they occasionally consumed to retain their dream weaving capabilities, and attune to the infinite dream of all possibilities around them. Then in choosing the dream out of all that is infinitely possible, the Grand Masters were to assist in leading Terra into an era of ascension and evolution “home” ahead.


Alas, the pine nuts attuned the Grand Masters to a Sirian dream and not a dream of Terra. Therefore, there was much in the dream that the Grand Masters observed that was not pertinent to Earth; and there was much that they failed to perceive in Terra’s dream that in the end caused their demise. Perhaps if they had discovered pine nuts from trees indigenous unto Earth, all would have been well and they would have attuned to the dream of Terra in lieu of Sirius. Alas, Terra has no native trees that produce pine nuts, however over time our kingdom has learned to attune to Terra and not Sirius. Therefore, in present time we offer access to the dreams of Earth via the consumption of our nuts. This shift occurred over time and as we lost touch with Sirius as she ascended to another dimension of thoughtform.


We are sad as a species that we could not attune to the dream of Terra earlier in time and then have been of greater assistance to the Grand Masters in perceiving what they required in order to fulfill upon the dream of ascension. Our language was different from Terra’s and it took us 9,000 years as you calculate time to absorb enough of her minerals as a species to then understand her unique language.


Now all languages are being modified to a single series of tones that all kingdoms may understand to allow for the conclusion of miscommunication and misperception in Terra’s dream. This is the import of the Language of Light, and each that learns this language in the ascent will also be able to communicate with nature in ease and through one’s own holographic thought patterns. This then also ends the lack of communication between Terra and the human species, and over time will cause humans to learn to live in resonance and in a dream that nature casts for humanity.


Natural World Dream for Humanity


Nature is holding a dream for humans that are ascending to survive the coming times of difficulty ahead as many retract from the physical plane as they cannot evolve enough to carry on with Earth into the Great Central Sun dream. The dream we are holding is for a sharing of resources so that all may subsist, including humans living next to other kingdoms in the natural world. This is not to say that you will not have your own dwellings; however, we perceive a new dream for tree house type dwellings in tropical regions, and underground and partially above ground dwellings in colder regions.


The tree house will retain enough coolness through the movement of air for comfort when fans and electricity that energizes them disappears; and the underground dwelling will create enough warmth in colder regions when heating mechanisms other than fire cease to exist. Fire will still be used for cooking and warmth in either climate, especially on rainy days in the tropics or snow or heavy rain in colder climates; and so, fireplaces in each dwelling are anticipated. Also, hot tubs for bathing and these too can be heated by fire or by natural hot springs if available upon the land that humans reside.


The dream that nature is holding for humanity also holds a deep connection to Terra and the land that each community resides. Much time will be spent planting and tending to the garden along with harvesting and preparing delicious meals. Through the foods and through the land, humans will hear the guidance that they require to continue to release karma to ascend, and receive the nutrients necessary to ascend into fully conscious biology and beyond.


Greenhouses will be constructed to provide fresh vegetables year-round in colder climates; there will be the means of continuing to create glass as humans have done so without electricity for hundreds of years now. The glass blowers will blow the glass necessary to create the greenhouse into future times so that there are enough provisions in each community.


Human Technology Resonant with Earth Are Allowed


There may be other forms of power that develop ahead that are easy to carry on with as civilization breaks down. Asur’Ana and Per are intending this as they perceive that it will make it easier upon the coming generations of ascending children ahead to stay warm and be provided for. The natural world dream and all kingdoms therein have no problem with human technology as long as it is resonant with Earth and does not destroy her eco systems.


Per and Asur’Ana perceive now the possibility of the development of power from hydrogen as broken off from water which creates a fuel that works with most combustion type engines without any emissions. This dream Terra can support the development of and so it is her intent that humans move from the use of gasoline to hydrogen in the coming decade. The equipment developed will also provide generators as well as transportation ahead for future generations so that all may be energized as needed.


Electricity will dwindle and magnetism will prevail. In some countries such as Sweden and Norway that are under massive magnetic pulsations from the core of Earth, electrical outages are becoming more frequent, sometimes for several hours or more each day in certain regions. Trains stop and power goes out in homes and businesses alike. Over time, all electricity will become very unreliable as the magnetism increases upon Earth and this is anticipated to occur in the coming 25 years ahead.


There is the possibility of developing magnetic energy that is rotational and requires no electricity at all. Per read about an engine built that continues to run as long as it receives heat. The heat could be produced in the combustion of hydrogen providing a harmless form of transportation or machines for other purposes, such as washing the dishes, or pumps to allow for running water in human dwellings, or simple machines to prepare your foods such as food processors. You see nature has no problem with any of this as long as it is harmless unto Terra.


Humans upon the spiritual path require more time for inner introspection. Having machines that can wash the dishes or turn the soil or even gather a harvest and aid in the cooking of the food will leave time for the inner work that ascension and the spiritual path require. Therefore, the natural world is willing to support a dream of a certain level of technology into the future that humans can rely upon as creature comforts in support of the spiritual path of each. Terra is making available a dream for the greater commercial development of such forms of power that are harmless unto her in the coming quarter century to better support and sustain ascending children and humans ahead.


Over time humans will not require consumption of any food source as photonic biology is ascended into. This is a long way ahead and will take upwards of 300 years to accomplish; and so, humans will require their gardens and kitchens for a long time to come to provide the nutrients that each leg of ascension is in need of in the physical. The plant kingdom is holding a dream to evolve along with humanity and provide the missing nutrients to ascend into photonic biology, gradually and through each subsequent generation born ahead. Over time, the single lifespan of humans will also become far longer with much more ascension occurring in the given life, allowing for the transformation of the thoughtform of Terra to go along with the evolving human awareness.


Returning to Fully Conscious Biology


Humans as a fully conscious species direct the thoughtform in the ascent; Terra therefore requires humans to do what they were designed to do, which is direct creational thoughtform for the purposes of evolution Home. This too is a dream that the natural world is holding for humanity; for humans to evolve to such a state, and over time, this type of fully conscious human will be the only remaining human upon Earth. This is the dream that the Pinyon Tree Kingdom perceives ahead for humanity.


Those map carving the early levels of ascension in present time will allow your species to attune to another bandwidth of thoughtform causing civilization to cease to war and find peace and unity together; this is the main present time goal of Terra in relation to human evolution. This year, 15 maps were carved to Bodhisattva among all ascending initiates worldwide. There are 18 additional maps to be carved ahead that will allow for Bodhisattva level children to be born. As the incoming children are born at this level, they will not hold electrical thoughtform and will be harmless.


This will cause a dream to become dominant that is harmless for the entire human species. The harmless human dream will then redirect humanity into a peaceful new era ahead, where war will cease and settlement through negotiation shall prevail. It is anticipated that 100,000 children of this nature are required to be born to redirect the human dream; and another 1 million births to this level to trigger the next phase of path to fully conscious biology to be mapped. The 1.1 million Bodhisattva children are anticipated to enter the world in the coming 25 years beginning in 2019.


The map to full consciousness will begin to be carved as the map to Bodhisattva is completed upon for all possible lineages and inheritances. This, Asur’Ana and Per along with all ascending initiates are going to also tackle in the decades ahead; for although one map may be complete, there is the next map to be carved to follow to assure ascension of the whole and a return journey to full consciousness. It is not only humans that must return to fully conscious biology however, but each animal and bird kingdom is also destined to restore full consciousness. As the animal and bird kingdoms restore full consciousness, they will redirect the plants and land to also restore full consciousness in their own biology.


Fully Conscious Trees and Lands


What is a fully conscious tree like? What is fully conscious land like? This may be interesting to ponder. We, the Pinyon Tree Kingdom, can recall fully conscious life inside the Great Central Sun. Although some may think that this includes movement such as human’s or animal’s capacity to roam the physical plane, this was not so to trees even inside the Great Central Sun. Mostly what we perceive is that full consciousness allowed us to direct the energy of Terra in far more complex movements and commands.


At this time, trees have a simple upward movement that presses the density off Terra and out into the solar system. This is all we recall of a very complex series of movements that once sustained Terra at a much higher frequency. The lost energetic movements will be regained as we too ascend into full consciousness, and this shall provide the movement necessary for Terra to ascend more fully into the Great Central Sun dream, and return to non-physicality, and then ascend Home to the Tao.


Fully conscious land was once made up of tiny minerals that each contributed to a rainbow of tones and movements of sound that held Terra’s frequency. The land shall restore its shape and energy flow over time as it too masters full consciousness. In a fully conscious state, nothing decays, nothing dies, and all modalities of birth, death and rebirth cease. This too the new fully conscious land will support so that the plants, trees, animals, and humans living upon the land also sustain their existence without death. At this time, Per, Asur’Ana and fully conscious initiates will attest to this, little supports the rise in vibration that they have agreed to map make; and so, they are forced to create movements of energy that are five to one hundred times stronger than if the land and trees were already fully conscious.


Although the mountains in some regions are verging on fully conscious vibration, this is far different from having each component incarnate upon the land along with the land itself having risen to a fully conscious state of being. One can liken the difference to having a constant drag upon the field, much like ascending humans living in the density of the city. The plants and animals at 3,000 to 6,000 segments pull heavily upon the mountain at 36,000 DNA segments or full conscious vibration, and this then is non-supportive of the mountain.


Alas the mountain cannot move like the human can move out of the city into the countryside where they are better supported in the continued ascent. The mountain much like fully conscious initiates must create movements that are thousands of times stronger to continue to press Terra upwards in vibration in her continued global evolutionary path.


Where do the movements that are so strong and work to sustain ascension come from? The movements come from the Tao and its vast wisdom and understanding of all creations held in over 150 contraction cycles recorded to date. As movements from other creations in the Tao are applied to Terra and fully conscious initiates’ ascensions, they carry forward when the drag of the density of the whole would prevent this otherwise.


This is no easy task and sometimes leads to shattering and vast discord in the field of each; until the rotation is perfected and modified to do what it is to do; which is allow Terra, fully conscious initiates, and all other humans in the Inner Earth, and in the fourth dimension to carry on in their ascensions. We honor each that is choosing this path as a result as it is a difficult path given all that works to press and compress the field down rather than support and sustain the field in its choice to expand.


Commit to Your Inner Journey of Transformation


We invite those who are ascending to commit to your internal journey of transformation. Commitment is problematic for some initiates in our own observation who allow distractions to take them from the time necessary to go inward and listen; listen to the kingdoms, listen to Mother Earth, listen to your ancestors and listen to your Oversoul. Intend to give away the television and unsubscribe from the newspaper and unneeded magazines and find the time to go inward each day.


Some may say, “I hear nothing”. Listen in your mind and if you hear thoughts of any kind, you can hear the nonphysical. Different nonphysical forces send their thoughts on variant wavelengths or bandwidths of vibration. If you are hearing negative thoughts or thoughts of entities that do not know much and cannot guide you, you are attuning to the lower denominator of thoughts available upon Earth at this time.


Intend to tune up your focus to hear the thoughts of your ancestors. Now listen. What do you hear? Intend to tune up your focus to the nature kingdoms, perhaps one kingdom in particular that you resonate with or experience frequently in the physical. Now what do you hear? Ask a question of your ancestors. Now what do you hear? Ask a question of your nature guardians. Now what do you hear? Now tune up yet again and to the frequencies that Terra speaks upon. What do you hear? Ask a question and listen. Now tune up again and intend to listen to your Oversoul. Now what do you hear? Ask a pertinent question for your life experience and see what the response is. Asur’Ana learned to do this long ago and was so amazed at the responses that she knew that she was not listening to herself.


If you struggle to hear the kingdoms as you have not mastered the Language of Light yet, ask your ancestors to bridge the communication from nature and Earth or your Oversoul into one you can understand. Mastery over the Language of Light is not always as easy as one may think as there is a requirement to break down the old thoughtform and patterning in order to integrate the new; and this requires a willingness to let go of the old and bridge into a new foundation. Therefore, until a time when one has mastered the Language of Light, one can request that the ancestors create a bridge for the communication between body, Soul, Earth and Nature.


Be aware that there are many tricksters within the vibrations that humanity sits within. Sometimes the tricksters will emulate ancestors, Soul, Earth or Nature. How do you discern the difference? Listen to what they have to say. If what is said is judgmental towards self or another or non-helpful to the release of karma through forgiveness, then it is not sincerely coming from the source you believe it to be. If this occurs, go into nature; take a walk in the woods, or by the sea, or by the lakeside or through the meadow; and purge what has been communicating with you and then request that the land and nature kingdoms nearby provide a gateway for real communication that is supportive of ascension with your real ancestors and nature kingdoms.


The pine trees in particular have agreed to assist humans in clarifying the field of forces that are non-supportive of real ascension. The agreements to foster human ascension lie not only with your species, but also with Mother Earth. Therefore, you can attune to us anytime you are struggling and we will vie to provide the clarity you are seeking so that you may understand your spiritual lessons in the physical. It is only in the understanding of the spiritual lessons that forgiveness can be born; and it is only as forgiveness is born that real ascension can take off. Therefore, we invite you to come and commune with us frequently.


Experiencing the Love Within


We also offer the experience of the love of Terra so that each ascending human may begin to bridge into a state of communion. The love of Terra is a powerful force that can heal wounds of the heart and physical alike. Before one can receive her love however, generally one must forgive your ancestors for how they have harmed Terra over time. Often the guilt that initiates carry about the harm of Earth is great. Understand that nothing that your ancestry ever perpetrated is beyond the forgiveness of nature or Terra; and all that is really required is forgiveness of self.


As you forgive yourself, then the possibility of restoring the love of the Earth and the movement of energy that this creates between the body, Soul, and Earth for the physical vessel becomes possible. The movement of the love of Earth is necessary to the regeneration of the biology along with complete ascension into the crystalline structure. Therefore, the Pinyon Tree Kingdom invites each reading this book to focus upon healing the ancient wounds between your ancestry and Terra. The rewards will be great as the heart heals and opens to experiencing love from within.


Once love is experienced from within, no one can take away the love in one’s heart. There is no lover or friend or partner that can reject you and diminish the love that lies within. As this comes to be so, then there need be no fear of loving again. Love is an integral part of the awakening of the human species; for humans have fallen into such loveless-ness that they have become diseased, war upon one another, abuse, torture, maim, deprive, starve and hate as well as kill one another. In order to emerge out of such a state of being, a restoration of love is required.  This can only occur if love becomes an internal state of being first.


Once one knows that one is loved from within, then one can share the love with others and allow then the relationships one has to heal if they are discordant. Apply love and everything in the life changes; but if there is no love within, then really there is no love to apply and then nothing changes. Therefore, love must be discovered within before there is love to apply to the life dance. This is the first goal also of Terra surrounding human ascension; that all humans must learn to love as love is the key to the gateway into the Great Central Sun Dream. All who do not love will perish in the coming times of cleansing ahead as a result.


Learning to love, opening the heart, and finding the love within is perhaps the single most important focus of anyone that chooses the path of ascension at this time in history. As you master love beloved, then so will all others master love that are related unto you and born as ascending children to enter the world ahead. This is how you and your future ancestors will make it into the Great Central Sun dream and carry on with Earth in her continued global ascension ahead. Not all are destined to carry on with Terra.


Most are destined to go elsewhere as consciousness and carry on as they are not ready to love, or have foreign biology that cannot love with the language that they host in this creation. Therefore, those carrying on with Terra are few and far between; however, over time you will find one another and co-create communities founded upon love and ascension in the times ahead. This also is a dream that the tree kingdom holds for the human species to evolve into; the development of loving communities where unity and peace can be born.


Before such communities can even begin to be gathered, love must be ignited within each that chooses to join such communities. Even one that does not love out of one hundred gathered will create such discord that many will become diseased and die needlessly. The only way to allow harmlessness to prevail in group relations is if all learn to love, open the heart, and then out of a state of love, co-create an energy flow that is supportive and sustains each upon the physical plane.


We leave you with these thoughts. Please call upon our kingdom by ingesting pine nuts to heal the digestive system, nervous system as well as attune to the possible dreams that one may weave that sustains one’s ascension in the times ahead. Please also join us in the woods and take a walk in our presence, seeking inward for the guidance we may offer for your continued evolutionary journey home.


Self Massage to Support and Sustain Ascension


Asur’Ana has learned to support and sustain her ascension from the physical plane. She has written extensively of the need to detoxify the body daily through baths and provide mild exercise in the form of a gentle walk or swim to support and sustain ascension. Mud packs of French green clay or bentonite (white clay) are useful once per week to stimulate regeneration of the entire body. Salt scrubs at the end of each shower also stimulate regeneration of the skin and detoxification through the pores.


The Pinyon Tree Kingdom would like to offer up another massage exercise that will cause regeneration of the entire body by stimulating the meridian trigger points. These points are triggered also in having a weekly mud bath; however, sometimes mud can be very drying to the skin, especially in dryer climates without much water element. So, we offer up another solution that will also moisturize the skin while it stimulates the trigger points of the meridians.


Ascending humans at 3,000 segments have 18 meridian trigger points in the front of the body and 18 in the back. Those ascending beyond this and to 6,000-9,000 segments have double the meridian trigger points or 36 in the front and 36 in the back. These points when united into a single energy flow will cause regeneration of the entire body. This exercise therefore is a good weekly treatment to give unto yourself, or more often in the event of feeling flu like symptoms or illness. In triggering regeneration, the body will rise beyond the patterning at cause of the flu or cold and this will then lead to a recovery.


Regeneration Massage


We recommend using oil for this massage that does not clog the pores of crystalline skin and can be easily absorbed overnight. We recommend doing this massage before retiring for sleep. It is in resting the body that the physical more readily regenerates. The massage will trigger all the points to begin the regeneration process and then sleep will do the rest. You will awaken feeling refreshed and regenerated.


Apricot, avocado, jojoba or grape seed oils are recommended for this massage, or some combination of the above as preferred. You can add essential oils (20 drops per 8 ounces of oil, 10 drops for 4 ounces). We recommend chamomile, petitgrain and lavender for a soothing formula (7 drops each per 8 ounces of oil); or jasmine and ylang ylang for a dry skin formula (10 drops each per 8 ounces of oil). For oily or skin prone to acne or breakouts, we recommend tea tree and lavender in grape seed oil only (12 drops lavender and 6 drops tea tree in 8 ounces of grape seed oil). The massage will require a bath brush (wood and natural bristles recommended). If you are doing the massage upon yourself, you will require a brush with a long handle so that you can stroke your own back.


Regeneration Face Massage


We recommend a 45-minute hot bath to begin the regeneration massage. Before you enter the bath, you can start by giving yourself a short regeneration massage for the face. If you are doing this with a partner, each can massage one another’s face before entering the bath. The face massage also can be done nightly before retiring if you wish and will assist in minimizing fine lines and will create lovely clear crystalline complexion over time.


First cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser and washcloth. Take a small amount of the blended massage oil from the above recipes upon your fingers. Begin by making small rotational strokes starting from the left temple, over the forehead and to the right temple. Sweep from the left to the right over the forehead in a rotational manner five times. Add a little more oil to the fingers. Now sweep from the center of the forehead down the nose and around the lips five times.


Add a little more oil and brush the left eyebrow five times gently from the nose to the temple. Do the same for the right eyebrow five times from the nose to the temple. Now add a little more oil to your fingertips and brush the left eyelid (eyes closed) from the nose to temple five times. Now add a little more oil to the fingertips and brush the right eyelid gently from the nose to temple five times. Now add a little more oil to the finger tips and brush each under eye gently five times from the nose to the temple.


Now add a little more oil to the fingertips and create a circle motion massaging the left temple and down the jaw tracing the jaw line to the chin. Repeat this five times. Add a little more oil and create the same pattern five times beginning at the right temple down the jaw to the chin. Then add a little more oil and create a circular motion massaging the right cheekbone from the nose to the temple five times. Then add a little more oil and create a circular motion massaging the left cheekbone from the nose to the temples five times. To complete, add a little more oil and massage the center of each cheek, right and left, five times. You can also massage under the jaw and neck line with a little oil in circular motions until all skin has been stroked five times.


You can leave the oil upon the face and neck for the time of your bath, and then with a hot wash cloth you can remove the excess oil before going on to massage the rest of the body. The face will turn pink as the blood is triggered to come to the surface by the oil and gentle massage strokes. The face may also pulse following the massage which is a sign that the four to eight trigger points have been stimulated in this region of the body.


Regeneration Massage in the Bath


We recommend that you also include a hot bath before the body massage. The bath will open the pores and clear the toxins before regeneration is stimulated. Add a hand full of salt to the bath along with a hand full of clay to maximize the amount of toxins pulled through the pores of the skin. We recommend that the bath last at least 30 to 45 minutes.


While in the bath, we recommend that women massage the inside of their yoni (vaginal area) and mons pubis gently with your fingertips. There are eighteen regeneration glands that develop just under the labia minor and nine others under the mons pubis in ascension to 3,000 segments. For men, we recommend that you massage your scrotal sac and mons pubis as well as this is where the regeneration glands grow in the male of your species. As you massage the glands, it will trigger the body to release the hormones necessary for cellular regeneration.


For both men and women, we recommend that you massage each hand and foot while in the bath as well to stimulate the flow of chi up each meridian that originates in the hands or feet. Also massage the cranium with your fingertips to stimulate the ascending meridians in this region of domain. Asur’Ana created 3 lovely diagrams (found at the end of this chapter) of the meridian entry points for the hands, feet, and cranium. Pay attention to any part of the hand, foot or head that hurts as you press upon it as this is a sign that the meridian associated is blocked or stuck. If any region hurts, intend that the meridian open and focus chi through the region until it ceases to hurt.


Regeneration Body Self Massage


Dry yourself off from the bath with a nice towel. If you are doing the massage yourself, take a tablespoon of oil or more and spread it between your two hands and anoint the entire body, beginning with the bottom and top of the feet, calves, knees and legs; then the pelvis and buttocks; then the torso, breasts, middle back and arms. Add more oil as needed. You can do this while sitting on the side of the bed.


Then take the natural bath brush in your hand and stroke the bottom of each foot from the heel to the toes ten times. Then brush the front of each leg from the foot to the knee five times, and then brush the back of the calf from ankle to the knee five times. Then brush the front of each thigh from the knee to the hips five times followed by the back of the thigh, also brushing from the knee to the buttocks five times, working your way around the leg so that all the skin is equally stimulated.


Then while standing up, brush the entire buttocks from bottom to top five times, working your way from the left side to the right. Then brush the front of the hips to the shoulders five times, working your way from the left side to the right so that all skin is stimulated. Then brush the arms from the fingertips to the shoulder five times; and then under the arms from the hands to the underarms also five times.


Then place the handle upon the bath brush and brush the back from lower to upper five times, working your way from left to right, and until all skin upon the back has been stimulated. Then lay down. You might like to have some candles burning along with incense you like, and some soft music to listen to as you rest.


The brushing stimulates the oil upon the skin to unite the meridian trigger points causing the entire body to pulsate. You may notice that your heart rate increases for 30 to 45 minutes following the brush massage and that there is more blood flowing to the surface of the skin. This is a sign that all pulse points have been triggered to cause the regeneration chakras to spin up and allow regeneration in the physical to be triggered. As the heart rate goes down, the regeneration chakras will slow down enough that you will fall into a deep sleep. Deep rest is the best way for the body to regenerate all its cells in the act of ascension.


Regeneration Body Massage Between Partners


Following the bath, have the first partner lay face down upon the bed. Anoint the entire back of the body with the oil as needed from the feet to the shoulders and arms and everything in between.


Take the brush in your hand. Brush the bottom of each foot from heel to toes ten times. Then brush the back of each leg from ankle to thigh five times working your way from the left to the right so that all the skin is equally stimulated. You need not press hard upon the brush as light strokes will be adequate to stimulate the trigger points along the skin.


Then brush the buttocks from thigh to lower back, working your way from left to right and five times until all the skin of the buttocks has been equally stimulated. Then brush the back from just above the buttocks to the shoulders, working your way from left to right and five times until all skin upon the back has been equally stimulated. Then brush each arm from the hands to the shoulders also five times until stimulated.


Have the partner turn over. Anoint the entire front side of the body with the oil as needed from feet to the shoulders and under the arms. Again, begin with the legs brushing the front five times from foot up through the thigh, covering all sides from left to right and stimulating all skin in this region. Then brush the torso in single sweeps from the hips through the shoulders, working your way from left to right five times stimulating all skin in the region.


Last you will brush the underarms from hands to underarm five times on each side, and then change places allowing the other partner to anoint and brush your body. The brushing stimulates the oil upon the skin to unite the meridian trigger points causing the entire body to pulsate. When you are done, you can lie down and listen to a little soft music and rest until the heart rate and blood pressure calms down enough to go into a deep sleep. You will find that the oil has been absorbed by the skin in a few hours.


Hair and Scalp Massage


Once per week, giving crystalline hair a hot oil treatment and the scalp a gentle massage is a wonderful way to stimulate regeneration of the hair and hair follicles. Avocado oil is the most recommended for the hot oil hair treatment. You will need a plastic shower cap to cook the hair. Essential oils are not recommended for the treatment itself but for the rinse to leave a nice smell to the soft and conditioned hair.


Place a little avocado oil upon the tips of your fingers first and gently massage the scalp, from the occipital region to the top and side to side five times. The massage will trigger the pulse points of the cranium to aid in the regeneration of the hair follicles and color glands. Following the massage of the scalp, place a tablespoon or two of the avocado oil into the palms of your hands and rub together and then lavish upon the hair working the oil from the scalp to the ends, using more as needed depending upon length of hair. Roll the hair up on top of the head and cover with a shower cap. Cook for 30-45 minutes or longer. You can crawl into a nice hot bath while the hair cooks if you like adding this to the above treatment for a full head to toe regeneration effect.


When you are complete with the cooking (the heat generated by the shower cap will open the cuticles so that the hair shaft can absorb the oil), shower and wash the hair with your favorite gentle shampoo (preferably organic). Do not condition. Instead, for the last rinse, add 20 drops essential oil of jasmine and 20 drops ylang ylang to a pitcher of hot water and rinse through the hair to leave a beautiful scent therein. Allow the hair to air dry.


Hand Meridians in PDF


Feet Meridians in PDF


Head Meridians in PDF


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE


Hand MeridiansFeet MeridiansHead Meridians


This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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