Image of a path through a vibrantly green forest. Psychology of You #3

Psychology of You #3


The Living Play of You


Learning to Dream in Light Wave Synergy


The happiness of my life unfolding

Is a fortuitous occurrence that flows

In dreaming in light wave synergy

In a play of my own stage production

As an actor or actress of myself

In the drama of my heart

And not the groin of myself

In the love of spirit

And the love of soul

In a dream of peace and merriment

In a sway of beauty through time

In the love of each of my soul family

As the other actors and actresses of my life


Dreaming Your Life in Light Wave Synergy: The Love of the Stage Play of You


You are a stage play all of your own making. The stage play of you hosts many actors and actresses that play the variant roles portrayed in the people in your life. The roles vary between light, medium, and dark light or non-light motions that cascade the experiences that each witnesses and expresses through time. Those dreaming in bright light foster dreams of magic and nuances of joy in which everything aligns in their favor more of the time than not. Those dreaming in medium light foster a mix of some joyful nuances and encounters and some sour experiences through time. Those dreaming in dim light cause dreams of depression or sourness more of the time than not. Those in non-light dream the darkest of possibilities of living nightmares in the physical.


The cast of characters in your life if you are a mastery level human incarnate in this time period generally align into a wheel of possibility of those actresses and actors expressing some bright light dreams, many medium light dreams, many dim light dreams, and one non-light dreamer that causes a nightmare in polarity associations with one another through time. You are a wheel of characters all of your own to experience in this life with the actors and actresses upon the stage play of you through time.


The bright light, medium light, dim light and non-light assume four positions around you. You are also propelled often between bright, medium and dim light dreams but not the non-light systems in this cycle. This is to preserve your life as the nightmare system of dreaming might conclude your life span in an early death. This is a gift of the planetary Tao this cycle that witnesses the darkest of dreams cascading over humans over the past eight centuries.


Fostering Dreams in Rays of Light


Bright light is fostered as a cascade of rays that are pure. Pure rays are translucent and un-festered in their overtones of color and call very joyful dreams unto you. Medium light hosts seventy percent pure rays and thirty percent impure rays. Impure rays are hazy in stature of color and draw some sour dreams into the life dance. Dim light hosts thirty percent pure rays and seventy percent impure rays that foster haze overall drawing mostly sour dreams unto you. Non-light hosts one hundred percent impure rays causing haze to blaze leading to a nightmare through time. As you learn light motion of field, the haze can be purified in medium and dim systems of rays. As such, those light motioning can begin to purify your dreams into beautiful nuances more of the time than not with some of your associations. Read more