Image of organic vegetables harvested from a garden. Blessings for Self Sustainability-Creating an Ascending Garden

21. Blessings for Self Sustainability: Creating an Ascending Garden


From the Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Kingdoms


It is the Vegetable, Fruit, Nut Kingdoms that wish to speak today. We wish to share a little more about what is called self sustainability from a garden’s point of view. Humans today are fond of fertilizing their gardens as this indeed causes the plants to grow and also produce more fruits, vegetables, nuts or grains. Organic fertilizers cause growth by providing certain nutrients necessary to the health and well-being of the plant along with the production of the fruit, nut, grain or vegetable harvested. Organic fertilizers offer a variety of nutrients not found in inorganic fertilizers.




Inorganic fertilizers host a high amount of nitrogen which does indeed cause the plant to grow and provide more flowers that later result in fruits or vegetables, nuts or grains. However, nitrogen is only one of ten nutrients necessary to sustain life. All 10 nutrients are found in organic fertilizers which are why a return to organic farming provides greater nutrition in the food harvested. As your farmers continue to use non-organic fertilizers, humans are robbed of the very nutrients and trace minerals that they require to sustain their own health and well-being as well as ascend.


Why are trace minerals so important? Trace minerals are required by each cell for proper cell growth as well as to magnetize nutrients into the cell or wastes out of the cell. Furthermore, it is trace metals that act as attractants within red and white blood cells to latch on to oxygen, sugar, waste or free radicals in the blood. Without enough trace minerals, the blood becomes poor at feeding the cells or transporting toxins to the waste management systems, and this adds to an already deteriorating biology and will therefore lead to more rapid aging or the development of disease over time.


About De-Parasite Programs and Ascension


Interestingly enough in Asur’Ana’s early ascension, she went on a program to detoxify the body of parasites and it included a liquid trace mineral supplement. Each day she would take a small amount of this supplement and her body would go “Ahhhh, this feels so good!” The reason? Over the years and in spite of ingesting a load of vitamins and minerals in pill form and eating a healthy diet, the substances along with food had not been absorbed through the intestines, but the liquid minerals were. After 10 weeks upon the de-parasite program, Asur’Ana’s body said “enough”. She quit the program but had detoxified her biology of parasites, and the liquid minerals had re-mineralized her body for better transport of nutrients throughout her cellular structure.


The point here is that supplements are useful as long as they are not overdone; and if done in just the right proportions can assist in making up of years of lack of a particular substance or set of substances. This is where muscle testing is very useful; as you can muscle test what you need and for how long and then only take the herb or dietary supplement for the length required; and as a result, you will not cause a toxic overload in the other direction. This may be particularly useful for those with weak digestive systems. Read more