Image of organic vegetables harvested from a garden. Blessings for Self Sustainability-Creating an Ascending Garden

21. Blessings for Self Sustainability: Creating an Ascending Garden


From the Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Kingdoms


It is the Vegetable, Fruit, Nut Kingdoms that wish to speak today. We wish to share a little more about what is called self sustainability from a garden’s point of view. Humans today are fond of fertilizing their gardens as this indeed causes the plants to grow and also produce more fruits, vegetables, nuts or grains. Organic fertilizers cause growth by providing certain nutrients necessary to the health and well-being of the plant along with the production of the fruit, nut, grain or vegetable harvested. Organic fertilizers offer a variety of nutrients not found in inorganic fertilizers.




Inorganic fertilizers host a high amount of nitrogen which does indeed cause the plant to grow and provide more flowers that later result in fruits or vegetables, nuts or grains. However, nitrogen is only one of ten nutrients necessary to sustain life. All 10 nutrients are found in organic fertilizers which are why a return to organic farming provides greater nutrition in the food harvested. As your farmers continue to use non-organic fertilizers, humans are robbed of the very nutrients and trace minerals that they require to sustain their own health and well-being as well as ascend.


Why are trace minerals so important? Trace minerals are required by each cell for proper cell growth as well as to magnetize nutrients into the cell or wastes out of the cell. Furthermore, it is trace metals that act as attractants within red and white blood cells to latch on to oxygen, sugar, waste or free radicals in the blood. Without enough trace minerals, the blood becomes poor at feeding the cells or transporting toxins to the waste management systems, and this adds to an already deteriorating biology and will therefore lead to more rapid aging or the development of disease over time.


About De-Parasite Programs and Ascension


Interestingly enough in Asur’Ana’s early ascension, she went on a program to detoxify the body of parasites and it included a liquid trace mineral supplement. Each day she would take a small amount of this supplement and her body would go “Ahhhh, this feels so good!” The reason? Over the years and in spite of ingesting a load of vitamins and minerals in pill form and eating a healthy diet, the substances along with food had not been absorbed through the intestines, but the liquid minerals were. After 10 weeks upon the de-parasite program, Asur’Ana’s body said “enough”. She quit the program but had detoxified her biology of parasites, and the liquid minerals had re-mineralized her body for better transport of nutrients throughout her cellular structure.


The point here is that supplements are useful as long as they are not overdone; and if done in just the right proportions can assist in making up of years of lack of a particular substance or set of substances. This is where muscle testing is very useful; as you can muscle test what you need and for how long and then only take the herb or dietary supplement for the length required; and as a result, you will not cause a toxic overload in the other direction. This may be particularly useful for those with weak digestive systems.


The vegetable kingdom suggests that humans choosing to ascend de-parasite and in particular if your digestion has been weak most of your life, such as those prone to constipation or irritable bowels, or if you have suffered from ongoing and excessive gas and flatulence due to a tendency to ferment food rather than digest it properly. We recommend a simple de-parasite formula that can be taken for many months without ill affect, and it will assist the biology in clearing out parasites that may have attached to the intestines or other parts of the body as well. Removing the parasites may also give relief to food allergies as well as allow the colon to resurrect and ascend.


For those with poor digestion, often there is not enough protein enzymes (known as protease) produced within the digestive system. The end result is that eating often leads to fermentation as the food has not enough enzymes to break it all down properly, especially if you have eaten a diet filled with excessive meat, fish, fowl or pork. As the protein fails to be broken down, less and less is absorbed through the intestinal tract. Many initiates ate a diet far too great in meat source as this was perceived as necessary to survival and good health up until more recent times. Such a diet so high in protein is very hard on those with poor digestion.


Choosing to become vegetarian may actually assist those with digestive problems in recovering the health of their stomach and intestines while ascending. One initiate became vegetarian after many years of eating too much meat and following her parasite cleanse, this allowed her intestinal tract to recover and ascend into a new and less debilitated state. The added fiber of a vegetarian diet acted as an ongoing cleanser that assisted in clearing the tract enough that it could then rebuild itself.


There are parasites and parasite eggs in raw meat and fish (for those who love sushi) as well as raw vegetables. The parasites can attach to the intestines over time if there are not enough protein enzymes produced in the digestive system. Parasites are also a source of protein as long as the body can digest it. The parasites then lay more eggs after they attach to the intestines and the eggs move through the blood to other parts of the body where they hatch and grow. The growth of parasites in parts of the body can lead to disease of the associated region of the form over time.


The herb kingdom suggests the following de-parasite formula that most can find in any health food store or upon the web for those who are ascending;


Herbal Tincture of Wormwood and Black Walnut Hull (kills the parasites);


Essential Oil of Clove or Ground Cloves (sprinkled in one’s apple sauce or cereal – kills parasite eggs);


Colloidal Silver (anti-bacterial and anti-viral as parasites are host to many forms of biological agents of destruction; these are released into the blood stream as they die off);


Yogurt or Acidophilus (to support proper bacteria for digestion in the intestines).


Daily dosages will need to be muscle tested along with length of treatment by oneself or a natural health practitioner that understands muscle testing.


Some initiates have taken this gentle de-parasite treatment for up to 3 months so that all cells that the parasites attach unto could ascend into the crystalline structure. The problem with parasites is that they can debilitate the ability of the body to absorb enough nutrients in the intestines as well as prevent the intestines from becoming fully crystalline; as well as prevent the cells in other regions of the body that parasites may have attached unto also from becoming crystalline. As the digestive system become fully crystalline, one’s ability to digest will improve so much that parasites and their eggs will be readily digested along with one’s fresh vegetables or raw fish (for those continuing to consume fish) without compromising the physical structure into the future.


Lemurian History and Crystalline Foods


Problems with parasites did not exist in Lemurian history to the degree that they do today. Lemurian humans had crystalline biology. The biology itself was regenerative and capable of self-healing enough that many lived to be 720 to 800 years of age in this time period; or so the recent records of Lemurian history are revealing through the continued global ascent of Earth.


Not all humans had crystalline biology in this time period either; as many in Atlantis were either descendants of the Pleiadian Anu or their slave nation. However, many in Atlantean history relocated to other parts of the world and married those who were indigenous producing offspring. This was due to the availability of transportation not unlike planes, trains and automobiles in this time period; hence those of white biology but who have more ancient red ancestry today and who are ascending as a result of bringing forth their more ancient ancestral crystalline records.


There were also many crystalline foods that sustained crystalline biology in the era of Lemuria. Some of these foods still exist today in their crystalline structure, such as wild edible mushrooms, eggplant and artichokes. Artichokes are interesting in and of themselves as they are self-mineralizing in nature. Artichokes develop trace minerals within their structure as they host a genetic blueprint to do so.


Crystalline biology has the requirement for even more trace minerals than currently offered through most farm raised organic vegetables and fruit. An artichoke a week will provide enough trace minerals for the crystalline structure; as will adding wild mushrooms to one’s pasta or risotto or consuming eggplant. Eggplant is another favorite of Asur’Ana and Per who have learned to prepare them in many ways, such as roasted, stuffed or stir fried. Seaweed such as Nori used in sushi is also a good source of trace minerals from the sea to support crystalline biology. Per and Asur’Ana enjoy vegan sushi once per week for this reason.


The Cycles and Fertilizing the Land


As food source fell in vibration and DNA, much as with human structures, information in the DNA was lost. This occurred due to the sad fate of a nuclear annihilation over Atlantis. As the DNA frayed, most crystalline vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains fell losing their capacity to generate minerals from scratch within the DNA. This is why the plant kingdom must rely upon minerals and nutrients from the dirt as provided by Mother Earth and through decay of their own flesh. As the leaves and other parts of the trees die off each season, they fall to the ground and break down to a point that the worms in the land can ingest them. As the worms ingest the remains of the dying plants, they reduce the remains into trace minerals and other nutrients that then sustains the life of the plants and trees.


There is an elaborate manner in which plant life breaks down to sustain itself each season, for those living in non-tropical regions. Even in the tropics, many plants and trees still lose leaves and some plants and trees actually die; and these then break down in the soil continuing to provide the nutrients that the plant or tree kingdom requires to continue to grow and subsist.


The reason that some plants or trees choose to die in any region is to provide nutrients unto the land so that the remaining plants and trees can carry on upon the physical plane. Therefore, dying trees and plants are a necessity to the health and well-being along with future growth of the remaining plants at this era of decay and seasonal cycles. Into the future and as all plants become crystalline, the necessity to sacrifice of ourselves to continue to exist will also cease; and this is a lovely time that all kingdoms look forward unto ahead.


Humans love to remove all the dead leaves and plants from your garden. Perhaps it would be better to allow them to die off and fertilize the garden naturally. Some have learned to take the dead or dying plants, trees and leaves and create mulch by placing them in a bin and adding many worms. This too is a good way to create lovely fresh soil with plenty of nutrition to feed your garden.


One can also place the wastes from one’s meal or refrigerator into the mulch bin and this will add yet more nutrients to your mulch that will also benefit your garden as they break down. Asur’Ana has often pondered why each complex or home does not have a mulch bin. All the wastes thrown down the drain or in the garbage could be recycled and added to the plants surrounding the development or home rather than creating waste that then must be “treated”. Then the need for artificial fertilizers to sustain the plants and trees would not be necessary.


Some cities are catching on to this idea and creating mulch programs. San Francisco is one city that is collecting up all fresh waste from their restaurants and producing some beautiful mulch that is then sold as profit to gardeners around the Bay Area. Why cannot each city find its way to such a program? Or each home or condo or apartment complex? The issue is one of awakening humanity to another way of being that is more resonant with Earth from the Plant Kingdom’s point of view. As humans awaken, they will perceive the “insanity” of the manner in which they exist, and strive to alter it into another way of being that is resonant with their own health and well-being along with the health and well-being of Earth.


Not too long ago and about 100 years ago before the advent of the lawn mower, lawns were kept short by grazing animals. The White House of the United States had sheep, goats and cows in the front yard as depicted in older photos or paintings. The grass was never fertilized as the poop from the animals provided ample nutrients to the sustenance of the lawn.


Today, massive lawns are mowed creating loads of waste that then is picked up and displaced in dump sites. This is food for the animal kingdoms and it is considered waste, as there are no kingdoms present enough to consume what is cut down. This is what occurs when humans live in one place and nature is cast out. As a result, the cows or other creatures including the natural herds of elk, buffalo or deer are restrained outside your living environments; and then are not present to do their part to sustain the land. For what is the part of the animal kingdoms? It is to consume the grasses and herbs that naturally grow for their own sustenance and in turn their poop fertilizes the soil assuring the sustenance of all plant life.


Recycling and Self-Sustainable Practices


The further that humans move away from nature, the sillier the dance becomes from the point of view of the plant kingdoms. As enough humans become crystalline, they will strive to become a part of the natural world again. Humans then may develop living communities where the deer, buffalo, elk and bear, or elephant, giraffe and hippo freely roam again. As humans become crystalline, they will also strive to recycle as regenerative biology recycles itself in order to sustain its existence. As recycling becomes an internal biological state of being, then it will also be reflected in the world mirror in how humans go about their day to day living. This is beginning to be so in the Western US as reflected by San Francisco’s choice to recycle its “green waste”.


Some other countries have very good recycling programs. Switzerland is an example of this where garbage will not be picked up, only items for recycling, including “green waste”. Garbage outside of what is recycled must be paid for ($1 per bag) in order to be picked up, encouraging humans living in their system to recycle instead (per the BBC News).


This too is a reflection of the ascension launched some time ago leading to the crystalline “Indigo” children born at 1,024 segments of DNA, many of which are young adults in their early to mid 20’s at this time. As the next wave of ascending children enter the world at 3,000 segments or higher, this will lead to self-sustainable practices that begin to emerge in the decade ahead as a reflection of yet another level of crystalline biology in the world mirror.


What is sustainability? Sustainability is a system in which all waste is re-used in some manner for the continued existence of oneself, another kingdom, or the whole. In a self- sustainable system, all waste which holds nutrients is used to sustain another form so that it too can continue to exist. Whatever one does not produce is therefore procured from other kingdoms and the consensus within which one resides.


For the plant kingdoms say in the forest, this translates into all nutrients being provided through the waste of the animal kingdoms living amongst the trees, including the birds, squirrels, bears, deer, elk or other herd animals; along with the dying plants, trees and leaves that drop to the ground or die off each season. Everything assists the continued life of the forest that lives within it, and the forest itself if left in its natural state, is therefore a sustainable system. This is so for most open spaces, fields, mountains or other pristine regions left untouched by humankind.


Humankind’s Current Dream


Humankind has fallen into an old dream from another creation that is non-self sustainable. This dream that the white western culture began, but has spread to most other regions upon Earth is non-sustainable. Why is this so? There are so many humans living in one space producing so much waste that is not recycled that it destroys the eco structure of the land, waterways and sea nearby leading to diseases and then extinction of some natural world species. You see the land was never meant to absorb the waste of hundreds of thousands or millions of humans living in a small region; it is designed to absorb the waste of about 20 humans living every 100 acres of land.


Excessive human waste complicates the natural world by providing too much of certain nutrients and too few of many others that then cause such a great imbalance that life in the land, sea, waterways or lakes dies off. Human treatment plants as they exist today do not really suffice at rebalancing the eco-system. At best, perhaps the treatment plants prevent humans from killing themselves in their own highly dense and toxic environments.


Human waste is best if it is buried in regions requiring the nutrients provided therein. In burying the human waste, the waste is not exposed to the air where it would ferment and then become toxic. In two months time, and as human waste is buried in soil, certain worms will transmute the waste into useable nutrients for the plants and trees nearby.


This is how more recent Polynesian peoples living in Hawaii about 150 years ago along with Native American peoples contributed to the plant and tree kingdoms in the regions that they lived. In the future and as the current infrastructure breaks down, humans will return to burying their wastes again; and then, after a few months can dig up the fertile soil and add it to their garden creating their own self sustainable dance with the food source that sustains you.


The current human dream of highly dense populations living in small regions is a Pleiadian dream. Long ago, and long before the era of Atlantis, a group of Pleiadians came to Earth to mine gold known as the family of Anu. The Anu only numbered 12, but chose to incubate a slave nation to mine the gold and wait upon them hand and foot.


Over time and due to the distortion that this small group of humans went into, they chose to over breed their slaves. In so doing, soon the slaves went out of control numbering into the millions and later billions incarnate upon Earth’s surface. As the slaves bred, they did not move but rather created large cities that they lived within. Again, too much waste was produced killing off the natural world nearby. It is the Pleiadian dreams that are driving the current human populations again to over produce and populate numbers too large for Earth to sustain, as well as live in large cities that kill off the natural world nearby.


The Pleiadian dreams are coming to conclusion this cycle and now the opposite will begin to occur ahead. In the next cycle, far more humans will die than are born each year. This shall continue over the coming 100-200 years until less than 25% of the current world population remains. As this occurs, there will be plenty of space for humans to relocate into the countryside and out of the cities, which may be perceived as “death traps” into the future due to the many plagues that are experienced therein.


Creating an Ascending Garden


For those who are ascending consciously, moving to the countryside is advisable for many reasons explored in previous chapters of this book. One of the nice reasons to move into the country is the possibility of creating your own ascending garden. The ascending garden is different from current gardening practices, and it is this type of garden we wish to speak about today.


The ascending garden will ascend along with yourself thereby restoring the crystalline genetic blueprint of the vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains harvested such that it better supports your ascending biology. The plant kingdom is most willing to work with humans consciously towards this goal; as the new DNA will then be replicated in all other places due to the holographic interconnectedness of all of life, including organic farms whose farmers may not be conscious of the ascension movement. In so doing, you will assist our kingdom in providing for the ascending children of tomorrow who might not receive enough nutrients from their food source otherwise, to offset ascending into disease.


Everything is holographic; it only takes a few humans to create an ascending blueprint for a variety of vegetables and fruits that are grown in your home garden to then cause the blueprint to become available unto all vegetables grown global wide that are related. This of course will not and cannot occur amongst genetically engineered varieties of seeds or inorganic farms. Therefore, we would suggest that you begin with purchasing organic seeds or heirloom varieties of seeds for your ascending garden that have not been tampered with by humankind and your scientific community. This will foster a plant that can then work with you to ascend into an earlier time of crystalline biology within their genetic inheritance.


Not all plants may hold crystalline records. There are some plants that came from the Pleiades and were farmed in their slave civilization and Atlantis alike. Such vegetable kingdoms include turnips, okra, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, rhubarb, and soy beans and they cannot ascend as they are not from this creation. This may be disappointing for some of you that like soy bean products in particular for protein.


Generally, if soy products digest well one has a Pleiadian digestive tract in DNA and perhaps it is for this reason that such products are so popular today. The vegetable kingdom perceives that lima beans could be fermented in a similar manner creating parallel products unto soy beans; and lima beans can ascend into another blueprint producing even more nutrition suited to crystalline biology.


Some fruits also cannot ascend as they too originated in the Pleiades including guava, peaches, and nectarines. Rice and wheat are two species that have lost so much consciousness and soul due to over farming this cycle that they are like an empty vacuum that cannot ascend at this time. This is not so for other grains such as amaranth and quinoa that have been produced more frequently by organic farmers. Grains are really bird seed, and the plant kingdom ponders the need for humans to eat the food of birds, when there are so many other abundant and larger varieties of vegetables and fruit that fill the need for starch in your diet.


Over time as you work with the potato and corn kingdoms along with the many beans that can be grown (garbanzo or chick pea and kidney beans in particular), a mixture of flour derived from these food sources will mimic the starch-protein ratios of wheat flour enough to be used for the purposes of making bread, pasta or cereal. This the plant kingdom suggests as it takes far less energy and space to grow potatoes and beans than acres and acres of wheat or rice; and one will obtain more flour to meet one’s family’s or community’s needs from a smaller garden as a result.


There are also fruits that were prevalent in other time periods as a source of starch, such as breadfruit. Breadfruit grows on trees and produces a large green fruit the size of a melon. Breadfruit is a far more abundant source of starch and so perhaps those ascending in the tropics will consider planting a breadfruit tree as another option in one’s ascending garden. Breadfruit has become crystalline on the islands and is most delicious roasted and topped with vegan butter, or roasted and mashed and used as a base for pancakes or bread. The neutral flavor of breadfruit will allow other herbs and spices to be added to easily alter the taste to one’s preference.


Self Fertilizing Plant Groups


Self-sustaining gardening has to do with allowing foods to self-fertilize. Self-fertilization of the garden will occur when one plant’s waste hosts the minerals and other nutrients that another plant requires. Plants take nutrients from the soil and return the wastes that they do not require. One plant’s waste is another plant’s fertilizer if properly grouped. One can see in this the difficulty with your current farming practices as farmers, even those that are organic, tend to plant one variety of plant or tree upon acres of land. This then requires organic fertilizer to provide enough nutrients unto each plant or tree to continue to provide its harvest each season. Fertilization would not need to occur if plants were paired in groups of 12, or trees were surrounded by groups of herbs or flowers that provided the nutrients that they also require.


It is our goal in this next section of this chapter to share with each reading these materials which plants are best paired with one another to create a self-fertilizing garden. Generally speaking, it is best to plant above-ground fruits and vegetables next to root vegetables as the two work together to provide one another the necessary nutrients to subsist. In the times ahead, we see that humans will leave behind farming as it currently occurs with acres of a single crop and move back into many small gardens that provide for the household or community again.


The large farms like your human cities are really a part of a Pleiadian dream that will fade ahead, and a new dream of greater unity and joy shall be born thereafter. The new dream will also restore the love and joy in working with the land again; for it is in loving the land and your garden that you will also personally “fertilize” your plants to provide abundantly for you and your family or community.


Maintaining Your Ascending Garden


Loving your garden is important. Loving the garden can occur each time you think about your plants, or each time you go out to dig or harvest some vegetables or fruit for your dinner. The love will provide chi; the more chi you give, the larger the harvest or larger the plant or fruit offered will grow. It is the love that will also cause the garden to ascend. No love and no ascension can really occur beloved. Why is this so? It is the love that you offer that will cause the DNA to spin in a manner that a new set of genetics can come into play in the growth of the plant as well as the vegetable or fruit.


You will need to intend to anchor ascending grid work for your garden much as you intend to have ascension grid work properly woven each day in your field to assure your own ascension. You will do so in working with the plant kingdoms in dreamtime or in meditation. It is through the ascension grid work that the plant kingdoms will then anchor a genetic blueprint that is crystalline from another time period. A garden’s ascending grid work will rest outside the etheric skin of each plant just as your own ascending grid work sits just outside your own etheric skin.


Maintaining the ascension grid work of your garden will also be important. As you meditate upon your own field for the purposes of ascension, you can also meditate upon your garden’s field. If your garden’s field has been shattered, you can intend to reweave it just as you intend to reweave your own field following a bad ascension day. If something negative has come to be in your garden, you can clear it through the same techniques that you clear your own field or home through.


The Plant and Tree Kingdoms highly recommends working with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 which has a lovely checklist of patterns to look at within yourself or your field in each chapter to help sustain your own ascension and make sure that it is thorough. The same techniques you apply to yourself can also be applied to your garden to assure its ascension.


We also recommend with the many meditations that Asur’Ana has channeled or translated in the Ascension Insights series as each educates ascending humans in moving and clearing the energy field for the continued evolution Home. The workbook and meditations have been written by Mother Earth consciousness to support ascending humans in understanding what they require to know to assure real biological ascension to take off.


About Good Soil for Your Garden


The following groups of plants are deemed self-fertilizing and will provide all the nutrients that your garden requires to produce healthy fruits or vegetables. The Plant Kingdom suggests that you begin with good compost and soil that is rich in nutrients to grow the seeds within. The condition of the soil is less important if you plant the entire fruit and not just the seed. If you plant the entire vegetable, nut or fruit, the plant that will grow from this will have all that it requires from its own flesh. So, for example, planting the entire avocado in a bucket will produce a healthy tree that will grow and produce many future avocados as it matures. Planting only the seed in good potting soil will have a parallel result.


Good soil has many components that are explored in permaculture information. Humans have begun to study how life sustains itself in the natural world, and apply these principles to their own gardens. This too is a sign of an awakening consciousness of the human species. Good soil has many components within it. There are the minerals and the dirt itself; also, there are other substances that one can consider the healthy bacteria or “acidophilus” of the soil. The purpose of the healthy bacteria is to assist in breaking down what decays into its molecular components, which is what minerals are, individual, molecules that have ceased to be contained within a living cell, and are the components from which new cells grow to sustain plant life.


Minerals can be obtained to be added to your soil from ground up rock or limestone to create the nutrition required to sustain healthy plant life. Healthy soil bacteria can be obtained from the forests or valleys nearby where one lives. An easy way to obtain bacteria for healthy soil (per permaculture techniques) is to bury a bowl of rice with a half open lid under the trees of a nearby forest or near the lake or marsh where plant life is thriving.


Leave the buried bowl for a few weeks or so, and then as you perceive the growth of the bacteria upon the rice, retrieve the bowl and add the rice to your mulch bin. Then you will transfer the healthy bacteria to your mulch. There are also brands of soil Asur’Ana has seen in the garden section of most nurseries that already have healthy soil bacteria added as a part of its production.


Planting Your Garden


The plant groups in your self-fertilizing garden should be planted around one another. Plant the seeds six to ten inches apart in each group leaving pathways for moving through the garden to harvest or weed as well as enjoy the beauty of what you have created. We have added a diagram to support each group so that you will know the order that the plant kingdoms themselves perceive as most helpful to the self-fertilization process. The diagrams (found at the end of this chapter) are round, however, you can plant the seeds in rows if you prefer and in squares within one another instead. The self-fertilizing garden can also be planted in raised beds.


One easy way to create a raised bed is to obtain enough straw bales to create a 24 by 24 foot square and then fill the middle with really good soil; and plant your seeds in the desired sequence, squares within squares leaving spaces to enter or exit the garden. Or if you prefer, you can arrange the bales in a 24-foot circular pattern. The circle can be associated with the circle of life and magnetic energy flow that is crystalline. Then each 1-foot row or segment of the raised bed can be designated for a particular vegetable or fruit to be planted to create a self-fertilizing garden.


In colder climates, seeds can be fostered by planting them in healthy soil and in small germination cups within a hothouse to be transplanted as the soil in the garden thaws enough in spring. The small plants raised from seed in a gentle environment will be stronger and more likely to grow to maturity and produce the associated fruit or vegetable. In planting seeds, also be aware that not all seeds may be able to ascend. It is far better perhaps to muscle test or pendulum which seeds can ascend and only plant those that you receive a positive response for. In this manner, the garden can begin to ascend as it grows as it will be drawn from seeds with the right ancestry for the task.


Once you have ascended fruits or vegetables, you will wish to dry your own seeds at the end of the season and save them for sprouting next spring, particularly if you live in a seasonal environment. The reason for this is that the ascending blueprint will be held in your own seeds. You can also choose to share of the ascending plant seeds with others who are ascending, and perhaps some reading this information will make a small business out of this ahead, providing crystalline seeds and plants and the associated nutrition to more humans around the globe.


Some may wish to allow their garden to go to seed by itself at the end of the first season. You can support this by adding a good layer of new mulch over your garden as it dies off due to colder weather setting in; and then just as the snow melts, add another layer of mulch in the Spring. The plant kingdoms will germinate again where it most resonates from their own seeds and shall grow in a self-fertilizing manner together, although not perhaps in the same order as originally planted especially over time. This is the nature of all kingdoms that are self-sustaining; we know how to take care of ourselves and survive season after season; for our kingdoms could not have survived so many cycles of nuclear warfare of the human species if we did not know how to sustain ourselves on our own.


There is new information coming through permaculture sources that recommends minimal tilling of the soil to retain the soil’s inherent properties to sustain life that develop over time. The plant kingdoms agree with this as over tilling the soil will disturb the natural biochemistry deep down that has sustained life of the plants the year before. Therefore, if you go to reseed or replant you garden come Spring, do not over-till the soil but rather simply dig small holes to plant the new seeds or sprouted plants from your hothouse. Then cover the soil with a good layer of mulch and your garden will grow, thrive and produce a lovely harvest for you in the year ahead.


Handling Insects and Birds Naturally


Insects and birds will provide natural world mirrors as to the state of your ascending garden along with your own personal ascending condition, or your family’s or community’s ascending condition. If the garden is overrun with insects or birds, then there is probably an energetic overrun within yourself, the household or community. If there are insects or birds eating your fruits or vegetables, there is something eating your personal dream, the dream of the family, or the dream for the community. If there is an infection of some of the plants of a viral nature, there is a virus within yourself, your family or the community that is infecting the dance of life. Remove the problem within yourself or the group and clear the energy field upon the land, and the mirror that nature provides will also clear.


Sometimes a plant that is infected can be treated with a little soapy water or milk to assist a viral or insect infection in clearing. The soapy water or milk will not harm the garden or contribute toxins to your diet. It is therefore best to stay away from commercial pesticides and seek to work with nature instead. Nature will work with you; all parts of nature have a purpose in the natural world dream.


There are some good insects to have in a healthy garden. Ants till the soil so that there is enough air element in the land to sustain the roots of the plants. Worms ingest the decay and produce nutrients necessary to the health of the plants. Bees pollinate the flowers so the fruits or vegetables blossom each season. Some may even choose to create a space for bee keeping so that your garden is adequately pollinated. You can also share with the bee kingdom of their honey if in agreement. Birds will provide their dung that will assist also in fertilizing the plants. Bless the small kingdoms and they will bless you in return by supporting your ascending garden.


Ascending humans must remember that all things are founded upon agreement in the natural world that you are dancing with in your garden. Make agreements with the natural world that no harmful insect is welcome in your garden and so it will be. Make agreements with the natural world to restrain other species such as squirrels or birds from taking your harvest, and so it will be. If something goes wrong, then seek out the agreements at cause and release them along with the karma associated, and your garden will come back to balance again.


Remember your garden is your mirror; and as such will lead you to perceive patterns that also may cause you to fail to ascend. Therefore, thank the garden for the mirrors whenever they occur and learn from them, release your karma, love yourself and your plants, and all will recover as well as continue to ascend.


Love heals all wounds including the wounds of the plant kingdom. The plant kingdom also has its own karma and wounding, some of which has occurred at the hands of the human species. We heal and release our karma as we ascend just as you do. As we ascend, we may hit patterning that causes us to go into disease. As we continue to ascend, we will recover from disease just as you recover from decay and in some cases disease in your own ascent. As we all learn to work together, there can be great joy and understanding, forgiveness and a restoration of love that can occur between our kingdoms. This too is the gift of creating an ascending garden beloved.


We invite each reading this book to create an ascending garden if you have not already. And if you have a garden already, turn the garden into an ascending self-fertilizing garden in the season ahead. We look forward to working with each of you that so chooses to dance with us in the evolutionary journey Home into the Great Central Sun ahead.


Self Fertilizing Garden #1


In the middle or center of your raised bed, plant lettuce of your favorite variety. Lettuce in a tropical environment or over the course of the summer can be harvested a little at a time, taking the outer most leaves and leaving the interior of the plant to regenerate.


In the next layer, plant your carrots of any variety, particularly those that come from organic seed sources. Try many varieties to see what you prefer as they ascend. There are also red and purple carrots that you may find seeds for through heirloom catalogs. Ascending vegetables and fruits will each bring in variant genealogies as they ascend and some may have a sweeter taste and yet others a more earthy or salty taste depending upon genetic mineral and sugar contents. You can also work with the plants that you have tasted before and intend what you would prefer to increase or decrease.


Asur’Ana and several initiates played with this with the ascending watermelons grown in Hawaii. The first year, the crystalline watermelon was tasteless as it lacked sugar. They worked with our kingdoms and we increased the sugar content in the genetic blueprint, and now the ascending watermelon grown on the islands is quite sweet and lovely. In parallel, they requested that the mountains apples add more vitamin C unto itself, and a batch purchased at a local farmers market was much tarter than the prior year’s harvest as a result. Therefore, you can work with your ascending garden to provide greater taste to produce delicious meals in support of your ascending biology.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Plant some broccoli and asparagus in the next layer out of your garden, or you can plant half and half of each. These two shoot vegetables will draw upon the nutrients that carrots release and provide other nutrients necessary to both carrots and lettuce to grow. Broccoli and asparagus also absorb certain nutrients from carrots and sweet potatoes in the next layer. Broccoli and asparagus are good foods for ascending humans to eat weekly as they provide special nutrients for the ascending eyes in particular.


Plant some sweet potatoes of a purple or orange variety in the next layer out. Sweet potatoes like carrots require more sugar, and this broccoli and asparagus give off, to assist in our growth along with cabbage in the next layer.


Plant green and red cabbage and salad bitters such as radicchio, sorrel, arugula, watercress in the next layer out from the sweet potatoes. The bitters will give off plenty of sugar to make your sweet potatoes really sweet along with the squash in the next layer.


Plant your squash in the next layer of your choice of any variety or mixed varieties (butter nut, acorn, pumpkin or zucchini). Squash may take longer to reap a harvest than the other plants in the garden, and will feed off all the nutrients provided by the first 5 plants and the remaining 6 plants in the outer layers of your garden.


Plant your peppers in the next layer; which can be red, yellow, green or purple in color, sweet or hot in nature. Plant a variety of peppers so that you can have a variety to harvest and cook with.


Plant some beets alternating with yellow and red potatoes in the next layer out. Beets require sugar, and this the potatoes will release as waste. Potatoes require salt and this beets release as waste, and therefore are good companion root vegetables planted near one another in any garden.


Plant some fennel alternating with celery and other types of lettuce in the next layer. Fennel and celery along with lettuce draw upon some of the sugar released in the wastes of the potato kingdom that are not drawn upon by the beets, and this allows the celery and fennel to also be sweet to the taste.


In the next layer out, plant a variety of beans such as string beans or sugar snap peas along with other bean varieties such as garbanzo, kidney, black, white, red or lima or sugar snap peas. You will create a trellis to allow the vines to grow up and around your garden adding a natural barrier from predators. You will plant the beans on one side and the grapes in the next section on the other side and they will share the trellis. Leave a gate or opening that you can walk through however, along with a pathway in and out of your garden in each section.


In the next layer, you will use the other side of the trellis to grow some grape vines. Grapes will draw upon the nutrients of the beans in particular release, and make a nice pair to grow next to one another. Grape fruit is delicious and the leaves are also edible such as in Greek “dolmas” or stuffed grape leaves.


Surrounding the entire garden, plant your corn and plant many varieties of yellow, blue and red genealogies. Corn will provide yet another barrier from natural predators of your garden as it matures. Ascending corn may learn over time to cease to die off at the end of each harvest and renew itself, especially in tropical regions.


Self Fertilizing Garden #2


In the middle or center of your raised bed, plant your garlic bulbs and ginger root. Ginger will provide nutrients that garlic requires and vice versa. Garlic will also provide a natural substance to the soil and surrounding plants that will naturally repel harmful insects along with the viruses that they carry.


In the next layer, plant your greens such as spinach, Swiss chard, mustard greens or collard greens. The greens will provide ginger and garlic with other nutrients, and ginger and garlic will provide nutrition to the greens.


In the next section, plant rutabagas and beets. The rutabagas and beets are good companions in any garden where there are also greens growing in abundance. The greens provide loads of nutrients produced in the stems above ground that are sent into the roots leading to vegetables of maximum nutritional value.


In the next section plant your tomatoes. Plant many of sweet heirloom varieties that are red, orange and yellow, large and small; and remember, you can also enjoy green tomatoes before they ripen for another flavor in your cooking.


In the next section, plant your onions of all varietals including sweet white, yellow and red, leeks, and green onions. Onions, like garlic, provide another anti-pest assistance within the garden that will support the leafy vegetables and tomatoes in reaching maturity.


In the next section, plant your cucumbers and zucchini. Cucumber is an excellent blood cleanser and can be eaten fresh daily or pickled as a fermented food to aid in digestion. Cucumbers and zucchini will absorb the sugars that the onions release into the soil and provide other nutrients that the onions require in the exchange.


In the next section, plant some eggplants of many varieties. There are globe eggplants and Japanese long eggplants. Asur’Ana recently tried white skinned eggplant that was delicious. Eggplant is an excellent ascending food that can be eaten almost daily to provide the necessary sustenance to the crystalline biology. Eggplant can be cooked and canned as a lovely Middle Eastern dip known as Baba Ghanoush to be enjoyed in the winter months.


In the next section, plant some Jerusalem artichokes interspersed with white, yellow or red potatoes. Jerusalem artichokes are a root that has a delicious nutty taste and can be fried or dried and ground into another type of flour that could be useful in making bread, pasta or cereal. This vegetable was used for this purpose in other time periods. Artichokes, eggplant and Jerusalem artichokes grew together in gardens in more ancient times and provide necessary sustenance to one another.


In the next section, plant some above-ground artichokes that will flower and produce a lovely fruit. Plant many varieties that are larger or smaller in size. Smaller artichokes can be boiled until tender, sliced and marinated in oil and vinegar for a lovely snack and to preserve them for eating in the winter months. Larger varietals can be steamed and eaten as is. The leaves will make lovely mulch when added to the mulch bin and contribute many crystalline minerals to the soil that is produced therein.


In the next section, plant some melons. Plant a variety including watermelon, winter melon, cantaloupe, casaba and honeydew. Melons are excellent blood cleansers for ascending humans and are easy to juice for fresh fruit juice. Melons also will store well into the winter provided that they are kept in a cool dry place. Melons will draw upon sugars that other vegetables in the garden cast off as will the berries in the following sections.


In the next section plant your strawberries. Strawberries that are not eaten fresh make delightful pies or jelly for the winter months, and so producing a larger crop will be useful for this purpose. If you wish to plant more tomatoes also for canning, you can split this section into portions having some strawberries and some tomatoes as desired.


In the outside of your garden, you will construct a trellis and plant blackberries, raspberries and blueberries that will vine up creating a nice boundary for your garden. Make sure to leave an opening or gate to get in and out of your garden. The thorns and height associated with these species will create natural protection from invading species. If you live in a region that berries cannot thrive through the winter, you can plant grape varietals that withstand the winter instead along the boundary trellis of your garden. In the tropics, you could plant liliquoi (passion fruit).


Your garden may be a beautiful place to sit and meditate. Make sure to provide yourself a pathway and bench to sit and enjoy the beauty of your labor. For nutritional value of any of the above food source, please refer to Chapter 12 “Blessings for Healing the Body Through a Vegetarian Diet”.


Herb Garden Suggestions


Herbs have grown together along with grass in the wild since Earth was born within the Great Central Sun. Herbs like to be planted close to one another as a result. Asur’Ana has been fond of growing fresh cooking herbs in pots in the cottage that she’s currently living in.


Having a fresh herb box makes home cooking much more enjoyable. She has found that planting rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, dill, marjoram, mint, tarragon, parsley and cilantro in a good-sized round container is eye pleasing as well as functional. Generally, she finds the herbs already grown at a local nursery as she has not the time to start the plants from seed. Herbs are simply harvested with a small pair of scissors and used fresh in the cooking. Basil and sage are good to plant in the center of the container along with rosemary and dill as they tend to grow tall. The other herbs can be planted around the edges of your container as they grow closer to the soil. If the basil grows excessively, you can trim it back making your own pesto.


Cooking herbs grow well in shady places around the garden. Planting herbs under citrus fruit trees in particular would create a nice self-fertilizing exchange from the plant kingdom’s point of view. The citrus fruit absorbs the acids giving off by the cooking herbs; and the herbs would absorb the minerals given off by the tree. Lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit trees would respond well to having a cooking herb garden beneath. You can intend that your herbs ascend along with the rest of your garden and fruit trees. Ascending herbs will create new blueprints that may lead to more greatly refined tastes to please the senses.


Medicinal herbs also grow naturally together in the wild, as Asur’Ana discovered in Yellowstone National Park. Medicinal herbs grow well together in specific groups. We are not going to go into the details of this at this time as it is another article all of its own that will be written at some point into the future by our kingdom.


We hope that you have enjoyed what we have shared about creating an ascending garden. Much like Asur’Ana, if you have not the space or time to raise a garden of your own, to begin with a small herb garden. This will get your hands in the soil and begin the relationship again between you and the natural world in a direct and beautiful manner. Bless your herbs and you will watch them grow, bloom and flourish, and they will give you great joy, as well as delicious aromas and tastes to your home cooked meals.


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Self Fertilizing Garden #1 

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