Image of the wooly mammoth standing on the snow with the snowy mountains in the background. The Wooly Mammoth Speaks

24. The Wooly Mammoth Speaks


Blessings for Watching the Mirror that Life and World Events Presents


The Wooly Mammoth Species


The Wooly Mammoth Species existed upon the Earth plane about 14 million Earth years (56 million human years) ago. We were a fully conscious land mammal that remembers a time inside of the love and light of the Great Central Sun. Our predecessor or the elephant is only 1/18,000th of the consciousness that our species recalls. One can consider us the ancient ancestors therefore of the Elephant. Much as one is calling one’s own ancient ancestors forward to support one’s choice to ascend, elephant has called the Wooly Mammoth forward to guide and support their species ascension.


Innana and Merduk Karma


In a journey to Calgary Canada about a decade ago, Asur’Ana purchased a piece of jewelry that was made of Wooly Mammoth bone infused with a stone called Ammolite, which is a primary rainbow-colored fossil of a large snail shell. Such snails were often 3 feet in diameter, and also come from the time that the Wooly Mammoth was in existence. Each species was upwards of 3 times larger than current day standards at this time, as the pull of gravity and density of thoughtform was far less, allowing us grace in movement and a grand size as well. It was as Asur’Ana connected with our bones that she first made contact with our consciousness, and has called upon us ever since.


How and why did our species go extinct? You exist today in turbulent times that are a reflection of how and why we also went extinct. The war between the US and Iraq over a decade ago was ancient karma for the human species acting out that involves Merduk and Innana (Aphrodite and Hades in Greek and Roman mythology), Pleiadian humans and family members that warred upon one another unto extinction through nuclear annihilation. Alas this was only 120,000 years ago, but repeated in present time. More or less the war of Merduk and Innana at the time that it occurred was also ancient karma reenacted in their present time from an even earlier time period of Earth.


Understand that the karma for Merduk and Innana is embedded in over 1/3 of all humans in existence both of the Inner Earth and Outer Earth populations. You have roughly seven billion humans upon the Outer Earth and eight billion in the Inner Earth; the karma is therefore associated with approximately 5 billion humans worldwide. Why is this karma so complex and convoluted? Innana and Merduk extended their lives 18,000 human years. Their lineages interbred with red humans from Sirius and their own slaves extensively, causing their ancestry to be intertwined with so many upon Earth today.


Karma is complex in how it is passed down the generational byways of ancestry. Because Merduk and Innana lived 18,000 years, individual humans today inherit only small segments of their karma at best and at 2 segments of DNA. As such humans ascend, they may piece together a little more karma associated with the Annanuki, but not enough to release the karma for the entire lifetime. Therefore, it requires many many humans to ascend to release the karma for the entire lifetime of each member of the family of Anu. Furthermore, most humans associated with Annanuki inheritance cannot ascend much beyond 1,800 as they have partially to fully radioactive DNA and silica-based form that came from another parallel creation. Read more