Image of the wooly mammoth standing on the snow with the snowy mountains in the background. The Wooly Mammoth Speaks

24. The Wooly Mammoth Speaks


Blessings for Watching the Mirror that Life and World Events Presents


The Wooly Mammoth Species


The Wooly Mammoth Species existed upon the Earth plane about 14 million Earth years (56 million human years) ago. We were a fully conscious land mammal that remembers a time inside of the love and light of the Great Central Sun. Our predecessor or the elephant is only 1/18,000th of the consciousness that our species recalls. One can consider us the ancient ancestors therefore of the Elephant. Much as one is calling one’s own ancient ancestors forward to support one’s choice to ascend, elephant has called the Wooly Mammoth forward to guide and support their species ascension.


Innana and Merduk Karma


In a journey to Calgary Canada about a decade ago, Asur’Ana purchased a piece of jewelry that was made of Wooly Mammoth bone infused with a stone called Ammolite, which is a primary rainbow-colored fossil of a large snail shell. Such snails were often 3 feet in diameter, and also come from the time that the Wooly Mammoth was in existence. Each species was upwards of 3 times larger than current day standards at this time, as the pull of gravity and density of thoughtform was far less, allowing us grace in movement and a grand size as well. It was as Asur’Ana connected with our bones that she first made contact with our consciousness, and has called upon us ever since.


How and why did our species go extinct? You exist today in turbulent times that are a reflection of how and why we also went extinct. The war between the US and Iraq over a decade ago was ancient karma for the human species acting out that involves Merduk and Innana (Aphrodite and Hades in Greek and Roman mythology), Pleiadian humans and family members that warred upon one another unto extinction through nuclear annihilation. Alas this was only 120,000 years ago, but repeated in present time. More or less the war of Merduk and Innana at the time that it occurred was also ancient karma reenacted in their present time from an even earlier time period of Earth.


Understand that the karma for Merduk and Innana is embedded in over 1/3 of all humans in existence both of the Inner Earth and Outer Earth populations. You have roughly seven billion humans upon the Outer Earth and eight billion in the Inner Earth; the karma is therefore associated with approximately 5 billion humans worldwide. Why is this karma so complex and convoluted? Innana and Merduk extended their lives 18,000 human years. Their lineages interbred with red humans from Sirius and their own slaves extensively, causing their ancestry to be intertwined with so many upon Earth today.


Karma is complex in how it is passed down the generational byways of ancestry. Because Merduk and Innana lived 18,000 years, individual humans today inherit only small segments of their karma at best and at 2 segments of DNA. As such humans ascend, they may piece together a little more karma associated with the Annanuki, but not enough to release the karma for the entire lifetime. Therefore, it requires many many humans to ascend to release the karma for the entire lifetime of each member of the family of Anu. Furthermore, most humans associated with Annanuki inheritance cannot ascend much beyond 1,800 as they have partially to fully radioactive DNA and silica-based form that came from another parallel creation.


Alas, the Pleiades does not exist within the same creation of Earth; it has a different energy signature associated with electricity and radioactivity that most know as the mer-ka-ba or Star of David patterning and a different biochemical structure known as silica-based form. The patterning within your creation is spherical or round such as the flower of life patterning and carbon based in biochemistry. If one tries to ascend beyond 1,800 segments utilizing the mer-ka-ba patterning, one will become cancerous, as radiation and electricity in a magnetic creation causes disease due to the dissonance associated with intermixed signatures.


The limitation upon those with direct Annanuki inheritance in ascension therefore limits the fire available to burn off the associated karma from their ancestry. This is how the forces of the dark planned it beloved; they planned a dance upon Earth that would cause extinction instead of ascension. What is the solution? The solution is for each of the 4.5 billion humans presently associated with the Annanuki to clear their karma in their given life with limited ascension; this translates into partially living to experience what they have caused.


The Lessons of War


What you bore witness to between the US and Iraq last decade was a dance that emulates the original cause of the Annanuki. What this war offered was an experience for all humans to learn from and make alternative choices other than warfare into the future. As the collective consciousness learns the lessons of war, war need not continue. Today Wooly Mammoth witnesses millions of humans global wide taking a stand against war. This is a large shift and a reflection of the lessons of war beginning to be learned allowing a new day to emerge in which war becomes a dance of the past.


This shift in consciousness is directly associated with the return of the human ancestors into the human dance, and in particular the ancient ones that have observed war after war after war in the human history. Such ancestors are voicing their experiences and understanding inside of the individual and collective awareness. The history the ancient ones understand is not limited to the 2,000 years that most in present time recall, but the 30,000 Earth years (120,000 human years) of turmoil and warfare that followed the original cause and nuclear annihilation of the family of Anu. The ancient ancestors understand that war only causes falls in consciousness, especially if nuclear weaponry is used.


When will humanity come to learn this important lesson? That war causes falls in consciousness after which one may not be able to evolve? This is what the ancient ones are trying to bring to the forefront of human consciousness so that humanity at large can make a different choice other than war to settle disputes into the future.


This is what occurs in all falls in consciousness; humans become increasingly barbaric towards one another to a point where there cannot be peace. Why cannot there be peace in a fall in consciousness? During a fall, great internal dissonance occurs; in the dissonance, the cellular structure begins to break down. Such a breakdown if internalized leads to disease; such a breakdown if externalized leads to warfare and brutality towards one’s fellow humans.


It is not only humankind that has lessons to learn from war. Each species is learning from the turn of world events their own cause in the matter. There is the cause of Inner Earth humans pushing their unconscious dissonance upon surface Earth humans causing warfare. There is also the cause of the whales and dolphins along with nature kingdoms pressing their unconscious dissonance upon surface Earth humans. Much of this dissonance has been pushed through the Middle Eastern region. This type of patterning is being released at this time so that war does not occur or that the nuclear armament detonated afflicts all species upon Earth along with Earth’s ability to ascend. This outcome of nuclear annihilation Earth believes that she has diverted in her own conscious choice to ascend, and she foresees that the current conflict in the Middle East will gradually phased out and not devastating upon a global scale.


Furthermore, there are other creations that had deferred their warfare karma upon Earth. Such creations include the Pleiades, Andromedas, Alpha Centauri (home of the Reptilians and Greys) along with Sirius and two additional creations that interbred with humanity known as Black Assyria and Jyreion. All such karma has been returned at this time to dissipate the length and extreme expression of human warfare into the future. It is such karma that contributed to the extreme outcome of a nuclear annihilation in the era of the Annanuki along with 18 other times in human history that followed.


How does karma cause this or that? Karma holds a particular script in place as a broadcast from your Sun to Earth for the dance of life. The script is then attuned to thought the human DNA and expressed in the life dance both individually and collectively. If the karma contains warfare patterning, then the script is distorted in the direction of outer conflict leading to war. If the karma contains inner conflict, disease is then the outcome.


There have been periods where plagues have afflicted mankind, one of the more recent time periods for such was known as the black plague. The black plague is simply a recurrence of other plagues that occurred in the era of the Annanuki and due to the increasing distortion that the blending of electrical energy with the magnetic energy of earth. Those residing in the dissonant pockets upon Earth of such blended energy flow became ill as the dissonance translated into the physical molecular structure leading to plagues.


Over time the dissonance that caused disease turned outward and expressed itself in warfare. As this occurred, those living in the dissonance took up weaponry and began to kill one another and torment one another. Over time, the gods themselves or family of Anu also became dissonant with one another, and much like the US and Iraq, created a global war that involved their human slaves. The slaves then took up arms to fight with one another upon the battlefield in defense of their “Gods”.


And is this not just what is occurring today? The US and the West believing it is defending its Christian based God and the Middle East its Muslim based God? God Goddess lies within; as such all are God Goddess whether or not they are Muslim or Christian or anything else. It shall only be as humans collectively realize this that war shall cease. This is the lesson of this particular time period.


Wooly Mammoth’s Extinction


The ancient ones have observed parallel problems again and again throughout global history. Our extinction as the Wooly Mammoth species was a form of war that caused us to cease to exist. Who warred upon us? 16 million years ago, there was a changeover in Earth’s inner plane governance due to a transitioning through a particular segment of universal energy flow that carried certain souls pushing them into our collective field.


Such souls were interested in controlling Earth; they took out each species that had recollection of the time inside of the Great Central Sun, one species at a time over a 2-million year period. Our species had great recollection of the time within the Sun, and was one of the first to become extinct. We became extinct due to the loss of grid work and genetic materials, not from nuclear annihilation, but from the conscious and deliberate choice to remove such by the very souls ensouling our forms. This is how all extinction occurred upon Earth until the arrival of humankind.


Humankind took this patterning to new lengths through the expression of warfare. For nuclear armament can shatter not only the nonphysical but also the physical in a single blow. This expression however is only a physical manifestation of a pattern that had been prevalent upon Earth long before humanity arrived. One could say that the karma for extinction simply skewed the script for the human dance until the expression of extinction was made manifest in the dance of human warfare.


At this time of ascension, we the Wooly Mammoth, as an ancient consciousness are learning the lessons that we failed to learn in our own extinction. Perhaps if these lessons had been learned long ago, humanity would never have been attracted to Earth. For humanity came as a vessel of extinction having been used this way in all creations gone extinct over such a great time period that the Tao cannot even estimate it in time as you know it. Over 8 billion creations have been destroyed at the hands of humankind; however, long before this occurred the souls dancing with such creations had already caused extinction of certain species.


Generally, the species destroyed were the truth bearers and those with enough information to augment a recovery or ascension out of extinction or a fall in consciousness. It was for this reason that their lives were exterminated, as the forces of the dark knew that once they ceased to be, extinction of the whole could be brought forth.


Returning to Wholeness


There have been creations gone extinct in extreme polar counterbalance to creations that ascended to the next dimension of thoughtform through the splitting of light and dark. In Earth’s case, Sirius A and B ascended to the fifth dimension at Earth’s expense. However, Sirius can go no further, and could not even enter the Great Central Sun in their current state if they were at an end of evolutionary cycle as Earth is at this time. Why is this so? Re-entry into the Great Central Sun requires wholeness; extreme polarity splits light and dark and as such, one will never resonate in such a state, as one is not whole.


Combustion would also be the outcome for Earth upon entry into the Great Central Sun if it were not for her current ascension cycle. In this cycle, Earth is retrieving her lost light and returning the darkness displaced upon her in the form of karma and density or matter. In so doing, she is returning to wholeness enough that she will not combust upon entry. This is a difficult thing, as so much density is present upon Earth that it requires a real and continued effort and push to continue to expand outwards in auric field and upward in vibration upon her behalf. However, Earth is determined not to go extinct and make her entry into the Great Central Sun anticipated in 2048.


It is the return to wholeness that causes an awakening of each species. Suddenly one recalls what one knew long ago but had forgotten in the falls in consciousness, as through ascension the missing genetic knowledge and soul is retrieved, resurrected, reconstituted and integrated. This is happening at this time not only for each species upon Earth, but also humankind. Humankind is suddenly awakening.


Why? Not only is it that the ancient ancestors have returned to express their thoughts through the human species individually and collectively, but also there is more information suddenly available unto humankind. Those who are ascending anchor global thoughtform that much like the “100th Monkey Syndrome”, suddenly what one human knows and understands all humans know and understand. This is an example of holographic knowledge; and humans are returning to holographic knowledge in small numbers and making such knowledge available unto the whole.


Suddenly humans are recalling, albeit unconsciously, all of the falls that prior warfare has caused and the turmoil associated throughout their 200,000-year history upon Earth. Suddenly out of such remembrance humans are questioning if warfare is legitimate; if warfare can be circumvented through negotiation; and if warfare is justified under any circumstance. Such awareness comes as a result of remembering your ancient past beloved, and having it suddenly become a collective human understanding.


There is more understanding today about what warfare causes from the Veterans of Vietnam. Psychologists and those working with such Veterans see what the experiences of war cause; most are plagued for the rest of their life with torturous remembrance if not also physical disabilities due to the loss of limbs or disease due to chemicals that they were exposed to. Trauma creates a fracturing of spirit; as spirit fractures one will go into a periodic recall of the moment spirit fractured.


Gold and Alternative Energy Resources


What if all humans simply refused to pick up the guns and fight? There would be no one to carry out the orders of your leadership wishing to create war for personal gain. All war is associated with personal gain, as this is the original cause. Merduk and Innana were fighting over particular territorial boundaries and land upon Earth. Each wanted the resources therein.  What were they fighting about? Gold.


Gold was mined by the Annanuki and sent to the Pleiades to assist their star system in surviving, as they had long lost the vibration of gold. Merduk was in control over all gold and Innana wanted it for her own purposes, primarily to increase her inter-creational wealth. For it was Merduk that had amassed a fortune in Pleiadian funds allowing him travel to and from the Pleiades as he wished. Innana had been so focused upon the cycles of Earth she had run out of Pleiadian funds and could no longer afford to travel to her homeland. Merduk would not share his funds with her out of bitterness and spite, and so she went to war upon Merduk over control of the gold mines.


Oil is liquid gold. The Wooly Mammoth species points out that if your scientists would simply allow the development of alternative energy resources, the requirement for oil would dissipate. But your oil institutions are so enamored with their profit and gain that they interfere with such technological development. Asur’Ana recalls a time that the Midwestern United States had developed Gasohol, a corn-based alcohol blended with gas in certain proportions that could run through any engine producing fewer emissions. The Gasohol hit the markets, but it caused problems with a small part known as a “fuel filter”. Not one car manufacturer would redesign this small part to suit the use of Gasohol. Who paid off the car manufacturers not to do so? Most likely the oil industry. And so it goes.


There are many possibilities for alternative fuel. In a recent article in the Big Island Journal, a couple that are running their truck on vegetable oil explained how they had converted their engine to consume left over oil from McDonalds or other restaurants rather than gas. The emissions smell like bad French fries but are less toxic to human form as well as Earth. This is one solution out of many that has been shelved over the years due simply to the greed of human nature. Perhaps humanity will alter this and not allow big business and the greed associated to direct human technology, and perhaps in so doing, the toxic mess humanity has created can be begin to be healed.


Perhaps if Innana had simply focused upon creating an alternative source of income for her desire to travel to her homeland, the entire need to war upon Merduk would have ceased to be pertinent. This might have led to a conclusion of their dance upon Earth without the falls in consciousness associated with nuclear annihilation. This would have set up Earth to be in a far better position to ascend at this time in history than she is currently in. Perhaps humanity will learn from their ancient ancestry and history and change their course of action; or in other terms find alternatives to resolve issues of resources such that warfare over territory will cease to be pertinent.


Falls in Consciousness and Dissonance


Religious differences are not as problematic as resources in Wooly Mammoth’s assessment of human dissonance, although one might think otherwise in looking at the dance between Israel and Palestine. The problems with these two nations have more to do with territorial disputes than religion, although they each may use religious beliefs as an excuse to view one another as less than human and therefore worthy of being destroyed.


Much like one might instruct their preschooler to share their toys with the other children, humans that have learned to live in peace with their neighbors have also learned to share land and resources. Why are Palestinians and Israelis acting like preschoolers fighting over their toys, but with larger implements that can cause great harm and damage to the health and well-being of each other? Falls in consciousness reduce the level of awareness one operates within. One can consider the Palestinians and Israelis as falling into child-like behavior as the DNA frays leaving them with less capacity to access soul, ancient ancestors or even personality entities that operate in harmony.


Humans are channels of spirit. If human form goes into great dissonance, then the entities that they channel are dissonant and even war-like or infantile in behavior and relationship to others. This is what every fall in consciousness has caused, so much internal dissonance that only extremely dissonant and violent entities can be channeled, and in so doing the human behavior becomes increasingly barbaric towards one another and arrogant within. It is the arrogance of feeling better than that causes one to reduce another to being “sub-human” after which one can kill them without guilt.


In the past and as each fall in vibration concluded and stabilized, a little more balance returned and more harmonious entities entered the dance leading then to a period of greater harmony and an end to barbarism and war in the human dance. At this time, it may be the ascension of enough humans in such regions that shall stabilize the molecular structure into great enough harmony that peace can occur, as only peaceful entities will be channeled thereafter.


Time Rifts Closed in the Middle East


In addition to radiation as a potential cause of a fall in consciousness, so can great dissonance upon the land cause such. The land known as the Middle East has been the hub of nuclear annihilation after nuclear annihilation in human history. The sand and deserts therein are all that remains of nuclear desecration in which every living thing was blown up into tiny bits of matter. In living upon such land, the dissonance remaining upon the land from such prior incidents calls such karma to recreate itself yet again.


One solution is for the karma upon the land and the pain and dissonance that the land is in to be released. Ascending humans living there have successfully released enough of such dissonance that nuclear annihilation will not repeat in Earth’s estimation. Additionally, the land of the Middle East has been brought into present time in the resynchronization of time upon Earth. Such land has been stuck in a giant time rift associated with the moment of the original nuclear blast of the Anu about 120,000 years ago.


Time rifts also call particular incidents to recur therein. It is for this reason that the Middle East has suffered 8 additional nuclear annihilations throughout human history again upon their land, although none since were as great as the original cause in the war of Innana and Merduk. All time rifts associated with each of such nuclear blasts has been closed at last within the Middle East this past February.


Now that the land is sitting in present within the Middle East, one may witness a rapid shift of culture into more modern-day terms into the future. Perhaps a more Western based lifestyle shall result for the Middle Eastern people in which there is greater equality between men and women, as well as opportunities for education and jobs and increased technology. This the Wooly Mammoth perceives as the new potential future for the Middle East due to the changes in energy flow that are a result of Earth’s global ascent. Additionally, more will begin to awaken and ascend in the Middle East now that the land is in present time. This too will augment the release of the trauma recorded within the land in Earth’s continued global ascent, allowing peace in the Middle East to become a viable reality.


Original Cause of Warfare Between Palestinians and Israelis


And what of the Israelis and Palestinians? They too will now have their opportunity to cease to lose consciousness and ascend now that the land is in present time. Perhaps as enough ascend in such cultures, a cease-fire and peaceful settlement of all territorial disputes will finally occur, with Palestine receiving her long-awaited statehood as the karma is released in full. Nothing is impossible beloved; however, the original karmic cause must be released in order for this to become so.


What is the original karmic cause of the warfare between the Palestinians and Israelis?  Israelites have a direct lineage back to the slaves that sided with Innana in her war against Merduk. It is also why the US backs Israel as the US generally hosts those in power that have a direct lineage to Innana. Palestinians have a direct lineage back to the slaves that sided with Merduk. This is also why Iraq backs Palestine; for the Iraqi leaders have a direct lineage to Merduk. Israel and Palestine are warring upon one another again due to the karma that their ancestries participated in.


Some of the ancestries in both Palestine and Israel have ancient red inheritance; it will be such inheritances that will in time ascend allowing the karma to be released at last, allowing peace between the two nations to be born. This the Wooly Mammoth sees coming down the dimensions for the Middle East sometime around 2026 to 2028.


Those ascending in human form with the associated ancestry will continue to burn off this karma, and perhaps even more so now with the drama and trauma appears in the front headlines of the media. Even those map followers who may not be aware of their ascension are faced with their own karma in the “mirror” due to the media coverage. As such, the karma that they should be releasing is also triggered, allowing for a settlement or completion through the ascending human populace.


Only a small portion of the karma between Innana and Merduk shall be completed upon the battlefield in Wooly Mammoth’s estimation, with the majority of the release occurring through those observing this event and who are ascending. The more rapidly those who are ascending release the karma, the shorter the conflict shall be and the more rapid the momentum towards world peace.


For those therefore that are conscious of one’s ascension, the conscious choice to release any associated karma with the Annanuki and in particular Innana and Merduk in one’s ancestry shall augment a more rapid resolution for this world incident and the birth of world peace. It is for this reason that the Dolphin and Whale kingdom wrote a recent transmission filled with the intents necessary to release one’s warfare karma. (Please refer to Holographic Record Keepers Chapter 7 “Global Peace – Being Responsible for One’s Ancestry” for more information). In consciously focusing upon the release of such karma, one will augment a more rapid journey towards world peace.


Collective Focus to Release Warfare Karma


Warfare is a collective world manifestation. Warfare therefore requires collective focus to be transcended. This is the purpose that the continuing conflict in the Middle East serves in the perspective of Earth; an opportunity for each species including humankind to transcend the need for war. As each species does their part, as each ascending human contributes their part by releasing the karma for war, world peace will be fulfilled upon.


Therefore, Earth and Wooly Mammoth alike invite those reading this information to use this time in history for this purpose; to release the remaining karma in one’s ancestry for war that is mirrored outward in the global turn of events. As enough release such karma, the conflict shall cease and a new era of peace begin to be born. It is human nature to believe that world events are not one’s cause; Earth is here to explain that there is not one human nor one species that is not at cause except perhaps the few that have released the karma for their personal history. Most ascending humans have barely assembled their ancestral history from the era of the Anu; this too is required, as one must understand the karma in order for it to be released.


Karmic records have been twisted and manipulated by dark forces wishing to assure global extinction. In particular, human records were so badly distorted that one cannot rely upon any library associated with humankind. A conscious and collective effort was made beginning in 2017 to assemble a succinct set of human records detailing the karma held within human history. Much of the written materials that Asur’Ana has channeled or translated since 2017 have offered to bring this karma to consciousness so that all ascending initiates will better understand what human history has been recorded, and what requires focusing upon in order to transcend one’s personal history.


Such records have been gathered from the land and from within ascending humans. There are still missing pieces, and it shall take the continued ascent of the map carvers to 6,000 segments and the map followers to 3,000 to fill in the gaps. As all of the karma has been assembled and is known for the era of the Anu, then all karma can be released. It is only as all karma leading to warfare in particular is known and released that world peace will come to be in the physical and within the human dance.


Please understand that we are not far off from this goal. Over 90% of all records have already been compiled. The remaining 10% are anticipated to be compiled in the coming six months. As all karma is known, it will be burned off, and the conflict shall be dissipated.


There has been a push since 2017 to offset this impending war through karmic release.  Alas, it has been a more difficult task to accomplish than originally anticipated. However, enough karma has been released to assure that a nuclear annihilation great enough to afflict Earth’s global ascent will not occur. This in and of itself is a grand accomplishment from the perspective of Wooly Mammoth.


Therefore, our species invites our human brothers and sisters to not fret over this turn of world events. There are lessons to be learned yet, and such lessons shall bring the collective human consciousness to a place where warfare will not be chosen in the next opportunity of parallel circumstance that unfolds. And one day in the not too distant future, all nuclear armaments shall be dismantled in full. The Inner Earth people will demand such as beyond 2032, entry into future star gates towards the Great Central Sun would detonate such armament causing Earth to blow up and lose her opportunity to ascend. Therefore, such armament has to be dismantled, and the Inner Earth people have the technology to accomplish such a task. This too the Wooly Mammoth sees stepping down into future human history.


None of this would be possible if it were not for the choice to ascend that each reading this book has made. Each that contributes their ascension to the whole alters the future of Earth as well as humankind. The more that choose to ascend, the more rapidly the future of Earth changes. For humanity, the awakening and times of cleansing have begun. A different future from what would have occurred otherwise is about to unfold. Let us continue to push forth, releasing our karma, shortening the time of warfare, and assuring the birth of the golden era ahead.


Returning Home to Source


What else does Wooly Mammoth foresee? We foresee plagues of enormous consequence. However, those who are ascending need not worry, as one’s immune system makes a large alteration rendering one immune to such things. The plagues shall allow those who cannot ascend to make a rapid departure from the physical plane. This shall lighten the load and burden that Earth carries, augmenting her continued global ascension into the vibrations beyond global Bodhisattva level evolution. This is necessary beloved, and although it may be sad to witness from the limited perspective of the third dimensional human thoughtform, for soul it is a grand and miraculous journey leading us towards Home.


Nothing is lost in the long haul. Physicality is only a mirror shadow of an immense nonphysical realm that is filled with infinite possibilities of creative expression. We are going home to the infinite and leaving the limitation behind. Alas the physical limitation is so great that it must evolve or cease to exist. The push to evolve and ascend shall bring in generations ahead with less and less physical limitation until full consciousness is restored for each species upon Earth. Then the journey of soul infusion shall begin, until one day soul and form shall merge in a blast of light allowing all to return Home to the Tao. This is the real purpose of the journey of ascension; to return home to God Goddess/All That Is of which one is and always has been an extension of.


What else does Wooly Mammoth have to say to our ascending initiates today? Allow the turn of world events to be your mirror, beloved. What is in the headlines that one has ancestral responsibility and cause for? Intend to release the karma. Use the mirror of your life wisely. Take all experiences inward, from the tiniest of incident to the largest in association with global events, and choose to transcend the spiritual lessons associated. In so doing, one need not create a personal disaster in one’s own life dance, as the karma associated will already be released.


This is not to say that the effects of war or cleansing through disease will not touch each and every human personally. It is through the difficult moments that the greatest leaps in consciousness are made possible. Through war, one will learn how to live in peace; through the loss of friends or family in death, one learns to live in joy and non-attachment. Through change that is either chosen or forced, one learns to let go and be born anew into a higher vibration and greater freedom. Such is the dance of ascension, beloved.


Wooly Mammoth looks forward to the return of full consciousness. As this occurs for the elephant species, our ancient ancestors will merge with their kingdom in present time. This is also the same for human ascending initiates; as your future generations become fully conscious, the ancient grand master consciousness shall merge in full, carrying form to the next stage of evolution. This time all ancient ancestors look forward to, as it is the fulfillment of why we once existed upon Earth; to evolve and to ascend Home.


We hope that what we have shared is of use upon your personal path of ascension.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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