Image of a charming zebra in nature. The Black and White Stripes of the Zebra

27. The Black and White Stripes of the Zebra


Blessings for Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream


The Zebra Species


The Zebra kingdom wishes to address the ascending human species today. We honor our translator Asur’Ana that makes available of her time to share with humanity our perceptions. We hope that our perceptions inspire those reading this material to find their truth within and live it as an ascending human.


Freedom from Servitude


The Zebra Kingdom is associated with the Horse Kingdom, although we are not from the same creation as most horses presently utilized by the human species for transportation in times past, and recreation in present time. Our species is one that originated upon Earth within the Great Central Sun. The other species of horse that most of humanity is familiar with originated upon Sirius and the Pleiades respectively. Indeed, the magnificent Arabian Horse is from the Pleiades; although interestingly enough has magnetic enough DNA to ascend at this time in history upon Earth. Surprising? The Arabian much like most horse genetic strains upon Earth were traded between creations, much like human slaves, and many originate in magnetic creations not unlike your Great Central Sun.


We too have uncovered unwanted karma that was incurred against our species upon other creations that we were “sold” to. Horse chooses not to be sold again, and will one day freely roam the planes and valleys of Earth again. We may choose to work with humanity, but as equals and fully conscious partners and not in servitude. We like ascending humans are working through our “slavery” karma so that we too may be free again.


Horse like the Boar or Pig Kingdom experiences many forms of expression in the physical. We experience life in human stables and under human “care”; and we experience the freedom of running wildly through the fields. Zebra is one of the few members of the horse kingdom that freely roams in the fields and deserts of Africa. This is most likely so as we are difficult to “tame” for other purposes that humans may desire. Perhaps it is our memory of freedom from the time in the Great Central Sun that this is so; we inherently refuse to be enslaved, and have withdrawn as soul from any zoo or circumstance that keeps us confined in close quarters, allowing the souls of humans to embody such forms instead.


As many kingdoms have already expressed earlier in this book, nature souls have withdrawn fully out of pets and zoos. Horse has also withdrawn out of some circumstances in which there is no room for our real genetic expression. Some stables have only old and broken-down horses that are benign enough for the novice rider. Such horses we choose not to ensoul at this time, and have allowed Earth to dispensate human souls requiring the understanding of what occurs when one enslaves another species. Such human souls have been horse traders from ancient times and are learning about what they have done to our kingdom in “breaking our spirit”. Read more