Image of a charming zebra in nature. The Black and White Stripes of the Zebra

27. The Black and White Stripes of the Zebra


Blessings for Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream


The Zebra Species


The Zebra kingdom wishes to address the ascending human species today. We honor our translator Asur’Ana that makes available of her time to share with humanity our perceptions. We hope that our perceptions inspire those reading this material to find their truth within and live it as an ascending human.


Freedom from Servitude


The Zebra Kingdom is associated with the Horse Kingdom, although we are not from the same creation as most horses presently utilized by the human species for transportation in times past, and recreation in present time. Our species is one that originated upon Earth within the Great Central Sun. The other species of horse that most of humanity is familiar with originated upon Sirius and the Pleiades respectively. Indeed, the magnificent Arabian Horse is from the Pleiades; although interestingly enough has magnetic enough DNA to ascend at this time in history upon Earth. Surprising? The Arabian much like most horse genetic strains upon Earth were traded between creations, much like human slaves, and many originate in magnetic creations not unlike your Great Central Sun.


We too have uncovered unwanted karma that was incurred against our species upon other creations that we were “sold” to. Horse chooses not to be sold again, and will one day freely roam the planes and valleys of Earth again. We may choose to work with humanity, but as equals and fully conscious partners and not in servitude. We like ascending humans are working through our “slavery” karma so that we too may be free again.


Horse like the Boar or Pig Kingdom experiences many forms of expression in the physical. We experience life in human stables and under human “care”; and we experience the freedom of running wildly through the fields. Zebra is one of the few members of the horse kingdom that freely roams in the fields and deserts of Africa. This is most likely so as we are difficult to “tame” for other purposes that humans may desire. Perhaps it is our memory of freedom from the time in the Great Central Sun that this is so; we inherently refuse to be enslaved, and have withdrawn as soul from any zoo or circumstance that keeps us confined in close quarters, allowing the souls of humans to embody such forms instead.


As many kingdoms have already expressed earlier in this book, nature souls have withdrawn fully out of pets and zoos. Horse has also withdrawn out of some circumstances in which there is no room for our real genetic expression. Some stables have only old and broken-down horses that are benign enough for the novice rider. Such horses we choose not to ensoul at this time, and have allowed Earth to dispensate human souls requiring the understanding of what occurs when one enslaves another species. Such human souls have been horse traders from ancient times and are learning about what they have done to our kingdom in “breaking our spirit”.


If those reading this information works with horses, then we ask that you connect to our kingdom and allow us to ensoul those horse embodiments that may be of service to the ascent of oneself or other humans who are awakening and work with horses. We will do this if requested; in so doing one’s horse may begin to ascend to the crystalline form along with oneself.


One initiate offers horse massage in Australia. This initiate is learning that some horses are ascending, and how to work with the ascending field of the horse kingdom upon an individual and collective basis. In so doing, much healing is offered to trauma that may cause a particular horse to be temperamental. In a state of peace, horse will work with humans that choose to share in our dance, and often this initiate has healed past trauma that has caused a horse to buck or be problematic under certain circumstances.


Horses like humankind may have birth and childhood trauma due to particular experiences or harsh handling. Horse then fractures in the experience, and in the fracture either will become increasingly temperamental or increasingly docile. Humans may prefer docile, but this breaks the spirit of wild horse. It is the spirit of wild horse that is most magnificent, and if one works in communion, honor and love, such spirit need not be broken and horse will work with human through its own freewill choice.


This the Native American Indian understood; horses were not captured and broken through fracturing of spirit, but cornered, fed and honored. In so doing, horse chose to work with the Native Americans out of their own freewill choice, allowing us to be ridden for transportation between tribes, and later to fight the battles between nations. In so doing, horse like many other species has been pulled into the dance of the human species, and we too are releasing karma for this in present time to ensure no future warfare upon Earth.


The spirit of Horse is freedom; this is the sign that we embody in the new astrology that is the Freedom Bearer or Winged Horse. The wings of our species were once present long ago; as horse fell into the density of fifth and then third dimensional form, the body was too heavy for wings. And so, this became a part of the genetic blueprint of our more ancient past, much like the “Winged Lion” or Dragon Species. (Please see Chapter 8 “The Return of the Winged Lion and Dragon” for more information.) As Earth and all kingdoms therein embody a 12th dimensional form again into the future and through future ascension, we will sprout our wings one day and take again to the sky, moving from region to region as required to support the continued ascent of Earth.


Taking Responsibility for One’s Dream


Nature is continuing to be the gatekeeper of ascension for humanity. Humans must move increasingly towards unity in their continued ascent, or will be blocked from climbing any further up in vibration. One of the observations of current human ascension that Zebra makes is that many are not choosing to become conscious dream weavers. This appears to be so for many of indigenous origins that due to ancestral inheritance and the push of the ancient ancestors are ascending nonetheless, but are not conscious of the choice to ascend. Alas, most of such humans must be restrained at 2,200 segments of DNA as their life choices and thoughtform is not modifying enough to become increasingly unity-based to allow for continued ascension.


What does Zebra mean by this? Such humans wish to remain in victim thoughtform rather than finding their power and truth within. It is victim thoughtform that believes that one can be “raped” or “harmed” or fall into unfavorable circumstances that one somehow did not cause. One is the dreamer and the dream. One dreams one’s own life and then lives it. How can one experience therefore anything that one did not dream and therefore cause? Alas, believing in fate or circumstance or surprises is simply not so; and for those of lower vibrational threshold one has experienced whatever circumstance one has manifested upon 8 planes over 8 years before it came to be physical. To believe there is ever a mistake or mystery is a great con; but one that the forces of the dark wish to perpetuate as in so doing, humans fail to take responsibility for the dream that they are weaving, and therefore are easier to manipulate.


Being Conscious of Dream Weaving and Manipulations


Now this is not to say that there are not dream manipulations; and indeed, there are some humans so gifted at manipulating dreams in their own favor by taking them from others that they live the seeming “chosen” or “special” life. Often such humans also have great fame and power. However, there are many without any fame gifted at such.


One initiate whom we shall call Joy met such a gentleman working as a restaurant manager of a small Italian restaurant in Austria. This gentleman was a good dream manipulator; he had manipulated his dream such that he lives in a nation that has 46 paid holidays per year, plus a month’s leave for vacation. He also has worked his schedule to a point where he works 15 days straight and then has 15 days off to travel, alternating with another willing to agree to the same schedule. This gentleman has traveled all over the world; much of such travel was dreams that he had procured from others, being an avid dream manipulator. Indeed, he even shared that on one trip in the US, the bus stopped in Vegas for lunch. He put a few dollars in a slot machine and won $10,000. This too was not his original dream, and he took it from another, much like his dream for travel.


Therefore, those becoming conscious of their dream weaving must become aware of those who desire one’s dream for themselves, and will reach into one’s field and break off such dreams causing one to experience failure or a dream-not-come-true manifestation in return. The above particular human tried to take Joy’s dream of travel; fortunately, Joy caught on to the game and undid the manipulations through conscious intent. One can look at the others in one’s life that always seem to manifest a dream-come-true experience, and understand perhaps who the good dream manipulators are. These are the ones to watch as one manages one’s dream day to day as an ascending being.


How does one manage one’s dream? How does one become a dreamer and a dream? (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 17 “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream” for more information.) One ascends into such capabilities by calling upon one’s ancestry that understood conscious dream weaving at a time before humanity fell into a state of accepting whatever unconscious dream was passed one’s way.


It is the ancestors from one’s own tapestry and history that will teach one how to dream weave and assist in the weaving of one’s dreams, and those ancestors primarily that recall how to do such from their own life experience at the time that they were incarnate upon the Earth plane. No two humans weave dreams in exactly the same manner, and therefore there are no rules to offer to the dance. However, one must intend one’s dreams, or one will simply receive whatever the genetics and unconscious is calling into the life expression, which can indeed be manipulated by others.


Daydreams Are Real


Conscious dream weaving can be much like daydreaming. One experiences the dream that one would like to manifest as a “fantasy”. However, the daydream is not a fantasy, although the dark have conned humanity into believing daydreams are fantasies. Perhaps it is simply because most daydreams do not come true that humans do not perceive the cause and effect of the focus of dreaming and the dream manifest that this is so. Why do not most daydreams occur for real? Dream manipulation has much to do with this, as the very beings that cause one to perceive daydreams as unreal, then swipe the dream one is daydreaming about, and gives it to another. If one saw that each daydream came to be physical, one would have a connection to interpret how intention of dream causes the same physical outcome in one’s life expression.


Daydreams are real. One must then ask oneself if what one is daydreaming about, is it something one really desires to make manifest? If not, one should perhaps cancel the dream. One may then wish to focus only upon those daydreams one would really like to make manifest. Perhaps some initiates suffered with having daydreams of violence in which they might be raped, their home broken into, their personal belongings stolen, and so on. This is because these initiates absorbed the darker dreams of others that this was so.


Many gentle and humble humans absorb the darkness of others; sometimes they live to experience horrific accidents and brutality as such. As a conscious dreamer if one is predisposed to this, then one may wish to become more cognizant of when such dreams are deposited into one’s field, and simply choose to cancel them or “return to sender” so that one does not live to experience such. Each time such a vision comes in, one can simply cancel it, until one can release the underlying agreements as to why one absorbs such violent dreams from others into their field in the first place.


Collective Dream Manifestations


Which brings us to another point. And that is the use of media to produce films, soap operas and shows that depict a certain dance in the human drama. In the 1930’s and 1940’s and after the Great Depression, many films that became popular in the US and abroad depicted a wealthy lifestyle. These were the movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers and the early Hollywood in Los Angeles, that created many glamorous musicals. As the collective audience in the West watched such movies, they intended such for their collective reality. This is why the West now experiences the very high standard of living by and large that they do, as they dreamed of such during this time period.


In the 1960’s and beyond, the movie industry turned towards more violent themes, with earthquakes traumatizing cities, capsized boats, horror flicks, Star Wars, war films and the like. As the collective consciousness of the West consumed such films, a dream for violence has become the living reality that you now experience forty years later. It is ultimately such types of films that called the experience of 9-11 to be made manifest into the physical; it is also such types of films that call many experiences of violence into the life dance of the current human populace global wide.


Did you even wonder why so many ferries have capsized in the years of 2002-2003, killing many people? Was there not a film made about the Titanic not so long ago? Did not the Titanic sink? Those watching this film collectively called dreams of capsized and sunk boats into the human experience in their focus. One can see in this the shortened time of manifestation between the collective dream and the outcome, as the collective human dream is now stepping down in a matter of a few years rather than 30 to 40 years.


What about all of the horror and violent themes? Alas, these are playing out both upon the battlefield and in the regional dramas and traumas of snipers, or the child that guns others down at elementary, middle and high schools, or the employee that shoots the boss upon the job, along with many accidents, murders and other acts of terrorism of all kinds. Those watching such films add the dream associated to the collective dream, which then must be expressed somewhere and through some human lives. The more numbers of humans that watch a particular film, and the more popular the movie or book, the more lives are affected global wide in association with such dreams, and the more humans that will experience a parallel life trauma.


Who gets chosen to live the violent dreams that the multitudes in their unconscious watching of violent television and movies make manifest? For a long time, such dreams were compressed upon humans that may or may not have ever watched the violence themselves. There were dream brokers that would assign dreams founded upon karma, but sometimes the karma was also manipulated. Those who were of use to the dark never received such dreams; they were like a duck with water upon it’s back; the bad dreams would simply slide off and never touch those who were of use to the dark. Generally, those of use to the dark have small, medium or large fame in the physical. It is why such famous humans rarely manifest such type of violent trauma, although this will change now and into the times ahead.


The End of Karmic Manipulations


Dream manipulation is coming to an end, Zebra is happy to say. One of the roles of the Zebra Kingdom is to weave the collective dream for Earth and all nature kingdoms therein. This has not included humanity nor the dolphins and whales since their original seeding upon Earth. However, this is changing; the human, whale and dolphin is now under Earth’s command due to the reweaving of the dreamtime planes that surround Earth. In so doing, the dream merchants and brokers have been removed. One will dream what one focuses upon and live to experience that which one has karma to experience; unless one chooses to release the karma through ascension thereby modifying the dream and the outcome that is experienced upon the physical plane.


As a conscious dreamer and ascending human, one may wish to become cognizant therefore of what karma is one’s own, and what karma belongs unto another. Karma has been manipulated all the way back unto ancient times; however, the lineages that have held karma for other lineages are also becoming to be better understood due to the map makers of ascension and their piecing together of the anthology of human history from more ancient times. As such, karma that belongs to another inheritance can be returned at this time, and one may request that this be done prior to falling asleep at night and connecting to the Healing Temples for Ascension in the Aurora of Earth, and requesting a karmic review of one’s tapestry of ancestry.


There are many lineages that have taken upon themselves terrible karma for those of great power and fame in times past. This karma has acted out in lifetime after lifetime of disease, deformity, and broken dreams. Such broken dreams lead to ancestors who are not only unhappy, but feel disillusioned and hopeless about life upon Earth. Why would this be so? Theoretically, if the karma was one’s own, experiencing a difficult time in a given life should clear the karma. But because the karma was not of the inheritance but rather displaced upon the ancestry by those of great fame, the karma never cleared, and lifetime after lifetime was lived of parallel miserable kind. One cannot clear the karma of another, not even in the life experience of the dance.


There are also those who have ancestry to others of great fame that have never experienced the cause of their effect. How can one understand the spiritual lessons of cause and effect if one never experiences the effect of the cause? Such a dance leads to spiritual stagnation and ultimately to further falls in consciousness, as energy does not stagnate, it either moves up in vibration or down. More or less the manipulation of karma through the human dance has led to an inability to spiritually evolve, which has led to fall after fall in consciousness and a vibrational decline.


Now in these times of ascension, all is coming to be understood. The nature of karmic manipulations and how they have come to be have been more greatly revealed in this last month of ascension through the map carvers than any other single period of ascension since the beginning of this movement. Now that how karma has been manipulated in the human dance is understood, Earth is choosing to rectify it so that each human is held accountable for his or her personal ancestral dance; no more and no less. In so doing, humans will either ascend or complete karma through death, and in so doing the karma for the human species shall be settled so that Earth as a whole may ascend.


Taking Responsibility for One’s Karma and One’s Dream


Each species must take responsibility for one’s own karma and one’s own dream. Humanity is still in a delusion that one may dream of cataclysms and not live to experience such as a result. If humanity understood the full ramifications of this, they would outlaw the production of any film that did not lead to anything but joy, expansion, and dreams come true. For any violent or negative theme film viewed or book read by millions of unconscious humans only ensures that such themes are experienced by the very masses watching or reading such. This causes the producers, actors, authors, publishers and banks that make their millions from such to create a load of karma for themselves; and too much karma to ascend in this lifetime.


Which brings us to our final point. As an ascending being, one must be careful of what one engages with or watches. Anything one watches or engages with, one is intending for one’s life experience if there is karma in the ancestry to cause the dream to hold in one’s field. Therefore, one can go to a film of this or that nature, and not realize that one has just skewed their life dream in an entirely new direction due to the karma from one’s ancient ancestry triggered. If one is ascending, perhaps one will clear the karma and ward off the outcome of a bad dream made manifest. But what if one cannot get at all of the karma, as it is so far back in one’s ancestry that one doesn’t even know that it exists? Alas here lies the problem, there is still much unknown karma surrounding the ancient ancestry of the human species upon Earth.


Therefore, is it wise to go to the movies, watch television or engage in reading novels at all, if this is the case? Perhaps, one’s time is far better spent going into nature, focusing upon one’s own field and form in ascension, doing the synthesis or elements meditation, and choosing to process one’s own karma instead. In so doing, one will not manifest something one does not desire to experience and potentially serves not in one’s continued ascent.


Group Energy Flow


There is also the problem with going to live entertainment. Group energy flow in the current human expression can often be violent, shredding many an ascending field.


Asur’Ana has witnessed the rotational energy movement of Hawaiian dance troupes performing the Hula. This energy flow blesses others with the grace of the kundalini and is harmless in nature; i.e., does not pierce into one’s field or chakras but revolves around one’s own personal energy as one sits in the audience. Alas, this was not so for a famous guitar player that she had enjoyed in her pre-ascension days; she went to a performance of this soloist and came away battered. It took her several days to repair her field, and she learned not to participate in such forms of human entertainment again, unless of course she could perceive such entertainment to be harmless such as the Hawaiian Hula.


In Australia, an ascending initiate went to see a group of musicians that were enjoyed by many in the local bohemian society of the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. These musicians were so sour and negative, and nothing but the tones of disease and death were coming through their field in pus green, puke yellow, brown and black. He left after four songs. Alas, the musicians are not wrong, they were only reflecting the state of being that they themselves and their audience was in; each were moving towards a more rapid state of disease and death.


Entering No-Time and the New Dream


At this time, those of non-ascension are fracturing even more greatly than before, and aging even more rapidly. Time is compressing; soon Earth will enter “no-time”. In a state of no-time, past present and future become one. As humans go into the country or to places of high frequency such as Hawaii or the mountains, they will enter no-time and be pressed into their future death if they are not ascending. For those who are ascending, one is pressed into one’s future ascension, which may allow for a greater period of transmutation, and therefore time in the country or by the sea will serve one greatly. Over time, no-time will enter even the cities; for this is a requirement to assure the passing into of the Great Central Sun.


As an ascending human, one is choosing to enter a new dream. The new dream, which is also known as the new consensus for ascension is not for greater fracturing of spirit and death; it is for ascension and becoming the dreamer and the dream. One must therefore become cognizant that one is not participating in the old consensus dance, and therefore withdraw from needless association that will not and cannot support one’s choice to ascend, such as movies and entertainment that are not harmless in energy flow. As one does so, one will find that one’s ascent comes forth in greater ease.


There are groups that are ascending and embodying the Language of Light in their auric fields. Such humans are a part of the new consensus. Over time, it will be easier for ascending initiates to recognize those groups that are ascending and discern them from those that are not. Those that are not ascending work in a particular fashion that Zebra would like initiates to become more aware of.


Non-Ascending Groups and Entertainment


Most groups, movies and entertainment strive to put humans in a fantasy reality. Such fantasies are constructed from electrical and radioactive tones of creation. Such tones will pierce one’s field, however the radiation associated may make one numb to the dance. One may even feel good or “high” in the moment of the fantasy. Alas, when one separates, then one will feel the damage done to the field. Then one may end up with a “cold” or “flu” and not associate the group, movie or entertainment as the underlying cause.


There are those beings that are present in the old consensus and through human genetic agreement that desire to take as much as they can through any medium that they can at this time in history. Why is this so? Earth has by and large moved such beings off of Earth, except in the old consensus human dance. It is the human genetic agreements that cause such beings to remain; these beings are from the “false intervention”. Such beings have stripped billions of creations like Earth to extinction for so long in time it cannot be measured in time, as you know it. Such beings work through humanity now to see if they can waylay Earth’s ascent; as a result, they are becoming increasingly violent and stripping more than in times past from those who’s field that they can access.


Such beings are working through the collective energy flow of the cities and the media along with entertainers. The entertainers and those of enough fame are not the ones’ afflicted by the energy dynamics; only the audience as the conduit is of use to these forces of the dark at this time. It is for this reason that Zebra along with many other nature kingdoms advise that ascending initiates relocate into the country, and not work in the city if at all possible, and refrain from entertainment and television. Such places and modalities of entertainment will become increasingly violent energetically into the decade ahead leading to many plagues not unlike SARS, and underlying this is simply energetic violence.


Within the past few decades, there was a false set of prophets that stepped forth warning of earth movement, plagues and violence that did not manifest at that time in history. Such false prophets desired to confuse humanity into the future so that ascending humans would not take action when the real difficulties ahead stepped into physicality. Some sold their homes and moved to the country at that time, and have felt disillusioned or betrayed since. Some who believed false prophets that some sort of alien form was going to come to Earth and “save” everyone have likewise become disillusioned, potentially giving up upon the ascension movement. Each of such false prophets was created specifically by the dark to mislead those that can ascend into a circumstance that would cause their failure.


Withdraw from the Old Consensus


Long ago and before the fall of Atlantis, many foresaw what was coming and chose to relocate to the Inner Earth, as at that time the nuclear wars of humanity could not be avoided or prevented. Much is coming to be understood of why this is so, and the reweaving of the human dream assures that such a time shall not manifest in this cycle, as it would prevent the ascent of the whole. Others or family members may have laughed at those that left in Atlantis for their choices, until the cataclysm envisioned actually did manifest.


At this time, there is still time to withdraw from the dance of the old consensus enough to ward a difficult outcome for oneself as an ascending initiate. One can choose to separate and place oneself in the best possible region to augment one’s continued choice to ascend. Your future ancestors are depending upon you beloved, as it will only be as enough ascend in adult form that the ascending children can enter your world in larger numbers; as the ascending adults shall hold the bridge into the new consensus energy flow. Therefore, you are needed beloved, your ascent is required, for yourself and your personal dream as well as for the future of your human relations. Now is the time to create and live a dream that shall place oneself in the right place for ascension.


We leave you with these thoughts. Do not hesitate to connect with the Zebra or Horse Kingdoms as one so feels called from within. We are present upon Earth in service to all who so choose to ascend.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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