Image of lavender quartz crystals. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation

7. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation


From the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom


It is the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the lavender tones of creation at this time of global ascension. Lavender is a tone of transmutation through which density is dissipated or erased so that a higher frequency overall can be attained. This is the purpose of our kingdom along with three others hosting the lavender ray upon Earth. The minerals associated with this task include Amethyst (represents the Structure tone in the Language of Light), Vesuvianite (Divine Union tone), Sodalite (Magnitude tone) and Sugilite (Internal tone).


The Import of the Lavender Ray


The lavender tones are important unto Terra (Earth) for holding the structure of the new energy flow that is magnetic and holographic in nature. The new energy flow is not entirely new; it is really a restoration of what once was in Terra’s experience inside the Great Central Sun. As Terra matches the flow of the Great Central Sun, then she enters this dream again returning Home from where she came. Already parts of Terra’s field have already crossed over into the new dream as they host the appropriate energy flow; and now all that remains in a dream split into light and dark must also cross over in the coming 25 to 30 years. It is the tones associated with the lavender ray that assist in holding the new movement for entry into the new dream.


It has often been said by metaphysicians throughout human history that it is Love that is the glue that holds creation together. Indeed, this is so. The new tones and structure that the lavender ray is holding is founded upon Absolute Love. This is the gift of the Tao who has extended into this creation to assist with its return journey Home. The blessings of absolute love allow for a shift in the manner in which all of creation is held together, whether it is in energy flow or physical form.


The new structure of absolute love alters the rotation of holographic energy movement in those regions of domain that have already crossed over into the new dream upon Earth’s surface. Absolute love allows for the dissolution of all ties to a dark dream or in other terms, those dreams that desire to shatter, destroy, abuse or suffer in any manner.


Earth is releasing her ties to the dark dream that has plagued her and caused fall after fall in consciousness over time; and in so doing she is entering a new dream where the possibility of ascension is endless. Already, Earth can perceive the coming 12,000 years of global ascension ahead, and is in the process of anchoring this future in layers of year by year alterations to her field to allow this possibility to be the only future that manifests. This is a grand shift as now we can say that the future of Terra’s global ascent is assured. Read more