Image of lavender quartz crystals. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation

7. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation


From the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom


It is the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the lavender tones of creation at this time of global ascension. Lavender is a tone of transmutation through which density is dissipated or erased so that a higher frequency overall can be attained. This is the purpose of our kingdom along with three others hosting the lavender ray upon Earth. The minerals associated with this task include Amethyst (represents the Structure tone in the Language of Light), Vesuvianite (Divine Union tone), Sodalite (Magnitude tone) and Sugilite (Internal tone).


The Import of the Lavender Ray


The lavender tones are important unto Terra (Earth) for holding the structure of the new energy flow that is magnetic and holographic in nature. The new energy flow is not entirely new; it is really a restoration of what once was in Terra’s experience inside the Great Central Sun. As Terra matches the flow of the Great Central Sun, then she enters this dream again returning Home from where she came. Already parts of Terra’s field have already crossed over into the new dream as they host the appropriate energy flow; and now all that remains in a dream split into light and dark must also cross over in the coming 25 to 30 years. It is the tones associated with the lavender ray that assist in holding the new movement for entry into the new dream.


It has often been said by metaphysicians throughout human history that it is Love that is the glue that holds creation together. Indeed, this is so. The new tones and structure that the lavender ray is holding is founded upon Absolute Love. This is the gift of the Tao who has extended into this creation to assist with its return journey Home. The blessings of absolute love allow for a shift in the manner in which all of creation is held together, whether it is in energy flow or physical form.


The new structure of absolute love alters the rotation of holographic energy movement in those regions of domain that have already crossed over into the new dream upon Earth’s surface. Absolute love allows for the dissolution of all ties to a dark dream or in other terms, those dreams that desire to shatter, destroy, abuse or suffer in any manner.


Earth is releasing her ties to the dark dream that has plagued her and caused fall after fall in consciousness over time; and in so doing she is entering a new dream where the possibility of ascension is endless. Already, Earth can perceive the coming 12,000 years of global ascension ahead, and is in the process of anchoring this future in layers of year by year alterations to her field to allow this possibility to be the only future that manifests. This is a grand shift as now we can say that the future of Terra’s global ascent is assured.


The Amalgamation of Light and Dark


In the last chapter shared through the Rose Quartz Kingdom and Mother Earth, the nature of light and dark Earth dreams were spoken to. Entering the new dream requires exiting a split dream whether it is light or dark matters not; for the new dream is an amalgamation of light and dark into a single rainbow of tones in which separation ceases. This also is a part of the role of the lavender ray; to assist in the amalgamation of light and dark such that the two extremes cease to exist in energy flow. As the two extremes are no longer present in the energetic dance, one also ceases to live in a split dream and enters the new dream of the Great Central Sun.


For most ascending humans, one is learning to embody the Language of Light at this time, as is much of Earth that has yet to enter the new dream. Mostly, it is the Inner Earth and some mountain ranges, lakes and oceans upon the surface of the Earth that have entered the new dream along with any plant, animal or mineral therein. The regions that have entered must have mastered a minimum of 15,000 segments of DNA as it is in mastering this level that the holographic information associated with one’s genetics is pieced back together into a continuous whole again.


It is only as one recalls how to move holographic energy flow that one can enter the new dream. For most humans, it will be 2 to 4 generations into the future before the incoming children enter the world at 15,000 segments and with the holographic information complete enough to participate in the new dream. Ascension is a generational dance for all kingdoms upon Earth; and so, for most animals, dolphins or whales it is also several generations into the future before all of each kingdom has mastered this level of evolution and likewise crosses over into the new dream.


Mastering the Language of Light


For those mastering the Language of Light, the tones of Structure and Divine Union are most important to embody. It is the structure symbol that allows one to begin to embrace a new energy flow that is rotational and magnetic rather than pyramidal or box shaped in nature. Pyramidal geometry is prevalent in the West and is related to the Merkaba that originated with the Family of Anu and their slave race. The Box shaped geometry is prevalent in the East and originated with the Reptilian DNA as it was blended with the human species in the fourth dimension. Both geometries are to be phased out through the ascent of the human species in the coming 100-year cycle.


The pyramidal energy flow is the first to be released as is physical plane karma at cause of how this DNA originated upon Earth. Reptilian DNA is a fourth dimensional blending and will require more hosting this DNA to ascend to the next dimension to clear the karma for. However, both patterns are due to be released as they are caustic to the energy flow required to sustain oneself in the new dream of the Great Central Sun. The movement requires by the Great Central Sun is round and rotational in nature.


There are lavender tones associated with pyramids and boxes as geometry; these tones, although they appear to be of the right color, are not the rays that are useful to ascension as they are laced with electrical energy and elements. The true lavender tones associated with ascension are magnetic and host magnetic elements. Although one can intend to replace one’s elemental structure with magnetic elements, unless the DNA associated is of magnetic language, then the intention will not take hold within one’s energy field. Therefore, first one must alter the DNA to be of magnetic origins, and then one can replace the elements as well as re-encode the atomic and molecular structure to host a magnetic rotation.


Anchoring Magnetic DNA


Therefore, a useful intention for ascending humans is to research and pull forward the magnetic DNA from one’s red nation root race inheritance and embody this through ascension. As one applies photonic energy to any field, new DNA anchored in the ascension grid work will be transferred into the etheric body and alter the etheric cellular structure; additional photonic energy will then cause the etheric changes to grow in the physical. This is how all ascension is occurring at this time in history; first in the etheric and then in the physical.


The lavender ray assists in the transference of new genetic information from the healing temples and one’s Oversoul to the ascension grid work surrounding the etheric body; along with the transference of the information from the ascension grid work to the etheric grid work and down into each etheric cell. Therefore, running the lavender tones of creation through one’s kundalini each day during meditation is useful to assist in the movement of new information so that the ascension can be anchored all the way down into the physical. This is how the biology can move from a form that ages or becomes ill to a regenerative blueprint in which one can extend one’s life and sustain one’s health through ascension.


The Love of the Tao for the Space Between


The lavender ray will assist the body in remembering the love of the Tao; or absolute love of all things. Most bodies whether they are human, plant, animal, mineral, whale or dolphin, have fallen into such a fractured state that cellular love has been lost. This too is a blessing of the Tao; a blessing for the return of cellular love. Whereas the pink ray associated with the Rose Quartz Mineral Kingdom assists the positive energy flow and cells within the body in embracing love, the Amethyst Quartz Mineral Kingdom assists the space between in embracing love as well.


The space between is the region of domain that carves the space through which the positive energy flows. You can liken the positive energy to the etheric cells; and the negative energy to the space between the cells; or that which holds the cells together to create a biological form that does not fall apart. The etheric cells ascend into a new crystalline structure that regenerates and holds a higher vibration.


As Asur’Ana has written more extensively about in earlier materials, the crystalline cells are coated in a lipid or fat substance instead of protein and this added padding holds a higher frequency. The cells are also 5-10% larger than the previous biological system causing an expansion overall in the size of the ascending initiates body over time. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information.)


The space between or surrounding the cells is also modified to become increasingly permeable through ascension. The original structure for the space between is glue like substance that does not allow for the passing of noxious gases through the biology. The new structure for the space between allows for the passing of gases and a more efficient means of detoxifying. The higher the vibration that one holds, the more of the wastes are transmuted into gases rather than requiring transference via the blood to the waste management systems of the biology. This creates a more efficient capacity to detoxify which is necessary to the regeneration of the cellular structure.


Many initiates avoid ascending the space between the cells into a new blueprint. Why? Well, the mineral kingdom perceives that this is a bad pattern from other times in the ancestry where the space between was also schismed over in ascension leading to disease and eventually death of the form.


The Need to Ascend Both the Positive and the Negative


About a decade ago, a famous teacher of ascension in the West died. The analysis of his bardo (post death review) shows clearly that this initiate ascended the space without or positive ley lines and physical cells to 36,000 segments without any modification of the space between the cells. Over time, the build-up of toxic gases that could not be released through the space surrounding the cells and compromised the health so greatly that he died.


One cannot only ascend the positive without also ascending the negative, beloved; it just simply does not work. Instead, both sides of self must be addressed and ascended, and in so doing one will create a complete ascension as well as have the future possibility of crossing into the new dream. For one cannot amalgamate light and dark if one has not first ascended both light and dark to a blueprint that can then be blended into a single set of frequencies to enter the Great Central Sun.


The Nature of the Space Between


Many initiates avoid ascending the darker parts of self as it is in this region of domain that often hosts the destructive and hateful karma of one’s ancestry. Why is this so? Well, the space between is associated with the dark Earth dream; and the dark Earth dream as it was expanded hosted destructive scripts that humanity then attuned unto and acted out. It is all related therefore in the perception of the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom. For the space between hosts thoughtform of separation and division as this is its job.


The space between is designed to separate and divide or create the pathway through which the light may flow. The space between in and of itself does not cause destruction if it is doing its job. However, if the space between is puffed up and up and up until there is little remaining light, then the separation and division thoughtform drives the dream. As separation and division thoughtform drive any dream, the dream turns destructive in nature.


When one fails to ascend the space between, the spaces between puff up and up and up in the field of such an initiate as the famous ascension teacher that died. As the space between inflated and inflated, so did the destructive thoughtform that was never addressed in the ascent, and ultimately a dream of destruction or death caught upon the life of this particular initiate. This is the same for any ascending initiate that fails to ascend the space between and carries on ascending only the positive part of the ley lines and cells of the etheric body; ultimately, one will self-destruct as one has inflated destructive thoughtform rather than transcended and transmuted it.


Destructive Karma and Forgiveness


In the dreamtime ascension school (DAS) that Terra now directs through Asur’Ana and Per, it was discovered that the dreamtime group associated was failing to ascend the space between. This inflated collective group darkness that then acted out in large shattering of Asur’Ana and Per who nearly died. So, the dreamtime group was pressed to focus upon ascending the space between, and this was focused upon for over a year so that the destructive patterning would be addressed and released rather than inflated to a point of causing destruction instead. Therefore, this is also the responsibility of each ascending human that is devoted to this path in this lifetime; to focus upon both the positive and negative parts of self so that both parts of the biology may also transmute to the regenerative form.


Transmuting destructive karma is important to the mastery of real forgiveness in ascension. It is as one faces one’s own destroyer within and destructive ancestry that one learns to forgive oneself; and then can forgive others that are difficult or abusive in one’s personal life dance and within the world mirror. If one does not face one’s own destructive karma, one also fails to learn sincere forgiveness; as often forgiveness is really come to be understood as ascending initiates face their own personal destructive karma.


This has been so for Asur’Ana and Per that each have hosted their own destructive ancestors that have been forgiven. It is only through forgiveness that the destructive dance then ceases; and if not for their ability to forgive, perhaps they would have already died from the unconscious harm flowing through their dreamtime ascension school. Forgiving the destruction within that the mirror of their school offered allowed them to learn to transcend their own destroyer within.


Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 hosts focuses to assist initiates in understanding the energetic dynamics of ascension as well as making sure that all parts of self are addressed down to the physical. The mineral kingdoms worked with Earth to anchor the healing planes for this workbook and it is highly recommended as a good course of self-study for those devoted to ascending in this lifetime.


Essentially, all that has been learned through ascending a group of humans has been shared in this workbook; additional chapters have been written to increase the depth of the work for those sincerely interested. These new chapters were compiled and published as Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2. This may be the most important ascension information that you can work with, beloved.


Learning to Love the Space Between as Well as the Space Without


The lavender tones will offer love to the space between in one’s field and biology. This region of domain has not felt love ever, even inside the Great Central Sun and upon dimensions that Terra once originated upon. It is the space between region of domain that has been used to strip creation after creation into non-existence. Therefore, this region of domain never really receive the proper blueprint to begin with; and so, the Tao in perceiving that this region of domain has never been loved, has chosen to anchor blessings of love for the space between so that this region of domain can return to its proper structure and function to sustain life and support ascension.


So, what has the space between been used for primarily if it is not to support life? There are entities of the space between that have inflated themselves into “God Goddess” over life. Terra have called these entities “false gods”. These entities do not support life as they function from separation and division thoughtform. How can that which chooses to separate and divide possibly support life? For separation and division is the foundation of disease as well as warfare in human expression. The false gods really are puffed up consciousness of the space between that move through the dark dreams of Earth and the space between creations outside the Great Central Sun.


Because humans have tended to exist within the dark dreams upon Earth, all that they have been often able to hear is the false gods of the dark, which include Sananda, Rama, Thoth, Melchizedek and a host of others that those in the metaphysical community channel. There are also false gods of the light such as Buddha (not to be confused with ancestor Buddha who ascended to the 4th dimension), Vishnu, Shiva and Quan Yin. These false gods are puffed upon consciousness of the space without or light Earth dream. It may be the false gods of the light that the ascension teacher that died followed and who only ascended the space without in the biology as this is all that they understand.


Here you see the crux of the problem with the split in light and dark dreams; the forces of the light Earth dream only know how to ascend the positive side of the energy flow; and the forces of the space between desire to increase their region of domain rather than collapse it. So, the two sides of the light and dark work together to create false ascension and this then causes the body to die. In reality, the space between should be increasingly collapsed into less and less density if a complete ascension is underway.


Collapsing the Space Between and Increasing the Light


For those beginning their ascent at 2 DNA segments, the space between is over 80% of the overall field. The space without or light is only tiny points in a vast ocean of darkness, not unlike the stars that one perceives in one’s nighttime sky. This is the result of the deep density that humans have fallen into at this level of vibration. As one ascends to 1024, the space without or positive energy grows to be about 40% of the overall energy flow and the space between drops to 60%. This only occurs if the space between is modified both in the etheric and physical.


Through continued ascension to 3,000 segments, the space between drops again to about 50% of the overall energy with the positive energy or light growing to 50%. In the ascent beyond this to 6,000 segments, the space between will drop to 30% of the overall field and the space without or positive flow to 70%. In the ascent of Asur’Ana and Per, the space between has been reduced to 2% of the overall field, and this is a requirement for amalgamation of the two into a single rainbow that then allows one to cross into the Great Central Sun Dream.


The false gods of the dark do not like collapsing space between as they lose their dominion over the initiate as well as Earth. This then creates a struggle between the false gods of the dark that wish to continue to control human initiates and the desire to ascend. Asur’Ana and Per have seen this time and time again; and if the false gods are allowed to drive the ascension, they will cause an incomplete ascent as this is the only manner in which they can retain their dominion.


The best solution in Asur’Ana and Per’s own experience with their dreamtime ascension school (DAS) and in their own ascent is to dissolve the space between consciousness or false gods through intention. One can imagine grinding the space between consciousness to powder and then sending it to the Aurora for recasting. In the intent to force the space between consciousness to become non-conscious, it will no longer interfere with the desire to ascend, which requires continued collapsing of the space between rather than its inflation.


Terra is in the process of collapsing her space between. Overall Terra is mastering 9,000 segments global wide (as an average vibration) at this time and her space between has collapsed to 18%. The false gods are losing the space to function and no longer have global communication between regions as a result. False gods of regions outside of Earth and between creations outside of the Great Central Sun are beginning to retract as they also are losing their footing into Terra’s molecular structure.


Over time and as Terra masters 15,000 segments, the space between will be reduced again in half and a complete retraction of dark forces not associated with Terra is anticipated at this point. This is anticipated to occur in roughly 8 years as Terra is rapidly warming up and mastering her global initiations, especially since crossing into the new dream.


Receiving A New Blueprint for the Space Between


The false gods of the light will increase as the darkness is collapsed; however, initiates will have to be aware that one cannot only ascend the positive or light parts of self; that one must also ascend the space between. This requires genetic modifications that are not a part of one’s ancestry but offered through special modifications available through the healing temples for ascension.  (Please see Chapter 3 of this book and also from Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for more information on the healing temples that support human ascension at this time in history.)


Initiates should be working with the healing temples nightly to receive the maximum support of one’s goal of ascension. Sometimes entities can interfere with connecting to the temples, and in particular the false gods of the dark or space between. Asur’Ana and Per have discovered that the false gods originate from the space between the molecular structure. The consciousness of one’s own body puffs itself up from this region of domain until there is a black cloud around certain parts of the etheric body. Then false gods from the outside in others or in the dark dreams of Earth connect unto the false gods that have puffed themselves up within one’s own etheric body.


An intention that has worked quite nicely in the workshops for those in Asur’Ana and Per’s dreamtime ascension school (DAS) is to collapse the false gods back into the molecular structure of one’s own etheric body by taking away the chi that they used to inflate themselves; and then to intend that all that is attached to the puffed up false gods is returned to their source of origin. Those practicing this technique found greater clarity of field unfolded as well as an easier time hearing clear guidance that was supportive of ascension thereafter as there was less interference.


The false gods of the light are supportive of ascension; however, one can also call upon one’s ancestors who held a vibration one is trying to master, as well as the larger headed ancestors from ancient times for additional support. Ancestors will also assist one in getting to and from the healing temples each night as well as anchoring a full set of genetic instructions with all modifications for one’s current level of ascent. Mother Earth and Nature also offer their support to all ascending initiates willing to attune unto them; this is best done while in a light Earth dream.


About Global Dark Dreams


By and large, dark dreams are created through geometry that is non-resonant with Earth but puffed up to an extreme. The Anu ran pyramidal flow and this puffed up the dark Earth dream wherever they lived. Later as their slave nations reached populations into the billions, the collective pyramidal flow expanded and expanded upon the dark Earth dream until it exists like a checkerboard around the surface of the Earth. This checkerboard of dark Earth is beginning to be collapsed now due to global ascension allowing a light Earth dream to take hold; the light Earth dream seeks to piece everything together for ascension and therefore is a more conducive dream to support global evolution over time.


Humans running geometry that is box shaped or pyramidal will tend to draw a dark Earth dream to one’s life dance. As humans retrain the field to run a rotational flower of life pattern, then one begins to run a pattern that will attract a light Earth dream. The difficulty is when humans split between patterns in the space between and space without.


Those who are ascending only the space without or positive energy flow will create the flower of life patterning in the positive ley lines of the chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime light body. However, if the space between is not modified, it will continue to spin a box shape for those who are of Asian descent or pyramids for those who are of Western descent. This was the problem with the failed ascent of the famous teacher of ascension a decade ago; they continued to expand pyramids in the space between while running the flower of life in the space without when both regions of domain should have contained a flower of life patterning to create regeneration rather than death. If this had occurred, then there would have been enough resonance within to amalgamate and cross into the new dream instead of pass away.


Creating Unity Within


It is as the patterns of the field match that one creates unity within. It is only as there is the flower of life in the space without and space within that there is enough unity to create amalgamation of light and dark. Ascending the space between to match the space without in any field is therefore the goal and should be an intention on the part of those who are intending a complete ascension in this lifetime. As this is what a complete ascension is; that one moves into resonant patterning within and in all regions of domain; both the space within and the space without.


It is also as there is unity between the space between and space without patterning that one creates peace within and can then manifest a life of greater unity. When the dynamics of the two regions of domain are split, with one pattern running in the positive and another in the negative, one ends up in a state of disunity. If the physical plane is affected, then the initiate grows into an increasingly difficult persona that strives to compete or cause disunity within the group, or turn the group against the leader.


If the nonphysical or dreamtime is afflicted, then the dreamtime self grows into an increasingly difficult persona and also strive to break up the group in the healing temples. In either case, the initiate does not move towards greater unity but greater disunity due to ascending into split patterning between the space between and space without; or in other terms running the flower of life in the positive and a Merkaba or box in the negative energy flow.


Karma for Disunity


It is a state of disunity that causes humanity as a collective to war and not share resources equitably with all incarnate. It is also a state of internal disunity that is at cause of all disease, aging and early death. Underlying all disunity is a split in sacred geometry that spins one pattern in the space within and one in the space without. The karma for this type of patterning has to do with the blending of magnetic and electrical DNA. As the Pleiadian Anu created a slave race that was half Sirian red nation and half Anu in genetic origins, the energy flow split between the two geometries; with the pyramids or Merkaba spinning in the space between and the rotational energy of the flower of life in the positive flow. This type of flow is precisely why the slave race aged having a much shorter lifespan than the Anu, and eventually became ill and died.


The red nation’s peoples on the other hand had longer life spans than the slaves. However, in the use of their DNA to create another blended race of humans, the red nations peoples also were afflicted and began to run the Merkaba in the space between. This did not afflict all red nation root races; only the Native American Root Race which were the primary red nation human tribes living near the Anu and who were captured for their genetic experiments.


Therefore, both the Native American Root Race and the Anu slave fell into split geometry; this shortened the life of the root race just as with the slaves, and sent them into great conflict with one another as well as with the Anu slave nations as they grew. Why was this so? The internal dissonance translated into external dissonance between tribal members, between tribes, and between other races of humans.


In parallel manner, the Reptilian root race began to blend with fourth dimensional humans who had ascended in the Inner Earth in larger groups. As the Reptilian DNA was blended with Tibetan Root race DNA primarily, the space between geometry altered to a box shaped geometry with the positive energy retaining the magnetic flower of life patterning. The combination transferred holographically to all associated to the Tibetan race leading to the Chinese and Japanese forms in present time. The two types of geometry run within the field leads to disunity in all of its expressions known to humankind.


Ascending into unity requires therefore bringing both parts of the energy flow into the same patterning; and as one does so, then a state of unity can be mastered. This is the goal of Terra at this time; to direct human ascension into a state of greater unity. This requires modifications of both the space between and space without to host the same energetic patterning and geometry that is magnetic. As humans embrace magnetic patterning in both regions of domain, a harmless, compassionate, and yet powerful initiate is born that is resonant with Earth and can contribute unto global ascension in world service.


Modifying the Space Between of the Biology


One also cannot modify the space between the cells of the biology without first modifying the space between within the energy flow as this is all a part of the new blueprint for ascension from the Tao. First, a new DNA transcription is anchored for modification of the serpents weaving the space between the etheric cells and space between the chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime self. Then the serpents are replaced throughout the field and form with a new magnetic blueprint with matching rotation between positive and negative movements.


This allows one to spin a flower of life pattern in both the space without and space within in the chakra system, subtle bodies, and dreamtime light body self. This blueprint also contains a new encoding for the space between the cells that is first embodied in the etheric and then steps down to the physical. The space between the cells becomes more permeable to allow for toxic gasses to leave and not build up inside the form creating bloating and ultimately disease in the continued ascent.


Here are some suggested intentions from the mineral kingdom to creating a complete ascension in this lifetime and modifying both the space between and space without in one’s evolutionary journey:


1. I intend a complete ascension in this lifetime.


2. I intend to modify the space between and space without in my biology.


3. I intend to embody crystalline cells that are regenerative in nature in each organ, gland and system throughout my biology.


4. I intend to embody the crystalline structure for the space between the cells that allows for greater permeability for the purposes of detoxification.


5. I intend to anchor the new blueprint for the space between through the Healing Temples for Ascension.


6. I intend to visit the Healing Temples for Ascension each night during dreamtime.


7. I intend to bless all cells of my biology with the pink ray of Absolute Forgiveness from the Tao.


8. I intend to embody cellular love.


9. I intend to bless the space between of my biology with the lavender ray of Absolute Love from the Tao.


10. I intend to embody love in the space between to give birth to a state of unity in my life dance.


11. I intend to collapse the space between and increase the light and chi moving through the field with each phase of ascension mastered.


12. I intend to dissipate the false gods of the space between so that they cease to interfere with my ascension.


13. I intend to collapse the false gods that are of my inheritance back into the sub atomic level where they belong.


14. I intend to return the false gods of others unto their field of origin.


15. I intend to anchor my larger headed and red nation ancestors to guide my ascension to be complete.


16. I intend to anchor and live in a light Earth dream that supports my continued evolution.


What Is Absolute Love?


Absolute love is the love of all things. The Tao loves all things that it perceives as a consciousness and as relayed by Earth and those who are ascending at this time in history. The Tao loves those who destroy and those who are destroyed alike for the patterns that are revealed and are problematic unto itself. Asur’Ana and Per have learned to forgive those who are destructive towards them or in the world mirror through absolute love. How exactly does absolute love work? In absolute love, one’s heart opens fully. In the absolute love, nothing can touch one’s field; one’s field cannot be shattered as love is more powerful than fear; and this is absolute love in action.


How Absolute Forgiveness and Love Work Together


Absolute forgiveness and absolute love are designed to work together. They are commands and blessings of the Tao. In learning to work with these two commands, one will find that the love in one’s field becomes a powerful force with which to hold one’s boundaries. The reason for this is that love is really more powerful than fear and always has been; it is just that humans have fallen into such a loss of remembrance that they perceive fear and abusiveness or war are more powerful than love.


As more and more initiates master absolute forgiveness and love, a shift shall occur and humans shall begin to recall that love is more powerful than fear; and they shall then begin to rely upon love to hold their boundaries and truth again. As this occurs in the nonphysical, then humans will also begin to relate to one another in love, and will find that love will dissolve the differences allowing for resolution of conflict without the need to war or violate anyone.


What Does It Require to Master Absolute Love?


What does it require to master absolute love? First, it requires opening the heart and ceasing to numb the field with addictions such as television, computer games, cigarettes and drugs. These preoccupations interfere with the ability to open the heart enough to love. The heart must open to a minimum of 26 petals of the 1,000-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva. This requires enough chi to expand this region of the field, and addictions interfere with this by draining off too much chi through media, drug or cigarette planes of reality to foster enough chi to expand the heart.


As the heart opens, and this occurs as between 2,400 and 2,600 segments of DNA is mastered, the ability to commune also begins. Communion is a state of being through which the Soul and Earth connect to the human heart through the heart lotus; it is in a state of communion that love is extended from the nonphysical to the physical.


As one feels the love of Earth and Soul, and intends absolute forgiveness and absolute love in association with any troubled circumstance one is experiencing, the Earth and Soul in communion will expand the heart lotus to double the size in an intricate series of movements hosting the pink and lavender rays. This expands the love and forgiveness enough so that it can be absolute, allowing for the dissolution of cords of attachment along with karmic agreements that are physical, ancestral and multidimensional in nature.


The mineral kingdom plays a role in opening the archives of karma so that it can be dissolved through absolute forgiveness and absolute love. Absolute love will strengthen the forgiveness making it five to one hundred times more powerful; as it is in the recognition that love is the most powerful force of the universe that the forgiveness of all actions of non-love or abuse in one’s life experience or ancestry can be forgiven. This is absolute love in action beloved.


The lotus movement that allows for communion between body, soul and Earth along with absolute love and forgiveness requires that the same geometry be held with both the space within and space between of one’s energy flow. Those who continue to host pyramidal or box shaped flow in the space between of the chakras or subtle bodies will not be able to master absolute love or forgiveness. So, this is another reason to bring about unity of field through intention in ascension. Forgiveness cannot occur in a state of disunity; forgiveness and love require a state of unity within. Unity within is born as both geometries mirror one another in the same patterning that is flower of life based.


What Happens When One Loves the Space Between?


The space between is a region of domain that is designed to separate and divide. When one applies love to the space between, it causes this region of domain to collapse down to size, and resume the structure and function that the space between hosts. What is the space between to do? The space between separates and divides creating pathways through which the light can move. What happens when the space between inflates? The space between then diminishes the space through which the light can flow causing a fall in consciousness.


Ultimately this is how all falls have occurred inside or outside the Great Central Sun in Terra’s experience, beloved. The space between increased and increased and the space without or positive flow decreased and decreased until Terra dropped to the next dimension of life beneath the one that she previously held. This is also how humans have fallen in consciousness; the space between expanded and expanded along with the false gods associated and the space without or positive energy collapsed and collapsed. Now at this time of ascension, all must collapse the space between and expand the light and life force in order to restore the biology to the crystalline and regenerative state of being. The lavender tones of absolute love will assist in this goal.


The Animation of the False Gods


The false gods of the dark do not desire to leave or quit. They ultimately do not know anything but the animated state of being that they have been caught in. What animates the false gods? Well, this is interesting and the Amethyst Mineral Kingdom would like to explain.


Long ago and humans and Earth left the Great Central Sun Dream, all fields including Terra’s global field turned inside out. As such, soul was left behind in the former dream and Terra and all upon her including humanity were left soulless. Terra also split into a light and dark dream losing her amalgamated state of being in turning inside out. Due to a loss of soul, Terra and all kingdoms upon her inflated a part of their own body level consciousness to assist in guiding life so that all would not perish. There were false gods of the light that were the result of puffing up the positive energy flow of the field; and false gods of the dark that were the result of puffing up the negative energy flow of the field into a state of god. This is the origins of the false gods of the dark and light.


In the beginning, Terra went through an era of light Earth dream only, and this left the false gods of the light directing the show. The false gods of the light kept expanding and expanding her field until there was not enough density to sustain the expansion in balance. Terra’s field then began to wobble and fracture down and down in frequency thereafter, to less than the frequency that she left the Sun’s Dream at. The fracturing did not stop but continued, and soon her field inverted into a dark dream. Now the false gods of the dark took over and continued to separate and divide and puff up more and more of Terra’s density until she fell to the dimension beneath in consciousness. This is from the records of the Tao in review of Terra’s first fall outside the Great Central Sun Dream.


Now it is understood how the split dreams caused the demise of Terra over time; and how the disunity of failing to have both sides of self working in the same dream is at cause of the many falls in history. The reason that the false gods of the light and false gods of the dark do not work together is that they exist in such separation of dream that one does not know that the other exists. This is so except for humans; humans can acknowledge the false gods of the dark as well as light as humans exist both in the light and dark dreams simultaneously. For each day one transits through a checkerboard upon Earth’s surface of light and dark dreams; and in entering the light dream, one can converse with the false gods of the light; and in the dark dream, one can converse with the false gods of the dark.


This is confusing as one will receive information more supportive of ascension with one set of false gods and not so supportive from the other set in the space between. And the reality is that even the false gods of the light do not know how to ascend completely; as they focus only upon the light or positive energy flow of the field and do not perceive the space between. How can that which only perceives the positive energy ascend the negative? They cannot; hence the vastly incomplete ascensions that are occurring amongst those following the false gods of the light at this time in history.


Love and Light Only


There is a preference amongst humans to desire to focus upon love and light only. It is this desire that occurs within the false gods of the light as well. Communications from the false gods of the light tend to be gentle, nurturing and only acknowledging one side of the dance; which is the love and the light. What is not acknowledged is the dark or density as it is not a part of the dream in which humans exist. Those humans who focus only upon love and light also exist in a light Earth dream and do not acknowledge the dark. And yet, the dark is all around and expressed in the world mirror.


Those focusing only upon the light wish the darkness to simply be swept under the carpet and ignored; they also fail to acknowledge their own darkness within or the karma that their ancestry has accumulated for destructive actions in their incarnations. If one fails to acknowledge the darkness within, then one only ascends one half of oneself, and the light increases and the dark also increases and will eventually override the field leading to disease. As it is only in the ascension of the dark or space between that it collapses back to size and holds the proper structure and function of carving the pathways of light.


Now this may be hard to understand as ascension should inflate, should it not? Well, it inflates the light and collapses the space between as this is what is required to move more chi through the etheric body so that a higher and higher frequency can be held. Without diminishing the space between, not enough chi will flow through to the etheric cells ultimately to hold its new vibration; and this also can cause the body to become ill.


Humans have made many mistakes over time in their ascensions. Most of the mistakes have been the result of following the voices of the false gods, whether they are of the light or dark matters not. As the false gods of the light will focus only upon love and light and expanding this region of domain but fail to collapse the darkness or space between that they do not perceive; the darkness then overruns the field leading to death of the form. This has occurred in many time periods and is repeated at this time as ascension is triggered.


The only way out of this particular type of ascension if it has been one’s ancestral inheritance is to intend otherwise. One can intend to modify and collapse the space between and the consciousness associated back to its structure and function; and this will not only lead to a complete ascension, but a state of health and regeneration in the physical as well.




The Amethyst Kingdom invites ascending humans to ascend both the light and dark parts of self. We also invite each to pay attention to the destructive karma of one’s inheritance and learn to forgive it with absolute forgiveness and absolute love. It is only as more humans move into absolute forgiveness and love that the human dream can be altered enough to give birth to a new day. This requires each ascending human to do their part in the greater support of the whole.


As for the mineral kingdom, we too are learning our lessons of complete ascension. We too have mountains and valleys that sit in the dark dream and move the wrong geometry for Terra or the Great Central Sun Dream. We too are learning to collapse our space between and alter our geometry to be supportive of the whole. And so, you see we really do mirror one another.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mineral Treasures. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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