Image of a shark swimming in the ocean. The Shark’s Tooth

20. The Shark’s Tooth


Blessings for Responsibility


The Shark Kingdom


Shark holds the vibration of truth in the aquatic underwater worlds of Earth. Truth can be equated with holographic knowledge, in which one knows one’s place and contribution to the whole of Earth in the dance of life. Shark has the role of assisting all kingdoms to remember their truth and to fulfill upon their spiritual purpose in relation to all other underwater kingdoms upon Earth.


Retaining Peace in the Human Dance


What is the purpose of underwater kingdoms? Underwater kingdoms hold the vibrations of peace, unity, and honor so that the worlds upon the land which includes the human species may draw upon such tones of creation to remember to live in unity, peace and honor with one another. As ascending initiates take the time to be alongside or within the water, one will begin to feel the peace and unity our underwater kingdoms hold.


At this time in history, it appears as though humanity is again on the verge of war. This has plagued ascending humans who have focused strongly on trying to retain peace in the human dance. However, understand that regardless of how strong an intent the current ascending spiritual masters in human form may have to retain peace, karma will in the end dictate the outcome of the dance, until such karma has been transcended in full.


War is created by the collective consciousness of the human species. If the human species goes to war, it is because the human species has yet to learn all of the lessons of war enough to choose an alternative path as a collective. Your ascending masters do not cause this; it is caused by all humans united and as a collective.


War offers many mirrors for the world to observe and learn from, and this too includes ascending initiates. War offers the mirror of harm in the physical along with the violence and the repugnance of such a creation. War offers the dance of inhumanity and cruelty to seemingly innocent women, children and families simply trying to live their lives, pay their bills, and exist. We say that they are seemingly innocent, as any human who is violated in warfare or any other travesty is experiencing the karmic return of a violation incurred towards another of parallel kind in another lifetime in one’s ancestry. Therefore, the victims of war or any travesty are not innocent, nor are they victims. They have called the experience unto themselves due to the karma that their ancestry holds and to learn the spiritual lessons that violence, abuse and warfare offer. Read more