Image of a shark swimming in the ocean. The Shark’s Tooth

20. The Shark’s Tooth


Blessings for Responsibility


The Shark Kingdom


Shark holds the vibration of truth in the aquatic underwater worlds of Earth. Truth can be equated with holographic knowledge, in which one knows one’s place and contribution to the whole of Earth in the dance of life. Shark has the role of assisting all kingdoms to remember their truth and to fulfill upon their spiritual purpose in relation to all other underwater kingdoms upon Earth.


Retaining Peace in the Human Dance


What is the purpose of underwater kingdoms? Underwater kingdoms hold the vibrations of peace, unity, and honor so that the worlds upon the land which includes the human species may draw upon such tones of creation to remember to live in unity, peace and honor with one another. As ascending initiates take the time to be alongside or within the water, one will begin to feel the peace and unity our underwater kingdoms hold.


At this time in history, it appears as though humanity is again on the verge of war. This has plagued ascending humans who have focused strongly on trying to retain peace in the human dance. However, understand that regardless of how strong an intent the current ascending spiritual masters in human form may have to retain peace, karma will in the end dictate the outcome of the dance, until such karma has been transcended in full.


War is created by the collective consciousness of the human species. If the human species goes to war, it is because the human species has yet to learn all of the lessons of war enough to choose an alternative path as a collective. Your ascending masters do not cause this; it is caused by all humans united and as a collective.


War offers many mirrors for the world to observe and learn from, and this too includes ascending initiates. War offers the mirror of harm in the physical along with the violence and the repugnance of such a creation. War offers the dance of inhumanity and cruelty to seemingly innocent women, children and families simply trying to live their lives, pay their bills, and exist. We say that they are seemingly innocent, as any human who is violated in warfare or any other travesty is experiencing the karmic return of a violation incurred towards another of parallel kind in another lifetime in one’s ancestry. Therefore, the victims of war or any travesty are not innocent, nor are they victims. They have called the experience unto themselves due to the karma that their ancestry holds and to learn the spiritual lessons that violence, abuse and warfare offer.


Each human is responsible for one’s own spiritual lessons. No human, even of great level of mastery, can take away the lessons other humans have to learn in order to evolve, or the collective human species has to learn to evolve into a new dance of unity and honor. If war is chosen by the collective human species, there are spiritual lessons associated. Such lessons will be allowed by Earth and her ensouling factor so that war can one day be put behind the human experience and expression altogether. This cannot occur until humans learn the lessons of war, and then choose to lay the guns aside and resolve their differences through negotiations instead.


Incomplete Ascensions


Which brings us to another point, and that is that one cannot skip steps in evolution, or fail to learn the lessons at hand. If one fails to learn all of the lessons of ascension, and one skips steps, incomplete ascension results. It is incomplete ascension that got humanity into this mess in the first place, from Shark’s perspective.


Humans long ago wanted an easy ascension without great inner diligence and focus to transcend every thoughtform that was potentially difficult to look at within oneself. Such humans ascended without transmuting abusive and destructive thoughtform. In so doing, the abuse that was left behind became global thoughtform, and humans en masse began to violate one another global wide; with red tribe going to war upon other red tribes over resources, or one chief overthrowing another to have dominion over the tribe. This began in ancient times and has repeated again and again throughout history.


Such cause of warfare involved hundreds of thousands of incomplete ascensions in human form. It is beyond one human or even a small group of humans to ascend and clear all the karma for this. Each human is only responsible for the karma incurred in one’s own personal ancestral history. One cannot clear the history of another. Asur’Ana and ascending humans are taking personal responsibility for the incomplete ascensions in their own history. Each map maker of ascension must do the same; it will only be as all karma for such a dance is cleared that the global thoughtform will alter to one of peace, and peace between nations will then become the end result.


Creating a Pathway Out of the Fall


At this time, humans are still searching for a savior. The thoughtform of savior is a manipulation of the dark to cause one to fail to fulfill upon one’s own personal ascension and take responsibility for one’s own personal ancestral history. No one can ascend another; no one can clear one’s own personal karma in one’s own ancestry other than oneself. Each must do their part. Humanity must learn to save itself by evolving out of the paradigm that is has sunk into through the falls in consciousness over time.


Creating a pathway out of the fall for the human species has become the main focal point of our ascension materials. For it is only as the children ascend into a new dance of unity that a unity based human civilization will be born. This pathway is being constructed as we speak, however it will take several generations into the future to see the complete transition to fruition and into a living breathing physical reality of unity within the human dance.


Many are in a fantasy that humanity can make a sudden shift and everything become Heaven upon Earth, with peace, unity and honor becoming the norm. Beloved, if this could so rapidly occur, Earth would have facilitated such a change long ago. It is not possible because the biology of the form holds in place the very violence and abusiveness that plagues humankind.


The outer is only a mirror of the inner; humanity expresses in violence because of an internal biological war known as viruses and disease that is mirrored in the outer reality between humans. The only way out of the dance is to evolve the biology to a regenerative form that knows not internal violence that will one day then mirror peace in human relations and peace between nations. This will require the majority of humans to hold such biology in order to be fulfilled upon.


Violence and warfare broke out in human history because of the decline of the biology into a state in which internal violence occurred between the cells of the form. The biology declined as dark forces accessed ancient human ascending initiates and began to strip the human species of genetic material necessary to sustain a regenerative and healthy form.


Each human who holds karma for how the human species was stripped must release the karma and retrieve the information lost through one’s ancestries fields. As all ancestries are accounted for, and all karma released, and all genetic materials retrieved, humanity will through its future generations ascend into a new biological structure that is founded upon peace. As this occurs and only as this occurs, humans will come to live in peace with one another. As this occurs, so will nature also ascend out of its violent behavior and into a state of peace amongst all species in the physical.


When Will Violence End?


Shark has been known to attack to survive. We are not the only species as over one half of all land or aquatic animals attack another species consuming flesh to survive. Our species turned violent as our biology became violent, with cells attacking one another to survive. Our biology became violent as the genetic information to sustain another type of form was stripped through ascending humans in ancient times. As ascending humans retrieve genetic information lost in one’s own ancestry and for the human species, one will also retrieve all genetic information lost for all species upon Earth. This allows each species to evolve out of consumption and into vegetarianism, and over time to a self-sustaining form that subsists through the breath alone. At such a time, violence between all species shall cease.


This is not a rapid process. Each layer of information lost must be accounted for, integrated, and the biology ascended a little at a time into the next phase of cellular structure. Humanity and nature fell in stages over 38,000 Earth years (152,000 human years). To expect humanity or nature to move backwards overnight to a state of being that was lost gradually and over time is a ridiculous assumption.


And yet some reading our website assume that this is somehow possible. Beloved, it is not possible; all species shall gradually work their way back to regenerative and then self-sustaining biology over time, and it may take over a century of continued ascension to see this to fruition in the third dimension. Humanity in parallel manner will ascend through future generations, and as most humans remaining are regenerative in biology, then peace between humans and nations will then become the norm.


Cleansing of Those Who Cannot Ascend


For humanity, the current adult population must be cleansed before unity can be born. Most of the current adult population cannot ascend, as they hold not the right holographic knowledge for biological ascension. This is simply because during two times in your human history, humans bred other humans in laboratories without connection to anything other than the other children bred in such a manner.


As such, those of such ancestry have no connection outside to anything else, including the Earth or nature, and therefore have not the holographic connection necessary to receive the information to ascend. You have done this to yourselves, creating a large population now of humans who cannot ascend; cannot understand anything but prejudice, harm, violence, hatred, judgment and out of such emotions, choose to punish other humans through warfare and violence, feeling justified that they are right, superior and somehow standing in the truth.


The only way out of the dance is to allow those who cannot ascend to be cleansed; and to bring forth ascending children in their place who will one day live in peace, unity and honor with one another. This is the vision that our ascension books support, as it is the only solution that has the potential of carrying humanity to a new golden era. It is easy for those reading the materials and failing to do the inner work that ascension entails to point fingers. We point the finger back upon each reading the materials; are you doing your own ascension work? If so, then go within and see what the current human politics mirrors unto yourself about your own ancestry, and choose to clear it.


Where did your ancestry hold a position of power and choose through bigotry to create war for economic gain? Where did your ancestry hold a military position of authority that directed the troops to destroy others upon the battlefield, or worse yet, in the towns filled with innocent children and women just living their lives? Where did your ancestry as a soldier enter the town and rape the women in violence? And then on the other side of the coin, where was your ancestry victim to the atrocities of war? It is only as each clears one’s personal karma for such atrocities that the mirror that the world presents can begin to change. As enough take personal responsibility to clear such karma, world peace will one day be born.


Clearing Warfare Karma


Warfare karma is lengthy and ancient. It will not be cleared overnight. There are 18 periods of warfare, some of which occurred between red, black, yellow and white human nations in your recent history and following the fall of Atlantis alone. Such wars occurred over the past 10,000 Earth years (40,000 years) of human history. Atlantis itself fell in a global war that was fought between the then East (Lemuria) and West (Atlantis).


Prior to this was another 18 periods of warfare that followed another nuclear annihilation executed through a group of Pleiadian humans known as the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods). This occurred 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years). Leading up to the war between the Annanuki was a series of increasingly incomplete ascensions within the red race and nations associated with the seven root races that caused violence to become global thoughtform. The seven original root races are related currently to Tibetan, African, Aborigine, Polynesian, North American Indian, South American Indian, and Eskimo humans.


The point of the Shark Kingdom is that the history for warfare is ancient; it will not be settled over night. Most human ascension may top at 3,000 segments, not unlike the ascending whales and dolphins. 3,000 segments of DNA allow one to release the karma for the era of Atlantis, and begin to release it for the era of the Annanuki. As a result, it will require another generation of humans yet unborn who will ascend beyond this level of evolution to clear all warfare karma for the human species. It is why peace between nations may not become a living reality until 2029 to 2031 time period in Earth’s estimation, and as there are enough ascending children born to clear the karma from more ancient times.


Each ascending human has the responsibility of clearing one’s own ancestral karma for war. No human has been devoid of participating in human warfare in one’s history. All humans have played all roles, including the president and commander, the soldier, the terrorist, the one who was terrorized, the raped and the rapist, and one who is maimed. All therefore carry responsibility for the current turn of world events. To the degree that more can take responsibility and release their karma, world events may have an opportunity to take another turn towards the direction of negotiation rather than war to dissolve conflicts between nations.


The Unconscious Dance of Harm


This is the truth as Shark sees it. Many humans upon the spiritual path are in an illusion that one is beautiful, perfect and loving, kind, gentle and already and somehow anchoring peace. Beloved, if this was so, there would be no decay or scar tissue in the form; nor would there be ultimately the mirror of a violent world around oneself, whether such violence is in the global news, or in the harsh words of one family member or friend towards another matters not; it is all a mirror.


To the degree one strives to be loving and perfect, to such a degree one splits light and dark forcing others around oneself to emulate one’s own disowned darkness. Freud called this “projection”. Freud along with a series of successors in the human psychological movement began to map out the unconscious dance that operates under the surface of seeming human niceties, politeness, and love.


Underneath the surface of all interactions is a series of patterning, which can be viewed clairvoyantly as energetic harm. There is nothing nice about human behavior, unless such humans have done enough inner work in one’s own ascension to dismantle harmful patterning and release energetically harmful karma that is associated. At this time, each level of ascension allows only one portion of karma and such harmfulness to be addressed, as so long has the human species operated with covert harm that it goes back to ancient times and the very incomplete ascensions that ultimately anchored energetic harm as global thoughtform.


Opening to the unconscious dance of harm that surrounds oneself can be painful. Shark has witnessed many human initiates come to understand that one’s parents may appear loving in the physical, but in the unconscious are seeking to destroy oneself and prevent one’s evolution and ascension; and if it not one’s parents, then it is one’s siblings, boss, friend, acquaintance, spiritual teacher, or any number of others that one knows that undermines unconsciously the dance of others. As one honestly assesses the unconscious, one will also find that one also participates in parallel patterns undermining yet others oneself.


The dance out of such a paradigm requires that one release both sides of the patterning and karma; the side that causes one to perceive oneself as a victim; and the other side where one is the cause of victimizing another energetically. As both sides of any harmful pattern are addressed and released, one transcends out of the dance altogether and can embrace unity in its place, in which all are supported in the dance of life.


However, there is a catch to it all. Those who are not ascending cannot release the karma that one may be releasing oneself, or the patterning. Some may fall out of one’s life dance, as there is no further agreement or karma to participate in together. Therefore, ascending initiates may require being prepared for a load of endings or completions as one ceases to dance one way, and in the alteration towards the dance of unity, a new set of friends, partner or job may come one’s way.


There are some spiritual groups that are focused upon uncovering the unconscious. There are yet others that really are more focused upon trying to sustain the fantasy that everyone loves one another, and all is well in wonderland. All is not well in wonderland, and those who are ascending will begin to see beyond such fantasies as one rises beyond the vibrational bandwidth in which they were constructed within. For those not ascending, they will not perceive that which others who are do, and will not understand. Allow all others their dance beloved, as each has a particular dance to fulfill upon at this time of cleansing and beyond. Each contributes to the overall lessons learned by the human species as a collective.


The human species is ONE SPECIES. As one species, humanity learns collectively through both the individual experiences and spiritual lessons learned, and the collective lessons learned and understood. In order for humanity to evolve as a whole, more of humanity must choose to evolve. Following the times of cleansing ahead, more than not of those who will be left will make the choice to evolve. In so doing, humanity as a whole will begin to ascend out of the dance of disunity and warfare that has plagued your ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years. As this occurs, so will nature exit the dance of harm through consumption and the lion will lay with the lamb; and the shark will swim with the fish in peace.


Closing Thoughts


Shark leaves each reading this chapter with this thought. You are a fully conscious species; shark is not. You have the opportunity as a fully conscious species to come to understand your spiritual lessons with the biological consciousness of the form. It is only as the lessons are understood consciously by ascending initiates that they become global thoughtform.


As more initiates ascend learning the lessons that harm and war present in one’s ancestral experiences, and through forgiveness one transcends judgment, bigotry and hatred, the global thoughtform necessary to anchor peace between nations will become an available thoughtform for the remainder of humanity to tune into. Until such a time, focus upon your own inner transmutation, and watch the world around you change. This is the gift of ascension at this time in history.


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