Image of a beautiful blue and peach bird standing on a tree branch. Angel Archive #1

Angel Archive #1: Loving the Body


The body of you is a sacred fostering of your body level angel and all the small angels that foster the life of each cell. All angels need to be blessed and loved daily in order to survive the systems of planetary dreaming that are unfolding in sourness in many regions at this time. Sour dreams lead to death of your body level angels. Death of your body level angels causes grievous emotions to arise in the life. Grief and crying frequently is one symptom of loss of body level angels through time. Resurrecting small angels may be impossible; however, as you resurrect the large body level angel through focus, she will go to work right away to re-infuse small angels into your cells.


Star Seed System Boundaries


Death of small angels leads to death of the cells if they remain defused for long enough. Generally, death of the cells begins in 18 days after the loss of your body level angels. Loss of body level angels can be due to psychic blows towards the body. Generally, in times past psychic blows were only to the etheric. Today many are experiencing psychic blows directed towards the physical which hits upon the angels of the body and not the cells. As angels are hit upon enough, they die. This is a sad time of many infractions of boundaries towards star seeds that may be difficult to deflect unless you remain in star seed system boundaries.


Star seed system boundaries are suspended by the archangels through the new emerging star seed life form that is planetary in size. As you allow yourself to commune with your archangel, you will feel the boundaries flux towards the physical from the new life form planes. Fostering a focus of communion with your angels daily will protect you from a load of patterns flowing through people and the land too. Psychic abuse also can lead to shattering of the psyche. A shattered psyche leads to disorientation of you in life. Sometimes anxiety arises and also in extreme cases of abuse towards the psyche, a state of hysteria may unfold until the psyche comes back together enough. Archangels will mend the psyche if you remember to commune.


Foods that Smell to Angels


Angels prefer a body that does not smell. Certain foods are known to smell if consumed. Angels tend to depart the body if it smells of too many foods that are not helpful to the angelic motions. Here is a list of foods to avoid.


  1. Meat and Fowl (smells like rot to angels)
  2. Fish, Salmon or Shrimp (smells like rot of the sea)
  3. Garlic (smells like stench)
  4. Cabbage (smells like urine)
  5. Onions (smells like garbage)
  6. Brussel Sprouts (smells like turpentine)
  7. Junk Foods with Petrochemical Flavoring or Coloring (smells like gasoline)

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