Image of an attractive orange bird sitting on a tree branch. Angel Archive #3

Angel Archive #3: Long Term Health in Light Emulsion


Long term fasting is a way of life sometimes in times of extreme light emulsion. This may sound very unwell given your addictions to foods that comfort you but maybe do not sustain your health. The truth is that there may be a need to deprogram yourself of oligarchy food additive patterning. The angels are bringing in a template for food addiction release through star seed systems as so many of you are not eating what you really should to retain your health given the large light gates that have now opened. This is not the light that was. Perhaps what you ate seemed to work and you thought oh, well, I do not need to listen to the Light Wave series system of education about diet in light.


Eating Well for Sustainable Health in Light Wave Motion


The goal of the education of Light Wave Synergy Diet for Light Emulsion was to foster your cleansing in preparation of the opening of such large gates. Detoxification takes time. True for a time the planetary systems were not sure that the big gates could open. Now that they have the truth of the preparation of your detoxification may be better understood. For those who have been careful and tried the recommended diet, we bless you as archangels. For those that have not, then please do what you need to in order not to become ill or die ahead.


As you receive the deprogramming for dietary habits that are not good, your mind may not wander into needing the wrong foods as frequently. This is our gift to you forever along with an angel to aid you in the grocery store along with the restaurants to better enforce the goal of you eating right for your sustainable health in extreme light wave motion. This has worked well for Asur’Ana who rarely goes off course and chooses to cook too with guidance of gourmet palettes of high-class restaurants in mind. She shares of some of her recipes in our series of essays just for star seeds because they worked for her on long term fasts.


The purposeful mission of this chapter is to teach you about longer term fasting of 30 days or more for the sake of your health. Sometimes light can emulsify into sudden disease. The liver can inflame seemingly overnight. The gut suddenly releases watery feces 4 times per day. This is a sign of an inflamed liver. The solution is to fast on juices, smoothies and mash for 90 days to overcome the liver inflammation. The blood can suddenly go runny as all the red blood cells break throughout the body due to a surge of light that is unplanned. The blood can also grow very thick on a high protein diet.


Each body is unique. Generally, each has one organ that is weak. For you, it may be the pancreas or spleen or heart or kidneys. If the pancreas is weak, you will tend to foster diabetic rush; which is the incapacity to digest your sugars which will lead to heart failure as the excess sugars eat up the heart organ. The best recourse is a mostly carb free diet with a high protein favoring. If you are weak in the spleen, the blood will grow thicker as it fails to produce all the fluids needed in the circulatory system. Those of this stature need a high grain diet of select foods that are helpful to renew the spleen. Protein is also required but less so than for those with a weak pancreas. Read more