Image of several ants crawling on a magenta colored flower bud. The Busy Ants

3. The Busy Ants


Blessings of Unity and Balance


The Ant Kingdom


The Ant Kingdom has much to say to those reading of our book. We are honored to work with Asur’Ana, and must say that she has been aware of our presence many a time in her life. Once we invaded her home shortly after her then husband moved in with her. Our invasion mirrored unto her how she was being invaded and that perhaps the choice was not such a good one. However, she felt obligated to give the relationship a try given that there was karma between their ancestry that needed to be cleared; and it took another 5 years to move him out! However, karma was completed upon and understood in the dance, leading to spiritual growth and evolution, however unpleasant the experience may have been.


As an ascending human, understanding the spiritual lessons and purpose that one’s life experiences teach is of the utmost importance. For it is only as one learns the lesson behind any particular manifestation, regardless of how painful it might be, that one can release the karma in full so that it need not recur again in one’s own life, or in the future life of one’s ancestors yet unborn. Asur’Ana entered the dance with her ex-husband and learned the lessons behind the experience, as already she had opened unto her unconscious through the teachings of her spiritual teacher, who focused upon the development of clairvoyant skills.


Understanding the Unconscious


Clairvoyance is not necessary to perceiving the unconscious, as Asur’Ana has lacked a clear ability to perceive clairvoyantly her entire ascent. Even now she struggles to get clear pictures with her inner eye, as her pineal gland was so scarred and damaged due to many manipulations to her ancestry by the red false gods. This is now on the mend; however, there are many means of knowing. At the time Asur’Ana studied with her teacher, she was told to read from her crown chakra rather than her third eye. This allowed Asur’Ana to suddenly “know” what the dance in the unconscious was. In time, she became the most gifted reader in the class, and one that her teacher turned to each day for readings herself to understand her own dilemmas.


Therefore, understand that the unconscious does not require an ability to see per se to be understood. One can intend to know by reading through the crown like Asur’Ana. Later, Asur’Ana learned to attune to her heart where she found that there was a direct connection to something that would guide her out of the most difficult ascension related circumstances, and often painful energetic dances. This source became very important as Asur’Ana herself separated from her own teacher, and had no one else to rely upon.


This was also an important journey for Asur’Ana, as the karma with her teacher was complete, and it was time for her to fly on her own. And so, she developed her own internal knowing great enough to lead her through all of her initiations without any outside guidance whatsoever, as there were no other map makers at the time present in her life to share with. Like Asur’Ana, each may also attune inward and listen to one’s heart for personal guidance that shall lead one Home. Read more