Image of several ants crawling on a magenta colored flower bud. The Busy Ants

3. The Busy Ants


Blessings of Unity and Balance


The Ant Kingdom


The Ant Kingdom has much to say to those reading of our book. We are honored to work with Asur’Ana, and must say that she has been aware of our presence many a time in her life. Once we invaded her home shortly after her then husband moved in with her. Our invasion mirrored unto her how she was being invaded and that perhaps the choice was not such a good one. However, she felt obligated to give the relationship a try given that there was karma between their ancestry that needed to be cleared; and it took another 5 years to move him out! However, karma was completed upon and understood in the dance, leading to spiritual growth and evolution, however unpleasant the experience may have been.


As an ascending human, understanding the spiritual lessons and purpose that one’s life experiences teach is of the utmost importance. For it is only as one learns the lesson behind any particular manifestation, regardless of how painful it might be, that one can release the karma in full so that it need not recur again in one’s own life, or in the future life of one’s ancestors yet unborn. Asur’Ana entered the dance with her ex-husband and learned the lessons behind the experience, as already she had opened unto her unconscious through the teachings of her spiritual teacher, who focused upon the development of clairvoyant skills.


Understanding the Unconscious


Clairvoyance is not necessary to perceiving the unconscious, as Asur’Ana has lacked a clear ability to perceive clairvoyantly her entire ascent. Even now she struggles to get clear pictures with her inner eye, as her pineal gland was so scarred and damaged due to many manipulations to her ancestry by the red false gods. This is now on the mend; however, there are many means of knowing. At the time Asur’Ana studied with her teacher, she was told to read from her crown chakra rather than her third eye. This allowed Asur’Ana to suddenly “know” what the dance in the unconscious was. In time, she became the most gifted reader in the class, and one that her teacher turned to each day for readings herself to understand her own dilemmas.


Therefore, understand that the unconscious does not require an ability to see per se to be understood. One can intend to know by reading through the crown like Asur’Ana. Later, Asur’Ana learned to attune to her heart where she found that there was a direct connection to something that would guide her out of the most difficult ascension related circumstances, and often painful energetic dances. This source became very important as Asur’Ana herself separated from her own teacher, and had no one else to rely upon.


This was also an important journey for Asur’Ana, as the karma with her teacher was complete, and it was time for her to fly on her own. And so, she developed her own internal knowing great enough to lead her through all of her initiations without any outside guidance whatsoever, as there were no other map makers at the time present in her life to share with. Like Asur’Ana, each may also attune inward and listen to one’s heart for personal guidance that shall lead one Home.


The Dreamtime Ascension School


Later and as students came into Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) program that were gifted, she would work together with them in dreamtime to understand a particular sequence of karma that they all required to release. So, this occurs to this day, as each may have a part of the puzzle required to understand the greater picture of what occurred in ancient times and to the ancient ones of great knowledge and understanding seeded from Sirius.


Each that comes into their Self Study Program or Group Mastery Program has a particular contribution to the karma to be understood and released in any given year of focus. Each has only portions of records; however, as all records are pieced together, then the greater dance of the ancient human history unfolds in its entirety. Out of such record gathering, monumental leaps in understanding have occurred for those in the program and Earth alike; for Earth pays attention to those in the DAS program as they often reveal the next key to support her continued global ascension. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


In this past year, the group in their program revealed over 18 keys required for Earth to continue to ascend; 9 of these keys were also necessary to solar ascension. For the Ant Kingdom, this is a sign of real unity and collaboration amongst those studying with Asur’Ana and Per, as they have pulled together, sometimes against great odds and difficulties due to the ongoing attacks of the false gods, and surmounted in their goal of understanding, transmutation, karmic release, and ultimately transcendence. This year in particular has been the greatest leap of understanding in any given year of study; and from this understanding changes are being launched in Earth’s global field along with the solar field that more greatly assures the future ascension home to the Great Central Sun than ever.


Unity and Collaboration


Ants are a mirror of unity and collaboration. We work together day and night to gather, weave our anthills, lay eggs, raise our young, and live together in unity, harmony and peace. Although we are small, we understand the land. Ants are a necessary service to the soil for all plants and trees. We aerate the soil allowing oxygen to be present in small amounts through our anthills. The oxygen then is carried by other surfactants that attach unto it deeper into the soil to nourish those plants requiring such sustenance. This is the contribution we make to Earth as a species.


Ant Monitors Grounding


In the nonphysical, the Ant Kingdom monitors the grounding and magnetic energy of Earth. We are close to the ground and so understand when the grounding is reverse polarized or when the magnetic flow is not running properly, and can advise Earth to make intentions to correct the anomalies so that balance of the entire global auric field may be maintained. One may not realize that grounding is as important to the balance of the field as the rotation of the chakras and subtle bodies as well as light body.


Without grounding, a wobble develops, and if it is severe enough, the wobble may tear at the etheric skin causing rifts that are very painful. Asur’Ana and Per know this from personal experience as sometimes in the attacks from the false gods, they lose their grounding enough to begin to wobble, and it can cause great pain in certain regions of their form; until in the release of the associated karma, it all balances out again.


The Ant Kingdom pays attention to the karma Earth is releasing in association with the maintenance of her grounding. Therefore, Ants have often advised Asur’Ana and Per of karma associated with problems in their grounding of a personal nature. In the release of the karma, Asur’Ana and Per were never thrown into such a great wobble that they might have died; as this is possible if one’s field is large enough. The false gods understand this and it is for this reason that they target Asur’Ana and Per so.


This may also be the same for any initiate pushing beyond 15,000 DNA segments; one becomes a target for such forces, as they perceive that one has something that they wish to take from one’s field. If one wobbles enough, one begins to break apart, and then the false gods can strip one of whatever part of the field or grid work that shatters in the dance. As one strives to correct the imbalance in the grounding, the wobble ceases, and one can then seek to repair oneself such that nothing is lost, and one can continue to ascend.


The Choice to Ascend


Why is ascension so difficult? It is difficult because one’s ancestry was shattered again and again over 50,000 Earth years (200,000 human years) of falls in consciousness from 36,000 segments of DNA to 2 segments of DNA. Such shattering repeated again and again, and one has billions of ancestors that were shattered in one way or another. Some were shattered due to nuclear annihilation or testing that reverse polarized the field.


Radioactive energy causes one to reverse polarize; or in other terms for men to run female energy and women to run male energy. As this occurs, the energy moves up the field rather than down, and one disconnects with Earth and fails to ground properly. Without grounding, one’s field begins to roll up like a window shade, and the forces that wish to strip one of one’s information can enter and do whatever they wish, and one will have no control over it.


It is for this reason that the nuclear weaponry used by humans in warfare is so problematic; it causes falls in consciousness and stripping of the energy field through dark forces prevalent in the dance upon Earth yet. One can see the result of such falls in the Middle East at this time. The war between the Palestinians and Israelis has increased and increased in brutality as each nation are falling in consciousness, fraying to 1.5 segments of DNA due to the ongoing use of limited nuclear weapons.


In the process, there is a physical shattering that mirrors the genetic shattering underway; and the two nations war upon one another in great brutality. The radiation from the weaponry used in warfare is the underlying cause. It is causing a fraying of DNA, and each time the DNA has frayed in human history, greater brutality has reigned for a time.


The solution is to ascend rather than descend. In the choice to ascend, the DNA shall cease to fray, and the brutality shall cease, and each may come to enough internal peace to create peace between the two nations. In time and in the continued rise in Earth’s energy, so this will come to be so. There are larger numbers of ascending children planned to be born in the Middle East in the decade ahead that will assist in the reparation of the DNA enough to create peace; this is coming and is a part of Earth’s dream for ascension for the human species. This is also so wherever brutality reigns between parties; whether it be in Africa or South America, or even in the crazy terrorist incidents that occur in peaceful nations, all shall come to an end as humanity ascends into a new thoughtform that directs life in greater peace.


The Times of Cleansing


What humanity faces ahead in Ant’s estimation is a time of cleansing. Humanity is on the verge of an extinction cycle; perhaps this cycle could have culminated in a nuclear annihilation so great that all of Earth would have chosen to go extinct. Fortunately, the map carvers of ascension took responsibility for human warfare karma, and in choosing to release such karma through conscious intention, they and Earth have succeeded in warding off this future. A new dream now unfolds in which nuclear annihilation is no longer a future possibility; the times of cleansing lie ahead, with ascension into the Great Central Sun now a viable future for Earth.


What are the times of cleansing? There are those in human form along with dolphin-whale form and nature herself that cannot ascend. They lack the genealogical ancestry or history associated with that which left this Great Central Sun long ago, and when Earth was upon a different dimension of thoughtform (the 25th Dimension). There has been a long history of decline in vibration and thoughtform that Earth has experienced that extends into trillions and trillions of years as humans measure time.


Tracing back one’s ancestry to a point of recovering genetics and holographic patterns that left the Great Central Sun is a difficult feat. The times of cleansing ahead shall clear out all physical form that has not the associated genealogy. This will not occur overnight, but over the coming 100-200-year cycle for all species upon Earth, including humankind. However, the coming 25 years will bring forth a massive shift for humanity, as there is a holographic retraction underway.


Holographic Retraction


Holographic reproduction went out of control again, much as it did during the era of the Anu and the overpopulation of their slave race. The Anu resorted to destroying the old, aged, deformed, insane or disruptive in nature by hauling them off to what would appear to be an Auschwitz concentration camp. Over 8 billion slaves were destroyed in this manner, most of which were gassed to death and then burned. The dance with Hitler was only a repeat of this karma in present time.


Such karma was cleared in the experience, and human annihilation of such a deliberate nature shall not recur again. Therefore, for those who have had ancestry destroyed in the concentration camps in Germany, please understand that your ancestors cleared this karma, and honor them as such. Per has relations that were gypsies that ended up in the camps, and understands their suffering first hand as a result of his own karmic release.


Each pattern that the Anu set in motion has repeated in this cycle of the past 2,000 years. Technology has been developed that is dissonant to Earth; such technology has polluted Earth greatly. Now Earth must “turn her skin” once again to clear the toxic mess. This turning has already begun, and will take over 200 years to fulfill upon. Each continent will be sunk under the ocean that has toxic substances therein due to large human populations; and new land shall be born of the volcanoes or rise out of the sea. This is a gradual process, and one’s future ancestry will have plenty of time to relocate to new regions that shall be safe.


This is not so for ants per se; we shall not relocate but allow our forms to drown, creating new forms in the new regions, along with the plant and animal kingdoms. Why will we not migrate? It is perceived unnecessary by our species, as we do not view death as an end, but simply a retraction. As we retract from one region, we will have the chi necessary to create new life in new regions with new land; and such life will have a different genetic structure that will be larger, creating larger anthills that will aerate Earth’s soil more greatly, as this is necessary for the crystalline plants that shall grow upon this new land.


The Ant Kingdom was once the size of a large caterpillar at another time in Earth’s history. We will grow in size again into the future, but so shall all living things upon Earth, as the crystalline structure is larger overall. Such growth shall continue in the centuries ahead until we have created a fourth dimensional form that shall be ascended into, relinquishing life in the third dimension altogether. It is anticipated that Earth is on target to master fourth dimensional frequencies in about 300 years into the future as humans measure time.


Humans also shall grow in size, but decrease in population. The large populations of humans create many duplicates of those carrying the same lineage. It is estimated that there are over 2 billion humans upon Earth with the same lineage as oneself. This is far more than is required to clear karma, and actually creates more karma than can be cleared in a cycle as a result. Therefore, a holographic retraction has begun in which those who are incapable of ascending shall leave the physical plane, and each set of lineages and holographic predispositions will put all of its energy into those who can ascend and master the upper initiations.


Ascending Children


Much energy is now being placed into bringing forth ascending children, as this is perceived as the easiest way to ascend; for it is far easier to transmute scar tissue in the womb and before the cells have even been constructed. And so, ascension shall be a generational experience for all species upon Earth, including humankind, as this is the easiest way to ascend.


For the map makers, you are clearing the road for the ascending children. Many of you will bear the ascending children, or be the grandparents, aunties, or soul family to such children. In time, there will be far more children than adults remaining upon Earth; in so doing, the children shall lead the way to a new civilization, as they will require more focus than other endeavors that humans preoccupy themselves with. Raising ascending children is a good preoccupation from the point of view of the Ant Kingdom, as it will trigger adult ascension and allow many lessons to come to be understood to foster an internal awakening.


Making Peace with Ants


And so, what does ant wish to close with? Attune to us if we cross your path or invade your home. We will have a message about your current state of grounding, along with the patterns of unity and collaboration in your life expression. May we each ascend into a new day of unity and joy!


Asur’Ana has had many personal experiences with the ant kingdom. Before relocating to Norway to be with her beloved twin flame, Per, her home has often become invaded with ants, especially living in the tropics. Asur’Ana learned to embrace the ants crawling in her kitchen, as they were seemingly impossible to eliminate. One time she chose to put a few sugar cubes on her back porch to feed the ants in the hopes that they would move outside and leave her kitchen alone.


Alas, this failed to work as the kitchen ants and outdoor ants were from different anthills; but the outdoor ants built a shrine of small leaves around the sugar cubes, and Asur’Ana was quite impressed, as such leaves were hauled up to the second story of her apartment by their tiny little bodies. When Asur’Ana vacated the apartment, she moved the shrine under a gum tree in honor of our kingdom. Asur’Ana made peace with the Ant Kingdom in so doing for all of the ancestors who had been irritated by ants invading their homes during their particular life experience.


Sharing Ant Stories


Another time when Asur’Ana and Per were struggling with their ascension, they witnessed a small group of ants carry a dead wasp up a large rock. The wasp was 100 times larger than any single ant, and yet in working together with a large enough group of us, the wasp was pushed up a 90-degree incline and into the ant hill above for consumption. Our mirror to Asur’Ana and Per was that regardless of how small their bodies were due to the upper dimensional attacks that were being pushed against them, they could succeed just as we succeeded, by working together. And indeed, our mirror inspired them enough to unite and transcend their difficulties at that time of their ascension.


Yet another time a group of unusual ants appeared; these ants however grew and grew and then spouted wings. These were not ants but rather termites! Suddenly Asur’Ana’s Kauaian apartment was covered in winged termites. She remembered a story from a friend who had lived on the islands for 40 years, and recalled how they turned off the lights in the home, opened the doors and windows, and turned on the lights outside at night, and all the termites flew away.


Asur’Ana did just this, and indeed all the termites vacated her residence. The manifestation of termites in her home was a mirror for how the foundation of her ascension school at the time was being “eaten away” by the false gods. Indeed, she took action removing those who were fostering the red gods, and the school created a new foundation from which to carry on with the purpose of group ascension and supporting the global ascension of Earth.


Ants still appear occasionally in Asur’Ana and Per’s living dwelling. Each time they always ask the ants what they perceive about their ascension. Sometimes we tell them that their grounding is being invaded; sometimes that they are being invaded energetically in a manner that is not conducive to their continued evolution. As they take action and rectify the circumstance, we leave their dwelling, as there is no longer a mirror for us to provide.


Insects will always mirror something unto oneself. We never present ourselves in vain. If one has a garden, a sign that one is in balance will be that the garden is in balance, and the insect populations will be in balance in association. If insects begin to attack one’s garden, then it is a sign that the gardener or oneself is out of balance. Correct the balance within, and one’s garden shall also balance out. Each insect in the garden plays a supportive role in the retention of balance to produce healthy plants and vegetables or fruit. Each insect contributes something just as ants aerate the soil. Therefore, each is necessary to the whole of the garden for its life, health and well-being.


Humanity at large who requires the use of insecticides to control the insect populations to grow enough food upon the farmlands is a mirror; it is a mirror that the human species is greatly out of balance as a whole. Over time and through ascension, humanity shall come to greater balance within, and then shall cease to require insecticides; as Nature will respond to human balance and cease to destroy the farms. Already there is an awakening underway, and humans are returning to organic means to grow their food. This is a good sign that balance is returning to human consciousness from the Ant Kingdom’s perspective.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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