Image of a herd of elk grazing in a serene open field. The Grazing Herd of Wapiti or Elk

32. The Grazing Herd of Wapiti or Elk


Blessings for World Peace


The Elk Kingdom


The Elk kingdom graciously thanks Asur’Ana for giving us an opportunity to speak to our human brothers and sisters. Elk has long observed humans upon the continents that we reside. Often, we have been a resource for food and skins or fur to assist in keeping humans warm. We have agreed to share of ourselves in this manner in times past with those who hunted us in honor, much like the Buffalo and Deer species.


The Anu Experimentations


In more recent times, our species has been farmed or domesticated much like sheep or cows. This is the first time period of human civilization that our species has been domesticated in this manner. Many have heard recently about “Mad Elk Disease”, which is occurring amongst those of our species domesticated as food source at this time. This is simply the result of our species soul pulling out of any form that is domesticated or slaughtered for food. The reasons for this are that we have transcended our karma with humanity and are no longer required to participate in such a dance. Slaughter is a sad dance, and one we choose to withdraw from; as a result, our domesticated forms are beginning to become ill and die off, much like the cows who are also soulless.


Why would any animal wish to be “domesticated?” Why would any animal not prefer the wild state of being in which one is sovereign to take care of one’s own life dance? This may be hard to understand, as humans themselves have been “pets” or “slaves” to another group of humans known as the family of Anu. The Anu portrayed themselves as wiser and more aware or “all knowing”, but in reality, given their dance, they were not aware at all. For any aware being of great wisdom would never seek to create a pared down slave race incubated in a laboratory to serve them. Furthermore, and worse yet, no being of great wisdom would choose to experiment heavily upon the nature kingdoms and humanity alike.


Many have heard of creatures that are half human and half animal, such as the centaur, or half fish and half human, such as the mermaid. These creatures were created in laboratories during the lengthy 18,000-year incarnation of Merduk, one of the Anu family members. Such species were created primarily as a source of entertainment. Do you know the pain that this “entertainment” put every species into upon Earth? The genetics intermixed and blended for this purpose were so disharmonious that all species upon Earth went into great pain.


Such creatures were further treated as “freaks” that the Anu and human slaves alike paid time to go “see” much like deformed humans or animals in present time circuses. All species upon Earth carry the remembrance of such experiences in the grid work of our form, as do humans themselves, as human DNA was blended with nature for such crazy experiments and forms of entertainment. Often where human and animal grid work was once joined, deformity occurs in present time in the creation of new life in the associated species. Earth has determined that most “birth defects” are really the result of the Anu experimentations of blending animal and human DNA. As the karma for such is released in full in one’s ancestry, then future generations need not be born deformed. As this is so for Elk, this is also for human form. Read more