Image of a herd of elk grazing in a serene open field. The Grazing Herd of Wapiti or Elk

32. The Grazing Herd of Wapiti or Elk


Blessings for World Peace


The Elk Kingdom


The Elk kingdom graciously thanks Asur’Ana for giving us an opportunity to speak to our human brothers and sisters. Elk has long observed humans upon the continents that we reside. Often, we have been a resource for food and skins or fur to assist in keeping humans warm. We have agreed to share of ourselves in this manner in times past with those who hunted us in honor, much like the Buffalo and Deer species.


The Anu Experimentations


In more recent times, our species has been farmed or domesticated much like sheep or cows. This is the first time period of human civilization that our species has been domesticated in this manner. Many have heard recently about “Mad Elk Disease”, which is occurring amongst those of our species domesticated as food source at this time. This is simply the result of our species soul pulling out of any form that is domesticated or slaughtered for food. The reasons for this are that we have transcended our karma with humanity and are no longer required to participate in such a dance. Slaughter is a sad dance, and one we choose to withdraw from; as a result, our domesticated forms are beginning to become ill and die off, much like the cows who are also soulless.


Why would any animal wish to be “domesticated?” Why would any animal not prefer the wild state of being in which one is sovereign to take care of one’s own life dance? This may be hard to understand, as humans themselves have been “pets” or “slaves” to another group of humans known as the family of Anu. The Anu portrayed themselves as wiser and more aware or “all knowing”, but in reality, given their dance, they were not aware at all. For any aware being of great wisdom would never seek to create a pared down slave race incubated in a laboratory to serve them. Furthermore, and worse yet, no being of great wisdom would choose to experiment heavily upon the nature kingdoms and humanity alike.


Many have heard of creatures that are half human and half animal, such as the centaur, or half fish and half human, such as the mermaid. These creatures were created in laboratories during the lengthy 18,000-year incarnation of Merduk, one of the Anu family members. Such species were created primarily as a source of entertainment. Do you know the pain that this “entertainment” put every species into upon Earth? The genetics intermixed and blended for this purpose were so disharmonious that all species upon Earth went into great pain.


Such creatures were further treated as “freaks” that the Anu and human slaves alike paid time to go “see” much like deformed humans or animals in present time circuses. All species upon Earth carry the remembrance of such experiences in the grid work of our form, as do humans themselves, as human DNA was blended with nature for such crazy experiments and forms of entertainment. Often where human and animal grid work was once joined, deformity occurs in present time in the creation of new life in the associated species. Earth has determined that most “birth defects” are really the result of the Anu experimentations of blending animal and human DNA. As the karma for such is released in full in one’s ancestry, then future generations need not be born deformed. As this is so for Elk, this is also for human form.


The Mirror of the Freak


What is entertaining about a freak show? This Elk ponders. Life is a mirror; and so, one could say that such forms of entertainment are mirroring a part of self to those who preoccupy themselves with such endeavors. For who really is the “freak”? Is not humanity in their separated off state and dissonant war mongering ways the real “freak?” For is not a freak different? And does not the freak fail to “fit in?” Humans and the human dream became increasingly dissonant in association with Earth, becoming in essence a collective “freak show” for the consciousness of nature and Earth alike as a consensus reality.


However, nature cannot really say that this too is not a mirror for ourselves or Earth as a consensus consciousness. Long ago, Earth exited the Great Central Sun as a 25th dimensional star; over time she has become distorted, falling in dimension after dimension in vibration and consciousness. Earth participates in patterns that are so convoluted, so different from the Great Central Sun that Earth is viewed as a collective “freak” in relation to the Sun’s experience within time, space and form. Here is the crux of the problem; and Earth must gradually bridge her way back to the standards of the Great Central Sun to enter her field once again. The differences are so great that it will take some real effort upon Earth’s part and each sentient species herein to fulfill upon this task in the 100-year cycle ahead.


Nature was pulled into the dance of the scientific experiments of Merduk. One could say that we were captured and then tortured with his experiments, much as animals are used today in often cruel and painful ways to test human products or for other “science projects”. We too fell into this dance; and just like humanity we are releasing our karma so that we may alter the dance and pull out of this insanity; moving into a new day of unity and honor with all other species including humankind. Why did nature allow such experiments? In our own loss of consciousness, we had little to say about how humans captured and experimented upon us in the physical.


Fully Conscious Animals


Long ago and before the seeding of the red man, each species upon Earth was fully conscious. Fully conscious animals are much like the dolphins and whales that prevail in your sea today; we each had non-verbal communication with our own species, with all other species upon Earth, and with the consciousness of Earth. We also had conscious awareness of the spiritual purpose behind the dance of life. Had we retained a fully conscious state, this would have allowed us enough awareness to simply move to other parts of Earth avoiding capture for the purposes of human scientific experiment.


Whales and dolphins today who are ascending have moved to regions that they are less likely to be hunted or captured as they have enough awareness to perceive what might occur and simply move to a new region. Now this is not so for all of their species at this time as some are sincerely settling karma in the loss of life through human hunting.


Full consciousness for animals was lost as the poisonous substances were displaced upon Earth by Arcturian humans about 6 million Earth years ago (24 million human years). As the poisons were consumed through the breath and in the inhaling of the air that sustained our forms, the poisons caused a deterioration of our brain, brainstem and nervous system. The deterioration was great enough that all mammals upon Earth of the land and the water lost their fully conscious state in less than 1 million Earth years (4 million human years). In the loss of consciousness, animals lost the ability to determine what their form would or would not agree to in the physical, for there was not enough consciousness to direct the form in another direction to prevent being “captured” and “domesticated”, or worse yet tortured in a laboratory.


Original Fall of the Grand Masters


In parallel manner, ascending dolphins and whales have traced their original fall in consciousness to the same poisons that caused a parallel affect in all other species upon Earth. Dara (from the Order of Dari) also believed that the original fall of the Grand Master humans was a result of poisons. Indeed, Asur’Ana and Per have uncovered genetics records of this nature, and have had to transmute the associated poisons that originated from Arcturus in their own biology in their continued ascent. This points to the truth that Dara originally perceived, which is that the fall of the Grand Masters was first a biological problem due to the poisons they consumed, which then set them up to be manipulated and shattered to death by nonphysical forces.


It is falls in consciousness that cause behavior of any species to become vicious or harmful. Nature preys upon nature for survival, hunting, killing and destroying the form to sustain the form of another. Watching the hunt is not pretty; it is a sad state of affairs that we too have fallen into and must ascend out of. However, we have not enough consciousness at this time to direct form in any other manner until the form becomes fully crystalline. Humans however have enough consciousness to direct their form in harmlessness. However, most humans are so unaware that they simply participate in the harm that humanity perpetrates towards nature, Earth and one another either consciously or unconsciously and either individually or collectively.


Frankenstein and Vampire Myths


Humans also have tortured other humans in laboratories. Indeed, this has even occurred in your recent history in Germany during WWII and South Africa in more recent years. Elk ponders why humans find torture so entertaining, as no other creature perceives it in such a manner. Do you know that Merduk captured red humans and not only experimented upon them, but often cut off their heads and attached them to machines to see how long the consciousness would survive under such a circumstance? Such an experience is on the range of what humanity might call “frankensteinish” today; however, your myths have roots in what really did occur long ago, including the myth of the vampire.


Merduk and all of the Anu were vampires; they drank of the blood of many species including the human species to sustain their lives up to 18,000 years. Most of the family of Anu died after 10,000 years due to physical complications of disease due to the form living too long. Merduk and Innana extended their lives 18,000 years, and for so long that they entered a sincere state of insanity in the end. It was out of this insanity that the first nuclear annihilation occurred over a war that broke out between the two causing perhaps the greatest pain to Earth and all species therein that Earth has ever known in the third dimension.


Over time, the Anu sought increasingly bazaar forms of entertainment to preoccupy themselves with due to the boredom that they were in. Such entertainment included freak shows and forms of entertainment on the level of the more recently remembered experiences of Rome where the “Christians” were fed to the lions. Such forms of entertainment are not new; they were only a repeat of civilizations long gone and forgotten.


Humanity Has Not Changed Much Since the Anu Era


Although one might think that humanity has evolved beyond this in the “modern” present day world, human behavior shows us differently. One would not torture animals in the manner that humanity does if one’s species had at all evolved beyond such a dance.


Humanity is no different really than in the era of the Anu, beloved. There are also religious human groups in which the sacrificial slaying of animals is a part of the beliefs and practices today. For a long time, humanity shed nature’s blood in such rituals to offset the need to slay human blood in warfare. Sometimes certain cultures also sacrificed humans as well. For a time, this worked until the karma rolled back upon humanity leading to human bloodshed or uprisings yet once again. You see one really cannot push one’s own thoughtform and karma off upon another forever; sooner or later it will roll back and affect one’s own life dance.


The human species has a long way to go to change the dance you have fallen into. This is the same with nature, but we do not harm; nor do we hunt or kill without honoring the soul of other species that provides our food so that all species may survive. Before human arrived, nature held a crystalline structure that required not food to subsist; we subsisted from the air, which through the diaphragm was converted into blood sugar. Conversely, the red human was seeded with biology that was not fully self-sustaining. The red human required eating something in order to sustain their existence. The red human however did not eat flesh, only vegetables and berries, most of which were brought with them from another star system (Sirius).


The Red False Gods


The souls ensouling the red humans seeded upon Earth began a dance that caused a fall into the destructive consumption paradigm for all of Earth. These souls or “red false gods” as Earth has called them, were greedy and destructive. It is now better understood that they came from another dying creation to Earth through a time rift opened as Maldek was destroyed, and before Earth had fallen into the third dimension. These souls came through this time-rift and had destroyed before; and they waited for a species to dance with in your solar system. Alas, as the Sirian scientists seeded human form upon Earth, they entered the dream of the red nation peoples as it resonated.


Why would destructive souls resonate with the red seeded humans? The red seeded humans consumed food to subsist. Consumption is destruction beloved; as one chews upon berries, fruit, vegetables or any other food source, one massacres the food in one’s mouth and digestive system. Humans attracted destructive souls as the biology destroyed something in the act of eating and digesting. This was not a part of the nature kingdom experience at this time in Earth’s history.


Recent records revealed the cause of why 11 red nations peoples ceased to exist and only 7 nations survived within 2,000 years of the original seeding. The red false gods were in competition with one another. Each god received two human tribes to oversee and ensoul. Out of competition, the gods began to combust and erase the dream of the humans that other red gods held. Over time 11 tribes perished to extinction due to the competitive dance of the red gods with one another. In essence, such humans were destroyed through the souls that had incarnated into them through a destructive competitive dance in the nonphysical. Such nations were stripped for their knowledge to enhance the nonphysical information of the red false gods who destroyed them.


As there were only 7 tribes remaining, the red false gods stopped their competitive dance for a time, or they would have had no humans to ensoul at all. Humans provided chi so that each red god could create dreamtime planes that they enjoyed. Now there were fewer human tribes, and so they looked to see how they could create more humans coming to Earth to feed off of. They focused upon a potential future dream in which another level of human would be seeded upon Earth. This indeed did come to occur with the Grand Master seeding.


The Grand Masters held biology that did not consume food in order to subsist. Each of these humans had self-sustaining biology in which nothing outside of self was required to live a lengthy lifetime of 2,000 or more years. The biology of the Grand Masters was resonant with Earth and all kingdoms therein. Perhaps if they had survived, they would have evolved humanity into self-sustaining biology, as this appears to be one of their spiritual goals in the initial seeding. However, the false gods looked at all of the information that the Grand Masters had, and went into major information lust.


Nature Fell into Consumption Behavior


Within 2,000 years of the original seeding of these humans of great wisdom and large heads that held souls of great knowledge, all had been destroyed. The false goods took the knowledge for themselves in the act of destruction. However, this level of destruction was worse than destroying the red seeded tribes; for the Grand Master humans had no destructive thoughtform. In essence, destructive thoughtform was pushed into their field so that those who were inherently non-destructive could be destroyed. In parallel manner and as the red false gods used the information procured from the Grand Masters to attempt the ascent of certain numbers of the red nations peoples, the thoughtform became global. As such, destructive thoughtform was pressed into all of nature, and nature fell into consumption behavior.


Our biology altered; we lost our crystalline lungs and diaphragm. Suddenly we required consuming grass and berries ourselves just like the red human tribes in order to survive. This mimicked another species we had collectively brought to extinction known as the dinosaurs, as the dinosaurs consumed vegetation to subsist in the beginning, and later became vicious and consumed one another. Perhaps we did not adequately learn our spiritual lessons that the mirror of the dinosaurs presented, and required another collective experience to understand the thoughtform underlying the creation. Perhaps this is how and why humanity was attracted to the consensus known as Earth from our present time perspective.


Over time, humanity began to harm one another just as the red false gods had harmed the 11 seeded tribes and the Grand Masters. The red false gods did not care; they transferred the harm into physicality polarizing the opposite into non-physicality. This had the effect of increasing the warfare; until a barbaric form of human from the Pleiades arrived that was cruel beyond measure, but a reflection of the barbarism that had now pervaded in the physical human dance.


Barbaric Acts Perpetuated During the Anu’s Reign


The Anu perpetuated torturous things, not only in the scientific experimentation of both nature and humankind, but in their life extension practices. Do you know that poisoning or gassing the human slaves to death by the thousands to hundreds of thousands became common practice towards the end of their era? The slaves over-bred in numbers too great; and so, the excessive populations and in particular the diseased, crippled and elderly were hauled off to a place reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, only to be gassed to death by the millions. Earth has gathered records of over 1.8 billion slaves that were killed this way over the course of the reign of the Anu.


The Anu used the slaves as toy soldiers upon the battlefields. The slaves were dispensable, after all they had too many anyway. What difference does it make if a few hundred, or thousand, or even hundred thousand are blown up and maimed upon the battlefield? Earth has calculated that over 8 million soldiers died upon the battlefield in the 2,000-year war that raged between Merduk and Innana. The Anu placed no value upon life; not human life, and not the life of nature; in the end they did not place value upon their own lives and destroyed their own family in the annihilation of Earth by exploding two large nuclear bombs.


Do you also know that the Anu participated in barbaric rituals of sexuality that included the death of the “chosen one” in the end followed by the drinking of their blood? It is no wonder that some of the bazaar sexual practices of parallel nature occur within the human dance to this day; one is only re-experiencing the behavior of one’s ancient ancestors of Anu inheritance. This is your history beloved; and if humanity is going to transcend into a new day of unity, the karma has to be honestly assessed, and one’s own participation in the dance released. In so doing, a new day may be born.


Humans live in a fantasy that one is beyond such things in present time. The reality is that if one has not yet released the karma for one’s ancestry participating in such things long ago, then one has not moved beyond such in present time. The karma is recorded in the scar tissue of the form. As long as the karma remains therein, then there is the possibility of “like circumstances” occurring both for the collective of humanity or for oneself in present time.


Many upon the spiritual path intend world peace. Many do not realize what it will take to actually fulfill upon world peace as a successful outcome of one’s personal ascent or humanity’s collective ascent. The karma for continued barbarism and torture along with warfare is so great that Earth has chosen to invert the karma into personal travesties of disease and accident instead. In so doing, a collective war will not manifest that would then prevent the ascent of the whole.


At this time, there are many places of human wounding and barbarism of great magnitude. Some are in the front pages of your major newspapers; some are hidden behind the scenes in torturous experiences that sustain the current leadership in power. This is how the Anu sustained their power for 18,000 years; they tortured and killed anyone or any group that threatened their continued reign.


This is how the red and white false gods sustained their dominion in the nonphysical; they shattered any nonphysical force that threatened them; and destroyed any physical human form that might attain enough knowledge through ascension to overthrow their power and dominion. This is why Asur’Ana and Per and those choosing to ascend have had such a difficult time early in their ascent, as the red and white gods have warred upon them. However, this is coming to an end due to solar intervention along with the intervention of the Great Central Sun.


World Peace Will Manifest When There Is Nonphysical Peace


As there is peace in the nonphysical, world peace will manifest in the physical. There is no other way, beloved. If the nonphysical war does not end of the red and white false gods, nor will the mutilation in the physical; nor will nature evolve beyond consuming one another to subsist; nor will humanity cease to war in any way upon one another. The war began with the nonphysical and it will only end as the nonphysical war ceases. It is for this reason that the removal of the red and white false gods is imperative, and action is being taken to cleanse them from the nonphysical planes surrounding Earth at this time.


Humans just like Elk have lost consciousness. Humans may seemingly have more consciousness in the physical than elk, as one has verbal language. However, in reality the consciousness of human form has fallen as greatly as Elk, as humans at two DNA segments are really no more than living animals that speak. The return to full consciousness shall be a long and hard road amongst those who attempt it in a single lifetime; therefore, most of this type of evolution shall occur through generations of newborn children of all species in the century ahead.


Elk honors the few who will make this journey now and in this lifetime. You are the predecessors; without those willing to take this journey however difficult it may be, there will be no future humans born in a fully conscious state. One is clearing the pathway by clearing the karma for the entire human species in the ascent to full consciousness. There are a few destined for this path; and as Per and Asur’Ana know well, it is a difficult one indeed. However, as enough masters and enough of the collective human karma cleared, ascending children of great awareness shall be born to the human species. Such children shall lead humanity to a new day of great gentleness, unity, and honor of all species upon Earth, as such will be their biological nature.


Understand that for those who have perpetuated the dance of the “freak”, there are many experiences that teach one what it feels to be like a “freak” in this lifetime. Understand that such manifestations clear the karma from the times of the Anu, when the Anu tortured humans and nature alike in their freak shows. Understand that those of this inheritance shall manifest such experiences to learn in this lifetime; they will learn to never do such a thing again, even out of great boredom.


No one is innocent, beloved. No child is innocent, nor is any adult. Each has ancestries that have done horrific things. No one can truly deny this if one opens one’s tapestry of ancestry and looks honestly at the records therein.


The point of ascension is not to create such horrific experiences in the now, but to learn the spiritual lessons of why such behavior occurred and why it is inappropriate. Then through forgiveness, the records of such behavior can be erased, altering the genetic encoding in such a manner that humans return to a gentle and loving state of being. This is the purpose of ascension; to understand what your ancestors participated in, and to forgive; and through the forgiveness, learn the spiritual lessons associated so that they never have to repeat again into the future.


Why will such experiences not repeat? They will not repeat because your future ancestors will have learned the lessons you have, and in being offered a choice to harm or torture or mutilate again, or experiment in a laboratory, or create “life”, they will choose not to; as they will understand why such is wrong, and what it leads to as a civilization if allowed.


World peace is coming. World peace shall occur as the last human transcends the last bit of karma associated with the dance of red and white false gods. This time is coming; it may take the better part of 50 years to clear the karma in full, but it is coming. Elk looks forward to such a time. In the meantime, Elk invites humans to ascend, and to transcend one’s difficult past. In so doing, the future of global peace may become a living reality for your future ancestors.


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