Image of an adorable rabbit chewing on leaves. The Gentleness Of A Rabbit

17. The Gentleness Of A Rabbit


Blessings for Unity and Divine Union


The Rabbit Kingdom


Rabbit has long been associated with fear in Native American teachings. Perhaps it is because Rabbit is so gentle in nature that it easily become frightened if an aggressor appears upon the scenes, whether the aggressor is human or a hungry wolf matters not. It is not Rabbit’s nature to fight back or resist, only run and hide. This is the result of being one of the few remaining kingdoms that holds the memory of gentleness from another time in which carnivorous behavior was not a part of any kingdoms’ behavior. At such a time, there was no need to run and hide, as there was no species present upon Earth that would attack.


Representation of All Truths Upon Earth


Species work symbolically and in a synchronistic manner together to allow for the representation of all truths upon Earth. Although truth was lost due to forces of the dark’s dominion over Earth, truth can never be completely lost; it will always strive to be present somewhere within the wheel of life. Why is this so? Within polarity, every truth must be represented, which includes truth along with non-truth. Therefore, truth as it once was will also be present within the wheel of life, and therefore is never really lost in full. This is so for many gentle creatures that are vegetarian in nature; we are representative of the truth that once existed before the many falls that were the result of whale, dolphin and human manipulations and usury by the forces of the dark.


Many may be surprised to hear that dolphins and whales were at cause in the fall of Earth. This is new information that has just come to light in Earth’s global ascension. Whales and dolphins have also been known as a gentle creature. However, they hold a large energy field, particularly in a united form in the many pods that once existed in the large fresh water rivers and lakes of Earth, and before the crash of the ice shields that created your oceans. Therefore, they were useful to the dark to retain dominion over Earth, and were indeed used accordingly and long ago.


Dolphins and Whales Were Used to Prevent Earth’s Ascension


Long ago, a group of fully conscious humans with large heads and great understanding and wisdom were seeded upon Earth in small numbers. Such humans were seeded upon Earth by the Sirian human civilization. The forces of the dark and lawless ones already in dominion over Earth rapidly saw that if such humans were not brought under their own control that such humans would cause them to be removed from Earth’s counsels. Such humans refused to bargain with such lawless souls.


Therefore, such dark forces implemented a coup through the dolphin and whale fields killing most of the fully conscious grand masters in two short weeks; and then proceeded to erase all records of the incident from the whale and dolphin species along with Earth’s libraries, sending the karma for the incident back onto the remaining human red race. Because the records had been erased, dolphins and whales were oblivious to how they had been used in future generations and as time went by. Read more