Image of an adorable beaver putting something in its mouth. The Flap Of The Beaver’s Tail

9. The Flap Of The Beaver’s Tail


Blessings for Joy and Humor


The Otter and Beaver Kingdoms


Otter or Beaver are related to the same kingdom, and associated with Squirrel. Both Otter and Beaver along with Squirrel are often perceived as playful and joyful in nature. And indeed, we are. Just like Squirrel, we hold the vibration of joy for kingdoms upon the land and within the sea. Joy and play are experienced in the lives of all species, although the decline in vibration has caused most species to experience pain. This is not to say that Otter and Beaver know not pain, as sometimes our homes in the sea or along the riverbanks are desecrated through human construction. This too causes us pain and takes the joy out of our life dance.


Beaver and Otter’s Construction Projects


Why do humans mutilate the land under the guise of making improvements? This has been difficult for Beaver or Otter to understand. We too improve the land, but only where we are guided by Earth to do so. Often Beaver builds dams in rivers or streams to assist in moving the water into the forest or into underground waterways to allow life to thrive all around. Remove our dams, and portions of the forest will die; and so, this has come to be so often in human development.


Beaver and Otter understand working with all other kingdoms in relation to our construction projects. This is the gift we offer to ascending humans. If one is building community or a new home upon a land site, call upon our kingdom. We will orchestrate suggestions that shall work for all other species upon the land and within the surrounding 10-mile radius. For this is what Otter and Beaver does quite naturally in nature; Beaver upon the Land and Otter along the coastal waters of the ocean.


Beaver builds dams, which are generally used also to raise our young keeping them sweetly out of predators’ way, except occasionally with Fox. Fox sometimes is quite bright and raids our Beavers nest taking of our young. However, even this is provided unto Fox to ensure her survival, as all inside of the forest dance occurs in balanced giving and receiving. All species work to support the survival of each along with the whole.


Otter builds not dams, but plays amongst the seaweed harvesting shellfish for sustenance. Sometimes Otter too becomes the dinner for Shark, and again does so out of survival of the whole. However, hunting in seaweed can become confusing, and therefore generally Otter outwits Shark with ease. How does Otter mold the underwater seascape? Mostly, Otter provides chi for seaweed forests to grow for their own protection, and the survival of their young. The more Otters, the more seaweed will grow as it is necessary unto Otters survival, or so Asur’Ana remembers in her journeys to the coastal regions of Big Sur and Monterey California. Seaweed is commonplace in California coastal regions due to the presence of Otter. Read more