Image of water buffalos at a peaceful rice field with the lovely setting sun in the background. The Water Buffalo Speaks

31. The Water Buffalo Speaks


Blessings for Inner Peace and Self Worth


The Water Buffalo Species


We thank our translator Asur’Ana for this opportunity to speak to our fellow human brothers and sisters. We have much to say. We have watched the human species both from inside and outside of the dance. A fellow relation of ours known as the Ox was once a primary source of transportation, pulling carts and wagons in both the East and the West. Ox was often used as the pioneers migrated West in the United States, pulling carts with their belongings so that they could settle in various states west of the Mississippi River. In the East today, some regions still rely upon Ox to move their goods from one town to another.


Wild Animals Will Commune with Humans Out of Love and Honor


Ox and Water Buffalo rarely were consumed for food, except perhaps in desperation or times of famine. Therefore, our species has not suffered the human consumption of another relation known as the North American Buffalo or Bison species. Yet we are all related, so one can say that we have experienced it all in association with humanity, from being consumed, raised as chattel, and used as transportation, as well as the freedom to roam as wild herds. Most of our freedom is rare at this time due to the fencing of most of the US Plains States that Buffalo once freely roamed. In the East and in North Africa, we roam free only in rare circumstances.


Sometimes much as the wild mules in Hawaii and wild camels in Australia, we are set free as we are no longer of use due to the development of other modalities of transportation. Much like any extreme pole, one will swing from imprisonment to freedom, back and forth, again in the ongoing cycles of life. This is so for many species used by humankind.


Our dance with humanity began with the Pleiadians who imported the Water Buffalo and Ox Species from their own star system. During this era about 35,000 Earth years ago (140,000 human years), we pulled the carts out of the gold mines for those human slaves working in such deplorable circumstances. It was also deplorable for us, and our lifespan was short at this time in history. Some were set free as mines were mined out, and these times were more enjoyable for our species as we once again knew freedom.


No kingdom enjoys imprisonment, any more than the human kingdom enjoys such. All kingdoms desire to be left free to be and roam in nature, grazing and foraging for food of our own volition. However out of the love, we will engage with our fellow species from time to time, even humans. As more humans learn to love and honor nature again, so we the wild animals will come to commune with humanity. Read more