Image of water buffalos at a peaceful rice field with the lovely setting sun in the background. The Water Buffalo Speaks

31. The Water Buffalo Speaks


Blessings for Inner Peace and Self Worth


The Water Buffalo Species


We thank our translator Asur’Ana for this opportunity to speak to our fellow human brothers and sisters. We have much to say. We have watched the human species both from inside and outside of the dance. A fellow relation of ours known as the Ox was once a primary source of transportation, pulling carts and wagons in both the East and the West. Ox was often used as the pioneers migrated West in the United States, pulling carts with their belongings so that they could settle in various states west of the Mississippi River. In the East today, some regions still rely upon Ox to move their goods from one town to another.


Wild Animals Will Commune with Humans Out of Love and Honor


Ox and Water Buffalo rarely were consumed for food, except perhaps in desperation or times of famine. Therefore, our species has not suffered the human consumption of another relation known as the North American Buffalo or Bison species. Yet we are all related, so one can say that we have experienced it all in association with humanity, from being consumed, raised as chattel, and used as transportation, as well as the freedom to roam as wild herds. Most of our freedom is rare at this time due to the fencing of most of the US Plains States that Buffalo once freely roamed. In the East and in North Africa, we roam free only in rare circumstances.


Sometimes much as the wild mules in Hawaii and wild camels in Australia, we are set free as we are no longer of use due to the development of other modalities of transportation. Much like any extreme pole, one will swing from imprisonment to freedom, back and forth, again in the ongoing cycles of life. This is so for many species used by humankind.


Our dance with humanity began with the Pleiadians who imported the Water Buffalo and Ox Species from their own star system. During this era about 35,000 Earth years ago (140,000 human years), we pulled the carts out of the gold mines for those human slaves working in such deplorable circumstances. It was also deplorable for us, and our lifespan was short at this time in history. Some were set free as mines were mined out, and these times were more enjoyable for our species as we once again knew freedom.


No kingdom enjoys imprisonment, any more than the human kingdom enjoys such. All kingdoms desire to be left free to be and roam in nature, grazing and foraging for food of our own volition. However out of the love, we will engage with our fellow species from time to time, even humans. As more humans learn to love and honor nature again, so we the wild animals will come to commune with humanity.


Water Buffalo shares this to allow humans to understand that they need not fear wild animals. If one approaches any wild animal out of love, the love will be reciprocated. Nature also need not be imprisoned as pets; one will be able to fondle wild sheep as well as tigers, lions and bears if one were to sit in absolute peace and love amongst each of such species. In so doing, one need not have a pet to “pet”, but can enjoy nature where it belongs, which is free to be free.


Born Free


Many may recall a film popular in the 60’s known as “Born Free” in which a family living in Africa attempted to set free a pet lion that had lived with them from kitten to fully grown in size and stature. The difficulty was the lack of communion with its own species; without the communion, this lion had lost its innate knowing which would guide it to hunt to feed the requirement to eat. And so, it starved for a time when left in the wild.


The family returned several times, bringing it food so that it would survive until it came to remember to hunt again. Over time, another lion approached this former pet lion, mated with it, and in the sexual energy exchange, restored its communion with the rest of its own species. The result was the remembrance to hunt to survive; and the birth of a set of its own kittens. This time the human family enjoyed the kittens, but chose to leave the lion family free and in the wild.


When humanity embraces any wild species, even those in zoos, humanity pulls such species into their own dream and disconnects the kingdom from the remainder of the energy flow and interconnection of their associated species. In so doing, the animals forget their “wild truth”. However much like the movie “Born Free”, setting any species free allows it to restore its own innate knowing of how to fend for itself in the wild. This is how many of the cat kingdoms including tigers and panthers survived after escaping their role as pet cats of the Sirian scientists that seeded humankind so very long ago. Such cats recalled how to survive in the wild, and reproduced at the time and have continued to survive until this day.


As humanity frees all of nature, humanity will also free itself; for one cannot imprison another species without imprisoning oneself or one’s species; one cannot also slaughter another species without slaughtering oneself or one’s species. As humanity ceases to slaughter nature for food, so humanity will also cease to war, and peace and freedom upon Earth will become a living reality.


Wild Animals from Jyreion Humans


On her visit to Canada one summer, Asur’Ana was surprised to discover that a whole group of other “wild animals” in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies were also pets that came with another group of humans arriving upon Earth in spacecraft known as the Jyreions. The Jyreions came to Earth to escape their own dying solar system about 46,000 Earth years ago (184,000 human years). Less than eight ships landed in various places upon Earth including Africa, North America, and Australia, and remained. The Jyreion humans were red in skin color and over time mated and blended with the seeded red nation from Sirius.


Upon each ship were many forms of animals that they had brought from “home”. This included fox, coyote, opossum, marmot, and weasel currently present in North America; all came with the Jyreion humans as they “relocated” to Earth and to the North American continent. Many of the Australian creatures also have discovered their origins from the Jyreion craft, including dingo, a wild dog akin to the German shepherd species; and wombat, a large flat creature akin to the rat; along with koala bear. Furthermore, many African creatures including antelope, hippopotamus, and giraffe also trace their origins to Jyreion craft that landed in the region long ago.


Apparently, different craft had different creatures, and because they split up landing in different parts of Earth, the creatures that were released into the wild were very different in form and nature, and failed to migrate to some other continents. Each of the above species are also of magnetic origins in DNA and therefore can ascend with Earth, but in tracing back their history, discovered they had come with humans to Earth via spacecraft.


Silica-Based Genetics Cannot Ascend with Earth


The Kangaroo species is an electrical species from the Pleiades. The kangaroo cannot ascend, as they are primarily silica based. Kangaroos were bred to pick up opals and store them in their pouch for the Annanuki. 144,000 years ago, opal mines were created through yet another set of scientific manipulations of the natural elements in the red rock of Lemuria, near the continent of Australia. Kangaroos were then bred in laboratories to roam the land and pick up the opals placing them in their pouch; the opals had developed due to a biochemical manipulation over the entire region. Then the kangaroos were captured and the opals retrieved, and then they were set free to continue the dance.


After many thousands of years of such service and as the Anu ceased to exist, the kangaroo kingdom has known their freedom. They have continued to breed and live in the wild of much of Australia and New Zealand. However, the Kangaroo species have not the genetics necessary to ascend with Earth, and shall become extinct in the coming cycle of cleansing, as they are silica-based and electrical in energy flow. Each species must trace back their origins to a magnetic energetic flow and cellular structure, or it must retract and become extinct at this time in history.


Why is this so? Silica-based life form that is related to the Anu slaves or Anu themselves, or the kangaroo, rely upon electrical energy flow in the form of a Mer-Ka-Ba. The kangaroo and Anu slaves would have gone extinct long ago if not for the fact that the Anu altered the biosphere of Earth from fully magnetic to electro-magnetic through scientific manipulations, setting in motion global Mer-Ka-Ba energy flow. As a result, enough electrical flow was generated to sustain those life forms requiring electricity to survive.


In recent years, Earth has begun to modify her energy flow to again become increasingly magnetic, and decreasingly electrical in preparation for re-entry into the Great Central Sun. In time and in the coming quarter century, all electricity shall be detoxified from Earth. Already all Mer-Ka-Ba patterns that were global or continental have been shut down. As this occurs, those requiring such energy flow to survive will go extinct, as there will be no remaining energy movement upon Earth to sustain them. Such a shift is a requirement to enter the Great Central Sun, as Earth must be completely magnetic upon entry or will combust.


Long ago, Sirian scientists seeded eighteen forms of humans, and only seven forms survived. The only forms that survived held magnetic only energy flow. All other forms of humans that were seeded and electrical or other energy source in nature perished over time, going extinct. The Anu and their own slaves along with many silica-based electrical species that they imported to Earth would have perished long ago in parallel manner if not for the alteration of Earth’s biosphere. Now that the energy flow of Earth is returning to a magnetic only foundation, all that is non-resonant or electrical shall once again perish.


Returning to Regenerative and Self-Sustaining Biology


Although Water Buffalo came from the Pleiades, our species did not originate in the Pleiades. We have traced our origins to magnetic creations not unlike Earth. It is the ascent into magnetic genetics that is required by each species in order to not go extinct. It is the ascent into magnetic form that shall lead first to regenerative biology, in which each cell of the form receives enough nourishment to cease to age, decay or become ill. Then the ascent into self-sustaining biology shall begin. In self-sustaining biology, one system’s waste is another’s food, eliminating the requirement to eat or drink anything to subsist altogether. In time, all species upon Earth shall embrace such a self-sustaining biological system.


A return to regenerative and then self-sustaining biology will lead to longer lives for all species upon Earth, and the procreation will also drop off proportionately to assure that the land can support the life of each species therein. Humanity has overpopulated Earth in many time periods including present time. Extreme procreation of humanity was a choice of the souls ensouling human form so that there would be more chi to take to sustain their dreamtime realities. Humans have been viewed as living batteries not only by the nonphysical realms that surround you, but also by other humans seeking to extend their lives forever. The Anu sought to extend their lives forever, and used the human slaves that they bred in a laboratory as a source of chi to do so.


Humans as they were fed upon subsequently learned to feed upon nature for the chi that they were lacking, as both physical and nonphysical forces stripped them of the chi necessary to survive. Over time, nature ended up enslaved to humanity much as humanity ended up enslaved to the Anu and the nonphysical realms in such a dance. This is not the purpose of form, to be a source of chi for any other life form, physical or nonphysical. The purpose of form is for soul and form to evolve together, learn together, and ultimately ascend together exiting the dance entirely and returning Home.


Through ascension, little by little all forms of usury in which chi is taken by other species, others of one’s own species or the nonphysical realms is evolved beyond. As usury ceases in the nonphysical, and all nonphysical realms that feed off of Earth and all species therein including humanity are separated from, then and only then is there enough chi to ascend. Through ascension, the form can be restored to a regenerative and self-sustaining state in which the consumption of any living thing is no longer required.


Through ascension and in the coming times of cleansing, the large population of the human species shall dwindle. In 1,000 years, Earth estimates that there may be no more than 25,000 humans remaining global wide. Why so few? This is deemed the appropriate number of humans for balanced global sustainability and the continued ascent of Earth. First of all, humans shall be restored in consciousness to fully conscious biology with a 2000-year lifespan or longer; the level of understanding in a single human shall be greater than all humans combined at this time of history.


Furthermore, each tribe of humans shall serve a specific role in the region that they exist that involves the energetic support of Earth and your Solar System along with the Great Central Sun. Humans having embodied full consciousness and beyond have large fields that reach up the dimensions; only small numbers of humans can therefore direct large energetic movement, not requiring any more of your species than this to support Earth in her continued evolutionary process.


A Regenerative Cellular Structure Leads to Peace


At this time in history and in the ascent over the coming half century, humanity shall move into regenerative biology along with all species upon Earth. Those that cannot return to such a state of biology shall retract and perish. A return to a regenerative cellular structure shall lead to peace between all species and all nations of humans. Why is this so? Regeneration equates to cellular peace. Peace occurs within as all cells are fed and nourished and detoxified properly. Peace occurs as the internal war known as the dance of the viruses cease.


Viruses cease to be through ascension as they are restored to their proper role that sustains and supports the crystalline structure. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information.) As peace becomes cellular and an internal state of being, so will it become an outer expression of all life forms in association with one another. In so doing, not only will humanity cease to war or abuse in any manner, but also the lion will lay with the lamb.


Inner peace in the human experience translates into acceptance; acceptance of self and the end of self-judgment, as well as the acceptance of all others as they are and in non-judgment. Judgment came to be within the red nations with the seeding of the Grand Masters. For 100,000 years the red nation peoples had lived upon Earth in equality and peace.


Suddenly and due to an agreement to supply gold unto the Pleiades, Sirian scientists seeded a ruling class of humans with large heads and large brain capacity known as the Grand Masters. These humans were to oversee the red nations people making sure that they mined the gold and provided it unto the Pleiadians. Alas, the red nations people rebelled. “We have had our own chiefs and ruled our own nations for thousands of years! Why would we require now a ruling class to oversee our daily activities? We refuse to be used this way!” The red nations people cast out the ruling elite and refused to mine the gold.


Over time the Grand Masters perished, but their offspring remained. Within the dance competition was born. Now there was a class of human that was superior in knowledge and understanding upon a biological level than all other humans seeded upon Earth. Also, within this judgment was born, for now there was that which was inferior, and that which was superior, and what was inferior was less than or worthless, and that which was superior was more than or worth more. The red seeded nation exited the state of internal peace that they had known, and entered a state of self-judgment and competition as a result.


Later another group of humans that emulated this dance arrived upon the scenes, the family of Anu from the Pleiades. The Anu arrived primarily because the gold was not being provided to the Pleiades as promised. The Sirians had failed to do what they had agreed unto, and had left behind third dimensional form having ascended to the next dimension. Therefore, the Pleiadians chose to mine the gold themselves. As they arrived upon Earth, once again the red nations peoples rebelled. “Why should we mine your gold? We have lived for thousands of years in peace and without your technology. We do not want anything that you could possibly provide. We will not work for you.”


Today in Africa there is remembrance of this state of being. The black man has been difficult to corral into workforces for the white man. Furthermore, if the black man is awarded the return of land in the form of a farm, he chooses not to farm for others, but only for his own family or tribe. This is a sincere remembrance of red nation tribal nature from long ago.


Water Buffalo perceives ahead a return to this state of being for all humans upon Earth; in time and as more humans choose to become regenerative and self-sustaining through ascension, they will gather together to work the land together again in community. In so doing, humanity shall return to the fundamentals of red seeded life long ago, where each member of the tribe provided for the whole of the tribe in unity and equality. This is the magnetic way and a unity-based way of living, beloved.


Competition and Separation from Judgments of Worth and Worthlessness


The Anu created the most extreme sense of competition or more than and less than, far above and beyond anything that occurred with the original Grand Masters and within the red seeded nations. The Anu played the role of “God” of Earth or one who is superior to all others and can do no wrong; they played this role in association with the slaves that they bred to mine the gold. Furthermore, the Anu sustained themselves as immortals through life extension practices, which was “superior”; and the slaves who were deemed “mortal” had a short lifespan in comparison, and were deemed “inferior” or worthless.


Those slaves that gained popularity for gifts and talents expressed were awarded a better life and technological gadgets not available to the remaining masses of slaves, who were held in simple dwellings much like chattel. This further created separation and competition between the slaves, who strove to gain credit for their gifts and talents to “have a better life”. Over time and as the slave populations increased beyond what the land could support due to the manipulations of the nonphysical realms (and their desire for more chi), the Anu hauled off the weakest, oldest, deformed and crippled to concentration camps where they were gassed to death by the thousands. The slaves were not only less than the Anu or those of fame of slave origin, but dispensable en masse.


It is no wonder given the origins of such ancestral memories that western-based humans are so judgmental; for they can never be enough, as they are carrying memories of being worthless chattel to another group of superior humans. It is no wonder that western-based humans therefore strive to gain wealth and fame to inflate themselves above the masses, as this is the only way that they may feel superior or “god-like” or adequate within.


Those ascending at this time in history in the west often have slave ancestries along with red nation people’s ancestry. As one clears the karmic memory and emotional charge of being worthless chattel from the Anu slave inheritance, equality may emerge within as a newfound state of being. Equality within comes from an innate understanding that there is a purpose to one’s existence, and that as one serves the purpose, then one has value or worth. Asur’Ana and Per would say that the only point of existence is to ascend and evolve; in which case the choice to ascend gives purpose to one’s existence and allows one to return to an internal sense of worth that was never a part of the Anu slave dance.


Humans strive so hard to be “good enough”. Humans strive to create something that will make them “rich”; humans strive to be more beautiful, more gifted and more talented than anyone else so that they may become rich and famous and therefore worthy; humans strive to possess the most beautiful spouse, home, car, furnishings etc. to be perceived as worthy. Humans strive to work hard for promotions within the corporation to feel worthy within. Beloved, worthiness within has nothing to do with what one has accomplished or what one possesses.


Unconditional Acceptance of All of Life


Worthiness within is an innate state of being in a magnetic creation regardless of role or truth or contribution to the tribe. As one pulls one’s red root’s forward and embodies them, one will return to this innate understanding within, and find their worth within and outside of the current paradigm humanity lives within. In so doing, one can transcend the self-judgment as well as the need to judge others, and move increasingly towards unconditional acceptance of all of life.


It is as one accepts one’s life as it is, and as it is progressing, that one comes to an internal state of peace. Ascension brings about a restoration of inner peace by allowing one to exist fully in present time. In present time, one can accept oneself in the moment. In embracing oneself in the moment, one loves oneself from within. As one loves oneself from within, then Earth, nature and one’s soul can also love oneself in the dance of communion of body, soul and Earth. It is in the communion that the most profound experiences of inner peace and joy may occur for ascending initiates. Such experiences change one’s life forevermore, for one knows that one is loved from within.


How does one heal the self-judgment, the internal critic, or the inner condescending parent? One learns to erase the memories of all others who told one verbally or non-verbally that one was not enough; not good enough, not fast enough, not bright enough, not beautiful enough, not of the right class, not of the right ethnic persuasion, not from the right place, etc., in this lifetime.


In the observation of Water Buffalo, most humans are great at criticizing and totally incompetent at validating and honoring others, particularly in the west. In the east, there is more acceptance of one’s lot; however, there is also pressure to remain in one’s lot or class without hope of ever changing or improving one’s conditions. The middle road would allow for the acceptance of the east but the perseverance of the west to succeed at the process of ascension. Through the process of ascension, all shall change, as one changes one’s internal state of being. For as the internal changes, so does the external, which is only a mirror of the internal.


Peace within comes through internal change. As one erases all memories of non-peace and feeling inferior, subordinate or worthless in one’s current life experience and ancestry, one comes to peace within. How does one accomplish this task? One chooses to ascend, and in the process of ascension, transmutation or erasure of pain and painful memories is a part of the experience. In so doing, one modifies the past giving birth to a new present time you. Such modifications are physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. All occurs at once, as all really is one; the separation is only illusion.


How does one choose to erase a particularly difficult memory? One intends it so. Intent is an act of will that commands the physical and nonphysical to take action. The nonphysical then seeks to compile the records of karma associated with the memory, and transmutes the pain, anger or fear associated. Such trauma is also physical and embedded into the cellular structure in certain places within the form. As such places transform into a new genetic material through ascension, the pain in the cells is likewise released. In so doing, a new you is born in the act of ascension.


Healing Due to Ascension


One can heal the past. There is no time and space really. The continuity of time is an illusion. As one heals in this life, one’s ancestors also heal and learn the spiritual lessons associated with one’s own life experience, and their own lives at the time that they were alive. In so doing, one’s ancestors change and birth a new level of consciousness along with oneself through ascension.


Real healing only can occur through the choice to ascend and evolve. Those that choose otherwise will simply live their lives out until death, experiencing the karma that this lifetime has to offer. Those that choose to ascend may take command of their own life, releasing the pain, anger and fear of the past, and birthing a new experience of inner peace, joy and love. As the inner changes, the outer changes as well. It will be as many birthing anew who gather and form community that will give birth to a new human civilization ahead. This Water Buffalo sees coming in the quarter century ahead for those who choose to ascend at this time in history.


Humanity like Earth has been ascending for a long time. The awakening really began in the early part of last century. Many who are ascending have been doing so for years or even decades. Perhaps they have called it “rebirthing” or “inner child healing” or “reprogramming”, or some other form of transformation. Transformation is transformation, and transformation is the foundation of ascension. All of this can be considered a part of the ascension movement and the result of the push for humanity to evolve at this time in history.


What does Water Buffalo wish to close with? Strive for inner peace, beloved. Release the self-judgment; heal the wounds of the past. Go into the memories and allow the pain to be processed. Allow a new “you” to be born that feels loved and of worth from within. Allow the body to alter into the regenerative crystalline form. This is what the path of ascension offers to all seeking the truth at this time in history. In so doing, a new future for oneself shall unfold free of the pain, judgment and the joylessness of the past.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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