Image of a majestic Harris Hawk's face. Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Hawk

10. Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Hawk


Blessings for Grounding and Communing with Earth


The Hawk Kingdom


Hawk has long been associated with long-range vision by the medicine men and women of indigenous peoples. Indeed, hawk can spot a small ground mammal miles high in the sky with ease, descending so rapidly and then taking of the prey necessary to survive and feed our young. Our eyes have the capacity to magnify to perceive close up or pan back to see the distance at will, much like your cameras in human form. However, our gift of vision was developed long before the requirement to hunt.


Problems Associated with the Collapse of the Ice Shields


Hawk is one of the few species that survived the great floods, and prior to this time in history, we were vegetarian subsisting from berries and fruit. Our eyesight would allow us to spot the red, yellow or purple fruit in the valleys and hills of a tropical garden that Earth was at that time in history. Alas, the tropical garden was lost upon all but those regions close enough to the equator as the poles rapidly froze due to the loss of temperature sustained by the ice shields as they collapsed. It was the ice shields that much like a terrarium that retained Earth’s warmth, and also protected Earth from radiation so prevalent in your universe.


With the ice shields collapse, not only were the valleys flooded killing all that existed previously therein, but nonphysical entities of small to large in nature that were highly radioactive flooded into the grid work of Mother Earth along with all remaining species, including humankind. Such entities had been collected by the ice shields, which had prevented their presence upon Earth. Such entities are related to death, as they shut down the movement of energy to such an extent that form rapidly declines of life. It was such entities that caused all species to move rapidly from regeneration to a shortened lifespan that included aging, illness and disease thereafter.


At this time, all species are ascending out of the requirement to hold such death entities within the form or upon Earth. Such entities will be left behind in the second dimension of your universe from which they originated in Earth’s experience. As the last human or member of any species dies that is non-regenerative, such beings will leave Earth in full and forevermore. This will be a grand thing for Hawk to witness, as it was with great grief that Hawk witnessed the dance following the collapse of the ice shields.


We too fell into the requirement to eat of flesh to survive. However, this did not occur until the nuclear winter of Earth set in motion by the Annanuki in their warfare. This was even more devastating than the collapse of the ice shields, and the journey from this point forward is the darkest period our species ever recalls. What can go one way can go another, and the dream for a new tomorrow is rapidly being woven by all ascending sentient species. It is time to ascend out of this dance, and Hawk takes a stand for such a tomorrow to emerge. Read more