Image of a bee getting nectar from a pink flower. The Hum of the Bees

2. The Hum of the Bees


Blessings for Gathering the Ascending Rainbow Tribe


The Bee Kingdom


The Bee Kingdom is happy to be able to address ascending humans today. The bee kingdom holds information on working in unity together for the common purpose of evolution. Bees work in hives with many varying jobs. Each bee has a particular focus from gathering the honey from the fields of flowers nearby; to weaving the honeycomb that supports the hive and produces the space with which to lay our eggs and birth our young; to the queen bee that lays the varying types of eggs that produce the varying forms of bees necessary to the sustenance of the whole.


Bees have held the memory of unity in insect form. There are other species that have held the remembrance of unity in animal form, such as wolf. Wolf much like bees works together in packs to assure the survival and evolution of the whole. Unity is a long lost paradigm upon Earth; over time and through the continued fracturing of thoughtform and language, the language spoken became disunity based. As language was no longer held in unity, a disunity-based creation in terms of biological cellular structure was the result along with disunity-based relations.


Language, Words and Thoughts Create Life


It is language that creates all of life. Language can be equated to the thoughts of God Goddess/All That Is that when set in motion creates life. If language distorts, so does all of life. Earth is an example of an extreme distortion of language that led to an extreme distortion of life expression. Humans exemplify the distortion more greatly than perhaps nature, as it is expressed in your civilization by a cast of characters that verbalizes the same distortion in words.


Words are thoughts. Thoughts create life. Speak something and one causes life to occur in the same vein as the thoughts behind the spoken word. Speak of wishing someone unwell, and the thoughts create the deed. However, there is a catch unto it all, and that is that one can only create for one’s own life experience. Therefore, speak unwell of another, and one is intending one’s own demise. Let us define this even more clearly for each to understand.


For a long time, one initiate whom we shall call Lawson (an ascension teacher) was haunted by dark forces that wished him unwell. They would give him pictures of his students becoming ill. Lawson looked at what they shared, and in so doing and engaging with it, intended his own demise. In less than 4 months in time in the year 2018, Lawson manifested his own case of cancer. This was the result of focusing upon the demise of others as presented unto him during meditation by dark forces wishing to cause him to die. Lawson learned a huge lesson in this experience; and that is one cannot really dream weave for another; one only dream weaves for oneself and whatever one focuses upon becomes one’s dream. Read more