Image of a bee getting nectar from a pink flower. The Hum of the Bees

2. The Hum of the Bees


Blessings for Gathering the Ascending Rainbow Tribe


The Bee Kingdom


The Bee Kingdom is happy to be able to address ascending humans today. The bee kingdom holds information on working in unity together for the common purpose of evolution. Bees work in hives with many varying jobs. Each bee has a particular focus from gathering the honey from the fields of flowers nearby; to weaving the honeycomb that supports the hive and produces the space with which to lay our eggs and birth our young; to the queen bee that lays the varying types of eggs that produce the varying forms of bees necessary to the sustenance of the whole.


Bees have held the memory of unity in insect form. There are other species that have held the remembrance of unity in animal form, such as wolf. Wolf much like bees works together in packs to assure the survival and evolution of the whole. Unity is a long lost paradigm upon Earth; over time and through the continued fracturing of thoughtform and language, the language spoken became disunity based. As language was no longer held in unity, a disunity-based creation in terms of biological cellular structure was the result along with disunity-based relations.


Language, Words and Thoughts Create Life


It is language that creates all of life. Language can be equated to the thoughts of God Goddess/All That Is that when set in motion creates life. If language distorts, so does all of life. Earth is an example of an extreme distortion of language that led to an extreme distortion of life expression. Humans exemplify the distortion more greatly than perhaps nature, as it is expressed in your civilization by a cast of characters that verbalizes the same distortion in words.


Words are thoughts. Thoughts create life. Speak something and one causes life to occur in the same vein as the thoughts behind the spoken word. Speak of wishing someone unwell, and the thoughts create the deed. However, there is a catch unto it all, and that is that one can only create for one’s own life experience. Therefore, speak unwell of another, and one is intending one’s own demise. Let us define this even more clearly for each to understand.


For a long time, one initiate whom we shall call Lawson (an ascension teacher) was haunted by dark forces that wished him unwell. They would give him pictures of his students becoming ill. Lawson looked at what they shared, and in so doing and engaging with it, intended his own demise. In less than 4 months in time in the year 2018, Lawson manifested his own case of cancer. This was the result of focusing upon the demise of others as presented unto him during meditation by dark forces wishing to cause him to die. Lawson learned a huge lesson in this experience; and that is one cannot really dream weave for another; one only dream weaves for oneself and whatever one focuses upon becomes one’s dream.


Being Conscious and Aware of Faulty Guidance


It is for this reason that Bee advises initiates to be cognizant of the type of guidance one is receiving. If the guidance has to do with the ill wishes of another, then kick such guidance from one’s field. It is also for this reason that the Bee Kingdom advises initiates to stay away from movies or the media and focus instead inward upon ascension. Movies will pull one into the script associated, and if one has karma for a particular experience, watching the movie is equivalent to intending such an experience into one’s future life dance.


In the past, it would take 7-8 years for such an experience to manifest physically; as a result, there was little association with the manifestation of personal karma and the movie or novel at cause. At this time in global ascension, such a delay is less and less so. One may experience one’s dream stepping down in less than 8 months’ time if one has mastered 3,000 to 6,000 segments of DNA. One may therefore live to experience a disease set in motion or other drama and trauma as a result of one’s focus upon a movie or novel, or upon a dark force or false god guidance.


How exactly does this work? One is a holographic movie oneself that is the result of each ancestor’s unfinished business. Each ancestor in one’s lengthy tapestry of ancestry created karma and the karma was not settled in the given life. Therefore, the karma carried forward to be experienced and expressed in this life as the present day ancestor related to all of the others.


All karma is carried in the unconscious. Let us say that there is karma for causing disease in others in other ancestral lives. Now one goes to watch a movie about a dying human suffering from Covid-19, and the karma becomes activated. As the karma is activated, one’s dream for one’s continued life expression is skewed in a particular direction; now one manifests a circumstance in which one becomes exposed to Covid-19 oneself. Now one has manifested the “movie” that one engaged with as “entertainment”.


This is what also occurred for Lawson when he was exposed to faulty guidance. After his own recovery from cancer, Lawson has never allowed dark forces to show him negative patterns associated with his students or anyone else for that matter. He understands the power of his own thoughts to mold his own dream, and stays focused upon ascension instead. Lawson does not engage with the media or fiction; instead, he spends his time attuned inward and speaking with his guidance, Earth, the nature kingdoms and the Tao about his continued evolutionary path.


One’s Life Mirrors One’s Karma


Some ascending humans have been confused and continue to go to movies for the seeming purpose of releasing the karma that the movie might trigger. What if the karma is so deep that one cannot release the karma before it becomes physical? What then? One will be living the experience of the movie one watched instead of transcending the karma triggered. Therefore, the Bee Kingdom does not advise the use of movies to release karma; instead, allow one’s own life to become the mirror from which each layer of karma can be perceived that is next in line to be transmuted to assure one’s continued ascent.


How does one’s life mirror one’s karma? One will have to pay attention to the little occurrences that transpires in each day of one’s life, and then look inward as to what they are telling oneself about the karma one is clearing. All things enter one’s life experience as the result of karma or soul agreement. Most humans have so much karma that there is little room for occurrences based upon soul agreement, especially for those below 6,000 segments. Therefore, most anything that occurs is a reflection of the karma that one is clearing in any given day, week or month of ascension.


If one has an angry encounter with another, it is a mirror for the karma one is releasing through ascension. Perhaps one is processing one’s own rejection of anger and the red ray; as such one will create mirrors that express the anger in a way that one may learn to be at peace with such emotions. If one crosses the path of a dead bird, road kill or runs over an animal oneself with one’s own vehicle, it is a mirror of the karma one is transcending. Often there is death or accident karma that one’s ancestors never cleared; as such there is often such karma to be burnt off through ascending kundalini energy flow. The dead bird or animal is a reflection of the karma at hand; in choosing to release the karma instead of manifest it, one can avoid having the accident or dying oneself.


Early in her ascension, dark forces were after Asur’Ana and wanted to silence her so that she would not be able to share the ascension teachings with those whom she had soul agreement to awaken, dead bird after dead bird showed up upon her path. A hummingbird even killed itself leaving its dead little body upon her porch. She understood at the time what it meant; but Asur’Ana did not know how to offset the outcome in the physical of her early death stepping down into form. However, through continued ascension, Asur’Ana transcended the harm of the dark forces and the outcome of death was left behind in the act of transformation through ascension. So, this can also be for any initiate that develops disease, or has disease, death or accident karma to clear through ascension.


Manifestation and Dream Manipulations


There are seven manifestation planes that one’s future steps down upon before becoming physical. As one learns to pay attention to what is stepping down in the near future, one can offset many difficulties in the simple choice to transcend and release the karma instead. Sometimes travesties occur due to one’s own karma; sometimes others deposit unwanted karma onto the manifestation planes of others as a manipulative means of avoiding their own karma. The faster one manifests through ascension, the more important it may therefore become to pay attention to such forms of manipulations, lest one wish to manifest the karma of another and live to experience it in this lifetime.


How does one avoid the manifestation of the karma of another? One can intend that the karma of all others is “null and void” as a part of one’s daily dream weaving intentions. This has sufficed to allow Asur’Ana and Per to fail to manifest any karma deposited in their manifestation planes since they originally invoked this intention. One can also learn to pay attention to dream manipulations, and release the associated karma so that the dream that belongs to another is simply “returned to sender.”


Dream manipulations abound. They have become the main means through which the dark forces and false gods wished to prevent the ascension of the human race. How and why would this be so? If each human were living the karma of another, there would be no manner of bringing forth karmic completion; without completion of human karma, ascension of the whole would not be possible, as there would be karma that was left unprocessed in the global ascension of Earth. As a result of this, there are now rigid boundaries surrounding karma in the new consensus of ascending humans, and karmic manipulations are coming to an end as they do not allow for real completion or the ascent of Earth.


Lineage and Holographic Manipulations


Furthermore, lineages were also manipulated in many time periods within the human tapestry of ancestry; these too are being sorted through and corrected for all humans incarnate today. At roughly 1,800 segments of DNA, one goes through an ancestral lineage assessment. One may find that one or more of the lineages that one had been living the life of and clearing the associated karma for is not one’s real inheritance. As this occurs, the karma is considered null and void, and one is free to leave the karmic dance behind.


For many transitioning 1,800 there may be large life changes as a result, as one may discover one was married to someone or working for a corporation that one has no real inherited karma to be involved with. As the lineage is restored to one’s rightful inheritance, the marriage and job will change to be a reflection of true karma one must clear for continued ascension.


Lineage manipulations can extend back in time to prior recent incarnations of one’s family tree. Asur’Ana and Per have discovered initiates who had lineage manipulations and holographic manipulations going back upwards of 18 generations into the past; as a result, these individuals were living the karma of lives and ancestors that were not their rightful inheritance. If a holographic manipulation was involved, they were living an archetypal pattern that was not their sincere biological inheritance.


How and why did these lineage and holographic manipulations occur? In the lifetime of Jesus, the holographic and lineage planes were opened. At this time, the dark forces and false gods in association with Jesus made many manipulations to offset the possibility of future human ascension. Over time, the map makers or map carvers have come across these manipulations in their personal ascension, or the group ascension of Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS).


As such, the manipulations have been corrected for all others who shall ascend as map followers. In so doing, each ascending human shall clear the appropriate karma for their biological ascension, allowing for human karma to be cleared enough to allow for the continued global ascent of Earth. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


Lineage manipulations will also occur in karmic encounters in one’s day to day life, much like dream manipulations. One may also wish to intend that one’s lineages remain true to one’s biological inheritance as a part of one’s daily dream intentions, along with the lineages of all others surrounding oneself. For how can one clear the karma with another if one or both has false lineages and ancestors along with the karma associated? Such a dance makes karmic clearing impossible. Without karmic clearing, one will go around and around in circles in any given dance without the possibility of completion. This is exactly what the dark wished to bring forth to assure non-ascension in this time in history.


Karmic Completion


Completion brings a conclusion to any given karmic dance. If the karma is associated with one’s job, then one changes jobs. If the karma is associated with one’s partner or friend, then one may change partners or leave the friend behind. If the karma is associated with family, then one may also leave the family behind, or limit one’s contact. Karma calls to one’s life every moment of every day; perhaps this is hard to believe but it is so.


Karma with corporations is the lengthiest to clear, along with child raising karma. For child raising karma may cause one to participate in the dance until the child is grown; working for a corporation until the karma is cleared may take close to a lifetime. Some will find karmic agreements also to see one’s spouse, parent or family member through unto death.


However, through ascension, the karma can be cleared more rapidly through conscious choice. One may choose to run more of the karma associated with one’s preoccupation, spouse or family member through the kundalini as one ascends; as a result, now what might have taken 20 years to complete can be completed in a few years instead. One is then perhaps free to alter preoccupations, take an early retirement, or leave the spouse behind, freeing oneself for other focuses such as one’s personal ascension.


There is no right and wrong; there is only karmic debt. Debts from one’s ancestry will cause one to remain in a difficult marriage or in a difficult relationship with one’s parents or family members because there is karma to do so. Release the karma, and one is free to end the difficult relationship. This one initiate discovered not only with her mother, but also with her son; she completed and was free to move on and ascend.


Some difficult relationships so take away from one’s ability to ascend that they must be completed upon in order to master beyond a certain level in a given life. This is particularly so if the dance is energetically abusive unto oneself. Therefore, Bee invites initiates to take inventory; to look to see if the difficult dance one is in really requires that one remain in the dance, or if it can be completed upon in a short time. Then Bee gives each initiate permission to intend completion, clear the karma, and to set oneself free; free to weave a new dream of greater joy.


Unity Based Relations and Creating Ascending Communities


Unity based relations requires many mastering unity in their biological ascension to come together. One will be hard pressed to create unity relations in difficult karmic dances with others who are not ascending in this lifetime. One will have to leave the karmic relationships behind and create new unity-based relations with other ascending initiates in order to map make unity-based community into the future. This is the purpose that intending completion with all non-unity-based humans at this time serves; to create the pathway through which unity-based communities may be born of many ascending humans into the future.


One will not be able to carry their non-ascending spouse, child, mother, father or friend into such a community. One will have to complete with such dances and be able to move forth sovereign and into a whole new dance. This is the blessing that the Bee kingdom offers unto each reading this book today; the ability to complete with the old dream and dream weave a new dream that gathers many ascending into unity into a common tribe; a rainbow tribe founded upon ascension into biological unity.


Biological unity requires mastery of the Crystalline form along with Crystalline relations. Crystalline relations allow for peace between parties and ascension of the group. Through ascension, discordant karma between parties can be released and transmuted allowing peaceful relations enough that the community can ascend together. Although this may not be easy to orchestrate, it is necessary for the map makers to create ascending communities, as how will the blueprint to unity based human relations to be carved? One must live it together, and then other ascending humans will follow the map into unity based regional, national and international relations. This is the hope and dream of Earth for the human species.


Bee closes with the understanding that one as a map carver of ascension must allow the life changes necessary to fulfill upon one’s purpose. One’s purpose holds a higher truth; a truth that will allow for the ascent of the whole into a new day of unity and honor. As each truth bearer fulfills upon their truth, a new truth shall emerge for the entire human species. This requires each to do their part to ascend, change and move towards the creation of ascension-based communities.


Gathering Others


Bees have always represented unto Asur’Ana and Per the dream for gathering others for their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) and their dreamtime Group Mastery Program and dreamtime events, along with new readership for their website, Aligning With Earth. A dead bee in the pool is a mirror for how Asur’Ana’s dream for gathering others is partially or fully impaired and failing. As Asur’Ana learned to pay attention to the “mirror” that the dead bee provided, she has learned to repair her dream enough to gather those requiring attendance of any of their dreamtime events in any calendar year.


Bees are often attracted to swirl around ascending initiates as one produces energy signatures that are Language of Light based that the bees may at first perceive as flowers. Asur’Ana was surprised when a bee came all the way up to the 8th story window of a hotel room in the middle of Stockholm, Sweden that was located amidst a large shopping complex. The bee circled around her a few times, and once it acknowledged that she was not a bush of flowers simply left the same way it had entered the room! Live bees speak to a good dream that is sufficing to gather those unto oneself that one has karma to clear or soul agreements to fulfill upon.


Mirrors for the Unconscious and Dark Forces


Asur’Ana and Per have also learned to pay attention to the wasps and sweat bees. Sometimes when wasps crossed their path, they warned Asur’Ana or Per of a shattering that was energetic or physical heading their way. In taking the warning literally, not only did the wasps not sting them, but they were able to release the karma and return the manipulations enough that the shattering was avoided and failed to manifest in the physical. Asur’Ana and Per have learned to honor wasps in the greater understanding that they serve as a “mirror” of their unconscious. Now any time a wasp appears, Asur’Ana and Per are on the lookout for dark forces in the nonphysical that are violent and then remove them from their presence through intention.


In due course and as all energetic movement that “stings” or “shatters” ceases upon Earth in the nonphysical, the stingers of wasps and bees shall be modified and cease to exist in the physical. Nature only mirrors in the physical the energetic dynamics at play; as harmlessness becomes the underlying nature of all living things upon Earth, so will nature become harmless in the physical.


Once two initiates manifested an experience in which the walls of their home filled with thousands of wasps, and the other with thousands of flies. These two initiates were being surrounded by darkness for the purposes of manipulating their personal ascent and the human ascension movement. The Ascension Counsels removed these initiates from the new consensus for ascension, and the big problem that the wasps and flies represented failed to manifest in the physical as a result. Therefore, these creatures have led to an understanding of great problems with certain ascending humans with lineages not suitable for ascension. In the choice to take action and alter the dream, such problems then also failed to manifest in the physical.


Mosquitoes are also parasitic and suck the blood in the physical. There are nonphysical forces that take etheric blood transferring it unto others. Generally, the presence of mosquitoes causes Asur’Ana and Per to check for blood sucking entities and machines, and intend to remove them from their fields, as continued loss of etheric blood will lead to a drop in vibration over time. Flies, mosquitoes and other parasitic insects that take but give nothing in exchange shall cease to exist as all parasitic patterning and thoughtform is transcended in each species upon Earth. And this will be a most glorious day for all kingdoms upon Earth!


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Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mysteries of the Little Creatures. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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