Image of a wild boar. The Grunt of a Feral Pig

25. The Grunt of a Feral Pig


Blessings for Digesting One’s Spiritual Life Lessons


The Wild Boar Species


The Wild Boar Kingdom has much to say to ascending humans at this time. We are a species that has been closely associated with humankind as we are related to domesticated pigs that are consumed in large quantities throughout your Western civilization to this day. In particular, Asur’Ana was surprised to discover that in Europe and in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Russia, pork is a staple that is preferred over beef or chicken.


Humans Shall Turn to Vegetarianism


Boar has observed through our human association the nature of the human dance. Much like many other domesticated animals such as horse, goat and sheep, we have experienced both a wild and free reality simultaneously. In recent years, we have retracted as soul out of the domesticated dance, and Earth has mandated that human souls must ensoul all farm animals along with animals in zoos. This is to allow the karma to be balanced for how such animals are often raised in deplorable circumstances or enslaved to a cage by humans. In so doing, human souls will experience the pain that humanity has inflicted upon nature, and choose to change the dance in the coming times of awakening as a result.


Wild pig experiences a free existence from the land that is most joyful. In Hawaii, there are many regions that we exist that even the hunters cannot enter, and there we experience a joyful life of peace, raising our young, and roaming freely throughout the terrain. This is also so in many parts of the world uninhabited by the human species; alas much like horse or buffalo that has few places they roam free any longer, there are more pigs raised in farms than freely roam in the wild.


This will change in the years ahead as all soul retracts from all farm animals and as the karma is settled for the human souls now ensouling such species. As this occurs, the farm animals will die off en masse as there will be no soul to sustain their existence. Humans shall turn from eating flesh to vegetarianism; primarily because they will find that the meat will make them ill, as many of the diseases that the farm animals are dying of in their extinction will be passed on to humans in the consumption of the associated flesh, causing them to likewise become ill.


The Jewish race remembers such a time. The Jewish race outlawed the consumption of pig and shellfish because the diseases that both species had manifest causing humans to become ill and die. This was another time period that this race of humans recalled from just prior to the second fall of Atlantis about 10,000 Earth years ago (40,000 human years). During this time period, many souls retracted from those animals raised for either consumption or slaughter in human civilization. As this occurred, the meat became poisonous due to the diseases that the animals bred in captivity had manifest. Those that did not eat of flesh survived; some humans remembered and made it spiritual law to not eat flesh again, such as the Jewish race. Read more