Image of a wild boar. The Grunt of a Feral Pig

25. The Grunt of a Feral Pig


Blessings for Digesting One’s Spiritual Life Lessons


The Wild Boar Species


The Wild Boar Kingdom has much to say to ascending humans at this time. We are a species that has been closely associated with humankind as we are related to domesticated pigs that are consumed in large quantities throughout your Western civilization to this day. In particular, Asur’Ana was surprised to discover that in Europe and in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Russia, pork is a staple that is preferred over beef or chicken.


Humans Shall Turn to Vegetarianism


Boar has observed through our human association the nature of the human dance. Much like many other domesticated animals such as horse, goat and sheep, we have experienced both a wild and free reality simultaneously. In recent years, we have retracted as soul out of the domesticated dance, and Earth has mandated that human souls must ensoul all farm animals along with animals in zoos. This is to allow the karma to be balanced for how such animals are often raised in deplorable circumstances or enslaved to a cage by humans. In so doing, human souls will experience the pain that humanity has inflicted upon nature, and choose to change the dance in the coming times of awakening as a result.


Wild pig experiences a free existence from the land that is most joyful. In Hawaii, there are many regions that we exist that even the hunters cannot enter, and there we experience a joyful life of peace, raising our young, and roaming freely throughout the terrain. This is also so in many parts of the world uninhabited by the human species; alas much like horse or buffalo that has few places they roam free any longer, there are more pigs raised in farms than freely roam in the wild.


This will change in the years ahead as all soul retracts from all farm animals and as the karma is settled for the human souls now ensouling such species. As this occurs, the farm animals will die off en masse as there will be no soul to sustain their existence. Humans shall turn from eating flesh to vegetarianism; primarily because they will find that the meat will make them ill, as many of the diseases that the farm animals are dying of in their extinction will be passed on to humans in the consumption of the associated flesh, causing them to likewise become ill.


The Jewish race remembers such a time. The Jewish race outlawed the consumption of pig and shellfish because the diseases that both species had manifest causing humans to become ill and die. This was another time period that this race of humans recalled from just prior to the second fall of Atlantis about 10,000 Earth years ago (40,000 human years). During this time period, many souls retracted from those animals raised for either consumption or slaughter in human civilization. As this occurred, the meat became poisonous due to the diseases that the animals bred in captivity had manifest. Those that did not eat of flesh survived; some humans remembered and made it spiritual law to not eat flesh again, such as the Jewish race.


Yet others such as those in India also remember this and eat little flesh to this day, and have developed a wide range of vegetarian cooking that is quite delicious in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience. Those that recall the times that animals became diseased causing human disease amongst those who ate of flesh often are repulsed by flesh in present time, and whether they choose to be vegetarian or not, such humans will generally wind up sustaining themselves primarily through vegetation, fruit and nuts, cheese and eggs.


In India, the cow is revered as a sacred animal. Those in India recall a time that any farm animal that was blessed and not sacrificed for food failed to become diseased. Such animals then could provide milk, butter or eggs that could be consumed allowing humans to be fed. Such humans mandated through their religion that the cow was sacred and was not to be eaten, and the cow therefore survived during the period of cleansing during Atlantean times along with their human counterparts.


Fall of Atlantis


Atlantean times fell into extreme warfare and ended in a nuclear annihilation rather than an ascent of all of Earth back to a fourth dimensional vibratory state. As such, another fall in consciousness followed this particular time period of cleansing. This saddened the Wild Boar Species as it did all species upon Earth. Why with all the good intentions of Earth and many tribes of humans alike did the collaborative attempt to ascend fail?


There were many humans attempting to ascend during the era of Atlantis, both in the East or Lemuria and the West or Atlantis. Some of such humans united into a group energy flow and light body that was primarily of electrical sacred geometry. Such humans ascended to the next dimension, however they failed to burn off all of the karma associated with their ascent. In so doing, the karma collected and was pressed upon those humans who were not ascending; such karma contained warfare records and this led to excessive warring between the East and West that culminated in a nuclear annihilation.


The fall of Atlantis was the third time period that this particular pattern occurred. The first occurred during the era of the Annanuki or Greek and Roman Gods who were really a small group of Pleiadians that came to Earth to mine gold, and extended their lives through the consumption of human blood. Over time the blood became impure due to the interbreeding with the slave race, and could not sustain the Anu. The Anu then resorted to consuming flesh from the sea, primarily lobster, shrimp, muscles, scallops and clams, in order to provide the nutrients to sustain their life extension practices that the blood no longer contained. Unfortunately, as the Anu resorted to consuming flesh, they also fell in thoughtform into violent patterning, and over time this acted out as warfare between two family members.


Consuming Flesh Is A Violation of Spiritual Law


Consuming even shrimp or muscles is a destructive act. Why is this so? That which is constructed as flesh has no agreement to be consumed and does not offer itself up as food source. This is a biological agreement that we speak of held in the genetic fabric of the form. Fruit, nuts, legumes and vegetables on the other hand have biological agreements to be consumed. When one consumes that which does not agree to the experience, one is violating spiritual law in an act of violence towards another made of the same substances as oneself. For flesh is flesh as far as genetics is concerned whether such flesh is in human form, animal form, whale and dolphin form, or fish and shellfish. One is in essence consuming oneself in the act of eating flesh, as one is made of the same substances oneself.


As one eats of oneself, one mutilates or harms self. Sooner or later this translates into mutilating or harming one another as a species, and this is exactly what occurred between the Anu. Merduk and Innana took to warring upon one another over territory and gold mines and the extreme wealth that it provided in Pleiadian funds. Such a war would never have occurred if they had not resorted to consuming flesh to extend their lives.


Violation is violation. When one violates another living thing, one violates oneself. Over time and subsequent generations, the violation returns to be experienced by one’s future ancestors. Those being violated in any wars were/are only experiencing their own predecessor’s violation in return for the consumption of flesh. This may be a hard lesson to understand, that battlefield wounds and deaths are the result of the deaths of millions of farm animals in humanity’s consumption of flesh, but it is so.


In parallel manner and in the recent Dolphin -Whale transmission, the Whales and Dolphins have come to understand that the violence perpetrated upon them by mankind in their hunting is a direct manifestation to their own consumption of tuna and crustaceans; that violence towards any other species begets violence towards oneself. (Please see Holographic Record Keepers Chapter 7 “Global Peace – Being Responsible for One’s Ancestry” for more information). Dolphins and Whales in their own ascension are map making a new biology that requires not the consumption of anything beyond the weaning from one’s mother’s milk as a result. In so doing, the war upon their species upon the behalf of humankind is anticipated to end in the coming 25-year cycle.


Vegetarianism and World Peace


For those who are awakening now, it is time to set in motion a movement towards vegetarianism for all of humanity. It will only be as humanity at large chooses only to consume vegetables that world peace shall become a living reality. Educating humanity of this truth will not be easy as over 90% of the human populace consumes flesh each week if not every day. Asur’Ana and Per are always surprised at the majority of restaurants that they dine at throughout the world and how most of the menu is generally one form of flesh or another, even in Indian restaurants. This is how addicted humanity is to flesh.


What is the addiction to flesh really about? Flesh contains death hormone; the death hormone numbs the field and form so that one does not feel. Humans at 2 DNA segments are in great pain as more of the form than not is decay or has scar tissue as the cellular structure. Such decayed structure is painful to exist within and so humans have resorted to eating flesh to ease the pain.


For those choosing to become vegetarian, understand that the desire to eat meat may well come from the avoidance of pain; ground unto Mother Earth, synthesize the field, and move out the pain through conscious intention and the addiction to meat shall be released. In so doing, one will become free, free to exist in harmony and unity with your animal brothers and sisters. For as long as one eats flesh, one cannot participate in Earth as a consensus, as one is breaking spiritual law.


Asur’Ana witnesses how the birds come near her apartment upon Kauai. The birds come near as they feel the peace and unity emanating through her field, along with an ongoing message that they will not be hunted down and consumed. Those that consume flesh give off the ongoing message that one desires to hunt and consume the animals around oneself; furthermore, one has a particular smell in the field; it is the smell of rot or decay that comes from the death hormone continuously consumed in one’s dietary practices. It is this smell that nature avoids; the birds will go elsewhere as will the other mammals, unless of course one puts out food for them, in which they will flock, but not out of the desire to commune in unity with humans, but to eat.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Communion with nature requires peace, love and honor to be present in the field. Peace, love and honor cannot be present if one consumes flesh as the vibrations of the flesh itself merge with one’s field in the consumption. As a result, one carries the vibration of decay and death in one’s chakra system, meridian system, subtle bodies and greater auric field in the choice to eat meat. These vibrations also seek to slow one’s field rotation down making it a conflictive practice in the choice to ascend.


It took one initiate whom we shall call Arnold a long time to understand that he could not consume flesh and be at peace. The non-peace of his field would then be repeatedly used to shatter his partner’s field making their union one of great pain. As Arnold committed to a vegetarian diet last year, their union changed inexplicably and overnight. Many of the ongoing and troublesome patterns simply stopped in the choice and commitment to this goal. As this is so for this couple, this can also be for every ascending initiate who chooses to make a commitment to a vegetarian diet.


Nutrients Required to Ascend


How does one supply then the nutrients necessary to ascend as a vegetarian? Yes, all ascending forms require high levels of protein. For those on a vegetarian diet, Boar suggests that one consume eggs, cheese and nuts and legumes instead of flesh. For those on a vegan diet, one can consume soybeans, tofu, soymilk, nuts, nut milks, legumes, mushrooms and whole grains.


Nuts in particular are high in fat and protein required by ascending forms, and can be consumed on and off as a snack throughout the day to supplement the diet with protein as needed. One initiate turned to peanut butter each time he required a large hit of protein, and not only did it satisfy him, but serves to this day at the times that greater protein intake is required in his ascent. This initiate burns a load of fire in his field, and those who run fire burn protein in the physical, making the requirement for larger protein intake a necessity to support the continued ascent of the form.


Asur’Ana on the other hand doesn’t require much protein as she tends to run the elements of air, water, earth and fire in balance. Each initiate is unique and will find the necessary balance of diet to support one’s continued ascent. One way of assessing dietary needs is based upon one’s cravings; if one is craving sugar and caffeine, it may well be that one is protein deficient, and in eating more nuts and legumes, one will satisfy the craving by providing what the body is really requesting. The craving for sugar is simply low blood sugar as the cellular structure is consuming more than one can provide via the crystalline diaphragm while awake. Eating protein provides a slow release of blood sugar as the amino acids are broken down offsetting the low blood sugar throughout the day through dietary means.


Boiled soybeans are another treat that the Japanese race has offered up to vegetarians. Soybeans in their natural state are high in protein, higher in fact than many nuts such as almonds or cashews. As a vegan, Asur’Ana has enjoyed purchasing large bags of soybeans raw from the farmers markets in Hawaii and boiling them for 10 minutes in salt water. Then one can eat them hot or cold by removing the pod covering the bean, and it makes a great in-between meal snack. This has been another way that she has satisfied her protein requirements during peak times in her biological ascent where more amino acids are required in the restructuring of the form.


Mushrooms have also become an ongoing source of protein for Asur’Ana. There are so many forms of mushrooms available now in the Hawaiian Islands from oyster, to portobello, to fresh shiitake varieties. Each provides amino acids not found readily in nuts or legumes, and therefore is a manner of creating balanced proteins through variety in one’s diet.


Complete Proteins


How does one create complete proteins as a vegetarian? Boar understands this, as we are vegetarian ourselves. We eat primarily wild roots and mushrooms along with leaves from certain plants, and the combination creates a complete protein upon which we survive and ascend as a species. Complete proteins are created through combining the protein in starch, legumes, roots and leafy vegetables. When all are available in a single meal, one will have created a complete protein.


In human cooking, starch equates to bread, potatoes, rice or some other grain; legumes are equated with beans or nuts; roots can be equated to root vegetables such as beets, onions, celery, anise root, mushrooms and carrots; leafy vegetables can be equated to lettuce, herbs, bean sprouts, broccoli, artichokes, or edible flowers. As one has a little from each category in any given meal, one will create a complete protein and feel most satisfied without the requirement of eating flesh.


Milk, cheese and eggs provide a complete protein all by themselves requiring not the blending of foods. Humans are lucky to be able to have access to milk and eggs, and much like the Jews and Indian people found long ago, those animals utilized for primarily eggs and cheese will not become extinct or diseased in the coming times of cleansing. It is perceived by nature that it shall be through this that the ascending children in particular shall survive and mature in spite of all of the chaos that the rest of human civilization may go into. For there will be enough protein and food available to assure their continued lives along with ascension.


In time however, milk, cheese and eggs shall also be relinquished. Why will this be so? Humans shall first ascend into a regenerative cellular structure. This is anticipated to take the coming 50 years to accomplish. A regenerative structure is continuously repairing dying or diseased cells. This requires nutrients in the form of amino acids, lipids and minerals to accomplish; and so, the consumption of milk, cheese and eggs along with vegetables, nuts and grains will be a necessity to the health and well-being of the human race as long as the form is regenerative. Those who are vegans are a step higher in evolution and so can skip the milk, cheese and eggs.


The 200-Year Cycle Ahead


The next phase of ascension beyond this takes the form to a self-sustaining cellular structure. In self-sustenance, the waste from one system is the nutrients for another, causing one not to require consuming anything outside of self to sustain one’s health and well-being. Once one’s ancient red ancestors knew such a state, and were at choice as to whether to eat or not in any given day. Eating was for the pleasure of the taste more than the requirement to sustain the life of the form. The time one might spend foraging for food or cooking and preparing meals was spent in conscious dreamtime for spiritual purposes instead. All humans shall move more towards this state of being by the year 2100 to 2200 in Earth’s continued ascent.


The coming 200-year cycle will be the most rapid rise in consciousness that any consensus reality has ever experienced inside or outside of time and space and form per the Tao. Humans will clear 50,000 Earth years of karma (200,000 human years) in 200 human years (50 Earth years) in time. The photon energy prevailing from the Great Central Sun shall allow for this rapid rise in biological awareness. Humans shall go from an unconscious meat-eating abusive warring nature that is filled with disease and poverty to one that is peaceful and unity-based living in harmony and communion with all other kingdoms upon Earth. This will be a joyous time for one’s future ancestors, and one will personally bear witness to it through the dance of consciousness that carries on beyond death.


Eating Fresh and Free of Addictive Foods


Disease may be the major problem that humanity faces during the coming times of cleansing. Earth has reverse polarized warfare karma into disease so that a nuclear annihilation will not occur, as such annihilation would cause Earth’s ascension to cease. Disease teaches many spiritual lessons in Boar’s estimation. Disease teaches one the import of honoring form and providing form with the vital nutrients necessary to sustain one’s life and well-being.


Most humans eat a deplorable diet that has been programmed in by the media giants that is filled with additives that are poisonous to the form. Poison often will lead one to feeling better as it, much like flesh and the death hormone therein, numbs the pain that the body is in, making life more tolerable. However, in the end and as over time such poisonous substances build up, sooner or later one winds up diseased.


For ascending initiates, one can become cognizant of what one feeds the form upon a daily basis, and choose only that which best supports the continued rise in consciousness through ascension. Eating foods free of additives and that are alive with chi is first and foremost and will best support an ascending form. Buying organic or at farmers markets are recommended.


Healthy Intestinal Tract


It is amusing to Boar that the skinny starving form is the preferred form of beauty in the current human thoughtform. Those with a skinny form most likely have a most decayed intestinal tract that cannot absorb much of anything; this is why they are skinny, beloved – they are starving. Those that are medium to heavy in size on the other hand have an intestinal tract that is less scarred and capable of doing its job, which is to absorb the nutrients that one consumes. As a result, such humans are actually far healthier than their skinny counterparts, and far more capable of ascending, as ascension requires the absorbed nutrients to convert the cellular structure to the crystalline form. The illusion is that skinny is healthy when the truth of the matter is quite the opposite in Boar’s estimation.


Most who ascend and if one begins thin in stature will gain weight as the intestinal tract improves, and one is capable of breaking down their food properly. It will be so for each who is ascending in this lifetime, and in particular for those mastering Bodhisattva level evolution. For this level of evolution includes a blueprint for a crystalline intestinal tract with 18 pockets, each of which secretes additional digestive enzymes to further break down the food into nutrients that can be absorbed and used to sustain the health and continued ascent of the form. Such a digestive tract is not unlike the one that pig, buffalo and horse have, and it is from our collective species that the blueprint for the human Bodhisattva was drawn.


Physical and Etheric Digestion


Good digestion can be equated with the digestion of one’s spiritual lessons in one’s given life. Those prone to indigestion often also have a hard time understanding or embracing the spiritual lessons that their life offers up. Intermittent indigestion can also be a sign that one is not embracing the next phase of ascension in ease; relax, let go, surrender to the change and allow the field and form to digest, and one will also digest the changes that occur internal or external to self as a part of the dance of ascension.


There are seven levels of digestion that are physical and etheric. In the physical, one prepares the food, chews the food, and swallows the food; the stomach secrets enzymes and uses its muscles to further break down the food. Then the food goes through the small intestine where the nutrients are removed that are easily accessible through the process of osmosis; then the food proceeds through the large intestine where the last of the nutrients are absorbed before the remains are spilled outside of the form in the act of defecation. These are the seven steps to physical digestion.


In etheric digestion, first one intends to ascend. Then one releases patterning and karma that no longer resonates along with belief systems and thoughtforms associated. That which no longer resonates spills off down one’s grounding cord where one transmutes the density with the fire of one’s own larger chakras and kundalini. One then retrieves information one has lost to another or their ancestry. Then one embraces new information that is Language of Light based that descends from one’s I Am Presence and Source. Then one integrates the information into a new foundation from which one then lives their continued life dance.


Both physical and etheric digestion requires information. Physical digestion requires genetic materials that instruct the cells as to how they must form in the vital components of mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, throat, esophagus, stomach, large and small intestinal tract, along with the anus. If one misses a portion of the genetic information in ascension, then a portion of the digestive system fails to go crystalline leading to a potential digestive problem later in the ascent.


Energetic digestion requires grounding to the Aurora and a connection to one’s I Am Presence, Oversoul and Source. It also requires the onward downward flowing energy that occurs as one runs the feminine or masculine tones of creation in association with one’s biological gender. When one reverse polarizes and runs the opposing energy to one’s gender, then the energy moves up the field causing one to become “constipated” in one’s ascension. A constipated field often leads to constipation in the physical, which is a mirror for one’s internal state of being. Remember to run the proper energy signature for one’s gender, and the energy will flow down; as the energy flows, enough chi will also flow to the meridians associated with the intestinal tract causing proper bowel function.


Digestive Problems


Constipation is also a sign of not wishing to embrace the spiritual lessons in one’s life, or in other terms of hanging on to the past and not choosing to embrace the change that ascension brings forth. Let go and embrace the change, and the body will let go as well leading to a bowel movement. One initiate whom we shall call Debbie discovered this as she was prone to both constipation and running male energy to make herself feel powerful and safe; she has since learned to sit in her own feminine vibrations and focus upon the recovery of feminine power instead. As this has occurred, constipation is not as prevalent an experience in Debbie’s life expression any longer.


Another initiate whom we shall call Karl on the other hand rarely has a bowel problem; as a matter of fact, he is so regular and fluid, one can see that he is very solid in his male tones of creation. He was also heavier most of his life and has had good digestion, being able to eat and assimilate most anything. Karl tends to flow with less emotions and emotional disturbances with the changes in his ascension than Debbie. However, Karl is also prone to be less sensitive, having far more radiation in his field and genetic structure, making it easier to allow the changes in ascension to blow over in his experience than in Debbie’s experience.


Those that are sensitive and magnetic tend to have more digestive problems than those who are less sensitive and radioactive in biology. Those that are sensitive require more down time and time in nature also, as one will find that nature soothes one’s emotional discord far more greatly than one’s human friends, neighbors or the cities and suburbs filled with cement. Taking time for oneself is also perhaps what a bout of indigestion or constipation is telling oneself; as one takes time to “be” and sit by a bubbling brook, lake, stream, ocean or open field, one can relax into the changes inherent in ascension; as one relaxes, digestion shall quite naturally occur, both of an energetic and physical nature.


What would Boar like to end this article with? Be at peace. Digest your life in ease. Embrace the lessons that life presents, regardless of how difficult they may seem to be. In the act of choosing to embrace what is, one comes to peace under any circumstance. It is only in the rejection of what is that one becomes disturbed. Sitting in ongoing disturbance or dissonance leads to disease; embracing what is leads to peace and health, or a recovery out of disease.


Sometimes returning to a state of peace or recovering from disease requires third dimensional change. If the circumstance you are living with, whether it is a spouse, family member, boss or teacher that leaves one in an ongoing state of disturbance, one is only manifesting a disease in the long haul. Complete the karma that causes one to remain in the dance, and end the relationship beloved; move, change jobs, or divorce and separate. Embrace the change that a karmic completion brings forth, and then be at peace as the new dance emerges. It is only those who can master remaining in internal peace in the midst of the future chaos that shall live to witness the coming entry into the golden tones of the Great Central Sun.


Until such a time, we invite you to ascend, to transcend, to change, grow, evolve, build community, birth ascending children, and foster the new days ahead both within and without. We hope you have found our information of use upon your personal path of ascension. We look forward to a future of joy, unity and communion for each species upon Earth.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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