Image of 2 polar bears on ice with the Aurora Borealis in the nighttime background. The White Fur of A Polar Bear

28. The White Fur of A Polar Bear


Blessings for Creating a Complete Ascension in this Lifetime


The Polar Bear Species


We of the Polar Bear Kingdom have much to say to our human brothers and sisters who are ascending. We honor our channel Asur’Ana for making her time and efforts available to transcribe our message into words. This is the 28th piece in a series of materials that has poured forth in the past year and a half from many species wishing to share their insights and blessings with our ascending brothers and sisters in human form.


Nature Reflects Back What Humankind Offers to Experience


Humans who live within or visit the cold snowy regions in which we reside sometimes fear our species. Indeed, Asur’Ana recalls an article she read on an airplane while on her way to Bergen, Norway several years ago about a woman who was caught in the presence of a polar bear in the Arctic Circle. The polar bear circled her for several hours until finally she shot it dead out of fear.


The bear reflected the fear that this woman resides within in her own internal state of being. Had this woman come to a state of peace and perhaps offered the love of her heart unto the bear, the bear would have been filled from within, lost its hunger and left her alone. Alas this woman’s heart was sealed shut, not unlike most humans, due most likely to her own childhood trauma; and so, fear was all that she was capable of exuding and hence the outcome of the dance.


Asur’Ana pondered this experience and came to our species enquiring about the incident. Polar Bear explained that all animals respond to the love one offers; however, if fear is all that is in one’s heart, we then can only emulate the fear offered. Out of the fear, our species created a fearful experience for this woman; however, it was still a reflection of her internal state of being and not our kingdom. Nature is non-conscious fabric. Nature is only capable of reflecting back that which the conscious species such as humankind offers up to be experienced. Nature in and of itself determines nothing; only fully conscious species have the capacity to offer thoughtform that nature is then designed to mirror or reflect.


She pondered this above explanation for a long time, and chose to create an experiment to assist her in better understanding. An opportunity arose for this experiment with another member of our kingdom, the Black Bear. At this time, Asur’Ana and a friend were visiting Miette Hot Springs near Jasper in the Canadian Rockies several summers back. There was a long windy road upon which they were able to view rocky mountain sheep and bighorn sheep nearby, along with wild deer. She had requested that bear present itself unto her, and in response a young black bear had climbed up a tree to nibble upon some berries that day so that she could view bear without feeling afraid. Read more