Image of a polar bear on iceberg. From the Bear Kingdoms

38. From the Bear Kingdoms


Blessings for Belonging unto Nature and Mother Earth


The Bear and Polar Bear Kingdoms


It is the Bear Kingdom that speaks to you today in this article to help anchor the Language of ONE concepts. The Language of ONE is a consensus based thoughtform that directs all of the Earth and each sentient species therein. As humans learn the Language of ONE, each begins to become a part of the consensus rather than remaining outside of the consensus in another type of dream that is really not of Mother Earth’s casting. The Language of ONE symbols and their movements, sounds and colors are being derived through certain crop circles.


Sirian’s Seeding of the Root Races


Humans have long been separate from Mother Earth. The original separation of humanity from Earth goes back to the original seeding. 300,000 years ago, eighteen root races were seeded upon Terra (Earth). The red nation root races were experiments on the part of Sirian scientists to see which lineages of their own genealogies could survive upon Earth. The reason for the experiment was in the event of Sirians requiring a rapid relocation to another planet in the event of a nuclear holocaust. The Sirians were at war with the Pleiades over resources in their own solar system; and so, the governance of the time was looking at all possible dreams, and perceived a dream of evacuation, and chose to explore where they might go.


Eleven other planets were also seeded from Sirius with the same genealogies as Earth. This information is only coming to be known now due to a sharing of records and resources of other planets related unto Terra that are lined up to ascend like her into the future. These planets are from six other solar systems that are directed by your 18th dimensional Cosmic Sun. The records show that the roots races did not fare any better upon the other planets than they did upon Earth, with many going extinct. All told, here upon Earth, eleven root races went extinct while seven survived related to the Mongolian/Inuit (Eskimo), Tibetan, North American Indian, South American Indian, African, Aboriginal (Australian) and Polynesian root races today.


Why did seven root races survive and eleven go extinct? Mostly in the assessment of the genealogies by ascending humans today, the root races that perished were so highly electrical in nature which combust their own molecular structure in the magnetic biosphere of Earth. Such root races also had not enough magnetic flow to become a part of the natural world dream. In the rejection of the natural world dream, there was no dream to sustain them upon Earth and so they each went extinct.


The natural world dream is held together by all kingdoms of plant, animal and mineral form. Those red nations’ peoples who survived moved into the natural world dream and much like an animal, created a place for themselves upon the land, often of natural living structures and simple instruments to survive. The Sirians did provide many food sources and planted them in the regions that the root races were seeded so that humans had an opportunity to survive. No other training or information however was offered; and so, each tribe created their own language, style of dress, style of housing and spiritual practices that were unique to their genealogies. From a sociologist’s point of view, what transpired amongst the root races might be very interesting, as they had no outside influence other than the natural world to determine their dream. Read more