Image of an acacia tree in a desert of Africa. Blessings For The Return Of The Conscious Breath

11. Blessings For The Return Of The Conscious Breath


From the Acacia Tree Kingdom


It is the Acacia Trees that address you today. Our kingdom is one of many flowering trees. Flowering trees were prevalent inside the Great Central Sun when Earth existed within it. Primarily, the flowers scented the air for all animal kingdoms and humans alike to enjoy. Scent is considered a sign of life and health; the better the health, the more beautiful the scent of the species, including the flowers of the plants and trees.


Plants and Trees Absorbed the Genetic Encoding of Other Species


Long ago, Asur’Ana was told that her ancient ancestors smelled like flowers; specifically, jasmine or pikake flowers, one of her favorite fragrances today. Another initiate’s ancestors smelled like sweet sandalwood. The odors would come through the pores of the skin in all human form. Smell was one manner that one human recognized another; and also, that the animal kingdoms recognized human presence as well as one another. Animal kingdoms also had specific scents that poured through their fur or skin. Horse smelled like roses; bear smelled like amber; tiger smelled like oranges and lemons. Each kingdom had a specific odor. Over time and as each kingdom fell, the scents began to be produced by flowers, wood, fruit or nuts as the plant kingdom absorbed the genetic encoding of each species.


Asur’Ana was surprised to discover that many Chinese herbs had absorbed the genetic encoding of her ancient ancestors. As she visited a Chinese Herb Store in Canada, the information suddenly opened to her. “Ah, here is the information I have been seeking for the next phase of my ascension!” Since that time, she began to search for where the information of all other kingdoms went along with the scent of her ancient ancestors. Lo and behold, they were absorbed by the plants and trees.


Why would plants and trees absorb the genetic materials of fall kingdoms of other species? This is a good question. Plants and trees have a very different kind of genetic structure to living mammals or birds. Our structure is porous or open with gaps or holes that are a reflection of a large amount of air element that we hold. Plants and trees are keepers of the air element; we inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen providing oxygen for all other kingdoms.


Plants Inhale Carbon Dioxide and Exhale Oxygen


Some scientists believe that plants inhale oxygen at night and give off carbon dioxide. In reality, the scientists are measuring the etheric body of the plant and not the physical. In the physical, plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Humans along with other mammals and birds then inhale the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in the physical creating a symbiotic relationship where one supports the other in the continued existence. Read more